Competition Schedule

New York February 16-18, 2018

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Friday, February 16th
# Time Studio Routine Age Division Category Perf. Division
1 7:00AM Rios Dance (AS) Ice Cream Freeze JUMPstarts Duo/Trio Jazz
2 7:03AM Studio L Hoboken (AX) Light Up My Life
Paloma Esposito
JUMPstarts Solo Lyrical
3 7:06AM For Dancers Only (AK) Stray Cat Strut JUMPstarts Duo/Trio Jazz
4 7:09AM Artistry Dance Project (AB) Some Day My Prince Will Come
Makayla Wolins
JUMPstarts Solo Jazz
5 7:12AM Studio L Hoboken (AX) Somewhere
Maya Steinfeld
JUMPstarts Solo Lyrical
6 7:15AM Rios Dance (AS) Friday I'm In Love JUMPstarts Duo/Trio Lyrical
7 7:18AM Vertical Shapes (CJ) Sit Still, Look Pretty
Antonella Del Cid
JUMPstarts Solo Jazz
8 7:21AM Studio L Hoboken (AX) Big and Loud
Mikaela Wei
JUMPstarts Solo Musical Theatre
9 7:24AM Studio L Waldwick (AY) Big Noise
Alexa Eulas
JUMPstarts Solo Jazz
10 7:27AM Flash Pointe Dance (AJ) Dream
Brooke Tash
Mini Solo Lyrical
11 7:30AM Studio L Hoboken (AX) Hushabye
Naomi Wei
Mini Solo Lyrical
12 7:33AM Studio L Waldwick (AY) Dancing On My Own
Gavin Miele
Mini Solo Lyrical
13 7:36AM Rios Dance (AS) Faith
Maria Camila Chiu
Mini Solo Jazz
14 7:39AM Manhattan Movement and Arts Center (AO) Too Darn Hot
Kiana Moufarej
Mini Solo Tap
15 7:42AM Dance Theatre of New Jersey (AF) Cooties
Stephanie Schaefer
Mini Solo Jazz
16 7:45AM Broadway Dance Center AIM Company (AD) What I Know
Ava Paananen
Mini Solo Contemporary
17 7:48AM Hackworth School of Performing Arts (AL) Hit Me With a Hot Note
Riley Marney
Mini Solo Tap
18 7:51AM Flash Pointe Dance (AJ) Life of the Party
Ayla Eyikan
Mini Solo Musical Theatre
19 7:54AM Triple Threat Dance Company (CG) Set Me Free
Nayoung Kwon
Mini Solo Lyrical
20 7:57AM Evolve Dance Complex (BM) TBD
Cameron Voorhees
Mini Solo Contemporary
21 8:00AM Rios Dance (AS) Move Your Feet
Daniela De Leon
Mini Solo Jazz
22 8:03AM Studio L Waldwick (AY) Silent Night
Tucker Hasenbein
Mini Solo Specialty
23 8:06AM Manhattan Movement and Arts Center (AO) Sunshine Day
Liliana Denise
Mini Solo Tap
24 8:09AM Studio L Bridgewater (AW) Ave Maria
Samantha Lazovick
Mini Solo Lyrical
25 8:12AM Flash Pointe Dance (AJ) American Girl
Victoria Boos
Mini Solo Tap
26 8:15AM Studio L Hoboken (AX) Opportunity
Jordan Friedland
Mini Solo Lyrical
27 8:18AM For Dancers Only (AK) Sweet Georgia Brown
Sarina Porreca
Mini Solo Tap
28 8:21AM MJ Dance Center (BX) Rhythm
Rosie Singley
Mini Solo Tap
29 8:24AM Dance Theatre of New Jersey (AF) Cha Cha Heels
Danielle Goldberg
Mini Solo Jazz
30 8:27AM Broadway Dance Center AIM Company (AD) Rocket to the Moon
Mia Paananen
Mini Solo Jazz
31 8:30AM Rios Dance (AS) I Am a Lady
Denisse Martinez
Mini Solo Jazz
32 8:33AM Studio L Waldwick (AY) What Have You Done For Me Lately
Giana Catalano
Mini Solo Jazz
33 8:36AM Flash Pointe Dance (AJ) Fever
Ava Kwok
Mini Solo Jazz
34 8:39AM Studio L Hoboken (AX) Dream Catcher
Kaelah Dealwis
Mini Solo Specialty
35 8:42AM In Motion Dance Center of NY (CL) Blow
Katerina Koumantaris
Mini Solo Jazz
36 8:45AM Hackworth School of Performing Arts (AL) I'm Happy Just to Dance With You
Lila Watkins
Mini Solo Jazz
37 8:48AM Rios Dance (AS) Someone in the Crowd Mini Duo/Trio Jazz
38 8:51AM Flash Pointe Dance (AJ) You Guys Mini Duo/Trio Musical Theatre
39 8:54AM Spotlights and Sequins (AU) Rainbow Connection Mini Duo/Trio Lyrical
40 8:55AM Rios Dance (AS) Do It Like Me Mini Duo/Trio Hip-Hop
41 8:57AM J'adore Dance (AM) I2I Mini Duo/Trio Jazz
42 9:00AM Rios Dance (AS) Every Heart Has A Story Mini Duo/Trio Lyrical
43 9:03AM For Dancers Only (AK) Friend Like Me Mini Duo/Trio Tap
44 9:06AM Manhattan Movement and Arts Center (AO) Umbrella Mini Duo/Trio Tap
45 9:09AM Rios Dance (AS) True Colors Mini Duo/Trio Lyrical
46 9:12AM Dance Ink Studio (AE) Blondes of Color Mini Duo/Trio Hip-Hop
47 9:15AM Rios Dance (AS) Fiesta Mini Duo/Trio Jazz
48 9:18AM Broadway Dance Center AIM Company (AD) Branches Mini Duo/Trio Contemporary
49 9:21AM Flash Pointe Dance (AJ) All of the Stars Mini Duo/Trio Lyrical
50 9:24AM Rios Dance (AS) Shake It Off Mini Duo/Trio Jazz
51 9:27AM Spotlights and Sequins (AU) Land of 1000 Dances Mini Duo/Trio Jazz
52 9:30AM Rios Dance (AS) When I Grow Up Mini Duo/Trio Jazz
53 9:33AM J'adore Dance (AM) Bleeding Love Mini Duo/Trio Lyrical
54 9:36AM Rios Dance (AS) Feeling Good Mini Duo/Trio Jazz
55 9:39AM Dari Pennino Dance Academy (AG) Red Lips
Dallas Chiasson
Junior Solo Jazz
56 9:42AM Downtown Dance Factory (AI) Black & Gold
Sadie Fraser
Junior Solo Jazz
57 9:45AM Studio L Hoboken (AX) Hello
Gabriella Brillon
Junior Solo Contemporary
58 9:48AM Body Language Dance & Theatre Arts Studio (AC) Starlight
Cara Gedeon
Junior Solo Jazz
59 9:51AM Rios Dance (AS) Prodigy
Luz Daniela Fuentes
Junior Solo Contemporary
60 9:54AM Modern Rhythms Dance Academy (AQ) River
Kayla Sivillo
Junior Solo Contemporary
61 9:57AM Artistry Dance Project (AB) Clap Snap
Angelina Mischenko
Junior Solo Jazz
62 10:00AM Dance Theatre of New Jersey (AF) Demons
Sophie Bernstein
Junior Solo Contemporary
63 10:03AM For Dancers Only (AK) Anywhere But Here
Sarah Zampella
Junior Solo Lyrical
64 10:06AM Rios Dance (AS) Fool
Valeria Sinibaldi
Junior Solo Contemporary
65 10:09AM Studio L Bridgewater (AW) Poker Face
Marissa Lazovick
Junior Solo Jazz
66 10:12AM Studio L Waldwick (AY) Mein Herr
Chloe Mazzola
Junior Solo Musical Theatre
67 10:15AM Downtown Dance Factory (AI) A Fiddler's Tale
Ines Gout
Junior Solo Ballet
68 10:18AM Hackworth School of Performing Arts (AL) Believe That
Ellia Masenior
Junior Solo Tap
69 10:21AM New Canaan Dance Academy (AR) Good Time
Meghan Kelly
Junior Solo Jazz
70 10:24AM Dance Dimensions (BH) Baby Just Come Home
Franki Casagrande
Junior Solo Tap
71 10:27AM Eglevsky Ballet (BK) Luminous
Jessica Benitez
Junior Solo Lyrical
72 10:30AM Yorba Linda Academy of Ballet (CK) Fire in My Bones
Kalea Hidalgo
Junior Solo Contemporary
73 10:33AM Rios Dance (AS) Deep
Nilda Oliva
Junior Solo Contemporary
74 10:36AM Middletown Dance Academy (BW) Believer
GiaNina Paolantonio
Junior Solo Jazz
75 10:39AM Studio L Hoboken (AX) Sweet Dreams
Mischa Strashnov
Junior Solo Specialty
76 10:42AM Body Language Dance & Theatre Arts Studio (AC) Beautiful Life
Gabriella Calascibetta
Junior Solo Lyrical
77 10:45AM Dari Pennino Dance Academy (AG) Mamma Knows Best
Alli Termine
Junior Solo Jazz
78 10:48AM Downtown Dance Factory (AI) My Song
Stella Wong
Junior Solo Contemporary
79 10:51AM Modern Rhythms Dance Academy (AQ) Black Parade
Megan Mund
Junior Solo Contemporary
80 10:54AM MDS (AP) You Raise Me Up
Isabella Croke
Junior Solo Lyrical
81 10:57AM Flash Pointe Dance (AJ) Hit Me With a Hot Note
Allie Martere
Junior Solo Musical Theatre
82 11:00AM Rios Dance (AS) Human
July De Leon
Junior Solo Contemporary
83 11:03AM Broadway Dance Theatre (BC) Your Day Will Come
Lily Levine
Junior Solo Contemporary
84 11:06AM Kovacs Studio of Dance (BR) Creator
Claudia Song
Junior Solo Jazz
86 11:12AM Stanford Dance Studio (CB) On My Own
Samantha Grey
Junior Solo Lyrical
87 11:15AM Caledonia Studio of Dance (BD) Let's go
Heidi Vosseler
Junior Solo Hip-Hop
88 11:18AM MDS (AP) TBA
Katey Katovitz
Junior Solo Hip-Hop
89 11:21AM Downtown Dance Factory (AI) This Will Be
Ryan Berger
Junior Solo Jazz
90 11:24AM Dance Theatre of New Jersey (AF) Small World
Lilly Galorenzo
Junior Solo Lyrical
91 11:27AM Rios Dance (AS) I Turn to You
Natalia Rosales
Junior Solo Contemporary
92 11:30AM For Dancers Only (AK) Piano
Isabella Porreca
Junior Solo Jazz
93 11:33AM Studio L Hoboken (AX) Forever Now
Chloe Paige Cerreti-Naudin
Junior Solo Specialty
94 11:36AM Body Language Dance & Theatre Arts Studio (AC) Echo
Kate Coll
Junior Solo Contemporary
95 11:39AM Dari Pennino Dance Academy (AG) Mama's Place
Baylee Plaisance
Junior Solo Jazz
96 11:42AM Studio L Bridgewater (AW) If I Had My Way
Veronica Hanson
Junior Solo Lyrical
97 11:45AM Modern Rhythms Dance Academy (AQ) Run
Marisa Vaccarelli
Junior Solo Contemporary
98 11:48AM Artistry Dance Project (AB) Renouveau
Morgan Hiller
Junior Solo Contemporary
99 11:51AM Studio L Waldwick (AY) She
Karis Cho
Junior Solo Contemporary
100 11:54AM Rios Dance (AS) Wave
Ana Sofia Ulloa
Junior Solo Contemporary
101 11:57AM Downtown Dance Factory (AI) Chaos and Calm
Serena LaBianca
Junior Solo Contemporary
102 12:00PM Hackworth School of Performing Arts (AL) Son
Julian Smith
Junior Solo Contemporary
103 12:03PM Spotlights and Sequins (AU) Here
Claire Wood
Junior Solo Lyrical
104 12:06PM Vermont Ballet Theater School (BA) Run
Keira Stetson
Junior Solo Lyrical
105 12:09PM Dmitri Kulev Classical Ballet Academy (BJ) Another Time
Aleena Aoun
Junior Solo Contemporary
106 12:12PM Rios Dance (AS) On My Own Junior Duo/Trio Jazz
107 12:15PM Dance Theatre of New Jersey (AF) Sunday Bloody Sunday Junior Duo/Trio Contemporary
108 12:18PM Downtown Dance Factory (AI) ET Junior Duo/Trio Jazz
109 12:21PM Hackworth School of Performing Arts (AL) Runaway Baby Junior Duo/Trio Tap
110 12:24PM Rios Dance (AS) Let's Face the Music and Dance Junior Duo/Trio Jazz
111 12:27PM New Canaan Dance Academy (AR) Somewhere Only We Know Junior Duo/Trio Lyrical
112 12:30PM Rios Dance (AS) Deliverance Junior Duo/Trio Contemporary
113 12:33PM Modern Rhythms Dance Academy (AQ) You'll Never Walk Alone Junior Duo/Trio Lyrical
114 12:36PM Rios Dance (AS) Sorry Not Sorry Junior Duo/Trio Hip-Hop
115 12:39PM Body Language Dance & Theatre Arts Studio (AC) Too Much Junior Duo/Trio Jazz
116 12:42PM Rios Dance (AS) Lady Powers Junior Duo/Trio Jazz
117 12:45PM Dance Theatre of New Jersey (AF) Meet Me at the Roxy Junior Duo/Trio Tap
118 12:48PM Rios Dance (AS) The Good for Goodbyes Junior Duo/Trio Lyrical
119 12:51PM Downtown Dance Factory (AI) Little Red Hat Junior Duo/Trio Musical Theatre
120 12:54PM Rios Dance (AS) Havana Junior Duo/Trio Lyrical
121 12:57PM Hackworth School of Performing Arts (AL) Handclap Junior Duo/Trio Tap
122 1:00PM Rios Dance (AS) Million Reasons Junior Duo/Trio Lyrical
All Awards #1-122!!
123 1:13PM For Dancers Only (AK) Transcendence
Caitlin Koto
Senior Solo Tap
124 1:16PM Hackworth School of Performing Arts (AL) Stolen
Acadia Joniec
Senior Solo Contemporary
125 1:19PM Studio L Bridgewater (AW) Snow
Jake Urban
Senior Solo Lyrical
126 1:22PM Jazz Unlimited Dance Studio (AN) New Constellations
Lauren Casole
Senior Solo Contemporary
127 1:25PM Dance Theatre of New Jersey (AF) Save Me
Campbell Tosney
Senior Solo Tap
128 1:28PM Artistry Dance Project (AB) Toxic
Emma DeCaprio
Senior Solo Jazz
129 1:31PM Studio L Waldwick (AY) God's Breath
Isabella Dazza
Senior Solo Specialty
130 1:34PM For Dancers Only (AK) Almost Over
Erin Jengo-Quirk
Senior Solo Lyrical
131 1:37PM Anita Ehrler's Dance Extensions (AA) Silence
Kailey Flaherty
Senior Solo Specialty
132 1:40PM MDS (AP) Surprise Yourself
Julianna Willson
Senior Solo Contemporary
133 1:43PM New Canaan Dance Academy (AR) The Way I Do
Alexandra Budnick
Senior Solo Contemporary
134 1:46PM Shuffles NYC (AT) That's Just The Way It Is
Isabel Kingston
Senior Solo Tap
135 1:49PM Turning Pointe School of Ballet (AZ) Let It Go
Olivia Conklin
Senior Solo Lyrical
136 1:52PM Hackworth School of Performing Arts (AL) System Check
Jacob Matthews
Senior Solo Hip-Hop
137 1:55PM For Dancers Only (AK) Miss Brown To You
Jocelyn Martinez
Senior Solo Tap
138 1:58PM Studio L Hoboken (AX) Slow Dancing in A Burning Room
Julia Lindskog
Senior Solo Lyrical
139 2:01PM Studio L Hoboken (AX) Fall Into Me
Kelly Villares
Senior Solo Specialty
140 2:04PM Jazz Unlimited Dance Studio (AN) Adios
Allyson Hartstein
Senior Solo Contemporary
141 2:07PM Rios Dance (AS) Ending
Valeria Sandoval
Senior Solo Contemporary
142 2:10PM Body Language Dance & Theatre Arts Studio (AC) Jump
Kerry McHugh
Senior Solo Jazz
143 2:13PM Diane's Dance Center (BI) 4am
Madison Kamme
Senior Solo Contemporary
144 2:16PM For Dancers Only (AK) Springful
Addison Freitas
Senior Solo Contemporary
145 2:19PM Dance Theatre of New Jersey (AF) Let It All Go
Catherine Wheeler
Senior Solo Contemporary
146 2:22PM Artistry Dance Project (AB) Say You Love Me
Alyssa Barton
Senior Solo Jazz
147 2:25PM Studio L Waldwick (AY) Violin
Bevinn Byrne
Senior Solo Contemporary
148 2:28PM Hackworth School of Performing Arts (AL) More Time
Erin Serio
Senior Solo Tap
149 2:31PM Downtown Dance Factory (AI) A Song For You
India Dobbie
Senior Solo Contemporary
150 2:34PM Studio L Bridgewater (AW) When I Go
Kristina Coiante
Senior Solo Lyrical
151 2:37PM For Dancers Only (AK) Jango
Sidney Zaref
Senior Solo Tap
152 2:40PM Michelle Latimer Dance Academy (BV) Lost In Translation
Scott Autry
Senior Solo Contemporary
153 2:43PM Rhythm Dance Company (CA) Seven Nations Army
Julianna Lino
Senior Solo Musical Theatre
154 2:46PM Jazz Unlimited Dance Studio (AN) Satellite
Olivia Vosbikian
Senior Solo Contemporary
155 2:49PM Anita Ehrler's Dance Extensions (AA) Let Me Follow
Alexandra Edelen
Senior Solo Contemporary
156 2:52PM MDS (AP) Body Gold
Olivia Mascolo
Senior Solo Contemporary
157 2:55PM New Canaan Dance Academy (AR) Easy
Perri Liebergall
Senior Solo Contemporary
158 2:58PM For Dancers Only (AK) To Love You More
Shannin Kavanaugh
Senior Solo Lyrical
159 3:01PM Hackworth School of Performing Arts (AL) Ghosts
Reese Deshaies
Senior Solo Contemporary
160 3:04PM J'adore Dance (AM) Through My Eyes
Morgan Davis
Senior Solo Contemporary
161 3:07PM Studio L Bridgewater (AW) Tightrope
Emily Garofalo
Senior Solo Lyrical
162 3:10PM Dance Theatre of New Jersey (AF) How to be Loved
Nina Scire
Senior Solo Contemporary
163 3:13PM Artistry Dance Project (AB) Found
Lily Dresner
Senior Solo Contemporary
164 3:16PM For Dancers Only (AK) The Only Fault
Samantha Torres
Senior Solo Contemporary
165 3:19PM Studio L Bridgewater (AW) Say You Love Me
Kaitlyn Pitt
Senior Solo Lyrical
166 3:22PM JD's Fabulous feet (BO) Far From Over
Jenna Mierow
Senior Solo Contemporary
167 3:25PM Jazz Unlimited Dance Studio (AN) If It Wasn't For Your Love
Kylee Niroda
Senior Solo Contemporary
168 3:28PM Shuffles NYC (AT) Happy Machine
Gabrielle Niederhoffer
Senior Solo Tap
169 3:31PM Turning Pointe School of Ballet (AZ) Stone Cold
Samantha Keegan
Senior Solo Lyrical
170 3:34PM Kovacs Studio of Dance (BQ) Jealous
Colleen Duddy
Senior Solo Contemporary
171 3:37PM For Dancers Only (AK) Wanna Be Startin'
Genai Veal
Senior Solo Tap
172 3:40PM Hackworth School of Performing Arts (AL) The Entertainer
Chloe Balch
Senior Solo Contemporary
173 3:43PM Studio L Bridgewater (AW) Free
Sajni Patel
Senior Solo Specialty
174 3:46PM Studio L Waldwick (AY) I Will Be
Madisen Petersen
Senior Solo Lyrical
175 3:49PM Rios Dance (AS) Quimbara
Katia Luna
Senior Solo Jazz
176 3:52PM Body Language Dance & Theatre Arts Studio (AC) To Make You Feel My Love
Hailey Zuena
Senior Solo Contemporary
177 3:55PM Anita Ehrler's Dance Extensions (AA) Paralyzed
Jacqui Zariello
Senior Solo Contemporary
178 3:58PM For Dancers Only (AK) Love Me or Leave Me
Mario Rizzi
Senior Solo Jazz
179 4:01PM MDS (AP) The Mind
Grace Lynch
Senior Solo Contemporary
180 4:04PM Dance Theatre of New Jersey (AF) Next to You
Mikayla Collins
Senior Solo Contemporary
181 4:07PM Jazz Unlimited Dance Studio (AN) Old Days
Natalie Devlin
Senior Solo Contemporary
182 4:10PM Artistry Dance Project (AB) Cold Water
Rose Labriola
Senior Solo Contemporary
183 4:13PM Studio L Waldwick (AY) Fame
Ava Marino
Senior Solo Lyrical
184 4:16PM Hackworth School of Performing Arts (AL) Mr. Monotony
Amy Benedetto
Senior Solo Jazz
185 4:19PM For Dancers Only (AK) Wicked Games
Francine Popov
Senior Solo Contemporary
186 4:22PM Studio L Bridgewater (AW) Take My Hand
Madeline Nover
Senior Solo Lyrical
187 4:25PM New Canaan Dance Academy (AR) Be Your Love
Isabel Hansen
Senior Solo Specialty
188 4:28PM Lents Dance Company (BT) Relax My Beloved
Shari Mittenthal
Senior Solo Contemporary
189 4:31PM MJ Dance Center (BX) Your Song
Jamie Hoehn
Senior Solo Lyrical
190 4:34PM Anita Ehrler's Dance Extensions (AA) Remember My Name
Carley Ginsburg
Open Solo Contemporary
All Awards #123-190!!
191 4:47PM Studio L Hoboken (AX) Isn't She Lovely JUMPstarts Group Lyrical
192 4:50PM Studio L Bridgewater (AW) In Gods Hands Mini Group Lyrical
193 4:53PM Studio L Waldwick (AY) Count Down JUMPstarts Group Jazz
194 4:56PM New Canaan Dance Academy (AR) Supersonic Mini Group Jazz
195 4:59PM Jazz Unlimited Dance Studio (AN) WikiWiki Ami Mini Line Jazz
196 5:02PM Rios Dance (AS) Swag Mini Group Hip-Hop
197 5:05PM Dance Theatre of New Jersey (AF) Rosie JUMPstarts Group Tap
198 5:08PM For Dancers Only (AK) The Diary Mini Group Lyrical
199 5:11PM Studio L Bridgewater (AW) Aye Carumba JUMPstarts Line Jazz
200 5:14PM Broadway Dance Center AIM Company (AD) Above the Clouds of Pompeii Mini Line Contemporary
201 5:17PM Studio L Waldwick (AY) Precious One JUMPstarts Group Lyrical
202 5:20PM Downtown Dance Factory (AI) What About Us Junior Extended Line Lyrical
203 5:24PM Dari Pennino Dance Academy (AG) Meet Me at the Roxy Mini Group Jazz
204 5:27PM J'adore Dance (AM) When You Believe Mini Group Lyrical
205 5:30PM New Canaan Dance Academy (AR) Vogue Mini Line Jazz
206 5:33PM Jazz Unlimited Dance Studio (AN) From the Grave Mini Line Hip-Hop
207 5:36PM Studio L Hoboken (AX) Something New JUMPstarts Group Jazz
208 5:39PM Manhattan Movement and Arts Center (AO) Perfect Day Mini Group Jazz
209 5:42PM Rios Dance (AS) Anaconda Mini Line Hip-Hop
210 5:45PM Studio L Waldwick (AY) Purse First Mini Group Jazz
211 5:48PM Dance Theatre of New Jersey (AF) Girls Aloud Mini Group Jazz
212 5:51PM Vermont Ballet Theater School (BA) Sooner or Later Mini Group Lyrical
213 5:54PM For Dancers Only (AK) Money Mini Group Tap
214 5:57PM Studio L Bridgewater (AW) Woman Be Wise Mini Group Jazz
215 6:00PM Studio L Hoboken (AX) Anywhere But Here Mini Group Lyrical
216 6:03PM MDS (AP) Little Shop of Horrors Mini Group Tap
217 6:06PM New Canaan Dance Academy (AR) Puttin' On the Ritz Mini Line Tap
218 6:09PM Jazz Unlimited Dance Studio (AN) It's Raining Men Junior Line Jazz
219 6:12PM Studio L Waldwick (AY) Proud Mary Mini Group Jazz
220 6:15PM Broadway Dance Center AIM Company (AD) Point of No Return Mini Extended Line Specialty
221 6:19PM Body Language Dance & Theatre Arts Studio (AC) Let's Get Loud Junior Group Jazz
222 6:22PM Downtown Dance Factory (AI) I'll Find You Junior Extended Line Contemporary
223 6:26PM Studio L Hoboken (AX) Sugar Babies Mini Group Jazz
224 6:29PM Rios Dance (AS) Swalla JUMPstarts Group Hip-Hop
225 6:32PM Dance Theatre of New Jersey (AF) Danse Fantastik Mini Line Specialty
226 6:35PM Dari Pennino Dance Academy (AG) A Thousand Years Mini Group Lyrical
227 6:38PM Studio L Waldwick (AY) Hopelessly Devoted Mini Group Lyrical
228 6:41PM New Canaan Dance Academy (AR) Flight Junior Group Lyrical
229 6:44PM Jazz Unlimited Dance Studio (AN) Bon Soir Junior Line Ballet
230 6:47PM Studio L Hoboken (AX) Eye On the Sparrow Mini Line Lyrical
231 6:50PM For Dancers Only (AK) Coffee To Go Mini Group Tap
232 6:53PM Studio L Bridgewater (AW) Forever Young Junior Group Lyrical
233 6:57PM J'adore Dance (AM) We Are the Ones Mini Group Contemporary
234 7:00PM Manhattan Movement and Arts Center (AO) Pennies from Heaven Mini Group Tap
235 7:03PM Studio L Waldwick (AY) Listen Junior Group Lyrical
236 7:06PM Rios Dance (AS) Despacito Junior Line Jazz
237 7:09PM Studio L Hoboken (AX) What the World Needs Now Mini Extended Line Contemporary
238 7:13PM Dance Theatre of New Jersey (AF) Shine Junior Line Jazz
239 7:16PM New Canaan Dance Academy (AR) Last Weekend Junior Line Specialty
240 7:19PM Jazz Unlimited Dance Studio (AN) On My Own Junior Line Hip-Hop
241 7:22PM Broadway Dance Center AIM Company (AD) Party People Mini Production Specialty
242 7:26PM Downtown Dance Factory (AI) Carousel Waltz Junior Extended Line Ballet
243 7:30PM Vermont Ballet Theater School (BA) Parachute Junior Group Contemporary
244 7:33PM Studio L Waldwick (AY) Started From the Bottom Junior Line Hip-Hop
246 7:40PM For Dancers Only (AK) Extra Extra Mini Line Musical Theatre
247 7:43PM Studio L Bridgewater (AW) Rolex Junior Line Hip-Hop
248 7:46PM Dari Pennino Dance Academy (AG) Faded Junior Group Contemporary
249 7:49PM Rios Dance (AS) HOME Junior Group Contemporary
250 7:52PM New Canaan Dance Academy (AR) Little Shop of Horrors Junior Extended Line Musical Theatre
251 7:56PM Jazz Unlimited Dance Studio (AN) It's About That Walk Junior Line Tap
252 7:59PM Studio L Hoboken (AX) Conga Mini Production Jazz
254 8:07PM Dance Theatre of New Jersey (AF) Miracle Junior Production Jazz
255 8:11PM MDS (AP) Get Happy Junior Line Musical Theatre
256 8:14PM J'adore Dance (AM) Little Bandits Mini Group Jazz
257 8:17PM Manhattan Movement and Arts Center (AO) Raining Sunshine Mini Group Jazz
258 8:20PM Studio L Hoboken (AX) One Day I'll Fly Away Junior Group Lyrical
259 8:23PM For Dancers Only (AK) Ragdoll Mini Line Jazz
260 8:26PM Studio L Waldwick (AY) Nicki Minaj Junior Production Hip-Hop
262 8:33PM New Canaan Dance Academy (AR) Pool Party Junior Production Jazz
263 8:37PM Jazz Unlimited Dance Studio (AN) Running With the Wolves Junior Line Contemporary
264 8:40PM Studio L Hoboken (AX) You and I Mini Group Specialty
265 8:43PM Rios Dance (AS) Winter Wonderland Mini Line Jazz
266 8:46PM Studio L Bridgewater (AW) Party People Junior Line Jazz
267 8:49PM Broadway Dance Center AIM Company (AD) Magalenha Junior Group Tap
268 8:52PM Dance Theatre of New Jersey (AF) We Go Together Junior Production Musical Theatre
269 8:56PM Downtown Dance Factory (AI) Can't Take My Eyes Off You Junior Extended Line Musical Theatre
270 9:00PM Dari Pennino Dance Academy (AG) Born to Be Wild Junior Group Jazz
271 9:03PM Vermont Ballet Theater School (BA) Little of Your Love Junior Line Jazz
All Awards #191-271!!
272 9:36PM Rios Dance (AS) Eyes on Fire Teen Duo/Trio Contemporary
273 9:39PM Artistry Dance Project (AB) Ordinary World Teen Duo/Trio Lyrical
274 9:42PM Anita Ehrler's Dance Extensions (AA) Weight in Gold Teen Duo/Trio Contemporary
275 9:45PM Downtown Dance Factory (AI) The Way You Look Tonight Teen Duo/Trio Musical Theatre
276 9:48PM Rios Dance (AS) SHAPES Teen Duo/Trio Contemporary
277 9:51PM New Canaan Dance Academy (AR) Runaway Teen Duo/Trio Contemporary
278 9:54PM Body Language Dance & Theatre Arts Studio (AC) Hanging by a Thread Teen Duo/Trio Lyrical
279 9:57PM J'adore Dance (AM) How You Feeling Teen Duo/Trio Tap
280 10:00PM Rios Dance (AS) Heavy Teen Duo/Trio Contemporary
281 10:03PM Dance Ink Studio (AE) Bask Teen Duo/Trio Hip-Hop
282 10:06PM Hackworth School of Performing Arts (AL) Friendly Competition Teen Duo/Trio Hip-Hop
283 10:09PM Artistry Dance Project (AB) Hot Gates Teen Duo/Trio Contemporary
284 10:12PM Rios Dance (AS) Regueton Lento Teen Duo/Trio Hip-Hop
285 10:15PM MDS (AP) You Make Me Feel So Young Teen Duo/Trio Musical Theatre
286 10:18PM For Dancers Only (AK) Funky Music Teen Duo/Trio Tap
287 10:21PM Flash Pointe Dance (AJ) Sum Teen Duo/Trio Contemporary
288 10:24PM Rios Dance (AS) Lost Song Teen Duo/Trio Contemporary
289 10:27PM Anita Ehrler's Dance Extensions (AA) Still Teen Duo/Trio Jazz
290 10:30PM Downtown Dance Factory (AI) Sweet Dreams Teen Duo/Trio Jazz
291 10:33PM New Canaan Dance Academy (AR) This Woman's Work Teen Duo/Trio Lyrical
292 10:36PM Rios Dance (AS) Luventus Teen Duo/Trio Ballet
293 10:39PM Artistry Dance Project (AB) Creator Teen Duo/Trio Jazz
294 10:42PM Body Language Dance & Theatre Arts Studio (AC) Chick Bad Teen Duo/Trio Hip-Hop
295 10:45PM Dance Theatre of New Jersey (AF) Emphasis Teen Duo/Trio Lyrical
296 10:48PM Michelle Latimer Dance Academy (BV) Upon Reflection Teen Duo/Trio Contemporary
297 10:51PM Dari Pennino Dance Academy (AG) In the Arms of an Angel Teen Duo/Trio Lyrical
298 10:54PM J'adore Dance (AM) You There Teen Duo/Trio Lyrical
299 10:57PM Rios Dance (AS) SCI Teen Duo/Trio Contemporary
300 11:00PM Dance Ink Studio (AE) In The Dark Teen Duo/Trio Jazz
301 11:03PM Rios Dance (AS) Our Corner of the Universe Teen Duo/Trio Contemporary
302 11:06PM Hackworth School of Performing Arts (AL) Looking Back Through Time Teen Duo/Trio Ballet
303 11:09PM Artistry Dance Project (AB) The Passage Teen Duo/Trio Contemporary
304 11:12PM Anita Ehrler's Dance Extensions (AA) To build a Home Teen Duo/Trio Lyrical
305 11:15PM Rios Dance (AS) Faith Teen Duo/Trio Ballet
306 11:18PM Downtown Dance Factory (AI) Light Hits the Water Teen Duo/Trio Contemporary
307 11:21PM New Canaan Dance Academy (AR) Salute Teen Duo/Trio Hip-Hop
308 11:24PM Body Language Dance & Theatre Arts Studio (AC) Through the Eyes of a Child Teen Duo/Trio Contemporary
All Awards #272-308!!
Saturday, February 17th
# Time Studio Routine Age Division Category Perf. Division
309 2:30PM Rios Dance (AS) Shadow Senior Duo/Trio Contemporary
310 2:33PM Artistry Dance Project (AB) Affinity Senior Duo/Trio Ballet
311 2:36PM New Canaan Dance Academy (AR) Endangered Species Senior Duo/Trio Jazz
312 2:39PM Studio L Bridgewater (AW) Unbreakable Senior Duo/Trio Contemporary
313 2:42PM Turning Pointe School of Ballet (AZ) Protest Senior Duo/Trio Contemporary
314 2:45PM For Dancers Only (AK) Imagine Senior Duo/Trio Tap
315 2:48PM Rios Dance (AS) The Mirror Senior Duo/Trio Contemporary
316 2:51PM Shuffles NYC (AT) What Do You Mean? Senior Duo/Trio Tap
317 2:54PM Artistry Dance Project (AB) Isn't She Lovely Senior Duo/Trio Lyrical
318 2:57PM New Canaan Dance Academy (AR) Swans Senior Duo/Trio Specialty
319 3:00PM Studio L Bridgewater (AW) Underneath Senior Duo/Trio Lyrical
320 3:03PM Dance Theatre of New Jersey (AF) Patient Love Senior Duo/Trio Contemporary
321 3:06PM Hackworth School of Performing Arts (AL) Falling Senior Duo/Trio Contemporary
322 3:09PM Jazz Unlimited Dance Studio (AN) Another Love Song Teen Line Hip-Hop
323 3:12PM Studio L Waldwick (AY) Swans Teen Group Specialty
324 3:15PM For Dancers Only (AK) Superstition Teen Group Tap
325 3:18PM Dance Theatre of New Jersey (AF) Waiving Through a Window Teen Group Tap
326 3:21PM Studio L Bridgewater (AW) Fall Into Me Teen Group Contemporary
327 3:24PM Hackworth School of Performing Arts (AL) Here It Comes Teen Group Contemporary
328 3:27PM MDS (AP) Dark River Teen Group Hip-Hop
329 3:30PM Studio L Hoboken (AX) Rumble Teen Production Jazz
330 3:33PM Jazz Unlimited Dance Studio (AN) Crazy Teen Line Contemporary
332 3:39PM New Canaan Dance Academy (AR) Right Now Teen Group Jazz
333 3:42PM Broadway Dance Center AIM Company (AD) Raise the Roof Teen Group Musical Theatre
334 3:45PM Rios Dance (AS) Sand Teen Group Contemporary
335 3:48PM J'adore Dance (AM) Sorry, Not Sorry Teen Group Lyrical
336 3:51PM Artistry Dance Project (AB) Wicked Games Teen Group Contemporary
337 3:54PM For Dancers Only (AK) Looking Glass Teen Group Contemporary
338 3:57PM Jazz Unlimited Dance Studio (AN) Suffer Teen Line Tap
339 4:00PM Studio L Waldwick (AY) No Limit Teen Group Hip-Hop
340 4:03PM Dance Theatre of New Jersey (AF) Ooh La La Teen Group Specialty
341 4:06PM Studio L Bridgewater (AW) Jesus Wept Senior Group Lyrical
342 4:09PM Hackworth School of Performing Arts (AL) On the Verge Teen Group Tap
343 4:12PM Dari Pennino Dance Academy (AG) Believer Teen Group Jazz
344 4:15PM MDS (AP) Flawless Teen Group Hip-Hop
345 4:18PM Downtown Dance Factory (AI) Angels Teen Line Contemporary
346 4:21PM Jazz Unlimited Dance Studio (AN) Concerto Teen Line Jazz
347 4:24PM Studio L Waldwick (AY) Secret Love Song Senior Group Lyrical
348 4:27PM Spotlights and Sequins (AU) Le Fleur Teen Group Lyrical
349 4:30PM Studio L Hoboken (AX) Never Walk Alone Teen Production Lyrical
350 4:33PM For Dancers Only (AK) Tomorrow Tonight Teen Group Jazz
351 4:36PM Dance Ink Studio (AE) My Way Teen Group Hip-Hop
352 4:39PM New Canaan Dance Academy (AR) Gossip Girl Teen Group Lyrical
353 4:42PM Dance Theatre of New Jersey (AF) Night Out Teen Extended Line Jazz
354 4:46PM Jazz Unlimited Dance Studio (AN) My Love Teen Line Contemporary
355 4:49PM Studio L Waldwick (AY) Grand Piano Teen Group Lyrical
356 4:52PM Studio L Bridgewater (AW) Still Miss You Teen Line Contemporary
357 4:55PM Hackworth School of Performing Arts (AL) Allegiance Teen Line Specialty
358 4:58PM Broadway Dance Center AIM Company (AD) Come Sail Away Teen Line Contemporary
359 5:01PM Vermont Ballet Theater School (BA) Flightless Bird Teen Group Contemporary
360 5:04PM MDS (AP) Requiem On Water Teen Group Contemporary
361 5:07PM Body Language Dance & Theatre Arts Studio (AC) New York, New York Teen Group Ballet
362 5:10PM Jazz Unlimited Dance Studio (AN) Amadeus Teen Line Ballet
363 5:13PM Studio L Waldwick (AY) If I'm Lucky Senior Group Hip-Hop
364 5:16PM For Dancers Only (AK) Remembering Me Teen Group Lyrical
365 5:19PM Rios Dance (AS) Rain Teen Production Hip-Hop
366 5:23PM Dance Theatre of New Jersey (AF) The Office Teen Extended Line Jazz
367 5:27PM J'adore Dance (AM) There Will Be Time Teen Extended Line Specialty
368 5:30PM Modern Rhythms Dance Academy (AQ) Poison Teen Group Jazz
369 5:33PM Studio L Bridgewater (AW) Broken Vow Teen Line Lyrical
370 5:37PM Jazz Unlimited Dance Studio (AN) Soy Yo Teen Line Jazz
371 5:40PM Studio L Waldwick (AY) Another One Bites The Dust Teen Group Jazz
372 5:43PM Hackworth School of Performing Arts (AL) Sweet Pea Teen Line Jazz
373 5:46PM Studio L Hoboken (AX) Sticks and Stones Teen Line Contemporary
374 5:49PM New Canaan Dance Academy (AR) Trouble With My Baby Teen Group Jazz
375 5:52PM Artistry Dance Project (AB) I Like That Teen Group Jazz
376 5:55PM MDS (AP) Kendrick Teen Line Hip-Hop
377 5:58PM For Dancers Only (AK) Bottom Dollar Teen Group Jazz
378 6:01PM Jazz Unlimited Dance Studio (AN) Good Morning Teen Line Hip-Hop
379 6:04PM Studio L Waldwick (AY) Love In the Dark Teen Line Contemporary
380 6:07PM Dance Theatre of New Jersey (AF) Heart Teen Extended Line Contemporary
381 6:11PM Broadway Dance Center AIM Company (AD) Harder Teen Extended Line Contemporary
383 6:19PM Dari Pennino Dance Academy (AG) In the Morning Teen Group Specialty
384 6:22PM Jazz Unlimited Dance Studio (AN) Violets In Winter Teen Line Ballet
385 6:25PM Studio L Waldwick (AY) Reach Out Teen Production Lyrical
386 6:29PM Hackworth School of Performing Arts (AL) Glorious Teen Line Contemporary
387 6:32PM For Dancers Only (AK) Van Gogh Teen Line Specialty
388 6:35PM Downtown Dance Factory (AI) Shades of Grey Teen Group Lyrical
389 6:38PM MDS (AP) In My Arms Teen Line Contemporary
390 6:41PM Dance Theatre of New Jersey (AF) For the 90s Teen Extended Line Tap
391 6:45PM Jazz Unlimited Dance Studio (AN) Up Teen Line Tap
392 6:48PM Studio L Waldwick (AY) Uninvited Teen Extended Line Specialty
393 6:52PM Studio L Bridgewater (AW) Light The Fire Teen Production Lyrical
394 6:56PM Studio L Hoboken (AX) Killing Me Softly Teen Line Lyrical
395 6:59PM New Canaan Dance Academy (AR) Habanera Teen Line Tap
396 7:02PM Rios Dance (AS) Temperature Open Line Hip-Hop
397 7:05PM J'adore Dance (AM) Halo Teen Line Lyrical
398 7:08PM Broadway Dance Center AIM Company (AD) Turn Left Here Teen Extended Line Musical Theatre
399 7:12PM Jazz Unlimited Dance Studio (AN) Moving Mountains Teen Extended Line Contemporary
400 7:16PM Studio L Waldwick (AY) Footloose Junior Production Jazz
401 7:20PM For Dancers Only (AK) Perm Teen Extended Line Tap
402 7:24PM Hackworth School of Performing Arts (AL) Carry Me Teen Line Contemporary
403 7:27PM Dance Theatre of New Jersey (AF) Not Everybody Lives Teen Production Contemporary
404 7:31PM MDS (AP) Let It Be Teen Extended Line Lyrical
405 7:35PM Studio L Bridgewater (AW) Will You Still Love Me Senior Group Jazz
406 7:39PM Jazz Unlimited Dance Studio (AN) Go Teen Extended Line Contemporary
407 7:43PM Studio L Waldwick (AY) HyperBallad Teen Extended Line Contemporary
408 8:17PM Artistry Dance Project (AB) As You Think, So Shall Be Teen Group Contemporary
409 8:20PM For Dancers Only (AK) Kooza Teen Extended Line Jazz
410 8:24PM Jazz Unlimited Dance Studio (AN) Take Flight Teen Production Jazz
411 8:29PM Studio L Waldwick (AY) Gaga Teen Production Jazz
412 8:33PM Dance Theatre of New Jersey (AF) Generations of Dance Teen Production Jazz
413 8:37PM Hackworth School of Performing Arts (AL) Finesse Teen Extended Line Hip-Hop
414 8:41PM Studio L Bridgewater (AW) A Little Party Teen Production Jazz
415 8:45PM Studio L Hoboken (AX) I Will Survive Teen Extended Line Jazz
416 8:49PM MDS (AP) Thrift Shop Teen Extended Line Tap
417 8:53PM New Canaan Dance Academy (AR) Wolves of Wall Street Teen Line Hip-Hop
418 8:56PM Jazz Unlimited Dance Studio (AN) Club Whoa Teen Production Hip-Hop
419 9:00PM Studio L Waldwick (AY) In The Air Tonight Teen Production Jazz
420 9:07PM Broadway Dance Center AIM Company (AD) Cosmic Love Teen Extended Line Contemporary
421 9:11PM Rios Dance (AS) New Year's Eve Open Production Specialty
422 9:15PM For Dancers Only (AK) Amerikay Teen Production Specialty
423 9:19PM J'adore Dance (AM) Crazy Cat Lady Teen Line Musical Theatre
424 9:23PM Dance Theatre of New Jersey (AF) Bottom of the River Senior Line Contemporary
425 9:26PM Jazz Unlimited Dance Studio (AN) My Way Senior Group Tap
426 9:29PM Studio L Waldwick (AY) I Get Money Senior Production Hip-Hop
427 9:33PM Studio L Bridgewater (AW) With Or Without You Senior Production Lyrical
428 9:37PM Hackworth School of Performing Arts (AL) Sirens Teen Extended Line Contemporary
429 9:41PM Downtown Dance Factory (AI) Breaking Free Teen Group Contemporary
430 9:44PM Spotlights and Sequins (AU) Human Teen Group Contemporary
431 9:47PM MDS (AP) Rich Girl Teen Extended Line Hip-Hop
432 9:51PM Jazz Unlimited Dance Studio (AN) Swish Swish Senior Line Hip-Hop
433 9:54PM Studio L Waldwick (AY) Ballroom Divas Senior Extended Line Specialty
434 10:01PM For Dancers Only (AK) Still Standing Senior Group Contemporary
436 10:08PM Dance Theatre of New Jersey (AF) Shallows Senior Line Contemporary
437 10:11PM New Canaan Dance Academy (AR) Surrender, Dorothy Teen Line Lyrical
438 10:14PM Broadway Dance Center AIM Company (AD) Like That Teen Extended Line Hip-Hop
440 10:22PM Jazz Unlimited Dance Studio (AN) Islands Senior Line Contemporary
441 10:25PM Studio L Waldwick (AY) Bolero Senior Extended Line Jazz
442 10:29PM Hackworth School of Performing Arts (AL) Snuff That Girl Teen Extended Line Musical Theatre
443 10:33PM Artistry Dance Project (AB) Louder Than Silence Senior Group Contemporary
444 10:36PM MDS (AP) Hold My Heart Teen Group Jazz
445 10:39PM For Dancers Only (AK) Soon We Will Not Fit Senior Group Contemporary
446 10:42PM Jazz Unlimited Dance Studio (AN) Disrespectful Senior Line Jazz
447 10:45PM Dance Theatre of New Jersey (AF) Be My Baby Senior Line Musical Theatre
448 10:48PM Rios Dance (AS) Flashback 80's Open Production Hip-Hop
449 10:52PM Studio L Bridgewater (AW) Going Down Senior Production Hip-Hop
450 10:55PM J'adore Dance (AM) The Illusionist Teen Group Jazz
451 10:59PM Studio L Hoboken (AX) Hello Teen Group Specialty
452 11:03PM Jazz Unlimited Dance Studio (AN) Moondust Senior Line Ballet
453 11:06PM Hackworth School of Performing Arts (AL) Can't Hold Us Senior Line Tap
454 11:07PM Studio L Waldwick (AY) Comrad Senior Line Contemporary
455 11:09PM New Canaan Dance Academy (AR) Rise Teen Extended Line Contemporary
456 11:13PM Broadway Dance Center AIM Company (AD) Bombs Away Teen Extended Line Hip-Hop
457 11:17PM Dari Pennino Dance Academy (AG) Water Teen Group Contemporary
All Awards #309-457!!
Sunday, February 18th
# Time Studio Routine Age Division Category Perf. Division
458 3:45PM New Canaan Dance Academy (AR) Body Heat
Emma Grau
Teen Solo Jazz
459 3:48PM Anita Ehrler's Dance Extensions (AA) If I Was
Nicole Romano
Teen Solo Jazz
460 3:51PM Jazz Unlimited Dance Studio (AN) Stars
Morgan Miller
Teen Solo Contemporary
461 3:54PM Body Language Dance & Theatre Arts Studio (AC) Bailar
Christyn O'Donnell
Teen Solo Jazz
462 3:57PM Dance Theatre of New Jersey (AF) Be Italian
Angelisa Santantgelo
Teen Solo Musical Theatre
463 4:00PM Downtown Dance Factory (AI) Sunny Side of the Street
Ava Edwards
Teen Solo Musical Theatre
464 4:03PM Modern Rhythms Dance Academy (AQ) Kendrick
Talia Schlossman
Teen Solo Hip-Hop
465 4:06PM Spotlights and Sequins (AU) La Bayadere
Abby Keenan
Teen Solo Ballet
466 4:09PM Artistry Dance Project (AB) Sun
Melissa Guerra
Teen Solo Contemporary
467 4:12PM Rios Dance (AS) Last Goodbye
Ana Isabel Ulloa
Teen Solo Contemporary
468 4:15PM Studio L Waldwick (AY) I Wanna Dance With Somebody
Caleigh Amano
Teen Solo Lyrical
469 4:18PM New Canaan Dance Academy (AR) My Love
Lauren Deligtisch
Teen Solo Lyrical
470 4:21PM Hackworth School of Performing Arts (AL) The Light That Never Fails
Alexis Puza
Teen Solo Contemporary
471 4:24PM Studio L Bridgewater (AW) How Will I Know
Justin Stillwagon
Teen Solo Lyrical
472 4:27PM Anita Ehrler's Dance Extensions (AA) Back to the start
Maggie O'Brien
Teen Solo Lyrical
473 4:30PM Jazz Unlimited Dance Studio (AN) Skeletons
Emily Mullen
Teen Solo Contemporary
474 4:33PM MDS (AP) Nothing Holding Me Back
Emma Dulaski
Teen Solo Jazz
475 4:36PM Fusion Dance Force (BN) Translation
Robert Hoffer
Teen Solo Contemporary
476 4:39PM Flash Pointe Dance (AJ) You Really Did It
Phoenix Goodman
Teen Solo Tap
477 4:42PM For Dancers Only (AK) All Again
Lauren Torres
Teen Solo Contemporary
478 4:45PM Body Language Dance & Theatre Arts Studio (AC) Perm
Gianna Calascibetta
Teen Solo Tap
479 4:48PM New Canaan Dance Academy (AR) I Found
Carissa Bruno
Teen Solo Contemporary
480 4:51PM Dance Theatre of New Jersey (AF) You Don't Own Me
Quincy Hines
Teen Solo Specialty
481 4:54PM Turning Pointe School of Ballet (AZ) This Place Is a Shelter
Madison Wall
Teen Solo Contemporary
482 4:57PM Elite Academy of Dance MA (BL) This Is My Hand
Kira Marderosian
Teen Solo Contemporary
483 5:00PM Downtown Dance Factory (AI) Home
Lillie Braden
Teen Solo Contemporary
484 5:03PM Anita Ehrler's Dance Extensions (AA) There Will be Bad Days
Nina Adams
Teen Solo Contemporary
485 5:06PM Jazz Unlimited Dance Studio (AN) Shorty What?
Sarah Kurnellas
Teen Solo Hip-Hop
486 5:09PM Modern Rhythms Dance Academy (AQ) Creatures
Grace Markey
Teen Solo Contemporary
487 5:12PM Spotlights and Sequins (AU) Days
Dakota Matchett
Teen Solo Lyrical
488 5:15PM New Canaan Dance Academy (AR) Lost in Orbit
Elsie Welles
Teen Solo Contemporary
489 5:18PM Artistry Dance Project (AB) Instead
Paulie Bedus
Teen Solo Contemporary
490 5:21PM Michelle Latimer Dance Academy (BV) Outside Self
Madalin Autry
Teen Solo Contemporary
491 5:25PM Hackworth School of Performing Arts (AL) Black and Blue
Meghan Stenwick
Teen Solo Contemporary
492 5:27PM Triple Threat Dance Company (CH) Path
Morgan Perschy
Teen Solo Contemporary
493 5:30PM Koin & Co Dancers (BP) Alive
Sophia Lesin
Teen Solo Contemporary
494 5:33PM Body Language Dance & Theatre Arts Studio (AC) 10,000 miles
Sophia Bright
Teen Solo Lyrical
495 5:36PM Anita Ehrler's Dance Extensions (AA) Doomed
Annie Conway
Teen Solo Contemporary
496 5:39PM Jazz Unlimited Dance Studio (AN) Rise Up
Madison Wilkins
Teen Solo Contemporary
497 5:42PM Dance Theatre of New Jersey (AF) Sorry
Sarah Marino
Teen Solo Contemporary
498 5:45PM Rios Dance (AS) Ache
Paulina Sinibaldi
Teen Solo Contemporary
499 5:48PM New Canaan Dance Academy (AR) Overcoming Stage Fright
Naomi Pedersen
Teen Solo Ballet
500 5:51PM Studio L Waldwick (AY) Haunted
Diana Natalicchio
Teen Solo Specialty
501 5:54PM Hackworth School of Performing Arts (AL) There's Nothing Holding Me Back
Katelyn Labrie
Teen Solo Tap
502 5:57PM Downtown Dance Factory (AI) Your Day Will Come
Julianne Horowitz
Teen Solo Contemporary
503 6:00PM Studio L Bridgewater (AW) Je Suis Malade
Katherine Jiao
Teen Solo Lyrical
504 6:03PM Dazzle Studio of Dance (AH) TBA
Riley Hess
Teen Solo Contemporary
505 6:06PM Kovacs Studio of Dance (BR) Tension
Madeline Song
Teen Solo Jazz
506 6:09PM Stewart Johnson Dance Academy (CD) No One
Cayla Rae Pavol
Teen Solo Contemporary
507 6:12PM Anita Ehrler's Dance Extensions (AA) Hold my Heart
Sydney Waldner
Teen Solo Jazz
508 6:15PM Jazz Unlimited Dance Studio (AN) Blind As I Am
Emily Harte
Teen Solo Contemporary
509 6:18PM New Canaan Dance Academy (AR) Muddy Waters
Caroline Kelly
Teen Solo Contemporary
510 6:21PM Modern Rhythms Dance Academy (AQ) Someone New
Genevieve Satzinger
Teen Solo Contemporary
511 6:24PM Body Language Dance & Theatre Arts Studio (AC) Show Off
Jenna Spina
Teen Solo Musical Theatre
512 6:27PM Spotlights and Sequins (AU) I'm Getting Good
Tyra Humphreys
Teen Solo Musical Theatre
513 6:30PM Artistry Dance Project (AB) What's in Front of Me
Isabella Seitz
Teen Solo Lyrical
514 6:33PM Dance Theatre of New Jersey (AF) Lamentation
Nadine Foster
Teen Solo Specialty
515 6:36PM MDS (AP) Weight In Gold
Caroline Katovitz
Teen Solo Contemporary
516 6:39PM Prodigy Dance And Performing Arts Centre (BZ) Refuse
Emma Johnson
Teen Solo Contemporary
517 6:42PM Dari Pennino Dance Academy (AG) Praying
Ally Price
Teen Solo Contemporary
518 6:45PM Eglevsky Ballet (BK) Mysterium
Kathy Benitez
Teen Solo Contemporary
519 6:48PM New Canaan Dance Academy (AR) Bottom of the River
Ella Briggs
Teen Solo Contemporary
520 6:51PM Anita Ehrler's Dance Extensions (AA) Wish That You Were Here
Ellie Kim
Teen Solo Contemporary
521 6:54PM Downtown Dance Factory (AI) The Winner Is
Willa Gilbert-Goldstein
Teen Solo Ballet
522 6:57PM To The Pointe Academy of Dance (CF) To Be Determined
Nicole Pellegrin
Teen Solo Contemporary
523 7:00PM Leader School of Dance (BS) Storm
Kylan Wagner
Teen Solo Tap
524 7:03PM Rhythm Dance Company (CA) Race to Erase
Rebecca Sherr
Teen Solo Contemporary
525 7:06PM Stars In Motion (CC) Elephants
Kaitlyn Weirich
Teen Solo Contemporary
526 7:09PM Rios Dance (AS) Losing It
Ana Cristina Velasquez Rios
Teen Solo Contemporary
527 7:12PM Body Language Dance & Theatre Arts Studio (AC) I Gotcha
Nicolette Febbraro
Teen Solo Musical Theatre
528 7:15PM Studio L Waldwick (AY) Blank Page
Gabby Strauss
Teen Solo Lyrical
529 7:18PM New Canaan Dance Academy (AR) Roxie
Elizabeth Woodberry
Teen Solo Jazz
530 7:21PM Dance Theatre of New Jersey (AF) Bad Blood
Trinity Fischer
Teen Solo Tap
531 7:24PM In Motion Dance Center of NY (CL) Supermarket Flowers
Morgan Drake
Teen Solo Contemporary
532 7:27PM Westchester Dance Academy (CM) Reverence
Kayla Mak
Teen Solo Ballet
533 7:30PM Jazz Unlimited Dance Studio (AN) Until We Go Down
Madelyn Altman
Teen Solo Contemporary
534 7:33PM Modern Rhythms Dance Academy (AQ) Steer
Lauren Andruzzi
Teen Solo Contemporary
535 7:36PM Spotlights and Sequins (AU) Fall of an Angel
Sydnee Gallant
Teen Solo Specialty
536 7:39PM Artistry Dance Project (AB) Silence
Leah Castellano
Teen Solo Lyrical
537 7:42PM Studio L Bridgewater (AW) Bitter Song
Mackenzie LaMotta
Teen Solo Contemporary
538 7:45PM Fusion Dance Force (BN) Just Be You
Camryn Tomaszewski
Teen Solo Contemporary
539 7:48PM Flash Pointe Dance (AJ) Gone
Aydin Eyikan
Teen Solo Contemporary
540 7:51PM Westchester Dance Academy (CM) Arise
Skye Ayala
Teen Solo Contemporary
541 7:54PM For Dancers Only (AK) Just Kiss me
Nicholas Jacobsen
Teen Solo Tap
542 7:57PM Downtown Dance Factory (AI) Poison
Eliana Folit
Teen Solo Jazz
543 8:00PM Turning Pointe School of Ballet (AZ) Dynamite
Mairead Ferry
Teen Solo Lyrical
544 8:03PM Air Dance and Theater (BB) TBD
Isabella Aletrakis
Teen Solo Contemporary
545 8:06PM Anita Ehrler's Dance Extensions (AA) Beautiful Thing
Caitie Kim
Teen Solo Contemporary
546 8:09PM Jazz Unlimited Dance Studio (AN) Sinners
Jessica Paritsky
Teen Solo Contemporary
547 8:12PM Body Language Dance & Theatre Arts Studio (AC) River
Gabriella Annunziatta
Teen Solo Lyrical
548 8:15PM Dance Theatre of New Jersey (AF) Prove Me Wrong
Grace Ruthe
Teen Solo Contemporary
549 8:18PM Dance Academy USA (BG) Ascending
Skye Casem
Teen Solo Lyrical
550 8:21PM Loperfido Dance Academy (BU) Ave Maria
Monet Vinciguerra
Teen Solo Contemporary
551 8:24PM Westchester Dance Academy (CM) Late To Soon
Christina Oliveri
Teen Solo Contemporary
552 8:27PM Studio 45 (AV) To Build A Home
Audrey Sarbin
Teen Solo Contemporary
553 8:30PM New England Dance and Gymnastics (BY) TBD
Haley Huelsman
Teen Solo Contemporary
554 8:33PM MDS (AP) Young and Beautiful
Alexandra Babel
Teen Solo Lyrical
555 8:36PM Studio L Hoboken (AX) Praise You
Sophia Gallagher
Teen Solo Specialty
556 8:39PM Ultimate Dance Academy (CI) Elephants
Kaycee Dominguez
Teen Solo Contemporary
557 8:42PM Rios Dance (AS) Escalate
Stephanie De Leon
Teen Solo Contemporary
558 8:45PM Anita Ehrler's Dance Extensions (AA) Found
Siera Boffa
Teen Solo Contemporary
559 8:48PM Jazz Unlimited Dance Studio (AN) Undertowe
Sophia Destasio
Teen Solo Contemporary
560 8:51PM Modern Rhythms Dance Academy (AQ) All About That Bass
Skyler Kaplan
Teen Solo Tap
561 8:54PM Spotlights and Sequins (AU) Make it Rain
Anna Sturgeon
Teen Solo Jazz
562 8:57PM Westchester Dance Academy (CM) After The Storm
Tyler Burden
Teen Solo Contemporary
563 9:00PM Downtown Dance Factory (AI) How Sweet It Is
Atticus Dobbie
Teen Solo Jazz
564 9:03PM Artistry Dance Project (AB) Embers in the Night
Allie Caparelli
Teen Solo Contemporary
565 9:06PM Body Language Dance & Theatre Arts Studio (AC) Really Like You
Julia Martorana
Teen Solo Jazz
566 9:09PM Dance Theatre of New Jersey (AF) I'll Keep Waving
Brianna Kant
Teen Solo Contemporary
567 9:12PM Studio L Waldwick (AY) Change is Everything
Matthew Greco
Teen Solo Specialty
568 9:15PM Westchester Dance Academy (CM) Away From The Silence
Gia Sylvester
Teen Solo Contemporary
569 9:18PM Studio L Bridgewater (AW) Dancing
Olivia Stillwagon
Teen Solo Lyrical
570 9:21PM Anita Ehrler's Dance Extensions (AA) What if Love
Abigail Goodell
Teen Solo Contemporary
All Awards #458-570!!


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