Competition Schedule

Philadelphia April 20-22, 2018

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Friday, April 20th
# Time Studio Routine Age Division Category Perf. Division
1 9:00AM Fierce Dance Academy (AI) Beyond the Sea
Matthew Corkum
JUMPstarts Solo Ballet
2 9:03AM Dance Arts Conservatory (AE) Baby I'm A Star
Saylor Olive
JUMPstarts Solo Tap
3 9:06AM Horizons Dance Conservatory (BO) Are You Gonna Be My Girl
Kayli Moyer
JUMPstarts Solo Specialty
4 9:09AM Fierce Dance Academy (AI) Itsy Bitsy Spider
Kassidy Payne
JUMPstarts Solo Tap
5 9:12AM Star Struck Dance Studio (AT) Snap Clap
Gianna Volpe
Mini Solo Jazz
5.a 9:15AM Project T (BT) Sing Our Lady
Samaira Hammond
Mini Solo Musical Theatre
6 9:18AM Art of Dance (AB) Ding Dong
Sadie Smith
Mini Solo Tap
7 9:21AM Fierce Dance Academy (AI) Strong
Hailey Barry
Mini Solo Specialty
8 9:24AM Dance Fusion Studios (AF) Queen Bee
Savannah Rizzo
Mini Solo Specialty
9 9:27AM Dance Arts Conservatory (AE) Fly
Catie Holt
Mini Solo Lyrical
10 9:30AM On Edge Movement (AP) Sax
Sydney Benkler-Iglewicz
Mini Solo Jazz
11 9:33AM Star Struck Dance Studio (AT) Diamonds
Gia Catelle
Mini Solo Specialty
12 9:36AM Stewart-Johnson Dance Academy (AU) I'm Your Girl
Arianna Sherman
Mini Solo Jazz
13 9:39AM Art of Dance (AB) Sunny Side Of The Street
Piper Macak
Mini Solo Jazz
14 9:42AM Studio Bleu Dance Center (BZ) Satan's Little Lamb
Eric Poor
Mini Solo Jazz
15 9:45AM Hunterdon Hills Ballet (BP) North Green Down
Caroline Quiner
Mini Solo Contemporary
16 9:48AM Fierce Dance Academy (AI) I've Got No Strings
Mason Klosowski
Mini Solo Tap
17 9:51AM Star Struck Dance Studio (AT) Kiss The Sky
John Marielli
Mini Solo Hip-Hop
18 9:54AM Dance Fusion Studios (AF) Nobody But You
Preslie Ulrich
Mini Solo Tap
19 10:00AM Evolve Dance Complex (BK) TBD
Cameron Voorhees
Mini Solo Contemporary
20 10:03AM Art of Dance (AB) Daylight
Angelina Paftinos
Mini Solo Lyrical
21 10:06AM Dance Theatre of New Jersey (AG) Cha Cha Heels
Danielle Goldberg
Mini Solo Jazz
22 10:09AM Pulse Dance Studio (AR) Not About Angels
Vanessa Benson
Mini Solo Lyrical
23 10:12AM Star Struck Dance Studio (AT) TBA
Marina Genna
Mini Solo Jazz
24 10:15AM MJ Dance Center (AO) Jazz Man
Ava Burkart
Mini Solo Jazz
25 10:18AM Fierce Dance Academy (AI) I Look to You
Micah Howie
Mini Solo Lyrical
26 10:21AM Dance Arts Conservatory (AE) Will You Be There
Gianna Agostinetti
Mini Solo Contemporary
27 10:24AM Art of Dance (AB) Moon River
Kate Nalbandian
Mini Solo Lyrical
28 10:27AM Dance Fusion Studios (AF) The Red Queen
Bree Marx
Mini Solo Jazz
29 10:30AM Star Struck Dance Studio (AT) Satan's Little Lamb
Makayla Batelman
Mini Solo Specialty
30 10:33AM On Edge Movement (AP) You Gotta Not
Olivia Vullings
Mini Solo Jazz
31 10:36AM Stewart-Johnson Dance Academy (AU) Some Day My Prince Will Come
Ariana Zomparelli
Mini Solo Jazz
32 10:39AM Horizons Dance Conservatory (BO) Departure
Yesenia Munoz
Mini Solo Contemporary
33 10:42AM Art of Dance (AB) Too Cool
Paulina Paftinos
Mini Solo Jazz
34 10:45AM Star Struck Dance Studio (AT) Sassy
Alexandra Sassi
Mini Solo Specialty
35 10:48AM Fierce Dance Academy (AI) Funky Y2C
Alexandra Branner
Mini Solo Hip-Hop
36 10:51AM Dance Fusion Studios (AF) Unforgettable
Meredith Rogers
Mini Solo Specialty
37 10:54AM Star Struck Dance Studio (AT) TBA
Madison Montagna
Junior Solo Contemporary
38 10:57AM Art of Dance (AB) Flashlight
Christine Wardell
Junior Solo Lyrical
38.a 11:00AM Project T (BT) One More Life
Ryan Blattau
Junior Solo Contemporary
39 11:03AM Pulse Dance Studio (AR) Where Were You
Sarah Harner
Junior Solo Contemporary
40 11:06AM Touch of Class Dance Studio (AY) Song for Viola
Annika Davis
Junior Solo Contemporary
41 11:09AM Dance Arts Conservatory (AE) Mr. Sandman
Ella Chickanosky
Junior Solo Contemporary
41.a 11:12AM Project T (BT) I Gotchya
Ellie Rowles
Junior Solo Musical Theatre
42 11:15AM Dance Fusion Studios (AF) Improv
Courtney Futrick
Junior Solo Improvisation
43 11:18AM Fierce Dance Academy (AI) Ave Maria
Madison Branner
Junior Solo Specialty
44 11:21AM Star Struck Dance Studio (AT) Don't Believe Me Just Watch
Mason Entis
Junior Solo Hip-Hop
45 11:24AM MJ Dance Center (AO) Im a Lady
Veronica Stangl
Junior Solo Tap
46 11:27AM Dance Theatre of New Jersey (AG) Demons
Sophie Bernstein
Junior Solo Contemporary
47 11:30AM Art of Dance (AB) Everybody Wants To Rule The World
Leah Zripko
Junior Solo Contemporary
48.a 11:36AM Project T (BT) Mama
Alyceia Crawford
Junior Solo Musical Theatre
49 11:39AM Hunterdon Hills Ballet (BP) Improv
Rachel Quiner
Junior Solo Improvisation
50 11:42AM Cape May County Performing Arts Academy (AZ) The Unspoken
Isabella Roberts
Junior Solo Contemporary
51 11:45AM Star Struck Dance Studio (AT) Weird People
Jelena Rivera
Junior Solo Jazz
52 11:48AM Touch of Class Dance Studio (AY) Make it Rain
Francesca Pupo
Junior Solo Jazz
52.a 11:51AM Project T (BT) Glam
Jazzy Born
Junior Solo Jazz
53 11:54AM The Anna Marie Dance Studio (AW) Paquita
Tori Speechley
Junior Solo Ballet
54 11:57AM Epic Dance Company (BJ) Anywhere But Here
Lindsey Brewster
Junior Solo Lyrical
55 12:00PM Dance Arts Conservatory (AE) Friends
Devon Collins
Junior Solo Jazz
56 12:03PM Art of Dance (AB) Turning Page
Sarina Lalin
Junior Solo Lyrical
57 12:06PM Pulse Dance Studio (AR) Gravity
Madison Shreiner
Junior Solo Contemporary
59 12:12PM Dance Fusion Studios (AF) This Place Is A Shelter
Emmelia Neff
Junior Solo Lyrical
60 12:15PM Art of Dance (AB) Daybreak
Danica Sorge
Junior Solo Lyrical
61 12:18PM NBDC (BR) All Things Lost
Pressley Hosbach
Junior Solo Contemporary
62 12:21PM Renner Dance (BU) Flatline
Hayley Wilson
Junior Solo Contemporary
63 12:24PM Touch of Class Dance Studio (AY) A Million Dreams
Bella Liberatore
Junior Solo Lyrical
64 12:27PM Fierce Dance Academy (AI) Improv
Bailey Payne
Junior Solo Improvisation
65 12:30PM Star Struck Dance Studio (AT) Big Spender
Julia Venturino
Junior Solo Musical Theatre
66 12:33PM Art of Dance (AB) Lost In The Ruins
John Potash
Junior Solo Contemporary
67 12:36PM Pulse Dance Studio (AR) With Love
Leah Brighter
Junior Solo Lyrical
68 12:39PM MJ Dance Center (AO) Behind You!
Caroline Coccia
Junior Solo Specialty
68.a 12:40PM Dance Force (CG) Ordinary World
Emma Reece
Junior Solo Contemporary
69 12:42PM Dance Arts Conservatory (AE) Beauty & The Beast
Tegan DeRosier
Junior Solo Tap
70 12:45PM passMore Dance Company (BS) Invincible
Bella Boye
Junior Solo Tap
71 12:48PM Artists in Motion (AC) Blessed
Eliza Kline
Junior Solo Lyrical
72 12:51PM Star Struck Dance Studio (AT) Try
Serena Benedetto
Junior Solo Contemporary
73 12:54PM Dance Fusion Studios (AF) Happy
Lexie Turner
Junior Solo Tap
74 12:57PM Touch of Class Dance Studio (AY) Transcend
Isabella Garber
Junior Solo Contemporary
75 1:00PM Art of Dance (AB) Ain't Nobody
Campbell Macak
Junior Solo Jazz
75.a 1:01PM Project T (BT) Vienna
Rachel Sabenorio
Junior Solo Lyrical
76 1:03PM Pulse Dance Studio (AR) Roxie!
Lilah Petersheim
Junior Solo Jazz
77 1:06PM The Dance Academy (CA) Falling Embers
Olivia Bissol
Junior Solo Contemporary
78 1:09PM Fierce Dance Academy (AI) Bop to the Top JUMPstarts Duo/Trio Jazz
79 1:12PM Jyla's Studio of Dance (CF) Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy Mini Duo/Trio Tap
80 1:15PM MJ Dance Center (AO) Guide Me Home Mini Duo/Trio Lyrical
81 1:18PM Dance Arts Conservatory (AE) Americano Mini Duo/Trio Jazz
82 1:21PM Fierce Dance Academy (AI) Just Believe Mini Duo/Trio Specialty
83 1:24PM Pulse Dance Studio (AR) Footprints In The Sand Mini Duo/Trio Lyrical
84 1:27PM On Edge Movement (AP) Can't Do It Alone Junior Duo/Trio Musical Theatre
85 1:30PM Dance Arts Conservatory (AE) Unsteady Junior Duo/Trio Contemporary
86 1:33PM Carlisle Dance (AD) Sway Junior Duo/Trio Lyrical
87 1:36PM Ace Dance Academy (AA) Look on Up Junior Duo/Trio Lyrical
89 1:42PM On Edge Movement (AP) Requiem Junior Duo/Trio Contemporary
90 1:45PM Stewart-Johnson Dance Academy (AU) The Way You Make Me Feel Junior Duo/Trio Jazz
91 1:48PM MJ Dance Center (AO) New York New York Junior Duo/Trio Jazz
All Awards #1-91!!
92 2:01PM Touch of Class Dance Studio (AY) Hand of God
Katy Stowell
Teen Solo Contemporary
93 2:04PM Dance Theatre of New Jersey (AG) Lay Down
Angelisa Santantgelo
Teen Solo Lyrical
94 2:07PM Fierce Dance Academy (AI) Didn't Know My Own Strength
Tia Hinton
Teen Solo Lyrical
95 2:10PM Star Struck Dance Studio (AT) Gravity
Giana Marielli
Teen Solo Contemporary
95.a 2:13PM Project T (BT) The Crumbling
Jackie Palmer
Teen Solo Contemporary
96 2:16PM Dance Fusion Studios (AF) Light Me Up
Lannie Beck
Teen Solo Lyrical
97 2:19PM LKW Dance Center (AN) For Once In My Life
Alyssa Graver
Teen Solo Jazz
98 2:22PM Stewart-Johnson Dance Academy (AU) No One
Cayla Rae Pavol
Teen Solo Contemporary
99 2:25PM MJ Dance Center (AO) Hiding From The World
Hailey Fleming
Teen Solo Contemporary
100 2:28PM Touch of Class Dance Studio (AY) The World it Fell so Quietly
Grayson Kahny
Teen Solo Contemporary
101 2:31PM Elite Dance Academy (AH) Feeling Good
Ava Camarero
Teen Solo Tap
102 2:34PM On Edge Movement (AP) Quit Putting Me On
Daniel Doran
Teen Solo Contemporary
102.a 2:37PM Project T (BT) Daughter
Jenna Lessler
Teen Solo Contemporary
103 2:40PM Linden Hall (AL) Lilac Fairy
Phoenix Bernardin
Teen Solo Ballet
104 2:43PM First State Dance Academy (AJ) Missing You
Kristen Greenly
Teen Solo Lyrical
105 2:46PM Dance Theatre of New Jersey (AG) 5AM
Quincy Hines
Teen Solo Contemporary
106 2:49PM Fierce Dance Academy (AI) Unconditionally
Kaleigh Reilly
Teen Solo Lyrical
107 2:52PM Artists in Motion (AC) Fallen Angel
Olivia Heaps
Teen Solo Lyrical
108 2:55PM Touch of Class Dance Studio (AY) Escalate
Maggie Wise
Teen Solo Jazz
109 2:58PM Star Struck Dance Studio (AT) When We Were Young
Eliana Balzano
Teen Solo Contemporary
110 3:01PM Art of Dance (AB) Lovit
Amy Eckman
Teen Solo Jazz
111 3:04PM Rhythm Dance Company (BW) Dive
Sean Quinn
Teen Solo Improvisation
111.a 3:07PM Project T (BT) Waves
Danielle Berman
Teen Solo Contemporary
112 3:10PM Dance Fusion Studios (AF) Improv
Carly Futrick
Teen Solo Improvisation
113 3:13PM LKW Dance Center (AN) I Will Wait
Jennifer Kautz
Teen Solo Specialty
114 3:16PM Harford Dance Center (BN) Hit Me With A Hot Note
Bethany Grzymala
Teen Solo Jazz
115 3:19PM Encore Performing Arts Center (BI) The Meadow
Nicole Konides
Teen Solo Contemporary
116 3:20PM The Anna Marie Dance Studio (AW) Safe & Sound
Sarah Garner
Teen Solo Ballet
117 3:22PM Dance Theatre of New Jersey (AG) Sun
Andrea Antropow
Teen Solo Contemporary
118 3:25PM Fierce Dance Academy (AI) Believe
Lauren Cohen
Teen Solo Lyrical
119 3:28PM Stewart-Johnson Dance Academy (AU) Life of the Party
Taylor Spolitino
Teen Solo Jazz
120 3:31PM Ace Dance Academy (AA) Journey to the Past
Taylor Cassidy
Teen Solo Lyrical
121 3:34PM Signature Dance Studio, LLC (BY) In Love
Olivia Taylor
Teen Solo Lyrical
122 3:37PM Jazz Unlimited Dance Studio (AK) Skeletons
Emily Mullen
Teen Solo Contemporary
123 3:40PM Star Struck Dance Studio (AT) Ava Maria
Serena Quadrato
Teen Solo Contemporary
123.a 3:43PM Project T (BT) Always On My Mind
Grace Weirich
Teen Solo Contemporary
124 3:46PM Touch of Class Dance Studio (AY) Collision
Amy Shuster
Teen Solo Contemporary
125 3:49PM Elite Academy of Dance MA (BG) TBA
Kira Marderosian
Teen Solo Improvisation
126 3:52PM MJ Dance Center (AO) Bones
Keira Fleming
Teen Solo Contemporary
127 3:55PM Tap City Youth Ensemble/American Tap Dance Foundation (AV) It's My Life
Tara Kelly
Teen Solo Tap
128 3:58PM Dance Fusion Studios (AF) Improv
Abby Sklenarik
Teen Solo Improvisation
129 4:01PM Dance Theatre of New Jersey (AG) Bad Blood
Trinity Fischer
Teen Solo Tap
130 4:04PM Fierce Dance Academy (AI) Reina
Megan Markley
Teen Solo Ballet
131 4:07PM LKW Dance Center (AN) Escalate
Olivia Swink
Teen Solo Specialty
132 4:10PM Touch of Class Dance Studio (AY) When it's All Over
Alexis Donato
Teen Solo Contemporary
133 4:13PM Elite Dance Academy (AH) Ain't No Other Man
Emily Warren
Teen Solo Tap
134 4:16PM On Edge Movement (AP) Praying
Raina Rehrer
Teen Solo Lyrical
135 4:19PM Hunterdon Hills Ballet (BP) Escape
Savannah Quiner
Teen Solo Contemporary
137 4:25PM Star Struck Dance Studio (AT) TBA
Alyssa Montagna
Teen Solo Contemporary
138 4:28PM Carlisle Dance (AD) Praying
Kristina Kaufman
Teen Solo Lyrical
139 4:31PM Stewart-Johnson Dance Academy (AU) Symphony
Julianna Gazzillo
Teen Solo Lyrical
139.a 4:34PM Project T (BT) 2
Delia Park
Teen Solo Jazz
140 4:37PM Touch of Class Dance Studio (AY) Boom
Samantha Craven
Teen Solo Jazz
141 4:40PM Dance Theatre of New Jersey (AG) Lamentation
Nadine Foster
Teen Solo Specialty
142 4:43PM Fierce Dance Academy (AI) Lost
Mackenzie White
Teen Solo Contemporary
143 4:46PM Linden Hall (AL) Chun Gui Meng
Emily Enlin Teng
Teen Solo Specialty
144 4:49PM Dance Fusion Studios (AF) Darkside
Isabella Klee
Teen Solo Jazz
145 4:52PM First State Dance Academy (AJ) Sun
Blayke Cawby
Teen Solo Contemporary
146 4:55PM Paul Klocke Studio of Dance (AQ) La Bayadere
Sierra Saul
Teen Solo Ballet
147 4:58PM LKW Dance Center (AN) Game of Thrones
Annalee Schmidt
Teen Solo Specialty
148 5:01PM Touch of Class Dance Studio (AY) H.E.R.
Aaliyah Johnson
Teen Solo Contemporary
149 5:04PM Artists in Motion (AC) The Pharaoh's Daughter
Stephanie Hartz
Teen Solo Ballet
150 5:07PM Art of Dance (AB) Dead Man's Arms
Gaby Medina
Teen Solo Contemporary
151 5:10PM Star Struck Dance Studio (AT) I Will Wait
Michela Lepore
Teen Solo Contemporary
152 5:13PM Dancin' In The Spotlight (BE) The Unknown
Alejandro Vargas
Teen Solo Contemporary
153 5:16PM Dance Theatre of New Jersey (AG) Black and Gold
Sarah Marino
Teen Solo Jazz
154 5:19PM Fierce Dance Academy (AI) Beautifully Unfinished
Julie Marandola
Teen Solo Contemporary
155 5:22PM MJ Dance Center (AO) Passion
Hayley Broad
Teen Solo Jazz
156 5:25PM Touch of Class Dance Studio (AY) Andras
Ruby Thompson
Teen Solo Contemporary
157 5:28PM Dance Force (BD) TBA
Justin Luca
Teen Solo Contemporary
157.a 5:29PM Art of Dance (AB) Heaven’s Door
Kayla Sorge
Teen Solo Contemporary
158 5:31PM Elite Dance Company With Miss Lisa (BH) Elephants
Ava Sacco
Teen Solo Contemporary
159 5:34PM Stewart-Johnson Dance Academy (AU) Threatened
Justin Gazzillo
Teen Solo Hip-Hop
160 5:37PM Dance Fusion Studios (AF) Feel It Still
Ashley Baranowski
Teen Solo Tap
161 5:40PM Elite Dance Academy (AH) Old Days
Megan Carter
Teen Solo Lyrical
162 5:43PM On Edge Movement (AP) Madness
Tiffany Paris
Teen Solo Contemporary
163 5:46PM LKW Dance Center (AN) Atlas
Shaye Fries
Teen Solo Contemporary
164 5:49PM Touch of Class Dance Studio (AY) Dear PopPop
Emma Chiaverini
Teen Solo Contemporary
165 5:52PM Dance Theatre of New Jersey (AG) Aha
Kate Marino
Teen Solo Tap
166 5:55PM Fierce Dance Academy (AI) It's All Coming Back
Isabella Elwood
Teen Solo Specialty
166.a 5:56PM Project T (BT) Missed
Jaelin Born
Teen Solo Contemporary
167 5:58PM Pulse Dance Studio (AR) Battle of the Pops
Kristen Herr
Teen Solo Tap
168 6:01PM Star Struck Dance Studio (AT) Man's World
Alexandra Aimone
Teen Solo Specialty
169 6:04PM Thrive: The Essence of Dance (CD) I Can't Breathe
Josie Kelman
Teen Solo Contemporary
170 6:07PM The Anna Marie Dance Studio (AW) You Will Be Found
Ava Jackowsky
Teen Solo Lyrical
170.a 6:08PM Touch of Class Dance Studio (AY) Bambi Teen Duo/Trio Contemporary
171 6:10PM Carlisle Dance (AD) Youth Teen Duo/Trio Lyrical
172 6:13PM Pulse Dance Studio (AR) Fix You Teen Duo/Trio Lyrical
173 6:16PM Lionville School Of Dance (AM) Can't Hold Us Teen Duo/Trio Tap
174 6:19PM First State Dance Academy (AJ) Bach Allegro Teen Duo/Trio Ballet
175 6:22PM On Edge Movement (AP) Limits Teen Duo/Trio Lyrical
176 6:25PM Touch of Class Dance Studio (AY) Parting Ways Teen Duo/Trio Contemporary
177 6:28PM Fierce Dance Academy (AI) Hallelujah Teen Duo/Trio Lyrical
178 6:31PM Artists in Motion (AC) Footprints In The Sand Teen Duo/Trio Lyrical
179 6:34PM Dance Fusion Studios (AF) Winter Has Come Teen Duo/Trio Specialty
180 6:37PM Dance Theatre of New Jersey (AG) Emphasis Teen Duo/Trio Lyrical
181 6:40PM Carlisle Dance (AD) Build You Up Teen Duo/Trio Lyrical
182 6:43PM Pulse Dance Studio (AR) Wreckage Teen Duo/Trio Contemporary
183 6:46PM Lionville School Of Dance (AM) Stay Teen Duo/Trio Ballet
184 6:49PM First State Dance Academy (AJ) Hopeless Teen Duo/Trio Contemporary
185 6:52PM On Edge Movement (AP) Show Off Teen Duo/Trio Hip-Hop
186 6:55PM Touch of Class Dance Studio (AY) Hiccup Teen Duo/Trio Jazz
187 6:58PM Fierce Dance Academy (AI) Shelter Teen Duo/Trio Ballet
188 7:01PM MJ Dance Center (AO) Chasing Power Teen Duo/Trio Lyrical
All Awards #92-188!!
189 7:14PM LKW Dance Center (AN) Litost
Kasidy Bidelspacher
Senior Solo Lyrical
190 7:17PM Linden Hall (AL) Le Corsaire
Lillian Xintong He
Senior Solo Ballet
190.a 7:20PM Project T (BT) Yours
Katie Landry
Senior Solo Contemporary
191 7:23PM Pulse Dance Studio (AR) False Alarm
Abbi Knouse
Senior Solo Lyrical
192 7:26PM Art of Dance (AB) Carry Your Flame
Allison Goldman
Senior Solo Contemporary
193 7:29PM Lionville School Of Dance (AM) Hurt
Annabelle Galdes
Senior Solo Contemporary
194 7:32PM Star Struck Dance Studio (AT) Wouldn't Change Anything
Marina Santamauro
Senior Solo Lyrical
195 7:35PM Fierce Dance Academy (AI) Fresh Prince
Isaac McHugh
Senior Solo Hip-Hop
196 7:38PM Dance Theatre of New Jersey (AG) How To Be Loved
Nina Scire
Senior Solo Contemporary
197 7:41PM First State Dance Academy (AJ) Down Together
Emma Pikus
Senior Solo Contemporary
198 7:44PM LKW Dance Center (AN) Crazy In Love
Olivia Rearick
Senior Solo Contemporary
199 7:47PM Artists in Motion (AC) 5,4,3,2,1
Brianna Ryan
Senior Solo Contemporary
200 7:50PM Elite Dance Academy (AH) This Love
Fernanda Marques
Senior Solo Tap
200.a 7:53PM Project T (BT) Good Intent
Ella Micek
Senior Solo Jazz
201 7:56PM The Anna Marie Dance Studio (AW) Emergency
Sarah Loughery
Senior Solo Jazz
203 8:02PM The Rock School West (CB) Sand
Lauren Brophy
Senior Solo Contemporary
204 8:05PM Linden Hall (AL) Lovely
Milly Tianyi Chu
Senior Solo Specialty
205 8:08PM Pulse Dance Studio (AR) Instead
Kayleigh Hegarty
Senior Solo Lyrical
206 8:11PM Art of Dance (AB) State Of My Heart
Tessa Grabowski
Senior Solo Contemporary
207 8:14PM LKW Dance Center (AN) Another Day of Sun
Danae Roles
Senior Solo Musical Theatre
208 8:17PM Delaware Arts Conservatory (BF) Say You Love Me
Lizzy Howell
Senior Solo Contemporary
209 8:20PM NBDC (BR) At This Moment
Alex Haquia
Senior Solo Lyrical
210 8:23PM Rhythm Dance Center (BV) Before Time Is Erased
Spencer McCarrey
Senior Solo Contemporary
211 8:26PM Lionville School Of Dance (AM) Stone Cold
Marcus Djuhadi
Senior Solo Tap
212 8:29PM Star Struck Dance Studio (AT) Surrender
Alexa D'Orazio
Senior Solo Lyrical
213 8:32PM Dance Academy of North Jersey (BC) I Miss You
Syera Plitt
Senior Solo Contemporary
213.a 8:35PM Project T (BT) Fall For You
Kaitlyn Thornton
Senior Solo Contemporary
214 8:38PM Tip Tap Toe (CE) TBD
Hannah Schell
Senior Solo Lyrical
215 8:41PM Carlisle Dance (AD) Bound to You
Brynn Butler
Senior Solo Lyrical
216 8:44PM LKW Dance Center (AN) The Way I Do
Lydia Boyer
Senior Solo Contemporary
217 8:47PM On Edge Movement (AP) Open Arms
Lilly Urkuski
Senior Solo Lyrical
218 8:50PM Linden Hall (AL) You Don't Own Me
Tyrianne Harris
Senior Solo Jazz
219 8:53PM Pulse Dance Studio (AR) Love in the Dark
Katie Bowe
Senior Solo Lyrical
220 8:56PM Art of Dance (AB) Blinded By The Lights
Gabrielle Kaminski
Senior Solo Contemporary
221 8:59PM Cross Dance Academy (BB) Sleep Walk
Sophia Cross
Senior Solo Contemporary
222 9:02PM Fierce Dance Academy (AI) Improv
Ayriana Overton
Senior Solo Improvisation
223 9:05PM Dance Theatre of New Jersey (AG) Next To You
Mikayla Collins
Senior Solo Contemporary
224 9:08PM First State Dance Academy (AJ) Finding Home
Owen Lawson
Senior Solo Contemporary
225 9:11PM LKW Dance Center (AN) Sun
Maya Moore
Senior Solo Contemporary
226 9:14PM Artists in Motion (AC) Air Conditioner
Macey Mayes
Senior Solo Musical Theatre
227 9:17PM Elite Dance Academy (AH) Runner
Nick Camarero
Senior Solo Jazz
227.a 9:18PM Intermix Dance Company (CH) Gnab
Katie McCleary
Senior Solo Contemporary
228 9:21PM Concord Dance Center (CI) Until We Go Down
Heather DeSanto
Senior Solo Contemporary
229 9:23PM Lionville School Of Dance (AM) Glitter In The Air
Olivia Hunt
Senior Solo Contemporary
230 9:26PM Star Struck Dance Studio (AT) Missing You
Taylor Mulham
Senior Solo Contemporary
231 9:29PM Touch of Class Dance Studio (AY) Better Last
Jade Tortorice
Senior Solo Contemporary
232 9:32PM Linden Hall (AL) Decline
Chenyue Li
Senior Solo Hip-Hop
233 9:35PM Pulse Dance Studio (AR) Go
Chaundy Titus
Senior Solo Jazz
234 9:38PM LKW Dance Center (AN) Incomplete
Gabrielle Fries
Senior Solo Contemporary
235 9:41PM Art of Dance (AB) Onward
Caroline Boothe
Senior Solo Contemporary
236 9:44PM Project T (BT) Shadows
Maya Phillips
Senior Solo Contemporary
237 9:47PM Hackworth School of Performing Arts (BM) Smile
Amy Benedetto
Senior Solo Contemporary
238 9:50PM Rhythm Dance Company (BW) Use Me
Julianna Lino
Senior Solo Tap
239 9:53PM For Dancers Only (BL) Writer's Block
Olivia Alboher
Senior Solo Contemporary
240 9:56PM Dance Fusion Studios (AF) Don't Speak
Hannah Eaken
Senior Solo Tap
241 9:59PM The Teen Company NYC (CC) Not About Angels
Natalia Lalin
Senior Solo Lyrical
242 10:02PM Linden Hall (AL) Smooth Criminal Senior Duo/Trio Hip-Hop
243 10:05PM On Edge Movement (AP) Helium Senior Duo/Trio Lyrical
244 10:08PM Art of Dance (AB) Mystique Senior Group Tap
244.a 10:11PM Project T (BT) September Senior Line Jazz
245 10:14PM Linden Hall (AL) Smash Senior Duo/Trio Hip-Hop
246 10:17PM LKW Dance Center (AN) Faith Senior Group Jazz
247 10:20PM Pulse Dance Studio (AR) Strength Senior Group Contemporary
248 10:23PM On Edge Movement (AP) Save Me Senior Group Lyrical
249 10:26PM Linden Hall (AL) Used To Be Mine Senior Duo/Trio Lyrical
250 10:29PM Star Struck Dance Studio (AT) Sand Castles Senior Group Contemporary
251 10:32PM Art of Dance (AB) Ending Senior Group Contemporary
252 10:35PM Carlisle Dance (AD) Bang Bang Senior Duo/Trio Jazz
253 10:38PM Linden Hall (AL) Run Senior Group Contemporary
254 10:41PM On Edge Movement (AP) Moon Senior Group Contemporary
255 10:44PM LKW Dance Center (AN) Express Yourself Senior Group Specialty
255.a 10:47PM Project T (BT) Everything Must Change Senior Group Contemporary
256 10:50PM Cindy's Academy of Dance (BA) Anything Goes
Michaela Childs
Open Solo Tap
257 10:53PM Linden Hall (AL) Burn Break Crash Senior Group Hip-Hop
258 10:56PM Art of Dance (AB) What Happens After Senior Group Contemporary
259 10:59PM On Edge Movement (AP) Need Nothing Senior Group Contemporary
260 11:02PM Dance Theatre of New Jersey (AG) Patient Love Senior Duo/Trio Contemporary
261 11:05PM Linden Hall (AL) Rain City Senior Group Lyrical
261.a 11:08PM Project T (BT) Control Senior Group Jazz
262 11:11PM Art of Dance (AB) So Blessed Senior Group Hip-Hop
263 11:14PM On Edge Movement (AP) Where My Girls At Senior Line Jazz
264 11:17PM LKW Dance Center (AN) Crunchy Granola Suite Senior Line Musical Theatre
265 11:20PM Linden Hall (AL) Come Together Senior Group Jazz
266 11:23PM Pulse Dance Studio (AR) Black and Gold Senior Group Jazz
267 11:26PM On Edge Movement (AP) The Ideal American Family Senior Line Contemporary
267.a 11:29PM Project T (BT) Clap Your Hands Senior Extended Line Specialty
268 11:33PM Art of Dance (AB) Let's Go Senior Group Jazz
269 11:36PM Linden Hall (AL) Bo$$ Senior Group Hip-Hop
All Awards #189-269!!
Saturday, April 21st
# Time Studio Routine Age Division Category Perf. Division
270 2:30PM Art of Dance (AB) 5 Guys Named Mo Mini Group Tap
270.a 2:33PM Project T (BT) Pop, Drop, and Roll Junior Group Jazz
271 2:36PM Touch of Class Dance Studio (AY) Water Dance Junior Line Hip-Hop
272 2:39PM The Dance Centre (AX) Take Good Care of My Baby Mini Group Tap
273 2:42PM On Edge Movement (AP) Matilda Junior Group Contemporary
274 2:45PM Star Struck Dance Studio (AT) Bring On The Men Junior Extended Line Musical Theatre
275 2:49PM Fierce Dance Academy (AI) Soda Pop Mini Group Tap
276 2:52PM Jyla's Studio of Dance (CF) Fabolous Mini Group Jazz
277 2:55PM Art of Dance (AB) Viva La Vida Mini Group Tap
278 2:58PM Touch of Class Dance Studio (AY) Peter Piper Mini Group Hip-Hop
278.a 3:01PM Project T (BT) Beth Rest Junior Line Contemporary
279 3:04PM Ace Dance Academy (AA) Late in the Evening Mini Group Tap
280 3:07PM Pulse Dance Studio (AR) Proud Mary Junior Group Jazz
281 3:10PM The Dance Centre (AX) Ride Mini Line Jazz
282 3:13PM On Edge Movement (AP) Tear Da Roof Off Mini Group Hip-Hop
283 3:16PM Star Struck Dance Studio (AT) Hairspray Mini Extended Line Musical Theatre
284 3:20PM Art of Dance (AB) Concerto No. 2 Mini Group Ballet
285 3:23PM Touch of Class Dance Studio (AY) Sophisticated Boom Boom Mini Line Jazz
286 3:26PM Fierce Dance Academy (AI) Spice Up Your Life Mini Group Hip-Hop
286.a 3:29PM Project T (BT) Move Mini Group Specialty
287 3:32PM Lionville School Of Dance (AM) Delight from Dusk to Dawn Junior Group Ballet
288 3:35PM Carlisle Dance (AD) Hair Junior Group Jazz
289 3:38PM Jyla's Studio of Dance (CF) Jealous Mini Group Contemporary
290 3:41PM The Dance Centre (AX) Imagine Junior Extended Line Ballet
291 3:45PM Art of Dance (AB) Stone Mini Group Lyrical
292 3:48PM Touch of Class Dance Studio (AY) It's A Good Day Mini Group Tap
293 3:51PM On Edge Movement (AP) My Boyfriends Back Mini Group Jazz
294 3:54PM Star Struck Dance Studio (AT) Cuban Pete Mini Extended Line Jazz
294.a 3:58PM Project T (BT) Hamilton Junior Line Musical Theatre
295 4:01PM Ace Dance Academy (AA) Happily Ever After Mini Group Lyrical
296 4:04PM Fierce Dance Academy (AI) Tale As Old As Time Mini Group Lyrical
297 4:07PM Art of Dance (AB) Love Inside Mini Group Jazz
298 4:10PM Touch of Class Dance Studio (AY) Rumpus Junior Group Tap
299 4:13PM The Dance Centre (AX) Home Junior Group Contemporary
300 4:16PM On Edge Movement (AP) Sleepyhead Junior Group Lyrical
301 4:19PM Star Struck Dance Studio (AT) Stand Up For Love Mini Extended Line Lyrical
301.a 4:23PM Project T (BT) Soon As My Heart Breaks Junior Group Contemporary
302 4:26PM Jyla's Studio of Dance (CF) No Junior Group Jazz
303 4:29PM Art of Dance (AB) Hootchie Kootchie Mini Group Jazz
304 4:32PM Touch of Class Dance Studio (AY) Heaven Junior Group Lyrical
305 4:35PM Fierce Dance Academy (AI) SparkleJollyTwinkleJingley Mini Group Musical Theatre
306 4:38PM The Dance Centre (AX) Work This Out Junior Line Tap
307 4:41PM Ace Dance Academy (AA) Shape of You Junior Group Hip-Hop
308 4:44PM On Edge Movement (AP) On Fleek Junior Group Hip-Hop
308.a 4:47PM Project T (BT) Perm Junior Group Hip-Hop
309 4:50PM Art of Dance (AB) Party Mini Line Hip-Hop
310 4:53PM Touch of Class Dance Studio (AY) Hot Mess Junior Group Jazz
311 4:56PM Star Struck Dance Studio (AT) Turbulence Mini Line Hip-Hop
312 4:59PM Pulse Dance Studio (AR) Warrior Junior Group Lyrical
313 5:02PM Jyla's Studio of Dance (CF) Run The World Junior Group Tap
314 5:05PM The Dance Centre (AX) Think Junior Extended Line Jazz
315 5:09PM Art of Dance (AB) The Beat Goes Junior Group Jazz
316 5:12PM Touch of Class Dance Studio (AY) Feelin' Good Junior Group Jazz
316.a 5:15PM Project T (BT) I Wanna Dance With Somebody Mini Group Specialty
317 5:18PM On Edge Movement (AP) Freak Out JUMPstarts Group Jazz
318 5:21PM Fierce Dance Academy (AI) Are We There Yet? Junior Group Contemporary
319 5:24PM Star Struck Dance Studio (AT) Via Dolorosa Junior Group Lyrical
320 5:27PM Ace Dance Academy (AA) Moonlight Junior Group Ballet
321 5:30PM Art of Dance (AB) Flowers In Your Hair Junior Group Tap
322 5:33PM Touch of Class Dance Studio (AY) Hair Up JUMPstarts Group Jazz
323 5:36PM The Dance Centre (AX) Princess Poppy Waltz Mini Line Ballet
323.a 5:39PM Project T (BT) The Way You Look Tonight Junior Group Musical Theatre
324 5:42PM On Edge Movement (AP) Lips Are Movin Junior Line Jazz
325 5:45PM Jyla's Studio of Dance (CF) Faith Junior Line Jazz
326 5:48PM Star Struck Dance Studio (AT) Tarzan JUMPstarts Extended Line Hip-Hop
327 5:52PM Art of Dance (AB) The Only Way Out Is Up Junior Group Contemporary
328 5:55PM Touch of Class Dance Studio (AY) Ball Game Junior Line Ballet
329 5:58PM Fierce Dance Academy (AI) Ladies' Choice Junior Group Jazz
330 6:01PM Ace Dance Academy (AA) Candy Dreams Junior Extended Line Jazz
330.a 6:05PM Project T (BT) Reborn Junior Line Jazz
331 6:08PM Star Struck Dance Studio (AT) We're All In This Together Junior Production Hip-Hop
All Awards #270-331!!
332 6:43PM Fierce Dance Academy (AI) Rules for Lovers Teen Group Lyrical
333 6:46PM Touch of Class Dance Studio (AY) Brand New Day Teen Extended Line Musical Theatre
334 6:49PM Star Struck Dance Studio (AT) We Will Rock U Teen Extended Line Hip-Hop
335 6:55PM On Edge Movement (AP) Love So Soft Teen Group Jazz
336 6:58PM The Dance Centre (AX) Pirates Teen Production Jazz
337 7:03PM Fierce Dance Academy (AI) Le Jazz Hot Teen Group Jazz
338 7:06PM LKW Dance Center (AN) Ain't Gonna Drown Teen Group Specialty
339 7:09PM Lionville School Of Dance (AM) Black & Gold Teen Group Jazz
340 7:12PM Touch of Class Dance Studio (AY) Change Teen Group Lyrical
341 7:16PM Carlisle Dance (AD) Fairest of Them All Teen Group Contemporary
342 7:19PM Fierce Dance Academy (AI) Puttin' On the Ritz Teen Group Jazz
343 7:22PM Star Struck Dance Studio (AT) Turning Tables Teen Group Contemporary
344 7:25PM Art of Dance (AB) So Teen Group Ballet
345 7:28PM Pulse Dance Studio (AR) I'm A Woman Teen Group Jazz
346 7:31PM On Edge Movement (AP) Whine Up Teen Group Jazz
347 7:34PM Fierce Dance Academy (AI) Do You Want to Build a Boy Band? Teen Group Musical Theatre
348 7:37PM Touch of Class Dance Studio (AY) Astorious Teen Group Ballet
349 7:40PM The Dance Centre (AX) Drumline Teen Group Tap
350 7:43PM First State Dance Academy (AJ) Throw Down Teen Group Tap
351 7:46PM LKW Dance Center (AN) Shadowland Teen Group Contemporary
352 7:49PM Fierce Dance Academy (AI) Wild Hearts Teen Group Specialty
353 7:52PM Star Struck Dance Studio (AT) Viva SSDS Teen Production Specialty
354 7:56PM Shaker Dance Academy (AS) Call Me Mother, Outta Your Mind, Run Dat remix Teen Line Hip-Hop
355 7:59PM Touch of Class Dance Studio (AY) Canned Heat Teen Line Jazz
355.a 8:04PM Project T (BT) Breathe Teen Line Contemporary
356 8:07PM Lionville School Of Dance (AM) Praying Teen Group Contemporary
357 8:10PM Fierce Dance Academy (AI) Feet Don't Fail Me Now Teen Group Tap
358 8:13PM On Edge Movement (AP) Missy Teen Line Hip-Hop
359 8:16PM The Dance Centre (AX) I Lived Teen Line Jazz
360 8:19PM Carlisle Dance (AD) Night of the Burning Flame Teen Group Jazz
361 8:22PM Fierce Dance Academy (AI) Two Steps Away Teen Group Contemporary
363 8:25PM Star Struck Dance Studio (AT) Because You Loved Me Teen Extended Line Lyrical
364 8:29PM LKW Dance Center (AN) New York New York Teen Line Specialty
365 8:32PM Art of Dance (AB) Always Forever Teen Group Jazz
365.a 8:35PM Project T (BT) Too Darn Hot Teen Group Musical Theatre
366 8:38PM Fierce Dance Academy (AI) Queendom Teen Group Hip-Hop
367 8:41PM On Edge Movement (AP) Little Dreamers Teen Line Specialty
368 8:44PM Touch of Class Dance Studio (AY) She Persisted Teen Group Contemporary
369 8:47PM The Dance Centre (AX) Soul Man Teen Line Tap
370 8:50PM Fierce Dance Academy (AI) I Lived Teen Group Tap
371 8:53PM Star Struck Dance Studio (AT) Instead Teen Extended Line Contemporary
372 8:57PM Lionville School Of Dance (AM) Diamonds Teen Group Musical Theatre
373 9:00PM Pulse Dance Studio (AR) Battlefield Teen Group Lyrical
374 9:03PM First State Dance Academy (AJ) K & B Teen Group Jazz
375 9:06PM Fierce Dance Academy (AI) Diverse Teen Group Ballet
376 9:09PM Touch of Class Dance Studio (AY) I Won't Rot Teen Line Contemporary
377 9:12PM LKW Dance Center (AN) Coming Home Teen Group Lyrical
378 9:15PM On Edge Movement (AP) Falling For You Teen Line Tap
379 9:18PM Carlisle Dance (AD) Walking Blind Teen Group Lyrical
380 9:21PM Fierce Dance Academy (AI) Brand New Teen Line Specialty
381 9:24PM Star Struck Dance Studio (AT) Faith Teen Line Jazz
382 9:27PM The Dance Centre (AX) Spring Teen Extended Line Ballet
383 9:31PM Touch of Class Dance Studio (AY) Call Me Gangsta Mack Teen Production Hip-Hop
384 9:34PM Art of Dance (AB) Houston Teen Extended Line Jazz
385 9:38PM Lionville School Of Dance (AM) What the World Needs Teen Line Contemporary
385.a 9:41PM Project T (BT) Dangerous Teen Line Jazz
386 9:44PM On Edge Movement (AP) Fabulosity Teen Production Jazz
387 9:49PM Fierce Dance Academy (AI) Alone Teen Line Contemporary
388 9:53PM Touch of Class Dance Studio (AY) Lon Lon Teen Line Contemporary
389 9:56PM Star Struck Dance Studio (AT) Chicago Teen Production Musical Theatre
390 10:01PM The Dance Centre (AX) One Painting Teen Extended Line Contemporary
391 10:05PM LKW Dance Center (AN) It Don't Mean A Thing Teen Line Tap
392 10:08PM Fierce Dance Academy (AI) Crescendo Teen Line Ballet
393 10:11PM Touch of Class Dance Studio (AY) Dance in the Graveyards Teen Group Tap
394 10:14PM Carlisle Dance (AD) The Toy Box Teen Extended Line Jazz
395 10:18PM Star Struck Dance Studio (AT) Love Is Love Teen Production Specialty
395.a 10:23PM Project T (BT) Game On Teen Extended Line Hip-Hop
396 10:27PM Fierce Dance Academy (AI) What About Us Teen Extended Line Specialty
397 10:32PM On Edge Movement (AP) Another Day of Sun Teen Extended Line Musical Theatre
398 10:36PM Pulse Dance Studio (AR) Work! Teen Extended Line Jazz
399 10:40PM The Dance Centre (AX) Echo Teen Group Ballet
400 10:43PM First State Dance Academy (AJ) Symphony in G Teen Group Ballet
401 10:46PM Fierce Dance Academy (AI) The Other Side Teen Line Contemporary
402 10:49PM LKW Dance Center (AN) X-24 Teen Group Contemporary
403 10:52PM Touch of Class Dance Studio (AY) Unbirthday Teen Group Hip-Hop
404 10:55PM Lionville School Of Dance (AM) Paint it Black Teen Line Jazz
405 10:58PM Art of Dance (AB) Emergency Teen Extended Line Tap
406 11:02PM Star Struck Dance Studio (AT) JT Teen Group Hip-Hop
407 11:05PM Fierce Dance Academy (AI) Evolution of Hip Hop Teen Extended Line Hip-Hop
All Awards #332-407!!


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