Competition Schedule

Providence May 18-20, 2018

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Friday, May 18th
# Time Studio Routine Age Division Category Perf. Division
1 7:00AM DanceWorks Movement Design (AC) You Will Always Find Me In Your Heart
Reese Mullin
JUMPstarts Solo Lyrical
2 7:03AM High Steppin' Dance Academy (AH) PYT
Kai Vitolo
JUMPstarts Solo Specialty
4 7:09AM Karla Pattavina's Dance Academy (AI) Lullaby
Molly Collins
Mini Solo Lyrical
5 7:12AM Defying Gravity School of Dance (AE) Trouble
Caterina Izzi
Mini Solo Lyrical
6 7:15AM High Steppin' Dance Academy (AH) Who Says
Aundrea Reiff
Mini Solo Lyrical
7 7:18AM Elite Academy of Dance MA (AF) In Void
Jack Schofield
Mini Solo Contemporary
8 7:21AM The Talent Factory (AS) Whisper of Hope
Ainsley Pavlakis
Mini Solo Contemporary
9 7:24AM The Pulse Performing Arts Studio (AR) Jump
Kaycie Kelley
Mini Solo Lyrical
10 7:27AM Triple Threat Dance Company (CQ) Wind Beneath My Wings
Brianna Taylor
Mini Solo Lyrical
11 7:30AM On Your Toes Dance & Theatre Company (AK) My New Philosophy
Sage Gendreau-Distler
Mini Solo Musical Theatre
12 7:33AM Hackworth School of Performing Arts (AG) Happy Just to Dance
Lila Watkins
Mini Solo Jazz
13 7:36AM The Dance Workshop (AQ) S'mashed Up
Ava Bottone
Mini Solo Tap
14 7:39AM Karla Pattavina's Dance Academy (AI) My Discarded Men
Kallie Gendron
Mini Solo Jazz
15 7:42AM Defying Gravity School of Dance (AE) I Was Born To Entertain
Ava Lombardi
Mini Solo Jazz
16 7:45AM Patti Eisenhauer Dance Center (AL) Journey To The Past
Abigail Scollins
Mini Solo Lyrical
17 7:48AM DanceWorks Movement Design (AC) Buzz Buzz Buzz
Makayla LaMothe
Mini Solo Tap
18 7:51AM High Steppin' Dance Academy (AH) Money Makes the World Go Round
Alessia Dutilly
Mini Solo Musical Theatre
20 7:57AM The Dance Center (AO) When You Believe
Lynzie Broome
Mini Solo Lyrical
21 8:00AM East Coast Dance Complex (BG) You Raise Me Up
Reese Carpenter
Mini Solo Lyrical
22 8:03AM Studio Bleu (CD) Come Down to Me
Skylar Mills
Mini Solo Contemporary
23 8:06AM Elite Academy of Dance MA (AF) Feed the Hunger
Ava Dooley
Mini Solo Contemporary
24 8:09AM Karla Pattavina's Dance Academy (AI) Dream A Little Dream
Brighton Seymour
Mini Solo Contemporary
26 8:15AM The Talent Factory (AS) For You
Aubrey Feden
Mini Solo Contemporary
27 8:18AM The Pulse Performing Arts Studio (AR) The Heist
Nicole Rodriguez
Mini Solo Ballet
28 8:21AM Westchester Dance Academy (AT) Tomorrow's Song
Ivana Radan
Mini Solo Lyrical
30 8:27AM High Steppin' Dance Academy (AH) Caught Up
Caden Adamonis
Mini Solo Hip-Hop
31 8:30AM Dance Enthusiasm (BB) Moment's Passed
Jazmine Werner
Mini Solo Contemporary
32 8:33AM Evolve Dance Complex (BH) Tbd
Cameron1 Voorhees
Mini Solo Contemporary
33 8:36AM Triple Threat Dance Co (CH) Read All About It
Payton Lowden
Mini Solo Contemporary
34 8:39AM Karla Pattavina's Dance Academy (AI) Mink Shmink
Juliet Clark
Mini Solo Jazz
35 8:42AM Defying Gravity School of Dance (AE) Broadway Baby
Alanna Desmarais
Mini Solo Jazz
36 8:45AM On Your Toes Dance & Theatre Company (AK) Time To Go
Kate Logan
Mini Solo Lyrical
37 8:48AM Hackworth School of Performing Arts (AG) Hit Me With a Hot Note
Riley Marney
Mini Solo Tap
38 8:51AM The Dance Workshop (AQ) Queen Bee
Juliana Grich
Mini Solo Jazz
39 8:54AM Elite Academy of Dance MA (AF) Chasing Cars
Emma Leblanc
Mini Solo Contemporary
40 8:57AM Patti Eisenhauer Dance Center (AL) Joy
Haylee Goguen
Mini Solo Contemporary
41 9:00AM DanceWorks Movement Design (AC) The Promise
Rayna Shenk
Mini Solo Specialty
42 9:03AM High Steppin' Dance Academy (AH) I Remember Her
Ana Ramirez
Mini Solo Contemporary
43 9:06AM The Talent Factory (AS) Over The Pond
Elizabeth Weber
Mini Solo Contemporary
44 9:09AM Karla Pattavina's Dance Academy (AI) Grow
Kayla Panneton
Mini Solo Lyrical
45 9:12AM Defying Gravity School of Dance (AE) Elephants
Elyse Spiridakos
Mini Solo Lyrical
46 9:15AM The Pulse Performing Arts Studio (AR) Tour of The Galaxy
Emerson Doran
Mini Solo Contemporary
47 9:18AM Westchester Dance Academy (AT) Blind Faith
Sienna Morris
Mini Solo Contemporary
48 9:21AM companyONE (AA) Hidden Echo's
Anthony LaGrega
Mini Solo Contemporary
49 9:24AM Studio Bleu Dance Center (CE) Flight
Eric Poor
Mini Solo Lyrical
51 9:30AM Patti Eisenhauer Dance Center (AL) New York New York JUMPstarts Duo/Trio Jazz
52 9:33AM DanceWorks Movement Design (AC) Nestie Besties JUMPstarts Duo/Trio Jazz
53 9:36AM The Talent Factory (AS) Hallelujah JUMPstarts Duo/Trio Lyrical
54 9:39AM High Steppin' Dance Academy (AH) Spiders JUMPstarts Duo/Trio Specialty
55 9:42AM The Pulse Performing Arts Studio (AR) Summer of 69 Mini Duo/Trio Lyrical
56 9:45AM Patti Eisenhauer Dance Center (AL) Home Is Life Mini Duo/Trio Contemporary
57 9:48AM Karla Pattavina's Dance Academy (AI) Daughter Mini Duo/Trio Lyrical
59 9:54AM DanceWorks Movement Design (AC) Three Butterflies Mini Duo/Trio Jazz
60 9:57AM Patti Eisenhauer Dance Center (AL) The Winner Is Mini Duo/Trio Contemporary
61 10:00AM High Steppin' Dance Academy (AH) Bossy Mini Duo/Trio Hip-Hop
62 10:03AM The Talent Factory (AS) Motown Medley Mini Duo/Trio Jazz
63 10:06AM High Steppin' Dance Academy (AH) Mr Postman Mini Duo/Trio Specialty
All Awards #1-63!!
64 10:14AM The Talent Factory (AS) Pushing Through
Bella Gillette
Junior Solo Contemporary
64.a 10:15AM Westchester Dance Academy (AT) Awakening
Nicole Talamo
Junior Solo Contemporary
65 10:17AM Karla Pattavina's Dance Academy (AI) This is My Now
Emily Fusco
Junior Solo Lyrical
66 10:20AM Defying Gravity School of Dance (AE) Paradise Circus
Katie Murphy
Junior Solo Contemporary
67 10:23AM The Pulse Performing Arts Studio (AR) Supermarket Flowers
Anna Stanton
Junior Solo Lyrical
68 10:26AM Westchester Dance Academy (AT) All is Not Forgotten
Tori Gordon
Junior Solo Contemporary
69 10:29AM Patti Eisenhauer Dance Center (AL) Ruins
Sydney Smith
Junior Solo Contemporary
70 10:32AM companyONE (AA) Relentless
Sophia Furno
Junior Solo Contemporary
71 10:35AM High Steppin' Dance Academy (AH) 54321
Layla Sammour-Parsons
Junior Solo Contemporary
72 10:38AM DanceWorks Movement Design (AC) TBD
Rachel Sheppard
Junior Solo Tap
74 10:44AM The Talent Factory (AS) I Am Home
Hannah Vance
Junior Solo Contemporary
75 10:47AM Rosemary's School of Dance Education (AM) 6/10
Marina Abreu
Junior Solo Contemporary
76 10:50AM Karla Pattavina's Dance Academy (AI) Hit Me With Your Best Shot
Ella Vargas
Junior Solo Jazz
77 10:53AM Defying Gravity School of Dance (AE) Muddy Waters
Maya Huling
Junior Solo Specialty
78 10:56AM Elite Academy of Dance MA (AF) All of the Stars
Catherine Sirard
Junior Solo Lyrical
79 10:59AM The Dance Workshop (AQ) DooWitt
Julianna Mourao
Junior Solo Tap
80 11:02AM The Dance Center (AO) Angel By The Wings
Rebecca Nano
Junior Solo Contemporary
81 11:05AM The Pulse Performing Arts Studio (AR) Deisel
Shane Wassem
Junior Solo Specialty
82 11:08AM Westchester Dance Academy (AT) Absence Of Fear
Iliana Victor
Junior Solo Contemporary
83 11:11AM Patti Eisenhauer Dance Center (AL) Icarus
Jacquelyn DuBois
Junior Solo Contemporary
84 11:14AM The Talent Factory (AS) You & Me
Ashlyn Gannon
Junior Solo Contemporary
85 11:17AM Dance Studio of Maine (BC) Brother
Aiden Fortier
Junior Solo Contemporary
87 11:23AM Karla Pattavina's Dance Academy (AI) Man's World
Kristen Dimartinis
Junior Solo Jazz
88 11:26AM Defying Gravity School of Dance (AE) Roxie
Juliana Sticca
Junior Solo Jazz
89 11:29AM companyONE (AA) Doubt
Emily DiMaggio
Junior Solo Contemporary
90 11:32AM High Steppin' Dance Academy (AH) Don't Rain On My Parade
Indira Barros
Junior Solo Specialty
91 11:35AM New England Dance Academy (BR) Conversion
Jada Specht
Junior Solo Contemporary
92 11:38AM Triple Threat Dance Company (CI) Save Me
Alex Woznyk
Junior Solo Contemporary
93 11:41AM Miss Tricias Dance Studio (BP) Bird Geryl
Ava Hoag
Junior Solo Contemporary
94 11:44AM The Talent Factory (AS) A Dream
Liana Weisbord
Junior Solo Contemporary
95 11:47AM The Pulse Performing Arts Studio (AR) Wings
Elizabeth Valdes
Junior Solo Tap
96 11:50AM Westchester Dance Academy (AT) Silence Overcomes
Gillian Gordon
Junior Solo Contemporary
97 11:53AM Patti Eisenhauer Dance Center (AL) Somewhere Only We Know
Rachel Barros
Junior Solo Lyrical
98 11:56AM Karla Pattavina's Dance Academy (AI) Into The Labyrinth
Riley Leblanc
Junior Solo Contemporary
99 11:59AM Defying Gravity School of Dance (AE) Cry
Alessandra Perkins
Junior Solo Lyrical
100 12:02PM DanceWorks Movement Design (AC) Blind
Audrey Lang
Junior Solo Contemporary
101 12:05PM On Your Toes Dance & Theatre Company (AK) Sleeping Beauty
Anna Disco
Junior Solo Specialty
102 12:08PM Hackworth School of Performing Arts (AG) This Bitter Earth
Haley Lawton
Junior Solo Contemporary
103 12:11PM Rosemary's School of Dance Education (AM) Wings
Maria Lacey
Junior Solo Contemporary
104 12:14PM The Talent Factory (AS) Heart of the Ocean
Sarah Minnick
Junior Solo Lyrical
105 12:17PM CC & Company Dance Complex (AY) I Know That We Tried
Nola Fulk
Junior Solo Contemporary
106 12:20PM Elite Academy of Dance MA (AF) Opportunity
Denali Herbert
Junior Solo Lyrical
107 12:23PM The Dance Workshop (AQ) Disappear
Peyton Hikade
Junior Solo Contemporary
108 12:26PM companyONE (AA) Sun Peeking Through
Giovanna LaGrega
Junior Solo Contemporary
109 12:29PM Karla Pattavina's Dance Academy (AI) Don't Stop me Know
Margot Anderson-Song
Junior Solo Jazz
110 12:32PM Defying Gravity School of Dance (AE) Proud Mary
Natasha Parascandolo
Junior Solo Jazz
111 12:35PM The Pulse Performing Arts Studio (AR) Sort Of
Catherine Petrella
Junior Solo Contemporary
112 12:38PM Westchester Dance Academy (AT) What Was Meant to Be
Isabella Weidman
Junior Solo Contemporary
113 12:41PM Patti Eisenhauer Dance Center (AL) Bird
Isabella Ward
Junior Solo Specialty
113.a 12:42PM The Conservatory School for the Performing Arts (CP) Poached
Jillian Astore
Junior Solo Contemporary
114 12:44PM The Talent Factory (AS) Secrets
Brianna Hartman
Junior Solo Contemporary
115 12:47PM High Steppin' Dance Academy (AH) Breezy 2.0
Jason Pincince
Junior Solo Hip-Hop
116 12:50PM Triple Threat Dance Company (CQ) Titanium
Lillian Khouri
Junior Solo Contemporary
117 12:53PM Dazzle Studio of Dance (AD) Crippled Bird
Paige Bordeau
Junior Solo Lyrical
118 12:56PM The Pulse Performing Arts Studio (AR) The Fight Junior Duo/Trio Jazz
119 12:59PM Patti Eisenhauer Dance Center (AL) Fear Junior Duo/Trio Contemporary
120 1:02PM The Talent Factory (AS) Girls Day Junior Duo/Trio Jazz
121 1:05PM Karla Pattavina's Dance Academy (AI) Footprints Junior Duo/Trio Lyrical
123 1:11PM The Pulse Performing Arts Studio (AR) Book of Mormon Junior Duo/Trio Musical Theatre
124 1:14PM Hackworth School of Performing Arts (AG) Runaway Baby Junior Duo/Trio Tap
125 1:17PM DanceWorks Movement Design (AC) Ghosts Junior Duo/Trio Contemporary
126 1:20PM The Dance Workshop (AQ) No Swingity Junior Duo/Trio Tap
127 1:23PM Patti Eisenhauer Dance Center (AL) Stand By Me Junior Duo/Trio Lyrical
128 1:26PM The Pulse Performing Arts Studio (AR) Let's Hear It For The Boy Junior Duo/Trio Specialty
129 1:29PM The Talent Factory (AS) Style Junior Duo/Trio Hip-Hop
130 1:32PM Karla Pattavina's Dance Academy (AI) Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy Junior Duo/Trio Jazz
131 1:35PM High Steppin' Dance Academy (AH) Cellopa Junior Duo/Trio Tap
All Awards #64-131!!
132 1:43PM Patti Eisenhauer Dance Center (AL) A Little More Of You
Danielle Bean
Teen Solo Lyrical
133 1:46PM Westchester Dance Academy (AT) Waves
Ava Schwartz
Teen Solo Contemporary
134 1:49PM Defying Gravity School of Dance (AE) Puttin' On The Ritz
Jordan Cambre
Teen Solo Jazz
135 1:52PM On Your Toes Dance & Theatre Company (AK) Never Really Mine
Jamie Carlin
Teen Solo Lyrical
136 1:55PM The Pulse Performing Arts Studio (AR) We're in Love
Zachary Doran
Teen Solo Tap
137 1:58PM companyONE (AA) Phase
Karisa Pluchino
Teen Solo Contemporary
138 2:01PM DanceWorks Movement Design (AC) Want
Grace MacIntyre
Teen Solo Contemporary
139 2:04PM Seven Star School of Performing Arts (AN) Youre Driving Me Crazy
Sarah Shectman
Teen Solo Tap
140 2:07PM High Steppin' Dance Academy (AH) Hit Me
Joey Acciardo
Teen Solo Hip-Hop
141 2:10PM The Talent Factory (AS) You
Maddie Curnow
Teen Solo Contemporary
142 2:13PM Rhythm Dance Company (BX) Improv
Sean Quinn
Teen Solo Improvisation
143 2:16PM Patti Eisenhauer Dance Center (AL) Vast & Limitless
Julia Broll
Teen Solo Specialty
144 2:19PM Westchester Dance Academy (AT) Looking To Closely
Gisele Cestaro
Teen Solo Contemporary
145 2:22PM Defying Gravity School of Dance (AE) Beautiful Tango
Sabrina Marrocco
Teen Solo Jazz
146 2:25PM On Your Toes Dance & Theatre Company (AK) Tornado
Maddie Saart
Teen Solo Lyrical
147 2:28PM Rosemary's School of Dance Education (AM) Cuts That Spell
Emma Cinotti
Teen Solo Contemporary
148 2:31PM The Dance Workshop (AQ) Brand New
Jordan Prendergast
Teen Solo Contemporary
149 2:34PM Karla Pattavina's Dance Academy (AI) Set Sail
Isabella Pettirossi
Teen Solo Lyrical
150 2:37PM The Dance Factory (AP) Hurts
Katie Nemes
Teen Solo Lyrical
151 2:40PM Performing Art Studio BE (BV) Feeling good
Kylei Torello
Teen Solo Jazz
152 2:43PM Elite Academy of Dance MA (AF) Night
Arielle Rosenlund
Teen Solo Lyrical
153 2:46PM KMonique's Studio of Dance (CN) Dive
Avery Haneline
Teen Solo Contemporary
154 2:49PM Patti Eisenhauer Dance Center (AL) Station
Bridgette Ginley
Teen Solo Contemporary
155 2:52PM Westchester Dance Academy (AT) The State Of Nothingness
Wesley Cloud
Teen Solo Contemporary
156 2:55PM Defying Gravity School of Dance (AE) You Don't Own Me
Tessa Phillips
Teen Solo Jazz
158 3:01PM The Pulse Performing Arts Studio (AR) Fire Floods
Lulejeta Latifi
Teen Solo Contemporary
159 3:04PM companyONE (AA) Blue
Franco LaGrega
Teen Solo Contemporary
160 3:07PM DanceWorks Movement Design (AC) Final Breath
Camryn Carlson
Teen Solo Contemporary
161 3:10PM Seven Star School of Performing Arts (AN) I Regret Nothing
Alexa Villega
Teen Solo Contemporary
162 3:13PM Shooting Stars (BZ) Belonging
Kiley Mcdermott
Teen Solo Contemporary
163 3:16PM Triple Threat Performing Arts Company (CJ) As Long As You Love Me
Isabel Klink
Teen Solo Lyrical
164 3:19PM Alyson School of Dance (AU) TRNDSTTR
Allie Donovan
Teen Solo Contemporary
165 3:22PM Patti Eisenhauer Dance Center (AL) Smother
Andrea Gray
Teen Solo Contemporary
166 3:25PM Westchester Dance Academy (AT) Sorrow
Christina Oliveri
Teen Solo Lyrical
167 3:28PM Defying Gravity School of Dance (AE) Sand
Lola Balkcom
Teen Solo Specialty
168 3:31PM On Your Toes Dance & Theatre Company (AK) Journey
Holly Jones
Teen Solo Contemporary
169 3:34PM High Steppin' Dance Academy (AH) Evolution
Matthias Barros
Teen Solo Hip-Hop
170 3:37PM The Talent Factory (AS) Pretty Face
Thea Weathers
Teen Solo Contemporary
172 3:43PM DANCE UNLIMITED (BD) Don't Belong Here
Chloe Nixon
Teen Solo Contemporary
173 3:46PM New Canaan Dance Academy (BQ) Roxie
Elizabeth Woodberry
Teen Solo Jazz
174 3:49PM The Pulse Performing Arts Studio (AR) Gun
Julia Hutchings
Teen Solo Contemporary
175 3:52PM Dazzle Studio of Dance (AD) TBA
Riley Hess
Teen Solo Contemporary
176 3:55PM Patti Eisenhauer Dance Center (AL) How Will I Know
Emily Conroy
Teen Solo Tap
177 3:58PM Westchester Dance Academy (AT) Aetherlight
Samantha Rodriguez
Teen Solo Contemporary
178 4:01PM Defying Gravity School of Dance (AE) Jealous
Isabella DiIorio
Teen Solo Contemporary
179 4:04PM On Your Toes Dance & Theatre Company (AK) Small
Chloe Davis
Teen Solo Lyrical
180 4:07PM The Pulse Performing Arts Studio (AR) Horns of Anxiety
Megan Reynolds
Teen Solo Contemporary
181 4:10PM companyONE (AA) Unusual Limits
Isabelle Ondrush
Teen Solo Jazz
182 4:13PM DanceWorks Movement Design (AC) Silhouette
Grace Lassila
Teen Solo Contemporary
183 4:16PM Seven Star School of Performing Arts (AN) The Arena
Danielle Nicole Garcia
Teen Solo Tap
184 4:19PM Rhythm Dance Company (BX) On the Surface
Rebecca Sherr
Teen Solo Lyrical
185 4:22PM Rosemary's School of Dance Education (AM) Time
Abigail Alves
Teen Solo Contemporary
186 4:25PM Creswell Dance Academy (BA) Skin
Kate Waldie
Teen Solo Lyrical
187 4:28PM Patti Eisenhauer Dance Center (AL) Song For Viola
Angelina Rak
Teen Solo Contemporary
188 4:31PM Westchester Dance Academy (AT) For Now I Am
Camilla Truesdale
Teen Solo Contemporary
189 4:34PM Defying Gravity School of Dance (AE) The Garden
Hannah Teixeira
Teen Solo Specialty
190 4:37PM On Your Toes Dance & Theatre Company (AK) I Wanna Be Bad
Eli Gendreau-Distler
Teen Solo Jazz
191 4:40PM Miss Tricias Dance Studio (BP) Patience
Kara Hoag
Teen Solo Contemporary
192 4:43PM Prestige Academy of Dance (BW) Bitter
Annalise Hofman
Teen Solo Contemporary
193 4:46PM Empire of the Performing Arts (CM) Gypsy
Miki Radan
Teen Solo Tap
194 4:49PM The Conservatory School for the Performing Arts (CP) Self Fulfilling Prophecy
Tess O'Riordan
Teen Solo Lyrical
195 4:52PM Alysons School of Dance (AW) Hello
Olivia Siracusa
Teen Solo Contemporary
196 4:55PM Triple Threat Dance Company (CR) I Will Not Forget
Bella Andrews
Teen Solo Specialty
197 4:58PM High Steppin' Dance Academy (AH) Ruby Blue
Claire LeBlanc
Teen Solo Contemporary
198 5:01PM Patti Eisenhauer Dance Center (AL) Acceptance
Grace Jerrier
Teen Solo Contemporary
199 5:04PM Westchester Dance Academy (AT) Holding On
Molly Lyons
Teen Solo Contemporary
200 5:07PM Defying Gravity School of Dance (AE) Make It Rain
Callie Madsen
Teen Solo Jazz
201 5:10PM On Your Toes Dance & Theatre Company (AK) Dexter's Table
Hope Weldon
Teen Solo Contemporary
202 5:13PM The Pulse Performing Arts Studio (AR) Flicker
Sophia Pauline
Teen Solo Contemporary
203 5:16PM companyONE (AA) Resonance
Alexandra DiMaria
Teen Solo Contemporary
204 5:19PM DanceWorks Movement Design (AC) Hurt
Lindsay AuCoin
Teen Solo Contemporary
205 5:22PM Seven Star School of Performing Arts (AN) Without Words
Madison Vendel
Teen Solo Tap
206 5:25PM The Talent Factory (AS) Thinking
Trinity O'Neill
Teen Solo Contemporary
207 5:28PM The Dance Workshop (AQ) To Know Him is to Love Him
Alexa Yardis
Teen Solo Contemporary
208 5:31PM Karla Pattavina's Dance Academy (AI) Echo Swinging
Gemma Leary
Teen Solo Contemporary
209 5:34PM Patti Eisenhauer Dance Center (AL) Extraordinary Life
Elizabeth Rodrigues
Teen Solo Contemporary
210 5:37PM Westchester Dance Academy (AT) Arise
Skye Ayala
Teen Solo Contemporary
211 5:40PM Defying Gravity School of Dance (AE) Never Tear Up Apart
Grace Bressner
Teen Solo Contemporary
212 5:43PM The Conservatory School for the Performing Arts (CP) Burn
Khandice Anselm
Teen Solo Lyrical
213 5:46PM The Dance Factory (AP) Felicitous
Morgan Maiorano
Teen Solo Contemporary
214 5:49PM Performing Art Studio BE (BV) You dont own me
Arabella Buono
Teen Solo Jazz
215 5:52PM Elite Academy of Dance MA (AF) This Is My Hand
Kira Marderosian
Teen Solo Contemporary
216 5:55PM Stratford Performing Arts Academy (CB) All I Want
Morgan McCreary
Teen Solo Lyrical
217 5:58PM Dance Unlimited (BE) Claiming the Throne
Chloe Sinoway
Teen Solo Contemporary
218 6:01PM Joanne Langione Dance Center (BN) Never Be Like You
Izabella Secondes-Flores
Teen Solo Contemporary
219 6:04PM The Conservatory School for the Performing Arts (CP) Old Skin
Samir Bouchaiba
Teen Solo Contemporary
220 6:07PM Patti Eisenhauer Dance Center (AL) Painter
Abigail Civetti
Teen Solo Contemporary
221 6:43PM Westchester Dance Academy (AT) Strength To Overcome
Kayla Mak
Teen Solo Specialty
222 6:13PM Defying Gravity School of Dance (AE) Wild Is The Wind
Alessia Provost
Teen Solo Contemporary
223 6:16PM On Your Toes Dance & Theatre Company (AK) Golden
Kasey McKenna
Teen Solo Specialty
224 6:19PM The Pulse Performing Arts Studio (AR) Love Letters
Paige Wassem
Teen Solo Contemporary
225 6:22PM companyONE (AA) Transcendence
Madison Mazovec
Teen Solo Contemporary
226 6:25PM DanceWorks Movement Design (AC) What's Good
Helena Stitham
Teen Solo Contemporary
227 6:28PM Seven Star School of Performing Arts (AN) Hunaman
Lauren Guarna
Teen Solo Tap
228 6:31PM High Steppin' Dance Academy (AH) Vienna
Courtney Dias
Teen Solo Lyrical
229 6:34PM Rhythm Dance Company (BX) Embers
Kayla Daignault
Teen Solo Contemporary
230 6:37PM Rosemary's School of Dance Education (AM) Farewell
Carolina Garcia
Teen Solo Contemporary
231 6:40PM Patti Eisenhauer Dance Center (AL) I Must Go On Standing
Isabella Lambros
Teen Solo Contemporary
232 6:43PM Westchester Dance Academy (AT) Levitate
Lily Gentile
Teen Solo Contemporary
233 6:46PM Defying Gravity School of Dance (AE) It's A Man's World
Christina Maggiacomo
Teen Solo Jazz
234 6:49PM On Your Toes Dance & Theatre Company (AK) I Gotcha
Madison Parent
Teen Solo Musical Theatre
235 6:52PM The Talent Factory (AS) Royal Blue
Gabriella Weathers
Teen Solo Contemporary
236 6:55PM DanceSpaceStudios (AB) Black and Gold
Isabella Capuano
Teen Solo Jazz
237 6:58PM Hackworth School of Performing Arts (AG) The Jet Song
Corbin LaPlant
Teen Solo Tap
238 7:01PM Dance Unlimited LLC. (BF) You Aint No Friend Of Mine
India Little
Teen Solo Tap
239 7:04PM Alyson's School of Dance (AV) Valentino's memories
Lisana Quintiliani
Teen Solo Contemporary
240 7:07PM The Project at HTX (CG) Smile
Abigail Caudle
Teen Solo Contemporary
241 7:10PM Patti Eisenhauer Dance Center (AL) Both Sides Now Teen Duo/Trio Lyrical
242 7:13PM DanceWorks Movement Design (AC) Halo Teen Duo/Trio Lyrical
243 7:16PM High Steppin' Dance Academy (AH) The Cool Js Teen Duo/Trio Hip-Hop
244 7:19PM The Pulse Performing Arts Studio (AR) Escalate Teen Duo/Trio Specialty
245 7:22PM Patti Eisenhauer Dance Center (AL) Surrender Teen Duo/Trio Tap
246 7:25PM Rhythm Dance Company (BX) Ending Teen Duo/Trio Contemporary
247 7:28PM On Your Toes Dance & Theatre Company (AK) Unsteady Teen Duo/Trio Contemporary
248 7:31PM Performing Art Studio BE (BV) Some where only we know Teen Duo/Trio Lyrical
249 7:34PM Patti Eisenhauer Dance Center (AL) Escape Artist Teen Duo/Trio Contemporary
250 7:37PM The Dance Factory (AP) Until The Wind Is Gone Teen Duo/Trio Lyrical
251 7:40PM DANCE UNLIMITED (BD) I Believe Teen Duo/Trio Specialty
252 7:43PM DanceWorks Movement Design (AC) Wasted Love Teen Duo/Trio Contemporary
253 7:46PM Patti Eisenhauer Dance Center (AL) Wind Beneath My Wings Teen Duo/Trio Lyrical
254 7:49PM High Steppin' Dance Academy (AH) My Girl Teen Duo/Trio Specialty
255 7:52PM The Pulse Performing Arts Studio (AR) It Was Never Perfect Teen Duo/Trio Contemporary
256 7:55PM The Talent Factory (AS) Our Corner of the Universe Teen Duo/Trio Lyrical
257 7:58PM Patti Eisenhauer Dance Center (AL) Swans Teen Duo/Trio Contemporary
258 8:01PM Rosemary's School of Dance Education (AM) Anchor Teen Duo/Trio Contemporary
All Awards #132-258!!
259 8:14PM The Talent Factory (AS) Things Lost
Lauren Shanos
Senior Solo Contemporary
260 8:17PM Karla Pattavina's Dance Academy (AI) I'm Here
Emily McFarland
Senior Solo Contemporary
261 8:20PM Patti Eisenhauer Dance Center (AL) Remember Me
Sarah Finamore
Senior Solo Lyrical
262 8:23PM Seven Star School of Performing Arts (AN) All We Want Is Love
Amanda Ostuni
Senior Solo Lyrical
263 8:26PM Rosemary's School of Dance Education (AM) Old Days
Morgan Hall
Senior Solo Contemporary
264 8:29PM The Conservatory School for the Performing Arts (CP) Slice of Heaven
Claire O'Riordan
Senior Solo Jazz
265 8:32PM Studio 860 (CO) Number and Colder
Daniel Marinelli
Senior Solo Hip-Hop
266 8:35PM The Talent Factory (AS) ...and burn
Macie Johnson
Senior Solo Contemporary
267 8:38PM Westchester Dance Academy (AT) Over The Pond
Sophie Jivotovski
Senior Solo Contemporary
268 8:41PM Karla Pattavina's Dance Academy (AI) Undertow
Krystina DerBogosian
Senior Solo Lyrical
269 8:44PM The Dance Factory (AP) Complex Monster
Nicole Bronchuk
Senior Solo Contemporary
270 8:47PM New England Dance Academy (BS) Love in the Drak
Kaylee Purtell
Senior Solo Lyrical
271 8:50PM Studio 23 (CC) Water
MacKenzie Brodowsky
Senior Solo Contemporary
272 8:53PM Patti Eisenhauer Dance Center (AL) Bird Girl
Alanna Huling
Senior Solo Specialty
273 8:56PM The Talent Factory (AS) Moon Shines Red
Isabella Piccirilli
Senior Solo Lyrical
274 8:59PM The Pulse Performing Arts Studio (AR) Dangerous
Carolyn Wassem
Senior Solo Contemporary
275 9:02PM Seven Star School of Performing Arts (AN) Sweet Georgia Brown
Jillian McNamara
Senior Solo Tap
276 9:05PM Karla Pattavina's Dance Academy (AI) Leave It
Sophie Leveillie
Senior Solo Contemporary
277 9:08PM Rosemary's School of Dance Education (AM) Lovely.
Elisabeth Wales
Senior Solo Contemporary
278 9:11PM New England Dance and Gymnastics Centers (BU) Youth
Katelyn Andrade
Senior Solo Contemporary
279 9:14PM Westchester Dance Academy (AT) Passage
Emily Slater
Senior Solo Contemporary
280 9:17PM The Talent Factory (AS) Heartless
Gabrielle Santos
Senior Solo Contemporary
281 9:20PM High Steppin' Dance Academy (AH) Stuff Like That There
Kaitlyn Lockaby
Senior Solo Specialty
282 9:23PM Artistic Dance Conservatory (AX) Not Alone
Tatyana Gonzalez
Senior Solo Contemporary
283 9:26PM Patti Eisenhauer Dance Center (AL) Shindlers List
Samantha Robillard
Senior Solo Contemporary
284 9:29PM Karla Pattavina's Dance Academy (AI) With your Eyes
Alison Parent
Senior Solo Contemporary
285 9:32PM Rhythm Dance Company (BX) Seven Nation Army
Julianna Lino
Senior Solo Musical Theatre
286 9:35PM DanceSpaceStudios (AB) Fast Car
Caitlyn Lubo
Senior Solo Contemporary
287 9:38PM The Talent Factory (AS) Don't Forget Me
Fallon Walsh
Senior Solo Contemporary
288 9:41PM Seven Star School of Performing Arts (AN) Dance In My Heart
Mikhaela Ampeloquio
Senior Solo Tap
289 9:44PM Westchester Dance Academy (AT) Heaven Only Knows
Jenna Meilman
Senior Solo Contemporary
290 9:47PM Rosemary's School of Dance Education (AM) Helium
Sofia Lopresti
Senior Solo Contemporary
291 9:50PM The Dance Factory (AP) Translucent Minds
Madison Maiorano
Senior Solo Contemporary
292 9:53PM Karla Pattavina's Dance Academy (AI) Surrender
Marissa Fuccione
Senior Solo Lyrical
293 9:56PM Fusion 802 (BL) You Fear Me
Claire Montgomery
Senior Solo Contemporary
294 9:59PM The Talent Factory (AS) Unchained Melody
Tatum Wentworth
Senior Solo Contemporary
295 10:02PM Patti Eisenhauer Dance Center (AL) Capitalist Monster
Kaitlyn Auerbach
Senior Solo Contemporary
296 10:05PM McKeon Dance & Gymnastics Center (BO) Evening I'll Never Forget
Hannah Winship
Senior Solo Contemporary
297 10:08PM High Steppin' Dance Academy (AH) Prove It
Alan Mariotti
Senior Solo Hip-Hop
298 10:11PM For Dancers Only (BK) El Payande
Olivia Alboher
Senior Solo Contemporary
299 10:14PM Shooting Stars (CA) Now and Not Yet
Sydney Mays
Senior Solo Contemporary
300 10:17PM Karla Pattavina's Dance Academy (AI) Find You
Mandy Lucci
Senior Solo Lyrical
301 10:20PM The Talent Factory (AS) You Are A Memory
Ashley Cromack
Senior Solo Contemporary
302 10:23PM Crescendo Dance Academy (AZ) Beloved, Become, Betrayed
Clara Stark
Open Solo Lyrical
303 10:26PM Hackworth School of Performing Arts (AG) On Reflection
Amy Benedetto
Senior Solo Contemporary
304 10:29PM Karla Pattavina's Dance Academy (AI) Where It Stays
Gracie Hood
Senior Solo Lyrical
305 10:32PM companyONE (AA) Resolve
Sarah Keck
Senior Solo Contemporary
306 10:35PM DanceSpaceStudios (AB) Dancing on My Own
Alexandra Obrien
Senior Solo Contemporary
307 10:38PM Rosemary's School of Dance Education (AM) Deep End Senior Duo/Trio Contemporary
308 10:41PM The Talent Factory (AS) Come Through Senior Duo/Trio Hip-Hop
309 10:44PM Patti Eisenhauer Dance Center (AL) Unravel Senior Duo/Trio Specialty
310 10:47PM On Your Toes Dance & Theatre Company (AK) White Blood Senior Duo/Trio Contemporary
311 10:50PM Seven Star School of Performing Arts (AN) Ain't No Sunshine Senior Duo/Trio Tap
314 10:59PM The Talent Factory (AS) Heal Me Senior Duo/Trio Contemporary
316 11:05PM Karla Pattavina's Dance Academy (AI) I Remember Her Senior Duo/Trio Lyrical
317 11:08PM Patti Eisenhauer Dance Center (AL) For My Help Senior Duo/Trio Contemporary
318 11:11PM Rosemary's School of Dance Education (AM) You're Somebody Else Senior Duo/Trio Contemporary
319 11:14PM Seven Star School of Performing Arts (AN) This Is Not The End Senior Duo/Trio Contemporary
320 11:17PM Crescendo Dance Academy (AZ) Lost & Found Open Duo/Trio Contemporary
All Awards #259-320!!
Saturday, May 19th
# Time Studio Routine Age Division Category Perf. Division
321 3:00PM Westchester Dance Academy (AT) Can Can Mini Line Ballet
322 3:03PM Patti Eisenhauer Dance Center (AL) 99 Red Balloons JUMPstarts Group Lyrical
323 3:06PM The Talent Factory (AS) Dance With Me Tonight JUMPstarts Group Jazz
324 3:09PM High Steppin' Dance Academy (AH) Ninjas Mini Group Hip-Hop
325 3:12PM Defying Gravity School of Dance (AE) Groove Is In The Heart Mini Group Jazz
326 3:15PM Westchester Dance Academy (AT) No Roots Mini Group Jazz
327 3:18PM DanceWorks Movement Design (AC) Small World JUMPstarts Group Lyrical
328 3:22PM Patti Eisenhauer Dance Center (AL) Lullaby Of Broadway Mini Line Jazz
329 3:25PM Karla Pattavina's Dance Academy (AI) Home Mini Group Lyrical
330 3:28PM The Pulse Performing Arts Studio (AR) Girls Just Want Have Fun Mini Group Contemporary
331 3:31PM Westchester Dance Academy (AT) Soft Season Mini Line Lyrical
332 3:34PM The Talent Factory (AS) Kindness Goes A Long Way Mini Line Contemporary
333 3:37PM companyONE (AA) Journey Junior Group Contemporary
334 3:40PM Patti Eisenhauer Dance Center (AL) When You're Smiling Mini Extended Line Tap
335 3:44PM High Steppin' Dance Academy (AH) Bounce Mini Group Hip-Hop
336 3:47PM Westchester Dance Academy (AT) G. I. Jane Mini Line Jazz
337 3:50PM On Your Toes Dance & Theatre Company (AK) Enter Night Junior Group Contemporary
338 3:53PM Hackworth School of Performing Arts (AG) Easy Love Junior Group Tap
339 3:56PM Defying Gravity School of Dance (AE) Crazy Little Thing Called Love Junior Group Jazz
340 3:59PM Patti Eisenhauer Dance Center (AL) Suns Gone Dim Junior Group Contemporary
341 4:02PM Westchester Dance Academy (AT) Strength Through Solitude Mini Group Contemporary
342 4:05PM The Talent Factory (AS) Metamorphosis Junior Group Contemporary
343 4:08PM DanceWorks Movement Design (AC) Tell Me What's Cookin' JUMPstarts Group Jazz
344 4:11PM Rosemary's School of Dance Education (AM) Safe Junior Group Lyrical
345 4:14PM High Steppin' Dance Academy (AH) What A Feeling Mini Group Lyrical
346 4:17PM Westchester Dance Academy (AT) Virtuoso Mini Group Ballet
347 4:20PM Patti Eisenhauer Dance Center (AL) Ave Maria Mini Group Lyrical
348 4:23PM Karla Pattavina's Dance Academy (AI) Material Girl Junior Group Jazz
349 4:26PM The Pulse Performing Arts Studio (AR) Let's Go Fly a Kite Mini Group Ballet
350 4:29PM The Talent Factory (AS) Darkness in the Light Mini Group Contemporary
351 4:32PM Westchester Dance Academy (AT) In The End Mini Group Lyrical
352 4:35PM Patti Eisenhauer Dance Center (AL) Man Of La Mancha Junior Line Jazz
353 4:38PM Defying Gravity School of Dance (AE) Purple Rain Junior Group Lyrical
354 4:41PM High Steppin' Dance Academy (AH) Grease Mini Line Musical Theatre
355 4:44PM Westchester Dance Academy (AT) Renewal Junior Extended Line Lyrical
356 4:47PM DanceWorks Movement Design (AC) The Red Balloon Junior Group Lyrical
357 4:50PM The Talent Factory (AS) Epic Junior Line Contemporary
358 4:53PM Patti Eisenhauer Dance Center (AL) North Junior Extended Line Lyrical
359 4:57PM Westchester Dance Academy (AT) When I Was Young Junior Group Jazz
360 5:00PM companyONE (AA) Guess Who's Back Junior Group Jazz
361 5:03PM The Talent Factory (AS) Matters Junior Line Jazz
362 5:06PM Patti Eisenhauer Dance Center (AL) Bubbles Junior Extended Line Tap
363 5:10PM Westchester Dance Academy (AT) Broken Sorrow Junior Group Ballet
364 5:13PM High Steppin' Dance Academy (AH) Battlefield Junior Group Lyrical
365 5:16PM Defying Gravity School of Dance (AE) Big Spender Junior Extended Line Jazz
366 5:20PM Karla Pattavina's Dance Academy (AI) Time After Time Junior Group Lyrical
367 5:23PM Westchester Dance Academy (AT) Sky's Gone Dim Junior Group Lyrical
368 5:27PM Patti Eisenhauer Dance Center (AL) Everyone Want's To Rule Junior Production Jazz
369 5:32PM DanceWorks Movement Design (AC) Small Leaf Junior Group Contemporary
370 5:35PM The Pulse Performing Arts Studio (AR) Run Boy Run Junior Group Specialty
371 5:38PM The Talent Factory (AS) Came Here For Love Junior Line Jazz
372 5:41PM Westchester Dance Academy (AT) Heads Up Junior Extended Line Jazz
373 5:45PM High Steppin' Dance Academy (AH) Vampires Junior Extended Line Specialty
374 5:49PM Patti Eisenhauer Dance Center (AL) Light Junior Production Contemporary
All Awards #321-374!!
375 6:24PM Patti Eisenhauer Dance Center (AL) Ants Marching Teen Group Tap
376 6:27PM Westchester Dance Academy (AT) Surviving Teen Line Lyrical
377 6:30PM companyONE (AA) Wonka Teen Group Jazz
378 6:33PM The Talent Factory (AS) Basket Case Teen Group Hip-Hop
379 6:36PM On Your Toes Dance & Theatre Company (AK) Bad Girls Teen Group Hip-Hop
380 6:39PM High Steppin' Dance Academy (AH) Inhuman Teen Group Hip-Hop
381 6:42PM Patti Eisenhauer Dance Center (AL) Iron Teen Group Jazz
382 6:45PM DanceWorks Movement Design (AC) Flight of The Pterodactyl Teen Group Specialty
383 6:48PM Defying Gravity School of Dance (AE) Business Of Love Teen Group Jazz
384 6:51PM Westchester Dance Academy (AT) Don't Go Teen Group Contemporary
385 6:54PM The Dance Factory (AP) The Other Side Teen Group Lyrical
386 6:57PM companyONE (AA) Between the Lines Teen Group Ballet
387 7:00PM Patti Eisenhauer Dance Center (AL) Hope Teen Group Contemporary
388 7:03PM The Talent Factory (AS) Heaven I Know Teen Group Lyrical
389 7:06PM The Pulse Performing Arts Studio (AR) The Grid Teen Group Ballet
390 7:09PM On Your Toes Dance & Theatre Company (AK) To This Day Teen Group Contemporary
391 7:12PM Rosemary's School of Dance Education (AM) Everything is Lost Teen Group Contemporary
392 7:15PM Westchester Dance Academy (AT) No Witness Senior Line Specialty
393 7:18PM Patti Eisenhauer Dance Center (AL) Collapse Senior Group Contemporary
394 7:21PM High Steppin' Dance Academy (AH) One Moment In Time Teen Group Specialty
395 7:24PM companyONE (AA) Mercy Teen Group Contemporary
396 7:27PM DanceWorks Movement Design (AC) A Million Dreams Teen Extended Line Contemporary
397 7:30PM The Conservatory School for the Performing Arts (CP) Bottom of the River Teen Group Specialty
398 7:33PM The Talent Factory (AS) Half Life Senior Group Contemporary
399 7:36PM Patti Eisenhauer Dance Center (AL) The Storm Teen Line Ballet
400 7:39PM Westchester Dance Academy (AT) Faded Memories Teen Group Lyrical
401 7:42PM On Your Toes Dance & Theatre Company (AK) Amanda's Story Teen Group Contemporary
402 7:45PM Defying Gravity School of Dance (AE) My Discarded Men Teen Group Jazz
403 7:48PM companyONE (AA) Metamorphosis Teen Line Specialty
404 7:52PM Patti Eisenhauer Dance Center (AL) Feel It Still Teen Line Jazz
405 7:55PM The Dance Factory (AP) How Will I Know? Teen Group Jazz
406 7:58PM High Steppin' Dance Academy (AH) All Coming Back To Me Teen Group Lyrical
407 8:01PM Westchester Dance Academy (AT) Heard Not Heard Teen Group Specialty
408 8:04PM The Talent Factory (AS) Mi Confesion Senior Group Jazz
409 8:07PM Patti Eisenhauer Dance Center (AL) Sorrow Teen Line Lyrical
410 8:10PM DanceWorks Movement Design (AC) Hypnosis Teen Group Contemporary
411 8:13PM On Your Toes Dance & Theatre Company (AK) I'll Think About You Senior Group Lyrical
412 8:16PM companyONE (AA) The Knife Teen Line Musical Theatre
413 8:19PM Westchester Dance Academy (AT) A-Flat Teen Group Ballet
414 8:23PM Patti Eisenhauer Dance Center (AL) Late Again Teen Extended Line Specialty
415 8:27PM Defying Gravity School of Dance (AE) My Legs Are Weak Teen Group Contemporary
416 8:30PM The Talent Factory (AS) Looking Too Closely Senior Group Lyrical
417 8:33PM High Steppin' Dance Academy (AH) Grimey Senior Group Contemporary
418 8:36PM companyONE (AA) Hopeless Teen Line Contemporary
419 8:39PM Patti Eisenhauer Dance Center (AL) Awake My Soul Senior Extended Line Contemporary
420 8:43PM Westchester Dance Academy (AT) Fix You Teen Line Contemporary
421 8:46PM On Your Toes Dance & Theatre Company (AK) Gorilla Teen Line Specialty
422 8:49PM The Conservatory School for the Performing Arts (CP) Confusing Happiness Teen Group Contemporary
423 8:52PM The Dance Factory (AP) Finding Forgiveness Teen Group Lyrical
424 8:55PM The Pulse Performing Arts Studio (AR) Midnight Teen Group Contemporary
425 8:58PM Patti Eisenhauer Dance Center (AL) Mack The Knife Teen Production Jazz
426 9:03PM The Talent Factory (AS) Drift Teen Line Contemporary
427 9:06PM companyONE (AA) Superstition Teen Line Tap
428 9:09PM Westchester Dance Academy (AT) With This Love Senior Group Lyrical
429 9:12PM High Steppin' Dance Academy (AH) Hairspray Teen Extended Line Musical Theatre
430 9:16PM Patti Eisenhauer Dance Center (AL) The Architect Teen Production Specialty
431 9:21PM Defying Gravity School of Dance (AE) Change Is Everything Teen Line Contemporary
432 9:24PM On Your Toes Dance & Theatre Company (AK) My Mother's Love Teen Line Contemporary
433 9:27PM Rosemary's School of Dance Education (AM) That's Life Teen Group Jazz
434 9:30PM DanceWorks Movement Design (AC) Fall and Recover Teen Line Contemporary
435 9:33PM Patti Eisenhauer Dance Center (AL) Freedom Teen Production Tap
436 9:38PM Westchester Dance Academy (AT) Put It Down Senior Line Jazz
437 9:41PM companyONE (AA) Game Over Teen Line Hip-Hop
438 9:44PM The Talent Factory (AS) Corners of the Earth Teen Line Contemporary
439 9:47PM Patti Eisenhauer Dance Center (AL) The Adventure Teen Production Contemporary
440 9:52PM High Steppin' Dance Academy (AH) The MoB Teen Production Hip-Hop
441 9:57PM The Dance Factory (AP) Natural Woman Teen Line Lyrical
442 10:01PM On Your Toes Dance & Theatre Company (AK) Bring On The Men Teen Line Musical Theatre
443 10:05PM Defying Gravity School of Dance (AE) Smooth Criminal Teen Extended Line Ballet
444 10:09PM Patti Eisenhauer Dance Center (AL) Time Teen Production Contemporary
445 10:14PM companyONE (AA) The Moment Teen Extended Line Hip-Hop
446 10:19PM DanceWorks Movement Design (AC) Waving Through A Window Teen Group Musical Theatre
447 10:24PM The Talent Factory (AS) Doomed Teen Extended Line Contemporary
448 10:28PM Westchester Dance Academy (AT) Staccato Teen Production Ballet
449 10:33PM Patti Eisenhauer Dance Center (AL) Coming Home Teen Production Lyrical
All Awards #375-449!!


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