Competition Schedule

Phoenix February 23-25, 2018

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Friday, February 23rd
# Time Studio Routine Age Division Category Perf. Division
1 7:30AM The Base Dance Center (BG) Pure Imagination
Roxie Harper Onellion
JUMPstarts Solo Contemporary
2 7:33AM D'ansa Jazz Stage (AD) Grown
Victoria Grider
JUMPstarts Solo Jazz
3 7:36AM Dance Connection (AE) Little Red
Aly Berger
JUMPstarts Solo Contemporary
4 7:39AM Club Dance Studio (AB) Halo
Madyson Barney
JUMPstarts Solo Contemporary
5 7:42AM Dance Connection 2 (AF) Jet Set
Layton McKinley
JUMPstarts Solo Musical Theatre
6 7:45AM Club Dance Studio (AB) Born to Entertain
Lexi Diaz
JUMPstarts Solo Musical Theatre
7 7:48AM Artistic Motion Dance (AA) Something Just Like This
Molly Dubin
Mini Solo Contemporary
8 7:51AM Club Dance Studio (AB) Painted Dream
Brooklynn Jones
Mini Solo Contemporary
9 7:54AM Dance Connection 2 (AF) Personal Jesus
Avery Lee
Mini Solo Jazz
10 7:57AM J2K Dance Studio (AJ) What About My Dreams
Mia Portillo
Mini Solo Jazz
11 8:00AM Club Dance Studio (AB) Hey Daddy
Brielle Langowski
Mini Solo Musical Theatre
12 8:03AM Signature Dance Academy (AN) Unveiled Lullaby
Addison Middleton
Mini Solo Contemporary
13 8:06AM Dance Connection 2 (AF) Song for Jesse
Allie Scrimpshire
Mini Solo Contemporary
14 8:09AM Dancers Studio Jrz (AG) Angel By The Wings
Abril Quezada
Mini Solo Lyrical
15 8:12AM Club Dance Studio (AB) Thats Rich
Aften Harris
Mini Solo Musical Theatre
16 8:15AM Artistic Motion Dance (AA) Ave' Maria
Karis Serra
Mini Solo Lyrical
17 8:18AM Dance Connection (AE) Home
Alena Albright
Mini Solo Contemporary
18 8:21AM Dance Connection 2 (AF) Eye On The Prize
Eleda Dickenson
Mini Solo Specialty
18.a 8:22AM Master Ballet Academy (AK) Mixed Emotion
Morgan Barkley
Mini Solo Contemporary
19 8:24AM Club Dance Studio (AB) Evolving
Ava Sweet
Mini Solo Contemporary
20 8:27AM Dance Force 1 (AY) No Need To Say Goodbye
Colbie Lott
Mini Solo Specialty
21 8:30AM Conservatory of Dance (AC) Close Your Eyes
Dera Snailum
Mini Solo Contemporary
22 8:33AM Artistic Motion Dance (AA) It Must Be Love
Lili Evans
Mini Solo Jazz
24 8:39AM Dance Connection 2 (AF) Steady
Tatum Kahler
Mini Solo Contemporary
25 8:42AM The Dance Zoo (BH) Captive
Lauren Cornell
Mini Solo Contemporary
26 8:45AM Red River Dance & Performing Company (BD) Bom Bom
Emercyn Killoran
Mini Solo Jazz
27 8:48AM Club Dance Studio (AB) Popular
Berkeley Haak
Mini Solo Musical Theatre
28 8:51AM Artistic Motion Dance (AA) Gotta Get a Gimmick
Madalynn Andonie
Mini Solo Musical Theatre
29 8:54AM Dance Connection 2 (AF) Landslide
Emerson Plourde
Mini Solo Lyrical
30 8:57AM Stage Dance Studio (AP) Puttin' On The Ritz
Valerie Osuna
Mini Solo Jazz
31 9:00AM Club Dance Studio (AB) Expose
Grace McKinley
Mini Solo Contemporary
32 9:03AM J2K Dance Studio (AJ) Hallelujah
Isabella Reza
Mini Solo Specialty
33 9:06AM Summer's DanceWorks (AQ) Beautiful People
Cienna Fernow
Mini Solo Jazz
34 9:09AM Dance Connection 2 (AF) Wonder
Chloe Bailey
Mini Solo Lyrical
35 9:12AM Club Dance Studio (AB) Race To Erase
Olivia Benyamin
Mini Solo Contemporary
36 9:15AM Artistic Motion Dance (AA) Sounds Of Silence
Maddie Sue Miller
Mini Solo Contemporary
37 9:18AM Club Dance Studio (AB) Cosmic
Breeyn Goodman
Mini Solo Contemporary
38 9:21AM Dance Connection 2 (AF) Think
Taylor Morrison
Mini Solo Jazz
39 9:24AM Artistic Motion Dance (AA) Be Still
Kenzie Cole
Mini Solo Lyrical
40 9:27AM Club Dance Studio (AB) The Tide
Delaney Taylor
Mini Solo Contemporary
41 9:30AM Dance Connection 2 (AF) Broken Vessels
Milan Padula
Mini Solo Lyrical
42 9:33AM Club Dance Studio (AB) Hurricane
Isabella Lynch
Mini Solo Contemporary
43 9:36AM Royal Dance Works (AM) Soldier
Simone Geliver
Mini Solo Contemporary
44 9:39AM Artistic Motion Dance (AA) My Party Dress
Daphne Mar
Mini Solo Musical Theatre
44.a 9:40AM Royal Dance Works (AM) You'll Find A Way
Amerie Tice
Mini Solo Specialty
45 9:42AM Dance Connection 2 (AF) Garden
Ellie Duffin
Mini Solo Lyrical
46 9:45AM Club Dance Studio (AB) System Shock
Addison Jones
Mini Solo Contemporary
47 9:48AM Dance Connection 2 (AF) Roxie
Ava Cerni
Mini Solo Musical Theatre
48 9:51AM Summer's DanceWorks (AQ) Chapel Of Love JUMPstarts Duo/Trio Jazz
49 9:54AM J2K Dance Studio (AJ) Street Girls Mini Duo/Trio Hip-Hop
50 9:57AM Artistic Motion Dance (AA) Hallelujah Mini Duo/Trio Specialty
51 10:00AM Dancers Studio Jrz (AG) Pingurriento & Rumpetrizas Mini Duo/Trio Musical Theatre
52 10:03AM Dance Connection (AE) T&R Mini Duo/Trio Hip-Hop
53 10:06AM J2K Dance Studio (AJ) Diamonds Mini Duo/Trio Jazz
54 10:09AM The Dance Zoo (BH) When It's Cold Mini Duo/Trio Contemporary
55 10:12AM Artistic Motion Dance (AA) Facing Your Fear Mini Duo/Trio Contemporary
56 10:15AM Conservatory of Dance (AC) Let You Down Mini Duo/Trio Lyrical
57 10:18AM J2K Dance Studio (AJ) Sparkle Girls Mini Duo/Trio Hip-Hop
58 10:21AM Summer's DanceWorks (AQ) The Name Game Mini Duo/Trio Tap
59 10:24AM Dancers Studio Jrz (AG) LLorona Mini Duo/Trio Lyrical
60 10:27AM Artistic Motion Dance (AA) Ain't No Sunshine Mini Duo/Trio Contemporary
61 10:30AM J2K Dance Studio (AJ) Suitcase Mini Duo/Trio Specialty
62 10:33AM Dance Connection (AE) Gemini Mini Duo/Trio Contemporary
All Awards #1-62!!
63 10:41AM Dance Connection 2 (AF) I Will Wait
Daniela Aguirre
Junior Solo Contemporary
64 10:44AM Artistic Motion Dance (AA) Daenerys
Shea O'Malley
Junior Solo Contemporary
65 10:47AM Conservatory of Dance (AC) At Last
Riley Bachus
Junior Solo Jazz
66 10:50AM Master Ballet Academy (AK) Veins
Charlee Epstein
Junior Solo Contemporary
67 10:53AM Club Dance Studio (AB) Heartbeats
Summer O'Haver
Junior Solo Specialty
68 10:56AM WESTSIDE Dance Project (AS) Overwhelms
Katy McLlwaine
Junior Solo Contemporary
69 10:59AM J2K Dance Studio (AJ) The Way You Make Me Feel
Natalia Reza
Junior Solo Specialty
70 11:02AM Dance Connection 2 (AF) The Light
Isaiah Villegas
Junior Solo Contemporary
71 11:05AM Master Ballet Academy (AK) Interference
Farrah Hirsch
Junior Solo Contemporary
72 11:08AM Dance Republic (AZ) Suddenly
Ellee Caldwell
Junior Solo Contemporary
73 11:11AM Artistic Motion Dance (AA) Tomorrow's Song
Clarissa Serra
Junior Solo Lyrical
73.a 11:12AM Club Dance Studio (AB) Shadow Journal
Chloe Slone
Junior Solo Contemporary
74 11:14AM Master Ballet Academy (AK) Instinct
Sara Allen
Junior Solo Contemporary
75 11:17AM The Dance Zoo (BH) Heroes
Jadyn Hoekstra
Junior Solo Contemporary
76 11:20AM Conservatory of Dance (AC) Think About It
Alexa Wilson
Junior Solo Jazz
77 11:23AM Dance Connection 2 (AF) Incomplete
Sarah Pochiro
Junior Solo Contemporary
78 11:26AM Dance Connection (AE) Know What I Mean
Victoria Rempe
Junior Solo Jazz
79 11:29AM Club Dance Studio (AB) Lurk
Alexis Adair
Junior Solo Contemporary
80 11:32AM CML Studios (AW) What I Should Have Said
Caitlyn Leone
Junior Solo Contemporary
81 11:35AM Red River Dance & Performing Company (BD) Dream On
BriElle Killoran
Junior Solo Lyrical
82 11:38AM Artistic Motion Dance (AA) Men
Brekyn Knowles
Junior Solo Musical Theatre
83 11:41AM Master Ballet Academy (AK) But Before You Go
Ava Maskin
Junior Solo Contemporary
84 11:44AM Dance Connection 2 (AF) Remembrance
Mia Larkin
Junior Solo Contemporary
85 11:47AM WESTSIDE Dance Project (AS) Drift
Erin Park
Junior Solo Contemporary
86 11:50AM Conservatory of Dance (AC) Skeletons
Leya Lester
Junior Solo Lyrical
87 11:53AM Candance (AU) National
Anthony Curley
Junior Solo Contemporary
88 11:56AM J2K Dance Studio (AJ) Believer
Tamara Rivera
Junior Solo Specialty
89 11:59AM Take Five Dance Academy (AR) Parisian Swing
Olivia Picazo
Junior Solo Jazz
90 12:02PM Master Ballet Academy (AK) Out Of It
Makenzie Norton
Junior Solo Contemporary
91 12:05PM Dance Connection 2 (AF) Illusion
Addison Fay
Junior Solo Contemporary
92 12:08PM Artistic Motion Dance (AA) What's Good
Madison Lash
Junior Solo Contemporary
93 12:11PM Club Dance Studio (AB) The Other
Milla Fabirkiewicz
Junior Solo Contemporary
94 12:14PM Royal Dance Works (AM) Ghosts
Alexa Lopez
Junior Solo Contemporary
95 12:17PM Master Ballet Academy (AK) People Help The People
Kenzie Huizar
Junior Solo Lyrical
96 12:20PM Conservatory of Dance (AC) I Remember
Gabby Peterson
Junior Solo Lyrical
97 12:23PM Dance Connection 2 (AF) Desire Remains
Samantha Holck
Junior Solo Contemporary
98 12:26PM Switch Performing Arts (BF) Hold Back
Christian Flippo
Junior Solo Hip-Hop
99 12:29PM WESTSIDE Dance Project (AS) Under The Moon
Aimee Cho
Junior Solo Contemporary
100 12:32PM Master Ballet Academy (AK) Unchained Melody
Kaylee Candrea
Junior Solo Lyrical
101 12:35PM Artistic Motion Dance (AA) Hands
Ava Young
Junior Solo Lyrical
102 12:38PM Dance Republic (AZ) Not About Angels
Lexi Blawat
Junior Solo Lyrical
104 12:44PM Dance Connection 2 (AF) Beautiful
Madeline Schmitt
Junior Solo Lyrical
105 12:47PM Club Dance Studio (AB) Restrained
Landrie Peterson
Junior Solo Contemporary
106 12:50PM Conservatory of Dance (AC) All Along
Brettlyn Bennett
Junior Solo Contemporary
107 12:53PM Master Ballet Academy (AK) Take It All
Brooke Norton
Junior Solo Contemporary
108 12:56PM J2K Dance Studio (AJ) The Greatest Show
Fernanda Molinar
Junior Solo Jazz
108.a 12:57PM Royal Dance Works (AM) E.R.
Jaslin Jones
Junior Solo Hip-Hop
109 12:59PM The Dance Zoo (BH) To Be
Mataya Phillips
Junior Solo Contemporary
110 1:02PM Artistic Motion Dance (AA) Alps
Devin Mar
Junior Solo Contemporary
111 1:05PM Dance Connection 2 (AF) Broken Restraint
Vanessa Francis
Junior Solo Specialty
112 1:08PM Master Ballet Academy (AK) Did You See The Stars
Sami Sonder
Junior Solo Contemporary
113 1:11PM Dance Town (BJ) The Wheel
Alaia Boston
Junior Solo Contemporary
114 1:14PM Dance Connection (AE) Touch Of Toxic
Evelyn Hollist
Junior Solo Jazz
116 1:20PM Artistic Motion Dance (AA) No Place Like Home
Natalie Vitucci
Junior Solo Contemporary
117 1:23PM Conservatory of Dance (AC) Break My Heart
Kaylin Reed
Junior Solo Contemporary
118 1:26PM Dance Connection 2 (AF) Orient
Isabella Wood
Junior Solo Specialty
119 1:29PM WESTSIDE Dance Project (AS) Truth
Addison Leitch
Junior Solo Contemporary
120 1:32PM Club Dance Studio (AB) Reconditioned
Paige Kracht
Junior Solo Contemporary
121 1:35PM Artistic Motion Dance (AA) Marry The Man Today Junior Duo/Trio Musical Theatre
122 1:38PM J2K Dance Studio (AJ) What A Feeling Junior Duo/Trio Jazz
123 1:41PM Dance Connection (AE) Dream Team Junior Duo/Trio Hip-Hop
124 1:44PM Artistic Motion Dance (AA) Interlaced Space Junior Duo/Trio Contemporary
125 1:47PM J2K Dance Studio (AJ) Mini B's Junior Duo/Trio Hip-Hop
126 1:50PM Dance Connection (AE) Girls From The Block Junior Duo/Trio Jazz
All Awards #63-126!!
127 1:58PM Royal Dance Works (AM) Small Leaf
Teagan Jaffray
Teen Solo Contemporary
128 2:01PM J2K Dance Studio (AJ) Halo
Monserrath Guerrero
Teen Solo Lyrical
129 2:04PM Artistic Motion Dance (AA) I Am Strong
Savannah Boyle
Teen Solo Contemporary
130 2:07PM Dance Connection 2 (AF) The Change
Layna Walker
Teen Solo Contemporary
131 2:10PM Club Dance Studio (AB) Cognition
Makenna Taylor
Teen Solo Specialty
132 2:13PM Royal Dance Works (AM) Shiver
Maggie Teuscher
Teen Solo Contemporary
133 2:16PM Take Five Dance Academy (AR) Somewhere Over The Rainbow
Emily Olson
Teen Solo Lyrical
134 2:19PM Master Ballet Academy (AK) Twenty-Two Fourteen
Olivia Reidinger
Teen Solo Contemporary
135 2:22PM WESTSIDE Dance Project (AS) Red Sky
Sophia Frilot
Teen Solo Contemporary
136 2:25PM Conservatory of Dance (AC) Starstruck
Sophia Valenzuela
Teen Solo Contemporary
137 2:28PM Stage Dance Studio (AP) Remember
Maria Gil
Teen Solo Contemporary
138 2:31PM Royal Dance Works (AM) Homegrown
Adeline Kershner
Teen Solo Contemporary
139 2:34PM J2K Dance Studio (AJ) You Don't Own Me
Paula Cardenas
Teen Solo Jazz
140 2:37PM Artistic Motion Dance (AA) Sweat
Bella Stark
Teen Solo Contemporary
141 2:40PM Dance Connection (AE) Southern Bell
McKenzy Cline
Teen Solo Hip-Hop
142 2:43PM Royal Dance Works (AM) Wait
Rylee Kiel
Teen Solo Specialty
143 2:46PM Dance Connection 2 (AF) Pictures
Teddy Mielke
Teen Solo Contemporary
144 2:49PM Master Ballet Academy (AK) By Night
Delaney Morris
Teen Solo Contemporary
145 2:52PM Studio One AZ (BE) Gale Song
Ashley Schrader
Teen Solo Contemporary
146 2:55PM The Dance Zoo (BH) Romance
Riley Rocha
Teen Solo Contemporary
147 2:58PM Royal Dance Works (AM) The Light
Zoe Tait
Teen Solo Specialty
148 3:01PM J2K Dance Studio (AJ) Hurt
Ana Karen Valdez
Teen Solo Lyrical
149 3:04PM Master Ballet Academy (AK) Paquita
Joel Dichter
Teen Solo Ballet
150 3:07PM Artistic Motion Dance (AA) Supermarket Flowers
Elizabeth Gardner
Teen Solo Lyrical
151 3:10PM Club Dance Studio (AB) Restless Heart
Carlee Schield
Teen Solo Contemporary
152 3:13PM Take Five Dance Academy (AR) Whatever Lola Wants
Jourdyn Dinbokowitz
Teen Solo Musical Theatre
153 3:16PM Royal Dance Works (AM) Cut Love
Sophie Woodburne
Teen Solo Contemporary
154 3:19PM Gotta Dance Company (AI) Disconnect
Ava Swedler
Teen Solo Contemporary
155 3:22PM WESTSIDE Dance Project (AS) The Giving
Keely Meyers
Teen Solo Contemporary
156 3:25PM Dance Connection 2 (AF) Into The Light
Jenna Tegge
Teen Solo Contemporary
158 3:31PM J2K Dance Studio (AJ) Run Boy Run
Camila Hernandez
Teen Solo Specialty
159 3:34PM Artistic Motion Dance (AA) Crazy In Love
McKenna Johnson
Teen Solo Lyrical
160 3:37PM Conservatory of Dance (AC) Never Let Me Go
Morgan Mcfadzen
Teen Solo Lyrical
161 3:40PM Master Ballet Academy (AK) Wide With Fright
Brian Hooper
Teen Solo Contemporary
162 3:43PM Dancers Studio Jrz (AG) For me
Andrea Ortiz
Teen Solo Hip-Hop
163 3:46PM Royal Dance Works (AM) All I Wanted
Megan Singleton
Teen Solo Contemporary
164 3:49PM Creative Arts Academy (AX) Mourning Lies
Ella Horan
Teen Solo Contemporary
166 3:55PM Club Dance Studio (AB) Circles
McKenna Dickson
Teen Solo Contemporary
167 3:58PM Royal Dance Works (AM) Rise
Shaeleigh O'Brien
Teen Solo Contemporary
168 4:01PM J2K Dance Studio (AJ) One Luv
Sofia Silva
Teen Solo Contemporary
169 4:04PM Artistic Motion Dance (AA) Strange Fruit
Summer Vu
Teen Solo Contemporary
170 4:07PM Dance Connection 2 (AF) What You Need
Chloe Griffin
Teen Solo Jazz
171 4:10PM Danceology (BA) Monster
Alexander Shulman
Teen Solo Specialty
172 4:13PM Take Five Dance Academy (AR) Sphinx
Valentina Marcano
Teen Solo Contemporary
173 4:16PM Royal Dance Works (AM) Roslyn
Riley Kaczmarowski
Teen Solo Contemporary
174 4:19PM Stage Dance Studio (AP) 2 Step
Mariaisabella Suarez
Teen Solo Hip-Hop
175 4:22PM Master Ballet Academy (AK) Believe
Kaila Gudinas-Castrucci
Teen Solo Lyrical
176 4:25PM Desert West Dance Academy (BB) Only The Winds
Jenna Crespin
Teen Solo Contemporary
177 4:28PM Peace Fusion Dance Company (AL) Prom Queen
Lenore Loewen
Teen Solo Jazz
178 4:31PM WESTSIDE Dance Project (AS) Once
William Okajima
Teen Solo Contemporary
179 4:34PM Royal Dance Works (AM) Everything
Abbey Zirkle
Teen Solo Contemporary
180 4:37PM J2K Dance Studio (AJ) All I Want
Michelle Tejada
Teen Solo Lyrical
181 4:40PM Artistic Motion Dance (AA) Lonely
Xana Serra
Teen Solo Contemporary
182 4:43PM Conservatory of Dance (AC) Hold Me Down
Sofie Nordstrom
Teen Solo Jazz
184 4:49PM Dance Connection 2 (AF) Bad Blood
Anna Mackey
Teen Solo Contemporary
185 4:52PM Club Dance Studio (AB) Breathe
Brooke Judge
Teen Solo Contemporary
186 4:55PM Academy of Dance Westlake Village (AT) Angel By The Wings
Irisa Masino
Teen Solo Lyrical
187 4:58PM Royal Dance Works (AM) Inhale Exhale
Brekyn Waples
Teen Solo Jazz
188 5:01PM J2K Dance Studio (AJ) Love On The Brain
Victoria Rivera
Teen Solo Contemporary
189 5:04PM Artistic Motion Dance (AA) If You Only Knew
Keila Yamada
Teen Solo Lyrical
190 5:07PM Take Five Dance Academy (AR) Bye Bye Blackbird
Sarah Darby
Teen Solo Jazz
All Awards #127-190!!
191 5:15PM J2K Dance Studio (AJ) Sweet Dreams Junior Group Specialty
192 5:18PM Dance Connection 2 (AF) Kings of New York Junior Group Musical Theatre
193 5:21PM Royal Dance Works (AM) Hush Junior Group Tap
194 5:24PM Club Dance Studio (AB) Fool To Love Junior Line Specialty
195 5:27PM Master Ballet Academy (AK) Castle Junior Group Contemporary
196 5:30PM Conservatory of Dance (AC) Benediction Junior Group Lyrical
197 5:33PM J2K Dance Studio (AJ) Popstar Girls Junior Group Hip-Hop
198 5:36PM Artistic Motion Dance (AA) Run Junior Group Contemporary
199 5:39PM Dance Connection 2 (AF) Waves Junior Group Lyrical
199.a 5:40PM Club Dance Studio (AB) They Live With Me Junior Group Contemporary
200 5:42PM Royal Dance Works (AM) Shallows Junior Group Contemporary
201 5:45PM Dancers Studio Jrz (AG) Mini Queens Junior Group Hip-Hop
202 5:48PM D'ansa Jazz Stage (AD) Madness Junior Group Contemporary
204 5:54PM Dance Connection (AE) Monsters Junior Group Hip-Hop
205 5:57PM Club Dance Studio (AB) Back To Me Junior Group Jazz
206 6:00PM Dance Connection 2 (AF) When the Storm Is Near Junior Group Contemporary
207 6:03PM Royal Dance Works (AM) Caves Junior Group Contemporary
208 6:06PM Summer's DanceWorks (AQ) Waka Waka Junior Group Jazz
209 6:09PM J2K Dance Studio (AJ) I Will Survive Junior Group Jazz
210 6:12PM Master Ballet Academy (AK) Follow Me Down Junior Group Contemporary
211 6:15PM Conservatory of Dance (AC) No Roots Junior Group Contemporary
212 6:18PM Artistic Motion Dance (AA) Me Plus You Junior Group Tap
213 6:21PM Dance Connection 2 (AF) Without Wings Junior Line Lyrical
214 6:24PM Royal Dance Works (AM) Brand New Colony Junior Line Specialty
215 6:27PM J2K Dance Studio (AJ) Royal Glam Junior Group Jazz
216 6:30PM Club Dance Studio (AB) Hooded Junior Line Hip-Hop
217 6:33PM WESTSIDE Dance Project (AS) Like A Breath Junior Group Contemporary
218 6:36PM Danzart (AH) Panic Circus Junior Group Jazz
219 6:39PM Dancers Studio Jrz (AG) Crew Queens Junior Group Hip-Hop
220 6:42PM Dance Connection 2 (AF) The Beat Junior Extended Line Specialty
221 6:45PM J2K Dance Studio (AJ) Hanging Tree Junior Group Contemporary
222 6:49PM Royal Dance Works (AM) Onyx Junior Line Contemporary
223 6:52PM Master Ballet Academy (AK) Dog Days Junior Line Contemporary
224 6:56PM Conservatory of Dance (AC) Blow Junior Line Hip-Hop
225 6:59PM Artistic Motion Dance (AA) Cold Turkey Junior Line Jazz
226 7:02PM J2K Dance Studio (AJ) This Is Me Junior Extended Line Lyrical
227 7:06PM Dance Connection 2 (AF) Owners Of Nothing Junior Line Contemporary
228 7:09PM Royal Dance Works (AM) Falling Junior Line Jazz
229 7:12PM Club Dance Studio (AB) Let Me Forget Junior Line Contemporary
230 7:15PM D'ansa Jazz Stage (AD) Bust It Junior Line Hip-Hop
231 7:18PM Dance Connection (AE) No Boys Allowed Junior Group Jazz
232 7:21PM J2K Dance Studio (AJ) I Wanna Dance With Somebody Junior Extended Line Jazz
233 7:25PM Dance Connection 2 (AF) Technologic Junior Extended Line Jazz
234 7:29PM Royal Dance Works (AM) Objection Junior Line Jazz
235 7:32PM Dancers Studio Jrz (AG) Kimbara Junior Group Jazz
236 7:35PM Master Ballet Academy (AK) Mein Heir Junior Extended Line Musical Theatre
237 7:39PM J2K Dance Studio (AJ) Celebrity Crew Junior Extended Line Hip-Hop
238 7:43PM Conservatory of Dance (AC) Feel It Still Junior Line Jazz
239 7:46PM Club Dance Studio (AB) Rooted Junior Group Contemporary
240 7:49PM Dance Connection 2 (AF) Fire Squad Junior Line Hip-Hop
242 7:56PM Artistic Motion Dance (AA) Going Up Junior Extended Line Musical Theatre
All Awards #191-242!!
243 8:25PM WESTSIDE Dance Project (AS) La Vie En Rose
Ariel Vidrio
Senior Solo Contemporary
244 8:28PM Royal Dance Works (AM) Restless
Emily Crawford
Senior Solo Contemporary
245 8:31PM J2K Dance Studio (AJ) I Have Nothing
Andrea Soto
Senior Solo Lyrical
246 8:34PM Dance Connection (AE) Still Here
Noah Davis
Senior Solo Jazz
247 8:37PM WESTSIDE Dance Project (AS) Haze
Naoki Yogi
Senior Solo Contemporary
248 8:40PM Artistic Motion Dance (AA) Nicest Thing
Veronica Lazar
Senior Solo Contemporary
249 8:43PM Peace Fusion Dance Company (AL) Only The Wind
Deidra Yates
Senior Solo Contemporary
250 8:46PM Master Ballet Academy (AK) Rennen
Anthony Tette
Senior Solo Contemporary
252 8:52PM WESTSIDE Dance Project (AS) The Last Day
Madison Tanguay
Senior Solo Contemporary
253 8:55PM D'ansa Jazz Stage (AD) New York
Emilia Uranga
Senior Solo Jazz
254 8:58PM Club Dance Studio (AB) Started Over
Marley Gorman
Senior Solo Contemporary
255 9:01PM J2K Dance Studio (AJ) Open Arms
Jimena Escoto
Senior Solo Lyrical
256 9:04PM WESTSIDE Dance Project (AS) Secret
Lucy Vallely
Senior Solo Contemporary
257 9:07PM Royal Dance Works (AM) Million
Ashley Bertenshaw
Senior Solo Contemporary
258 9:10PM Dance Connection (AE) Humanoid
Cesar Ramos
Senior Solo Hip-Hop
259 9:13PM WESTSIDE Dance Project (AS) In Loving Memory
Hillary Estreicher
Senior Solo Contemporary
260 9:16PM Summer's DanceWorks (AQ) Improv
Maddie Coury
Senior Solo Improvisation
261 9:19PM Artistic Motion Dance (AA) Make Me Like You
Abby Green
Senior Solo Tap
262 9:22PM Royal Dance Works (AM) Sweat
Kiera Tanner
Senior Solo Contemporary
263 9:25PM WESTSIDE Dance Project (AS) Mercy
Jessalyn Ward
Senior Solo Contemporary
264 9:28PM Artistic Motion Dance (AA) Creatures of The Wind
Audi Miller
Senior Solo Contemporary
265 9:31PM Dmitri Kulev Classical Ballet Academy (BC) Where Are the Others
Nikki Rosenbloom
Senior Solo Contemporary
266 9:34PM Peace Fusion Dance Company (AL) Million Reasons
Abby White
Senior Solo Tap
267 9:37PM WESTSIDE Dance Project (AS) Le Femme Fatale
Aaliyah Zolina
Senior Solo Contemporary
268 9:40PM Royal Dance Works (AM) Red Arrow
Taylor Lopez
Senior Solo Contemporary
269 9:43PM Dance Connection (AE) Surrender
Elijah Buck
Senior Solo Contemporary
270 9:46PM D'ansa Jazz Stage (AD) Out Of Body
Carolina Gonzalez
Senior Solo Contemporary
271 9:49PM WESTSIDE Dance Project (AS) For All We Know
Shelby Patterson
Senior Solo Contemporary
272 9:52PM Royal Dance Works (AM) Easy
Lexi Dominguez
Senior Solo Specialty
273 9:55PM Master Ballet Academy (AK) Holding Your Absence
Mia Rosin
Senior Solo Contemporary
274 9:58PM Royal Dance Works (AM) Teeth
Destiny Siegrest
Senior Solo Specialty
275 10:01PM WESTSIDE Dance Project (AS) The Mystery
Macy Smith
Senior Solo Contemporary
276 10:04PM Artistic Motion Dance (AA) Gooey
Taylin Knowles
Senior Solo Specialty
277 10:07PM Master Ballet Academy (AK) Paralyzed
Kailyn Crespin
Senior Solo Contemporary
278 10:10PM Club Dance Studio (AB) Finding Strength
Greysenne Garrison
Senior Solo Contemporary
279 10:13PM WESTSIDE Dance Project (AS) Unfolded Like A Body
Bella Allen
Senior Solo Contemporary
280 10:16PM Royal Dance Works (AM) Deliverance
Kaitlin Campbell
Senior Solo Specialty
281 10:19PM Peace Fusion Dance Company (AL) Hurt
Mackenzie Gosling
Senior Solo Lyrical
282 10:22PM Dance Connection (AE) Good To You
Abby Watson
Senior Solo Musical Theatre
283 10:25PM WESTSIDE Dance Project (AS) Take All Of Me
Chloe Enriquez
Senior Solo Contemporary
284 10:28PM Royal Dance Works (AM) Collision
Miranda Payne
Senior Solo Contemporary
285 10:31PM J2K Dance Studio (AJ) Dream
Luis Heras
Open Solo Contemporary
286 10:34PM D'ansa Jazz Stage (AD) Rain Dance
Pedro Valdez
Open Solo Contemporary
287 10:37PM Dance Connection (AE) Up To No Good Teen Duo/Trio Musical Theatre
288 10:40PM J2K Dance Studio (AJ) Toxic Girls Teen Duo/Trio Hip-Hop
289 10:43PM WESTSIDE Dance Project (AS) Reflection Teen Duo/Trio Contemporary
290 10:46PM Conservatory of Dance (AC) Strong Teen Duo/Trio Contemporary
291 10:49PM Master Ballet Academy (AK) Embers Teen Duo/Trio Ballet
292 10:52PM J2K Dance Studio (AJ) Hip Hoppers Senior Duo/Trio Hip-Hop
293 10:55PM Dance Connection (AE) Reaching Out To Me Teen Duo/Trio Contemporary
294 10:58PM WESTSIDE Dance Project (AS) Duo Senior Duo/Trio Contemporary
295 11:01PM Conservatory of Dance (AC) Station Teen Duo/Trio Contemporary
296 11:04PM WESTSIDE Dance Project (AS) Module Senior Duo/Trio Contemporary
297 11:07PM J2K Dance Studio (AJ) Can't Help Falling In Love Senior Duo/Trio Lyrical
298 11:10PM Artistic Motion Dance (AA) Scattered Teen Duo/Trio Contemporary
299 11:13PM WESTSIDE Dance Project (AS) Another Chance Teen Duo/Trio Contemporary
300 11:16PM Dance Connection (AE) Dual Focus Teen Duo/Trio Hip-Hop
301 11:19PM Royal Dance Works (AM) No Scrubs Teen Duo/Trio Tap
302 11:22PM J2K Dance Studio (AJ) Total Eclipse Of The Heart Senior Duo/Trio Lyrical
303 11:25PM WESTSIDE Dance Project (AS) Pockets Of Light Senior Duo/Trio Contemporary
304 11:28PM Dance Connection (AE) 1Connection Senior Duo/Trio Hip-Hop
All Awards #243-304!!
Saturday, February 24th
# Time Studio Routine Age Division Category Perf. Division
305 3:00PM Artistic Motion Dance (AA) Spell Block Tango Mini Group Musical Theatre
306 3:03PM Dance Connection 2 (AF) Worldtown Mini Group Jazz
307 3:06PM Club Dance Studio (AB) Loud Mini Line Musical Theatre
308 3:09PM J2K Dance Studio (AJ) River Deep Mountain High Mini Line Jazz
309 3:13PM Artistic Motion Dance (AA) Seguidilla Mini Group Ballet
310 3:16PM Dance Connection (AE) Unweaving Mini Group Contemporary
311 3:19PM Dance Connection 2 (AF) Hound Dog Mini Group Contemporary
312 3:22PM D'ansa Jazz Stage (AD) Different Beat Mini Group Jazz
313 3:25PM Artistic Motion Dance (AA) Samurai Mini Group Hip-Hop
314 3:28PM Club Dance Studio (AB) Because Of You JUMPstarts Group Contemporary
315 3:31PM Dance Connection 2 (AF) How Could You Ask For More Mini Group Lyrical
316 3:34PM J2K Dance Studio (AJ) Faith Mini Extended Line Jazz
317 3:37PM Artistic Motion Dance (AA) Sunshine JUMPstarts Group Lyrical
318 3:40PM Dance Connection (AE) Bye Haters Mini Group Hip-Hop
319 3:43PM Club Dance Studio (AB) My Boyfriend's Back Mini Extended Line Jazz
320 3:46PM Dance Connection 2 (AF) Eye Of The Tiger JUMPstarts Extended Line Jazz
321 3:50PM Artistic Motion Dance (AA) Love Me Right Mini Group Tap
322 3:53PM J2K Dance Studio (AJ) Beatiful Dolls JUMPstarts Line Jazz
323 3:56PM Club Dance Studio (AB) Stand By Me Mini Line Lyrical
324 3:59PM Dance Connection 2 (AF) Cat In The Hat Mini Line Musical Theatre
325 4:02PM Artistic Motion Dance (AA) Bug A Boo Mini Group Tap
326 4:05PM Dance Connection (AE) Royal Housework JUMPstarts Group Musical Theatre
327 4:08PM J2K Dance Studio (AJ) Sugar Crew Mini Line Hip-Hop
328 4:11PM Artistic Motion Dance (AA) Get It Right Mini Group Jazz
329 4:14PM Dance Connection 2 (AF) Heartbeat Away Mini Extended Line Lyrical
330 4:18PM Club Dance Studio (AB) Aye Carumba Mini Line Musical Theatre
331 4:21PM Dance Connection (AE) I'm Called Mini Group Lyrical
332 4:24PM Artistic Motion Dance (AA) Heal Mini Line Lyrical
333 4:27PM J2K Dance Studio (AJ) Dancing Dolls JUMPstarts Group Hip-Hop
334 4:30PM Dance Connection 2 (AF) Bites the Dust Mini Extended Line Jazz
335 4:34PM Club Dance Studio (AB) As You Are Mini Group Contemporary
336 4:37PM Artistic Motion Dance (AA) Good Life Mini Extended Line Jazz
337 4:41PM Dance Connection (AE) Sing TAP Swing Mini Group Tap
338 4:44PM Dance Connection 2 (AF) Easy Street JUMPstarts Line Musical Theatre
339 4:47PM J2K Dance Studio (AJ) Allstar Crew Mini Extended Line Hip-Hop
340 4:51PM Artistic Motion Dance (AA) Red Arrows Mini Group Contemporary
341 4:54PM Club Dance Studio (AB) Ain't No Other Man Mini Line Specialty
342 4:57PM Dance Connection 2 (AF) Clap Snap JUMPstarts Extended Line Tap
343 5:01PM J2K Dance Studio (AJ) Trudy Mini Group Jazz
344 5:04PM Artistic Motion Dance (AA) Tea Party JUMPstarts Group Jazz
345 5:07PM Club Dance Studio (AB) Lonely Mini Line Contemporary
346 5:11PM Dance Connection 2 (AF) Fish Fry JUMPstarts Extended Line Musical Theatre
347 5:15PM Dance Connection (AE) Knock Me Off My Feet Mini Group Jazz
348 5:18PM J2K Dance Studio (AJ) Fairies Mini Group Specialty
349 5:21PM Club Dance Studio (AB) Panic Mini Group Contemporary
350 5:24PM Artistic Motion Dance (AA) Goody Goody JUMPstarts Group Tap
351 5:27PM Dance Connection 2 (AF) That Thang Mini Line Specialty
352 5:30PM Dance Connection (AE) Candy Crush JUMPstarts Group Hip-Hop
353 5:33PM Club Dance Studio (AB) Low Mini Extended Line Hip-Hop
354 5:37PM Artistic Motion Dance (AA) Fly Mini Extended Line Lyrical
All Awards #305-354!!
356 6:14PM Artistic Motion Dance (AA) Wizard of Ahhs Teen Production Specialty
357 6:17PM Dance Connection 2 (AF) Nostalgia Teen Group Jazz
358 6:20PM J2K Dance Studio (AJ) I Will Teen Group Lyrical
359 6:23PM WESTSIDE Dance Project (AS) Walking In A Crowd Teen Group Specialty
360 6:26PM Dance Connection (AE) Empty Teen Group Contemporary
361 6:29PM Peace Fusion Dance Company (AL) Moses Supposes Teen Group Tap
362 6:32PM Royal Dance Works (AM) Never Go Back Senior Group Specialty
363 6:35PM Master Ballet Academy (AK) Walk For Water Teen Group Contemporary
364 6:36PM J2K Dance Studio (AJ) Neverland Teen Production Specialty
365 6:39PM Artistic Motion Dance (AA) Stranger Things Teen Group Hip-Hop
366 6:42PM Dance Connection 2 (AF) Smile Teen Group Contemporary
367 6:45PM Take Five Dance Academy (AR) Tainted Love Teen Group Jazz
368 6:48PM Conservatory of Dance (AC) Creek Teen Group Contemporary
369 6:51PM D'ansa Jazz Stage (AD) Breath Senior Group Contemporary
370 6:54PM Royal Dance Works (AM) Queen B Teen Production Specialty
371 6:59PM J2K Dance Studio (AJ) Dream On Teen Group Contemporary
372 7:02PM WESTSIDE Dance Project (AS) Sever The Bond Teen Group Contemporary
373 7:05PM Artistic Motion Dance (AA) Twisted Arrangement Teen Group Contemporary
374 7:08PM Dance Connection 2 (AF) Sweet Dreams Senior Group Jazz
375 7:11PM Dance Connection (AE) Say Yes Teen Group Jazz
376 7:14PM Peace Fusion Dance Company (AL) 8 League Teen Group Ballet
377 7:17PM Royal Dance Works (AM) You're Mine Senior Group Jazz
378 7:20PM Club Dance Studio (AB) No Saving You Teen Group Contemporary
379 7:23PM Stage Academia de Danza (AO) No Limit Teen Group Hip-Hop
380 7:26PM Master Ballet Academy (AK) Tribe Teen Group Contemporary
381 7:29PM Artistic Motion Dance (AA) We Those Chicks Teen Group Tap
382 7:32PM Dance Connection 2 (AF) A Case of You Senior Group Contemporary
383 7:35PM J2K Dance Studio (AJ) Bottom of The River Teen Group Contemporary
384 7:38PM Royal Dance Works (AM) The Wall Teen Group Specialty
385 7:41PM WESTSIDE Dance Project (AS) Poem (part B) Senior Group Contemporary
386 7:44PM Take Five Dance Academy (AR) Heist Teen Group Contemporary
387 7:47PM Dance Connection (AE) InstaG Teen Group Hip-Hop
388 7:50PM Artistic Motion Dance (AA) Bear Hug Teen Group Specialty
389 7:53PM Dance Connection 2 (AF) Bailar Teen Production Specialty
390 7:56PM Royal Dance Works (AM) Hunter Senior Group Lyrical
391 7:59PM Peace Fusion Dance Company (AL) Freedom Teen Group Specialty
392 8:02PM Conservatory of Dance (AC) Somebody Else Teen Group Lyrical
393 8:05PM J2K Dance Studio (AJ) All By Myself Teen Group Lyrical
394 8:08PM Master Ballet Academy (AK) Unison Teen Group Ballet
395 8:11PM Artistic Motion Dance (AA) Knock On Wood Teen Group Jazz
396 8:14PM Royal Dance Works (AM) Flip My Switch Teen Line Jazz
397 8:17PM Dance Connection 2 (AF) Heros Senior Production Lyrical
398 8:20PM WESTSIDE Dance Project (AS) Fictional Machine Senior Group Specialty
399 8:23PM Dance Connection (AE) Catch My Drift Teen Group Hip-Hop
400 8:26PM D'ansa Jazz Stage (AD) Granade Open Line Hip-Hop
401 8:29PM Royal Dance Works (AM) Out Of Order Senior Group Contemporary
402 8:32PM Artistic Motion Dance (AA) Revenge Teen Group Hip-Hop
403 8:35PM Dance Connection 2 (AF) Silence Senior Line Lyrical
404 8:38PM J2K Dance Studio (AJ) Shadows Teen Extended Line Lyrical
405 8:41PM Peace Fusion Dance Company (AL) The After You Senior Group Contemporary
406 8:44PM Take Five Dance Academy (AR) Rattlesnake Teen Group Specialty
407 8:47PM Club Dance Studio (AB) Always and Forever Teen Line Jazz
408 8:50PM Royal Dance Works (AM) Night So Long Teen Line Contemporary
409 8:53PM WESTSIDE Dance Project (AS) Totality Senior Line Contemporary
410 8:56PM Artistic Motion Dance (AA) What Have You Done Senior Group Jazz
411 8:59PM Dance Connection 2 (AF) Lets Go Teen Extended Line Specialty
412 9:03PM Dance Connection (AE) JTTap Teen Group Tap
413 9:06PM Master Ballet Academy (AK) Anxieties Teen Group Jazz
414 9:09PM Conservatory of Dance (AC) Never Tear Us Apart Teen Line Contemporary
415 9:12PM J2K Dance Studio (AJ) She's A Maniac Teen Line Jazz
416 9:15PM Artistic Motion Dance (AA) Underflow Senior Group Lyrical
417 9:18PM Dance Connection 2 (AF) Frug Teen Extended Line Musical Theatre
418 9:22PM Peace Fusion Dance Company (AL) This Time Senior Group Jazz
419 9:25PM WESTSIDE Dance Project (AS) Little Steps Senior Line Contemporary
420 9:28PM Royal Dance Works (AM) No Time Teen Group Contemporary
421 9:31PM Stage Academia de Danza (AO) SING SING SING Teen Production Tap
422 9:36PM Dance Connection (AE) Rock Of Ages Teen Line Musical Theatre
423 9:39PM Take Five Dance Academy (AR) The Other Side Teen Extended Line Lyrical
424 9:43PM Artistic Motion Dance (AA) Black Magic Woman Teen Line Contemporary
425 9:46PM Dance Connection 2 (AF) Hush Now Senior Extended Line Jazz
426 9:50PM J2K Dance Studio (AJ) Gangsta's Paradise Teen Line Contemporary
427 9:54PM Royal Dance Works (AM) Broken Glass Senior Line Specialty
428 9:57PM Master Ballet Academy (AK) Affirmation Teen Line Contemporary
429 10:00PM Dance Connection (AE) 10-Life Teen Production Jazz
430 10:08PM WESTSIDE Dance Project (AS) Silent City Teen Extended Line Contemporary
431 10:12PM Artistic Motion Dance (AA) Love Triangles Teen Extended Line Musical Theatre
432 10:16PM Dance Connection 2 (AF) Love Came Here Teen Line Lyrical
433 10:21PM Royal Dance Works (AM) Step In Time Teen Extended Line Musical Theatre
434 10:26PM Dance Connection (AE) The Cult Teen Line Contemporary
435 10:29PM Peace Fusion Dance Company (AL) Make It Work Senior Group Hip-Hop
436 10:32PM J2K Dance Studio (AJ) Move Makers Teen Extended Line Hip-Hop
437 10:36PM Conservatory of Dance (AC) He's A Dream Teen Line Jazz
438 10:39PM Club Dance Studio (AB) Fate Teen Line Contemporary
439 10:42PM Artistic Motion Dance (AA) Natural Woman Teen Production Lyrical
440 10:47PM Royal Dance Works (AM) Dirt Senior Line Contemporary
441 10:50PM Dance Connection 2 (AF) Go Off Senior Line Hip-Hop
442 10:55PM WESTSIDE Dance Project (AS) Birth of The Blues Teen Extended Line Musical Theatre
443 10:59PM Master Ballet Academy (AK) I Found Teen Production Contemporary
444 11:04PM Take Five Dance Academy (AR) Body Language Teen Extended Line Jazz
445 11:08PM Artistic Motion Dance (AA) La Bayadere Teen Group Ballet
446 11:13PM J2K Dance Studio (AJ) Groove Crew Teen Line Hip-Hop
447 11:17PM Peace Fusion Dance Company (AL) Wings Senior Group Lyrical
448 11:21PM D'ansa Jazz Stage (AD) Land Of All Open Production Contemporary
All Awards #355-448!!


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