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Orlando March 16-18, 2018

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Friday, March 16th
# Time Studio Routine Age Division Category Perf. Division
1 7:00AM Studio Dance Company (AV) Never Grow Up!
Angelina Caggiano
JUMPstarts Solo Hip-Hop
2 7:03AM Moving Artist Dance Company (AN) Wild Child
Amanda Junco
JUMPstarts Solo Jazz
3 7:06AM All American Dance Factory (AY) Covergirl
Ava Starr Rodriguez
JUMPstarts Solo Jazz
4 7:09AM Centerstage Dance Academy (AB) A Dream Is A Wish
Allie Morgan
JUMPstarts Solo Lyrical
5 7:12AM Soul Studios (AT) Fly
Angelina Kinney
JUMPstarts Solo Lyrical
6 7:15AM Stars Dance Studio (AU) Moonlight Sonata
Carolina Alonso
JUMPstarts Solo Contemporary
7 7:18AM Studio Dance Company (AV) I'm a Lady
Ella Sullivan
JUMPstarts Solo Jazz
8 7:21AM Moving Artist Dance Company (AN) Fragile
Rocio Viola
JUMPstarts Solo Lyrical
9 7:24AM Rolann's School Of The Dance (AS) Sing!
Adaline Bevill
JUMPstarts Solo Tap
10 7:27AM Dance Complex By Andrea Pazos (AC) Super Star
Paulina Martino Astorga
JUMPstarts Solo Jazz
11 7:30AM Studio Dance Company (AV) Dance With Me JUMPstarts Duo/Trio Specialty
12 7:33AM Stars Dance Studio (AU) Baby Sister JUMPstarts Duo/Trio Lyrical
13 7:36AM Focal Point Dance Studios (AJ) Leave You
Ava Hidalgo
Junior Solo Lyrical
14 7:39AM Dance Unlimited (AF) Common Bird
Natalie Caceres
Junior Solo Specialty
15 7:42AM Moving Artist Dance Company (AN) Rise
Camila Orellana
Junior Solo Contemporary
16 7:45AM Stars Dance Studio (AU) Ave Maria
Rachel Leon
Junior Solo Lyrical
17 7:48AM M.I.A. Dance Factory (AM) The Moment I Said It
Brigitte Bontoux
Junior Solo Contemporary
18 7:51AM Xtreme Dance (BO) Turn You Into Stone
Lola Roberts-House
Junior Solo Contemporary
19 7:54AM Studio Dance Company (AV) Clap Snap
Willow Simms
Junior Solo Jazz
20 7:57AM Soul Studios (AT) All Of Me
Lauren Weiler
Junior Solo Lyrical
21 8:00AM Keegan Dance Company (AL) Ashes
Madison Ellis
Junior Solo Contemporary
22 8:03AM Centerstage Dance Academy (AB) What The World Needs Now
Tiffany Stallings
Junior Solo Contemporary
23 8:06AM Frank Rey Dance Studio (AK) Moonlight
Jessenia Rivera
Junior Solo Contemporary
24 8:09AM New Level Dance Company (BP) Embankment
Cameron Massicotte
Junior Solo Contemporary
25 8:12AM Dance Unlimited (AF) Click Clack
Alexandra Quevedo
Junior Solo Jazz
26 8:15AM Dance Complex By Andrea Pazos (AC) Cold Water
Domenica Lavarreda Muralles
Junior Solo Lyrical
27 8:18AM East Coast Performing Arts (AH) Proud
Emma Fratus
Junior Solo Lyrical
28 8:21AM Moving Artist Dance Company (AN) Foggy
Keila Cuadra
Junior Solo Specialty
29 8:24AM Dance Town (AE) The Wheel
Alaia Boston
Junior Solo Contemporary
30 8:27AM Elsa Pardo Dance Center (BQ) Watchtower
Isabella Amaro
Junior Solo Contemporary
31 8:30AM New Dimensions (BG) I Have A Dream
Tyreke Holt
Junior Solo Contemporary
32 8:33AM Stars Dance Studio (AU) Forever Alone
Destanye Diaz
Junior Solo Contemporary
33 8:36AM M.I.A. Dance Factory (AM) In The Name Of Love
Kylie Nijankin
Junior Solo Jazz
34 8:39AM Summit Dance Shoppe (BK) Answers
Elliana Mannella
Junior Solo Lyrical
35 8:42AM Focal Point Dance Studios (AJ) Moonlight
Isabella Bolivar-Lopez
Junior Solo Contemporary
36 8:45AM Dance Unlimited (AF) Blackship
Belen Vives
Junior Solo Lyrical
37 8:48AM First Coast Center for the Arts (AI) Be Our Guest
Jada Antoine
Junior Solo Jazz
38 8:51AM Keegan Dance Company (AL) Elegy
Maya Krajicek
Junior Solo Contemporary
39 8:54AM Xtreme Dance (BO) Into Your Hands
Lexie Elliott
Junior Solo Lyrical
40 8:57AM Studio Dance Company (AV) Rhythm Section
Mikayla Pham
Junior Solo Specialty
41 9:00AM Moving Artist Dance Company (AN) TBA
Kayla Roberts
Junior Solo Contemporary
42 9:03AM Soul Studios (AT) Starstruck
Katie Lukas
Junior Solo Specialty
43 9:06AM Keegan Dance Company (AL) Nature Boy
Payton McGuire
Junior Solo Contemporary
44 9:09AM Centerstage Dance Academy (AB) My Own Cell
David Consuegra
Junior Solo Contemporary
45 9:12AM Frank Rey Dance Studio (AK) Like a River
Sofia Patino
Junior Solo Contemporary
46 9:15AM Focal Point Dance Studios (AJ) Symphony
Gabriela Ramirez
Junior Solo Tap
47 9:18AM New Level Dance Company (BP) Voices
Madelynn Bourgoing
Junior Solo Specialty
48 9:21AM Stars Dance Studio (AU) Displacement
Samuel Fine
Junior Solo Contemporary
49 9:24AM M.I.A. Dance Factory (AM) Breathe You In
Valentina Puebla
Junior Solo Contemporary
50 9:27AM Dance Complex By Andrea Pazos (AC) Believer
Maria Camilla Gonzalez Barrientos
Junior Solo Contemporary
51 9:30AM New Dimensions (BG) A Mother's Prayer
Kamryn Skrocki
Junior Solo Lyrical
52 9:33AM Music General (AO) Black Horse and the Cherry Tree
Isabella Bennett
Junior Solo Tap
53 9:36AM Dance Studio 365 (AD) Control
Hailee Chase
Junior Solo Contemporary
54 9:39AM Moving Artist Dance Company (AN) Urge
Diana Gauvin
Junior Solo Specialty
55 9:42AM Powerhouse Dance (AR) Everybody Wants To Rule The World
Gracie Welte
Junior Solo Contemporary
56 9:45AM Focal Point Dance Studios (AJ) Helpless
Antonella Liviero
Junior Solo Lyrical
57 9:48AM Dance Unlimited (AF) Forever Young
Isabella Portela
Junior Solo Lyrical
58 9:51AM East Coast Performing Arts (AH) Bring Me Close
Alyssa Stewart
Junior Solo Lyrical
59 9:54AM Xtreme Dance (BO) When The Light Hits The Water
Ashlyn Metcalf
Junior Solo Contemporary
60 9:57AM Studio Dance Company (AV) All I Got
Tehya van Deutekom
Junior Solo Hip-Hop
61 10:00AM Dance Town (AE) Tba
Paris Vigo
Junior Solo Contemporary
62 10:03AM Soul Studios (AT) Raise Your Voice
Lilly Rottingen
Junior Solo Contemporary
63 10:06AM Stars Dance Studio (AU) Loading
Isabella Tagle
Junior Solo Contemporary
64 10:09AM M.I.A. Dance Factory (AM) Youth
Liora Cohen
Junior Solo Contemporary
65 10:12AM Rolann's School Of The Dance (AS) Ritzy
Samantha Clark
Junior Solo Tap
66 10:15AM Moving Artist Dance Company (AN) Awaken
Nathalie Prieto
Junior Solo Contemporary
67 10:18AM Focal Point Dance Studios (AJ) Stride
Ella Zaharas
Junior Solo Contemporary
68 10:21AM Dance Unlimited (AF) Bring It
Anthony Dessables
Junior Solo Specialty
69 10:24AM Centerstage Dance Academy (AB) Shed Thyself
Olivia Aya-Ay
Junior Solo Contemporary
70 10:27AM Frank Rey Dance Studio (AK) Soldier
Ysabella Ferraro
Junior Solo Specialty
71 10:30AM Dance Complex By Andrea Pazos (AC) Let Me Think About It
Jessica Fabiola Mayorga Cruz
Junior Solo Jazz
72 10:33AM West Florida Dance Center (AX) Keep Me Sane
Alyssa Bourdon
Junior Solo Contemporary
73 10:36AM Focal Point Dance Studios (AJ) Fields Mini Duo/Trio Lyrical
74 10:39AM Powerhouse Dance (AR) I Dreamed a Dream Mini Duo/Trio Lyrical
75 10:42AM East Coast Performing Arts (AH) You Are My Sunshine Mini Duo/Trio Lyrical
76 10:45AM Moving Artist Dance Company (AN) Intimidate Mini Duo/Trio Contemporary
77 10:48AM Dance Unlimited (AF) Best Friends Mini Duo/Trio Jazz
78 10:51AM M.I.A. Dance Factory (AM) Wild Things Mini Duo/Trio Contemporary
79 10:54AM Focal Point Dance Studios (AJ) Cast Away Mini Duo/Trio Lyrical
80 10:57AM Centerstage Dance Academy (AB) Nature Boy Mini Duo/Trio Contemporary
81 11:00AM Keegan Dance Company (AL) Suspended Mini Duo/Trio Contemporary
82 11:03AM Stars Dance Studio (AU) Unchained Melody Mini Duo/Trio Contemporary
83 11:06AM Rolann's School Of The Dance (AS) Besties Mini Duo/Trio Tap
84 11:09AM Dance Studio 365 (AD) Land of a Thousand Dances Mini Duo/Trio Jazz
85 11:12AM Focal Point Dance Studios (AJ) Priorities Mini Duo/Trio Jazz
86 11:15AM Powerhouse Dance (AR) Bom Bom Mini Duo/Trio Jazz
87 11:18AM East Coast Performing Arts (AH) Run Mini Duo/Trio Lyrical
87.a 11:19AM Focal Point Dance Studios (AJ) Dream Mini Duo/Trio Lyrical
88 11:21AM Moving Artist Dance Company (AN) Strong Mini Duo/Trio Contemporary
89 11:24AM Dance Unlimited (AF) Shadow Mini Duo/Trio Contemporary
90 11:27AM M.I.A. Dance Factory (AM) Respect Mini Duo/Trio Jazz
91 11:30AM Focal Point Dance Studios (AJ) Reflection Mini Duo/Trio Lyrical
92 11:33AM Danceworks (AG) Somewhere Over the Rainbow Mini Duo/Trio Specialty
93 11:36AM Frank Rey Dance Studio (AK) Rocking Robin Mini Duo/Trio Jazz
94 11:39AM Dance Complex By Andrea Pazos (AC) Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Junior Duo/Trio Jazz
95 11:42AM M.I.A. Dance Factory (AM) Side Effects Junior Duo/Trio Contemporary
96 11:45AM Studio Dance Company (AV) Down to be Popular Junior Duo/Trio Specialty
97 11:48AM Moving Artist Dance Company (AN) Console Junior Duo/Trio Contemporary
98 11:51AM Xtreme Dance (BO) By Your SIde Junior Duo/Trio Contemporary
99 11:54AM Dance Complex By Andrea Pazos (AC) Material Girl Junior Duo/Trio Jazz
100 11:57AM Powerhouse Dance (AR) Move Your Body Junior Duo/Trio Jazz
101 12:00PM O2B Kids (AP) Turn to Stone Junior Duo/Trio Contemporary
102 12:03PM First Coast Center for the Arts (AI) Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Junior Duo/Trio Tap
103 12:06PM M.I.A. Dance Factory (AM) Helium Junior Duo/Trio Contemporary
104 12:09PM Dance Complex By Andrea Pazos (AC) Baila, Baila Junior Duo/Trio Specialty
105 12:12PM Soul Studios (AT) Woman Up Junior Duo/Trio Specialty
106 12:15PM Dance Studio 365 (AD) Swing Brother Swing Junior Duo/Trio Jazz
107 12:18PM Stars Dance Studio (AU) Stand By Me Junior Duo/Trio Contemporary
All Awards #1-107!!
108 12:31PM West Florida Dance Center (AX) Coward
Claire Maggio
Teen Solo Contemporary
109 12:34PM Suncoast Academy Of Dance (AW) Unbroken
Julia Smith
Teen Solo Lyrical
110 12:37PM Stars Dance Studio (AU) Words are Useful
Alejandra Triana
Teen Solo Contemporary
112 12:43PM Dance Unlimited (AF) Set Fire
Samantha Rosenberg
Teen Solo Contemporary
113 12:46PM Dance Studio 365 (AD) How to Save a Life
Brenna Ciampi
Teen Solo Specialty
114 12:49PM Focal Point Dance Studios (AJ) Trends
Megan Bentley
Teen Solo Specialty
115 12:52PM Soul Studios (AT) Stay Alive
Sally Koscho
Teen Solo Contemporary
116 12:55PM Studio Dance Company (AV) Turnt in Medieval
Taliya Williams
Teen Solo Hip-Hop
117 12:58PM West Florida Dance Center (AX) Still
Samantha Schultz
Teen Solo Contemporary
118 1:01PM Suncoast Academy Of Dance (AW) Dream A Little Dream
Kiley Ondash
Teen Solo Jazz
119 1:04PM First Coast Center for the Arts (AI) Alice in Wonderland
Ashlynd Roberts
Teen Solo Contemporary
120 1:07PM Moving Artist Dance Company (AN) Love
Nichole Campbell
Teen Solo Contemporary
121 1:10PM Dance Complex By Andrea Pazos (AC) Move
Karla Andrea Polanco Castillo
Teen Solo Jazz
122 1:13PM Stars Dance Studio (AU) Right By You
Sarah Sutterfield
Teen Solo Contemporary
123 1:16PM M.I.A. Dance Factory (AM) Janet...
Siboney Mesa
Teen Solo Jazz
124 1:19PM Keegan Dance Company (AL) The Other Side
Leena ElHammoud
Teen Solo Lyrical
125 1:22PM Powerhouse Dance (AR) Make Me Cry
Alayna Oakes
Teen Solo Contemporary
126 1:25PM West Florida Dance Center (AX) Land Of All
Nicole Mlynarczyk
Teen Solo Contemporary
127 1:28PM Suncoast Academy Of Dance (AW) Almost Like Being In Love
Grace Olive
Teen Solo Musical Theatre
128 1:31PM Dance Town (AE) Heat waves
Camila Schwarz
Teen Solo Musical Theatre
129 1:34PM Dance Unlimited (AF) See You Shining
Kaili Rojas
Teen Solo Specialty
130 1:37PM Dance Studio 365 (AD) The Way I Do
Ana Perez-Yudin
Teen Solo Contemporary
131 1:40PM Moving Artist Dance Company (AN) Limitless
Isabella Prado
Teen Solo Specialty
132 1:43PM Focal Point Dance Studios (AJ) Come Through
Donivyn Riley
Teen Solo Contemporary
133 1:46PM Soul Studios (AT) Holding On
Shayla Hernandez
Teen Solo Contemporary
134 1:49PM Stars Dance Studio (AU) Water
Ashley Vallejo
Teen Solo Contemporary
135 1:52PM West Florida Dance Center (AX) Breathe
Emily Redderson
Teen Solo Contemporary
136 1:55PM Suncoast Academy Of Dance (AW) Black or White
Brynn Wexler
Teen Solo Tap
137 1:58PM Frank Rey Dance Studio (AK) Only A memory
Lyza Sepulveda
Teen Solo Contemporary
138 2:01PM Dance Universe (BE) Intrinsic
Kailey Worontsoff
Teen Solo Contemporary
139 2:04PM Dance Theatre (BD) My Heart Will Go On
Zoe Ratner
Teen Solo Specialty
140 2:07PM Studio Dance Company (AV) Haze
Spenser Dunphy
Teen Solo Contemporary
141 2:10PM East Coast Performing Arts (AH) Life With Harold
Victoria Salimbene
Teen Solo Musical Theatre
142 2:13PM New Dimensions Dance Company (BH) Out of Time
Kelly Sawyer
Teen Solo Contemporary
143 2:16PM Dance Town (AE) Storm
Lauren Beck
Teen Solo Contemporary
144 2:19PM West Florida Dance Center (AX) Save Your Life
Emily Cheshire
Teen Solo Contemporary
145 2:22PM Suncoast Academy Of Dance (AW) Short Histories
Payton Leesley
Teen Solo Contemporary
146 2:25PM Stars Dance Studio (AU) Resolve
Jackson Roloff-Hafenbreadl
Teen Solo Contemporary
147 2:28PM Dance Unlimited (AF) Keep Me Dancing
Daniella Damas
Teen Solo Contemporary
148 2:31PM Dance Studio 365 (AD) Dangerous
Isabel Rubiera
Teen Solo Jazz
149 2:34PM Cameron Dance Academy (BB) Swept Away
Madison Yaremchuk
Teen Solo Contemporary
151 2:40PM Soul Studios (AT) Suitcase
Kiley Oleary
Teen Solo Contemporary
152 2:43PM Xtreme Dance (BO) Agnus Dei
Devin Waxman
Teen Solo Specialty
153 2:46PM West Florida Dance Center (AX) Cold Hearted Snake
Sofia Gander
Teen Solo Jazz
154 2:49PM Suncoast Academy Of Dance (AW) Letting You Go
Alyssa Kraynak
Teen Solo Jazz
155 2:52PM First Coast Center for the Arts (AI) Cat in the Hat
Megan Popola
Teen Solo Musical Theatre
156 2:55PM Rolann's School Of The Dance (AS) Too Darn Hot
Gabriella Gallentine
Teen Solo Musical Theatre
157 2:58PM Dance Complex By Andrea Pazos (AC) This Is Me
Isabella Narvaez de Leon
Teen Solo Jazz
158 3:01PM Stars Dance Studio (AU) Restless Heart
Ashley Mendoza
Teen Solo Contemporary
159 3:04PM Dance Town (AE) My Funny Valentine
Alexandria Orengo
Teen Solo Contemporary
160 3:07PM M.I.A. Dance Factory (AM) Out Of My Life
Sophie Suarez
Teen Solo Contemporary
161 3:10PM Keegan Dance Company (AL) Irrelevant
Cayden McCoskey
Teen Solo Lyrical
162 3:13PM West Florida Dance Center (AX) This Mortal Coil
Chloe Folce
Teen Solo Contemporary
163 3:16PM Suncoast Academy Of Dance (AW) Game of Survival
Demi Ulatowski
Teen Solo Specialty
164 3:19PM Dance Unlimited (AF) Hallelujah
Courtney Fernandez
Teen Solo Contemporary
165 3:22PM Dance Studio 365 (AD) Salute
Allison Dobbins
Teen Solo Jazz
166 3:25PM Studio Dance Company (AV) She Knows Not What She Seeks
Dannielle Charpentier
Teen Solo Hip-Hop
167 3:28PM Powerhouse Dance (AR) Escalate
Grace Callahan
Teen Solo Contemporary
168 3:31PM Focal Point Dance Studios (AJ) Fight or Flight
Brianna Roca
Teen Solo Contemporary
169 3:34PM Soul Studios (AT) That Other Girl
Siara Hernandez
Teen Solo Contemporary
170 3:37PM Stars Dance Studio (AU) Now & Not Yet
Adriana Aguerri
Teen Solo Contemporary
171 3:40PM West Florida Dance Center (AX) Spine
Julia Carr
Teen Solo Contemporary
172 3:43PM Suncoast Academy Of Dance (AW) The Lady Is...
Savannah Provenzano
Teen Solo Musical Theatre
173 3:46PM A&G Dance Academy (AA) Unchained Melody
Juliette Vanneste
Teen Solo Contemporary
174 3:49PM Dance Town (AE) if you weren't there
Emily Valencia
Teen Solo Contemporary
175 3:52PM Susan's DanceWorks (BL) Crumble
Emily Winkelbauer
Teen Solo Specialty
176 3:55PM Dance Unlimited (AF) Yo, Sailor
Jordan Lida
Teen Solo Contemporary
177 3:58PM Dance Studio 365 (AD) I Ran
Jenna Remian
Teen Solo Contemporary
178 4:01PM Stars Dance Studio (AU) Finding Love Teen Duo/Trio Contemporary
179 4:04PM M.I.A. Dance Factory (AM) Everybody Wants To Rule The World Teen Duo/Trio Contemporary
180 4:07PM Music General (AO) Poison Teen Duo/Trio Tap
181 4:10PM Dance Studio 365 (AD) Me Against the Music Teen Duo/Trio Jazz
182 4:13PM First Coast Center for the Arts (AI) Wonderland Teen Duo/Trio Jazz
183 4:16PM Focal Point Dance Studios (AJ) Sparks Teen Duo/Trio Contemporary
184 4:19PM Moving Artist Dance Company (AN) Yin-Yang Teen Duo/Trio Contemporary
185 4:22PM East Coast Performing Arts (AH) Big Finish Teen Duo/Trio Musical Theatre
186 4:25PM West Florida Dance Center (AX) I Found Teen Duo/Trio Contemporary
187 4:28PM Powerhouse Dance (AR) Black and Gold Teen Duo/Trio Specialty
188 4:31PM Focal Point Dance Studios (AJ) For You Teen Duo/Trio Lyrical
189 4:34PM M.I.A. Dance Factory (AM) Show Me Love Teen Duo/Trio Jazz
190 4:37PM Music General (AO) Double Exposure Teen Duo/Trio Tap
191 4:40PM Dance Complex By Andrea Pazos (AC) Vogue Teen Duo/Trio Jazz
192 4:43PM Studio Dance Company (AV) Move In Day Teen Duo/Trio Hip-Hop
193 4:46PM Dance Town (AE) TBA Teen Duo/Trio Contemporary
194 4:49PM Keegan Dance Company (AL) Look What I've Become Teen Duo/Trio Contemporary
All Awards #108-194!!
195 5:02PM West Florida Dance Center (AX) Above the Clouds Mini Group Specialty
196 5:05PM Stars Dance Studio (AU) Solitude Mini Group Contemporary
197 5:08PM West Florida Dance Center (AX) Sugar Babies Mini Group Jazz
198 5:11PM Dance Unlimited (AF) Life Of The Party Mini Line Jazz
199 5:14PM Powerhouse Dance (AR) Salute Mini Group Jazz
200 5:17PM West Florida Dance Center (AX) The Breath of a Fish Mini Group Contemporary
202 5:23PM West Florida Dance Center (AX) Wash Mini Group Lyrical
203 5:26PM Soul Studios (AT) Zero to Hero Mini Group Musical Theatre
204 5:29PM Focal Point Dance Studios (AJ) I'm Stuck Mini Group Lyrical
205 5:32PM M.I.A. Dance Factory (AM) Crazy In Love Live Mini Extended Line Jazz
206 5:36PM West Florida Dance Center (AX) Escapade Mini Group Jazz
207 5:39PM Stars Dance Studio (AU) Longing Mini Extended Line Contemporary
208 5:43PM Suncoast Academy Of Dance (AW) Forgotten Mini Group Ballet
209 5:46PM Focal Point Dance Studios (AJ) So It Goes Mini Group Contemporary
210 5:49PM West Florida Dance Center (AX) Hercules Mini Group Tap
211 5:52PM Moving Artist Dance Company (AN) Beautiful Mini Group Lyrical
212 5:55PM Danceworks (AG) When I'm Dancing Mini Group Jazz
213 5:58PM Music General (AO) Faith Mini Group Tap
214 6:01PM West Florida Dance Center (AX) Humming Mini Group Contemporary
215 6:04PM Stars Dance Studio (AU) Secret Garden Mini Extended Line Ballet
216 6:08PM Suncoast Academy Of Dance (AW) Caravan of Love Mini Group Lyrical
217 6:11PM West Florida Dance Center (AX) Tea Party Mini Group Jazz
218 6:14PM Danceworks (AG) Sweet Ingredients Mini Group Ballet
219 6:17PM West Florida Dance Center (AX) Baby I'm a Star Mini Line Jazz
220 6:20PM Soul Studios (AT) Heart Breaker Mini Line Jazz
222 6:27PM Suncoast Academy Of Dance (AW) Freedom Fighters Mini Line Jazz
223 6:30PM West Florida Dance Center (AX) Boogie Woogi Bugle Boy Mini Line Tap
224 6:33PM Focal Point Dance Studios (AJ) Coast to Coast Mini Group Hip-Hop
225 6:36PM Moving Artist Dance Company (AN) 305 Mini Group Jazz
226 6:39PM Dance Unlimited (AF) Two Of A Kind Mini Line Contemporary
227 6:42PM West Florida Dance Center (AX) Seven Wonders Mini Line Lyrical
228 6:45PM Stars Dance Studio (AU) The Band Mini Line Jazz
229 6:49PM West Florida Dance Center (AX) Grease Mini Line Musical Theatre
230 6:52PM Frank Rey Dance Studio (AK) Lost Boys Mini Group Lyrical
231 6:55PM Powerhouse Dance (AR) A Thousand Years Mini Group Lyrical
232 6:58PM West Florida Dance Center (AX) Bushel and a Peck Mini Line Musical Theatre
233 7:01PM Stars Dance Studio (AU) Fuego Mini Extended Line Hip-Hop
234 7:05PM West Florida Dance Center (AX) Sweet Child Mini Line Lyrical
All Awards #195-234!!
235 7:33PM West Florida Dance Center (AX) Human
Gabby Barra
Senior Solo Specialty
236 7:36PM Moving Artist Dance Company (AN) Monster
Meghan Beddoe
Senior Solo Specialty
237 7:39PM Frank Rey Dance Studio (AK) Fort
Emilee Carreras
Senior Solo Contemporary
238 7:42PM Soul Studios (AT) Caruso
Alexandra West
Senior Solo Lyrical
239 7:45PM Stars Dance Studio (AU) Underwater
Shamus Moriarty
Senior Solo Contemporary
240 7:48PM Dance Unlimited (AF) Off The Rail
Samantha Cortes
Senior Solo Contemporary
241 7:51PM Premier Division (BI) Cold
Danielle Kotch
Senior Solo Contemporary
242 7:54PM Music General (AO) I Like the Way You Move
Nariah Fett
Senior Solo Tap
243 7:57PM West Florida Dance Center (AX) You
Haley Insoft
Senior Solo Contemporary
244 8:00PM Suncoast Academy Of Dance (AW) Sense of Home
Jessica Marolf
Senior Solo Contemporary
245 8:03PM Keegan Dance Company (AL) La Mamma Morta
Maggie Flynn
Senior Solo Lyrical
246 8:06PM Studio Dance Company (AV) Angels
Alexis LaChance
Senior Solo Lyrical
247 8:09PM Dance Complex By Andrea Pazos (AC) Take Me To Church
Marcela Isabel Melgar Gonzalez
Senior Solo Contemporary
248 8:12PM Moving Artist Dance Company (AN) Virtue
Liza Abreu
Senior Solo Contemporary
249 8:15PM Frank Rey Dance Studio (AK) Adolpho
Jojo Almonte
Senior Solo Musical Theatre
250 8:18PM Soul Studios (AT) Brazil
Livia Novy
Senior Solo Specialty
251 8:21PM West Florida Dance Center (AX) Warnings
Ashlynn Pincince
Senior Solo Contemporary
252 8:24PM Powerhouse Dance (AR) Liability
Olivia Marquis
Senior Solo Contemporary
253 8:27PM Stars Dance Studio (AU) Tomorrow
Nathaniel Belnavis-Wright
Senior Solo Contemporary
254 8:30PM Summit Dance Shoppe (BK) Jupiter
Olivia Mannella
Senior Solo Contemporary
255 8:33PM Dance Studio 365 (AD) Sudden Pause
Gabriela Rodriguez
Senior Solo Contemporary
256 8:36PM Judy's Dance Academy (BF) 100 Easy Ways
Alex Williams
Senior Solo Musical Theatre
257 8:39PM Focal Point Dance Studios (AJ) Held
Alexa Mora
Senior Solo Contemporary
258 8:42PM Dance Unlimited (AF) Hurt Me
Brittney Lida
Senior Solo Contemporary
259 8:45PM West Florida Dance Center (AX) Nasty
Amalia Clements
Senior Solo Jazz
260 8:48PM Moving Artist Dance Company (AN) This is where i live
Amber Rosa
Senior Solo Contemporary
261 8:51PM Frank Rey Dance Studio (AK) Sword and Shield
Meagan Thomas
Senior Solo Contemporary
262 8:54PM Soul Studios (AT) Tiny Cities
Rachel Consiglio
Senior Solo Contemporary
263 8:57PM Rolann's School Of The Dance (AS) Losing My Mind
Amanda Tisdell
Senior Solo Contemporary
264 9:00PM Music General (AO) Do You Wanna Dance
Libby Borash
Senior Solo Tap
265 9:03PM Suncoast Academy Of Dance (AW) Brave
Savanna Rice
Senior Solo Lyrical
266 9:06PM Keegan Dance Company (AL) Crying Light
Gabriella Cera
Senior Solo Lyrical
267 9:09PM West Florida Dance Center (AX) Killing Me Softly
Kaylee Eorgan
Senior Solo Tap
268 9:12PM Stars Dance Studio (AU) Breaking My Trusted Shell
Noam Laufer
Senior Solo Contemporary
269 9:15PM Centerstage Dance Academy (AB) This Stolen Body
Shelby Russ
Senior Solo Contemporary
270 9:18PM Rolann's School Of The Dance (AS) No Rest For The Wicked
Beyonce Horton
Senior Solo Contemporary
271 9:21PM Raskin Dance Studio (BJ) Dreambirds
Lauren Luteran
Senior Solo Contemporary
272 9:24PM Moving Artist Dance Company (AN) Initiation
Jennifer Gomez
Senior Solo Specialty
273 9:27PM Frank Rey Dance Studio (AK) Sand
Elizabeth Echenique
Senior Solo Contemporary
274 9:30PM Soul Studios (AT) Turning Page
MacKenna Hadawi
Senior Solo Lyrical
275 9:33PM West Florida Dance Center (AX) Before I Sleep
Sarah Schultz
Senior Solo Contemporary
276 9:36PM Dance Unlimited (AF) In The Furnace
Valeria Canas
Senior Solo Contemporary
277 9:39PM Danceworks (AG) You Showed Me
Katie Conboy
Senior Solo Contemporary
278 9:42PM Dance Theatre (BD) I Am Free
Jessica Luckman
Senior Solo Lyrical
279 9:45PM Rolann's School Of The Dance (AS) Spend Your Time On Me
Kylie Walls
Senior Solo Jazz
280 9:48PM Stars Dance Studio (AU) Lonely Hour
Sammy Small
Senior Solo Contemporary
281 9:51PM West Florida Dance Center (AX) One Step At A Time
Kalysta Gregory
Senior Solo Tap
282 9:54PM Moving Artist Dance Company (AN) Alien Bird
Krystal Calveiro
Senior Solo Contemporary
283 9:57PM Frank Rey Dance Studio (AK) Get Bodied
Olivia Ponssa
Senior Solo Specialty
284 10:00PM Soul Studios (AT) Made of Stone
Sara Pearl
Senior Solo Contemporary
285 10:03PM Music General (AO) Waterfalls
Megan Miller
Senior Solo Tap
286 10:06PM Suncoast Academy Of Dance (AW) Soldier's Lullaby
Cristina Brown
Senior Solo Ballet
287 10:09PM Keegan Dance Company (AL) When I Go
Amya Phillips
Senior Solo Lyrical
288 10:12PM Studio Dance Company (AV) Stolen
Sabina Reilly
Senior Solo Contemporary
289 10:15PM West Florida Dance Center (AX) Blades
Maxwell Sterling
Senior Solo Contemporary
290 10:18PM Dance Complex By Andrea Pazos (AC) Body Love
Nathaly Sofia Tobar Velez
Senior Solo Contemporary
291 10:21PM Powerhouse Dance (AR) Compass
Dara Dawson
Senior Solo Specialty
293 10:27PM Summit Dance Shoppe (BK) Improv
Isabelle Mannella
Senior Solo Improvisation
294 10:30PM Moving Artist Dance Company (AN) TBA
Jorge Perez
Senior Solo Contemporary
295 10:33PM Frank Rey Dance Studio (AK) Wave
Miranda Espinosa
Senior Solo Contemporary
296 10:36PM Soul Studios (AT) Ocean Floor
Sydney Hill
Senior Solo Specialty
297 10:39PM West Florida Dance Center (AX) The Scientist
Allison Hayduke
Senior Solo Contemporary
298 10:42PM Stars Dance Studio (AU) TBA-Vivian
Vivian Ruiz
Senior Solo Contemporary
299 10:45PM Rolann's School Of The Dance (AS) I Wish
Amelia Chan
Senior Solo Lyrical
300 10:48PM Music General (AO) Landslide
Savanna Oberfeld
Senior Solo Tap
301 10:51PM Suncoast Academy Of Dance (AW) I Found
Hannah Marolf
Senior Solo Contemporary
302 10:54PM Keegan Dance Company (AL) Backing Down
Megan Tavares
Senior Solo Contemporary
303 10:57PM Frank Rey Dance Studio (AK) Regretless Senior Duo/Trio Contemporary
304 11:00PM Studio Dance Company (AV) Madness Senior Duo/Trio Contemporary
305 11:03PM Stars Dance Studio (AU) Stone Cold Senior Duo/Trio Contemporary
306 11:06PM West Florida Dance Center (AX) 2 On Senior Duo/Trio Specialty
307 11:09PM Dance Theatre (BD) Rise Up Senior Duo/Trio Lyrical
308 11:12PM Frank Rey Dance Studio (AK) Fresh Senior Duo/Trio Hip-Hop
309 11:15PM Moving Artist Dance Company (AN) I will wait Senior Duo/Trio Contemporary
310 11:18PM Suncoast Academy Of Dance (AW) Let Me Entertain You Senior Duo/Trio Musical Theatre
311 11:21PM Music General (AO) Explosive Senior Duo/Trio Tap
All Awards #235-311!!
Saturday, March 17th
# Time Studio Routine Age Division Category Perf. Division
312 3:00PM Stars Dance Studio (AU) If You Forget Me Junior Group Contemporary
313 3:03PM Frank Rey Dance Studio (AK) T-Love Junior Group Jazz
314 3:06PM Dance Unlimited (AF) Enclosed Junior Group Contemporary
315 3:09PM Moving Artist Dance Company (AN) TBA Junior Group Jazz
316 3:12PM Focal Point Dance Studios (AJ) Superstitious Junior Group Jazz
317 3:15PM Soul Studios (AT) The One Junior Group Contemporary
318 3:18PM Pleasure Island Dance (AQ) Believer Junior Group Contemporary
319 3:21PM Stars Dance Studio (AU) Pacemaker Junior Group Specialty
320 3:24PM Dance Studio 365 (AD) Grown Woman Junior Group Jazz
321 3:27PM Frank Rey Dance Studio (AK) Say A Little Prayer Junior Group Lyrical
322 3:30PM Pleasure Island Dance (AQ) The Missing Piece Junior Group Specialty
322.a 3:31PM Stars Dance Studio (AU) On The Town Junior Line Musical Theatre
323 3:33PM East Coast Performing Arts (AH) Colors Of The Wind JUMPstarts Group Ballet
323.a 3:34PM Focal Point Dance Studios (AJ) Jet Set Junior Group Jazz
324 3:36PM Suncoast Academy Of Dance (AW) Piece by Piece Junior Group Ballet
325 3:39PM Studio Dance Company (AV) Descendants JUMPstarts Group Hip-Hop
326 3:42PM Keegan Dance Company (AL) The End of All Exploring Junior Group Contemporary
327 3:45PM O2B Kids (AP) Fight Song JUMPstarts Group Ballet
328 3:48PM Dance Unlimited (AF) Reins Junior Line Contemporary
329 3:51PM Stars Dance Studio (AU) Excerpt from Don Quixote Junior Group Ballet
330 3:54PM Moving Artist Dance Company (AN) Natures Gift Junior Group Contemporary
331 3:57PM Focal Point Dance Studios (AJ) I Lived Junior Line Contemporary
332 4:00PM Frank Rey Dance Studio (AK) Perm Junior Group Jazz
333 4:03PM Soul Studios (AT) Can't Help Falling In Love Junior Group Lyrical
334 4:06PM Dance Complex By Andrea Pazos (AC) The Haunted Mansion Junior Group Jazz
335 4:09PM Moving Artist Dance Company (AN) Fabulous JUMPstarts Group Jazz
336 4:12PM O2B Kids (AP) Chasing Stars Junior Group Jazz
337 4:15PM Frank Rey Dance Studio (AK) Cruisin For a Bruisin JUMPstarts Group Jazz
338 4:18PM Stars Dance Studio (AU) Have You Ever Junior Line Lyrical
339 4:21PM West Florida Dance Center (AX) Legally Blonde Junior Extended Line Musical Theatre
340 4:25PM Dance Unlimited (AF) Right Now Junior Line Jazz
341 4:28PM Frank Rey Dance Studio (AK) Trolls Junior Extended Line Musical Theatre
342 4:32PM Moving Artist Dance Company (AN) Breathe Junior Line Contemporary
343 4:35PM Focal Point Dance Studios (AJ) Day & Night Junior Line Tap
345 4:41PM Soul Studios (AT) Sanctuary Junior Extended Line Lyrical
346 4:45PM Dance Studio 365 (AD) Revolt Junior Line Specialty
347 4:49PM West Florida Dance Center (AX) Party Starters Junior Extended Line Hip-Hop
348 4:53PM Dance Unlimited (AF) Unleash Junior Production Hip-Hop
All Awards #312-348!!
349 5:23PM West Florida Dance Center (AX) Tangle Teen Group Contemporary
350 5:26PM Stars Dance Studio (AU) Le Corsaire Teen Group Ballet
351 5:29PM Frank Rey Dance Studio (AK) Stranger Things Teen Group Contemporary
352 5:32PM Moving Artist Dance Company (AN) Enclosed Teen Group Contemporary
353 5:35PM West Florida Dance Center (AX) Trouble Teen Group Musical Theatre
354 5:38PM Music General (AO) The Way You Make Me Feel Teen Extended Line Jazz
355 5:41PM Suncoast Academy Of Dance (AW) Want You Back Teen Group Jazz
356 5:44PM Focal Point Dance Studios (AJ) Change Teen Group Contemporary
357 5:47PM Dance Complex By Andrea Pazos (AC) Alice in Wonderland Teen Group Jazz
358 5:50PM West Florida Dance Center (AX) You There Teen Group Contemporary
359 5:53PM Soul Studios (AT) Still Teen Group Contemporary
360 5:56PM Music General (AO) Good To Be Alive Teen Group Tap
361 5:59PM West Florida Dance Center (AX) Buttons Senior Group Jazz
362 6:02PM Stars Dance Studio (AU) Dust Teen Group Contemporary
363 6:05PM Focal Point Dance Studios (AJ) Don't Stop Teen Group Jazz
364 6:08PM Moving Artist Dance Company (AN) Black Cat Teen Group Jazz
365 6:11PM West Florida Dance Center (AX) Dock of the Bay Teen Group Contemporary
366 6:14PM Studio Dance Company (AV) Corners of the Earth Teen Group Contemporary
367 6:17PM M.I.A. Dance Factory (AM) Daughter Teen Group Contemporary
368 6:20PM Dance Unlimited (AF) Boots Teen Group Jazz
369 6:23PM West Florida Dance Center (AX) All That I Am Teen Group Contemporary
370 6:26PM Suncoast Academy Of Dance (AW) A Foggy Day Teen Group Tap
371 6:29PM Powerhouse Dance (AR) Crazyboutcha Teen Group Jazz
372 6:32PM Keegan Dance Company (AL) Parallel Lines Teen Group Contemporary
373 6:35PM West Florida Dance Center (AX) Ring the Alarm Teen Group Jazz
374 6:38PM Stars Dance Studio (AU) Everdream Teen Production Contemporary
375 6:41PM Frank Rey Dance Studio (AK) Sophisticated Lady Senior Group Jazz
376 6:44PM Moving Artist Dance Company (AN) Mindfulness Senior Group Contemporary
377 6:47PM West Florida Dance Center (AX) Vogue Teen Group Jazz
378 6:50PM Focal Point Dance Studios (AJ) Rain Teen Group Lyrical
379 6:53PM First Coast Center for the Arts (AI) When I Grow Up Teen Group Musical Theatre
380 6:56PM Rolann's School Of The Dance (AS) Shield Senior Group Contemporary
381 6:59PM West Florida Dance Center (AX) Man With The Hex Teen Group Tap
382 7:02PM Dance Unlimited (AF) Youth Senior Group Contemporary
383 7:05PM Dance Studio 365 (AD) Ain't Nothing Wrong with That Teen Group Jazz
384 7:08PM Suncoast Academy Of Dance (AW) Backing Force Senior Group Jazz
385 7:11PM West Florida Dance Center (AX) I Look to You Teen Group Lyrical
387 7:17PM West Florida Dance Center (AX) Power of Love Senior Group Lyrical
388 7:20PM Frank Rey Dance Studio (AK) Money Senior Group Hip-Hop
389 7:23PM Moving Artist Dance Company (AN) Ain't no other man Senior Group Jazz
390 7:26PM Dance Complex By Andrea Pazos (AC) Peter Pan Teen Group Lyrical
390.a 7:27PM Focal Point Dance Studios (AJ) Carry Your Own Teen Group Contemporary
391 7:29PM West Florida Dance Center (AX) Rain Senior Group Contemporary
392 7:32PM Soul Studios (AT) One Moment Teen Group Lyrical
393 7:35PM Music General (AO) Ordinary People Senior Group Lyrical
394 7:38PM Dance Unlimited (AF) Resolution Teen Line Contemporary
395 7:41PM West Florida Dance Center (AX) Sing Sing Sing Teen Group Tap
397 7:47PM Frank Rey Dance Studio (AK) Friend In Me Senior Group Musical Theatre
398 7:50PM Moving Artist Dance Company (AN) Wolves Teen Line Contemporary
399 7:53PM West Florida Dance Center (AX) Feedback Teen Line Jazz
400 7:56PM Suncoast Academy Of Dance (AW) In the Middle Teen Line Jazz
401 7:59PM Focal Point Dance Studios (AJ) Hyped Teen Group Hip-Hop
402 8:02PM Studio Dance Company (AV) Lost In Time Teen Group Hip-Hop
403 8:05PM West Florida Dance Center (AX) Let it All Go Teen Line Contemporary
404 8:08PM West Florida Dance Center (AX) Nicest Kids in Town Teen Line Musical Theatre
405 8:11PM Stars Dance Studio (AU) Waves Teen Extended Line Contemporary
406 8:15PM Frank Rey Dance Studio (AK) We Are the Ones Senior Group Contemporary
407 8:18PM West Florida Dance Center (AX) I'm Shaking Teen Line Jazz
408 8:21PM Moving Artist Dance Company (AN) They don't care Teen Line Tap
409 8:24PM Dance Unlimited (AF) Stay Afloat Teen Line Lyrical
410 8:27PM Suncoast Academy Of Dance (AW) From the Ashes Teen Line Specialty
411 8:30PM West Florida Dance Center (AX) All In My Head Teen Line Contemporary
412 8:33PM Dance Complex By Andrea Pazos (AC) Aladdin Teen Group Hip-Hop
413 8:36PM Soul Studios (AT) Kick It Teen Line Jazz
414 8:39PM Music General (AO) Call Me Senior Group Tap
415 8:42PM West Florida Dance Center (AX) We Groove Senior Line Tap
417 8:49PM Frank Rey Dance Studio (AK) Acceptance Senior Group Contemporary
418 8:52PM Moving Artist Dance Company (AN) Money Teen Extended Line Hip-Hop
419 8:56PM West Florida Dance Center (AX) Seven Senior Line Contemporary
420 8:59PM West Florida Dance Center (AX) I'm Legit Teen Extended Line Hip-Hop
421 9:03PM M.I.A. Dance Factory (AM) Toxic Teen Extended Line Jazz
422 9:07PM Dance Unlimited (AF) We Melt Senior Line Contemporary
423 9:10PM Focal Point Dance Studios (AJ) Shackled Teen Group Lyrical
424 9:13PM West Florida Dance Center (AX) Come To Life Teen Extended Line Specialty
425 9:17PM Powerhouse Dance (AR) Just Died In Your Arms Teen Group Contemporary
426 9:20PM Keegan Dance Company (AL) Yours Teen Line Contemporary
427 9:23PM Suncoast Academy Of Dance (AW) Mission Teen Line Contemporary
428 9:26PM West Florida Dance Center (AX) You Don't Own Me Teen Line Contemporary
429 9:30PM Frank Rey Dance Studio (AK) Office Daze Teen Line Jazz
430 9:33PM Moving Artist Dance Company (AN) Wall Senior Extended Line Contemporary
432 9:41PM West Florida Dance Center (AX) Rhythm Nation Teen Line Jazz
433 9:45PM Studio Dance Company (AV) Circus Teen Line Hip-Hop
434 9:48PM First Coast Center for the Arts (AI) It's Not Just Make Believe Teen Group Jazz
435 9:51PM Dance Unlimited (AF) #DUit Senior Line Jazz
436 9:54PM West Florida Dance Center (AX) Be Okay Senior Extended Line Specialty
437 9:58PM Suncoast Academy Of Dance (AW) Prismatic Teen Line Ballet
438 10:01PM Stars Dance Studio (AU) MotorSport Teen Line Hip-Hop
439 10:05PM Frank Rey Dance Studio (AK) How It Ends Senior Group Contemporary
440 10:09PM West Florida Dance Center (AX) Empire Senior Extended Line Contemporary
441 10:13PM Moving Artist Dance Company (AN) Close to the end Teen Production Contemporary
442 10:18PM Music General (AO) Devil Went Down To Georgia Teen Extended Line Tap
443 10:22PM Dance Complex By Andrea Pazos (AC) Circle of Life Teen Line Hip-Hop
444 10:25PM West Florida Dance Center (AX) Class of 3000 Senior Extended Line Hip-Hop
445 10:29PM Soul Studios (AT) All the Lights Teen Production Jazz
446 10:34PM Frank Rey Dance Studio (AK) Cats Teen Extended Line Musical Theatre
447 10:37PM Dance Unlimited (AF) I Surrender Senior Line Lyrical
448 10:40PM West Florida Dance Center (AX) Don't Kill The Fun Teen Production Jazz
450 10:50PM Suncoast Academy Of Dance (AW) Knights of the Round Table Teen Extended Line Tap
451 10:54PM Focal Point Dance Studios (AJ) Get Back Teen Extended Line Hip-Hop
452 10:58PM West Florida Dance Center (AX) Canned Heat Senior Extended Line Jazz
All Awards #349-452!!
Sunday, March 18th
# Time Studio Routine Age Division Category Perf. Division
453 7:00AM Soul Studios (AT) Schindlers List
Ava Chyorny
Mini Solo Contemporary
454 7:03AM Moving Artist Dance Company (AN) Tragedy
Mia Guahiac
Mini Solo Contemporary
455 7:06AM M.I.A. Dance Factory (AM) Save Me
Ava Orell
Mini Solo Contemporary
456 7:09AM Dance Unlimited (AF) Nature Boy
Giada D'Alerta
Mini Solo Contemporary
457 7:12AM Centerstage Dance Academy (AB) Feels Like A Home
Caroline Morgan
Mini Solo Lyrical
458 7:15AM Powerhouse Dance (AR) Diamonds Are a Girls Bestfriend
Lawrencia Kreger
Mini Solo Jazz
459 7:18AM Stars Dance Studio (AU) Divinity
Laina Mae Kirkeide
Mini Solo Contemporary
460 7:21AM Rolann's School Of The Dance (AS) Fly
Catherine Clayton
Mini Solo Lyrical
461 7:24AM Focal Point Dance Studios (AJ) Fragile
Sabrina Escobar
Mini Solo Lyrical
462 7:27AM East Coast Performing Arts (AH) The Notebook
Rachel Edmands
Mini Solo Specialty
463 7:30AM Soul Studios (AT) Hollywood
Alana Biller
Mini Solo Musical Theatre
464 7:33AM Frank Rey Dance Studio (AK) My New Philosophy
Brianna Perzia
Mini Solo Musical Theatre
465 7:36AM Studio Dance Company (AV) Sam the Man
Samuel Crockett
Mini Solo Hip-Hop
466 7:39AM Moving Artist Dance Company (AN) Attack
Kamila Huerres
Mini Solo Specialty
467 7:42AM M.I.A. Dance Factory (AM) My Rules
Mia Collins
Mini Solo Jazz
468 7:45AM Dance Unlimited (AF) Extinct
Kylee Casares
Mini Solo Contemporary
469 7:48AM Dance Complex By Andrea Pazos (AC) Not About Angels
Camila Noriega Llovera
Mini Solo Lyrical
470 7:51AM West Florida Dance Center (AX) Blue Lips
Emory Sutherland
Mini Solo Contemporary
472 7:57AM Centerstage Dance Academy (AB) Loud
Brielle Davis
Mini Solo Musical Theatre
473 8:00AM Soul Studios (AT) Element
Riley Tribit
Mini Solo Contemporary
474 8:03AM Powerhouse Dance (AR) Butterfly Fly Away
Katie Welte
Mini Solo Lyrical
475 8:06AM Stars Dance Studio (AU) Explosions
Giselle Gandarilla
Mini Solo Contemporary
476 8:09AM Tammy's Dance Company (BM) Dangerous
Ashlyn Weldon
Mini Solo Jazz
477 8:12AM Dance Barre (BC) Heal
Grace Carder
Mini Solo Contemporary
478 8:15AM Moving Artist Dance Company (AN) Piece by piece
Zulimar Zamora
Mini Solo Lyrical
479 8:18AM M.I.A. Dance Factory (AM) Sweet Georgia Brown
Elyssa Kleynberg
Mini Solo Jazz
480 8:21AM Dance Unlimited (AF) Sugar Sugar
Nicole Piles
Mini Solo Jazz
481 8:24AM Rolann's School Of The Dance (AS) Trickle! Trickle!
Addison Scheidel
Mini Solo Tap
482 8:27AM Focal Point Dance Studios (AJ) Guess Again
Nicole Dias
Mini Solo Contemporary
483 8:30AM Soul Studios (AT) Sassy
Aubrey Flint
Mini Solo Jazz
484 8:33AM East Coast Performing Arts (AH) Small World
Sophia McMinn
Mini Solo Lyrical
485 8:36AM All American Dance Factory (AZ) Woman UP
Liliana Haywood
Mini Solo Specialty
486 8:39AM Music General (AO) Deed I Do
Jorja Kobliska
Mini Solo Tap
487 8:42AM Centerstage Dance Academy (AB) Spine
Kaelyn Davis
Mini Solo Contemporary
488 8:45AM Keegan Dance Company (AL) The Giving
Alexandria Morris
Mini Solo Lyrical
489 8:48AM Powerhouse Dance (AR) Hanging By a Thread
Juliana Anderson
Mini Solo Lyrical
490 8:51AM Moving Artist Dance Company (AN) Halo
Jae Lyn Roberts
Mini Solo Lyrical
491 8:54AM M.I.A. Dance Factory (AM) Medicine
Arielle Cardenas
Mini Solo Contemporary
492 8:57AM Dance Unlimited (AF) Nowhere Warm
Lina Portela
Mini Solo Lyrical
493 9:00AM Soul Studios (AT) By the Wings
Ayriel Hay
Mini Solo Contemporary
494 9:03AM Stars Dance Studio (AU) A Thousand Years
Madison Castillo
Mini Solo Contemporary
495 9:06AM Frank Rey Dance Studio (AK) Material Girl
Cassidy Forte
Mini Solo Musical Theatre
496 9:09AM Studio Dance Company (AV) Karate Chick
Jailyn Johnson
Mini Solo Hip-Hop
497 9:13AM New Level Dance Company (BP) Hallelujah
Ella Dobler
Mini Solo Contemporary
497.a 9:14AM Boca Dance Studio (BA) Move Your Feet
Jolie Reise
Mini Solo Tap
498 9:15AM Dance Complex By Andrea Pazos (AC) All That Jazz
Rochelle Sofia Tejeda Castellanos
Mini Solo Musical Theatre
499 9:18AM Rolann's School Of The Dance (AS) Honey
Madelyn Bedell
Mini Solo Tap
500 9:21AM Focal Point Dance Studios (AJ) Sway
Annette Diaz-Blanco
Mini Solo Lyrical
501 9:24AM Moving Artist Dance Company (AN) Emerge
Alexa Martinez
Mini Solo Contemporary
502 9:27AM Soul Studios (AT) Spanish Rose
Ellie Hierholzer
Mini Solo Musical Theatre
503 9:30AM M.I.A. Dance Factory (AM) Sleeping Beauty
Isabella Salazar
Mini Solo Ballet
504 9:33AM Dance Unlimited (AF) Another One Bites the Dust
Arianna Vera
Mini Solo Specialty
505 9:36AM Centerstage Dance Academy (AB) Last Lost Chance
Madeline Morgan
Mini Solo Contemporary
506 9:39AM Powerhouse Dance (AR) Firework
Faith Irelan
Mini Solo Lyrical
507 9:42AM East Coast Performing Arts (AH) Weak
Ava David
Mini Solo Lyrical
508 9:45AM Stars Dance Studio (AU) Crossing Over
Nicholas Bustos
Mini Solo Contemporary
All Awards #453-508!!


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