Competition Schedule

Provo March 22-24, 2018

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Thursday, March 22nd
# Time Studio Routine Age Division Category Perf. Division
1 4:00PM Club Dance Studio (AE) Blind Love
Maia Rogers
Teen Solo Contemporary
2 4:03PM The Winner School (AL) Sound and Color
Lillian Ivory
Teen Solo Contemporary
3 4:06PM Center Stage Performing Arts Studio (AD) New Dialogue
Makeila Lawrence
Teen Solo Contemporary
4 4:09PM Dye'n 2 Dance (AH) I Will Follow You
Chloey Laws
Teen Solo Lyrical
5 4:12PM Bunker Dance Center (AC) Lay Me down
Katie Harris
Teen Solo Contemporary
6 4:15PM Club Dance Studio (AE) Sparrow
Breanne Ng
Teen Solo Contemporary
7 4:18PM American Expression of Dance (AA) Cosmic Love
Abby Sohm
Teen Solo Contemporary
8 4:21PM Aspire Dance Academy (AM) Wind Within
Julia Dall
Teen Solo Specialty
9 4:24PM Expressions School of Performing Arts (AI) Clay
Emma Jillson
Teen Solo Lyrical
10 4:27PM Club Dance Studio (AE) Undertow
Kaya Walsh
Teen Solo Contemporary
11 4:30PM The Winner School (AL) Living In A Memory
Charley Osterberg
Teen Solo Contemporary
12 4:33PM Center Stage Performing Arts Studio (AD) Wouldn't Be Love
Addie Brems
Teen Solo Contemporary
13 4:36PM Dye'n 2 Dance (AH) Sort Of
Preslee Lamb
Teen Solo Lyrical
14 4:39PM Utah Dance Artists (BA) Sonata
Nyah Arne
Teen Solo Contemporary
15 4:42PM Club Dance Studio (AE) Free Your Mind
Mia Wilson
Teen Solo Jazz
16 4:45PM Bunker Dance Center (AC) Unknown
Haley Simmons
Teen Solo Contemporary
17 4:48PM Boise Dance Alliance (AB) Still
Connor Morrison
Teen Solo Contemporary
18 4:51PM American Expression of Dance (AA) Stranger
Grace Woolley
Teen Solo Jazz
19 4:54PM Utah Artists School of Ballet (AZ) Be Still
Annika Gilson
Teen Solo Contemporary
20 4:57PM Club Dance Studio (AE) Everybody's Son
Sidney Hopkins
Teen Solo Contemporary
21 5:00PM The Winner School (AL) I Fear
Brooklin Hunsaker
Teen Solo Contemporary
22 5:03PM Center Stage Performing Arts Studio (AD) A Song For Europa
Kambree Guest
Teen Solo Contemporary
23 5:06PM Dye'n 2 Dance (AH) The Fall
Lexus Henley
Teen Solo Contemporary
24 5:09PM Creative Arts Academy (AF) Body Gold
Daisia Sanders
Teen Solo Contemporary
25 5:12PM Club Dance Studio (AE) Ocean Eyes
Aspen Lynch
Teen Solo Contemporary
26 5:15PM Thompson Lane (AW) Rain Dance
Kelle Zucker
Teen Solo Jazz
27 5:18PM Bunker Dance Center (AC) Reminiscence
Brooke Biafore
Teen Solo Contemporary
28 5:21PM Kinetic Arts Dance Studio (AT) Half Light
Vivi Vaughn
Teen Solo Contemporary
29 5:24PM Aspire Dance Academy (AM) Pippa's Theme
Brynnley Huntsman
Teen Solo Contemporary
30 5:27PM Club Dance Studio (AE) Wide Open
Sophia Benyamin
Teen Solo Contemporary
31 5:30PM The Winner School (AL) Glorious Moment
Corinne Simao
Teen Solo Contemporary
32 5:33PM Center Stage Performing Arts Studio (AD) Human
Taylee Hunter
Teen Solo Contemporary
33 5:36PM Dye'n 2 Dance (AH) Fix You
Jade Garner
Teen Solo Lyrical
34 5:39PM American Expression of Dance (AA) Human
Paris Rasmussen
Teen Solo Contemporary
35 5:42PM Club Dance Studio (AE) Could
Taylor Knab
Teen Solo Contemporary
36 5:45PM Expressions School of Performing Arts (AI) Freedom From Darkness
Sara Thoreson
Teen Solo Contemporary
37 5:48PM LiveWire Tumbling and Dance (AJ) Lose Contol
Hailee Dalton
Teen Solo Hip-Hop
38 5:51PM Bunker Dance Center (AC) Liour
Aubree Remmel
Teen Solo Contemporary
39 5:54PM Pacific Arts Dance Center (AU) At Last
Sydney Long
Teen Solo Lyrical
40 5:57PM Club Dance Studio (AE) Bitter End
Chloe Davis
Teen Solo Contemporary
41 6:00PM The Winner School (AL) Runaway
Emily Broadbent
Teen Solo Contemporary
42 6:03PM Center Stage Performing Arts Studio (AD) So Far
Abby Werner
Teen Solo Contemporary
43 6:06PM Dye'n 2 Dance (AH) Woolf and Plath
Kinly Panas
Teen Solo Contemporary
44 6:09PM Creative Arts Academy (AF) Origins
Nick Heiner
Teen Solo Contemporary
45 6:12PM Club Dance Studio (AE) Caged
Ava Check
Teen Solo Contemporary
46 6:15PM American Expression of Dance (AA) Controlled
Madeline Chambers
Teen Solo Contemporary
47 6:18PM Bunker Dance Center (AC) If I Were a Boy
Kiely Wonders
Teen Solo Tap
48 6:21PM Club Dance Studio (AE) Touch
Bostyn Brown
Teen Solo Specialty
49 6:24PM The Winner School (AL) Green Grass
Taylor Smith
Teen Solo Contemporary
50 6:27PM Center Stage Performing Arts Studio (AD) Enough of Our Machines
Kate Spencer
Teen Solo Contemporary
51 6:30PM Dye'n 2 Dance (AH) Feel The Fire
Jaylie Michaelson
Teen Solo Lyrical
52 6:33PM Aspire Dance Academy (AM) TBA
Camry Blackhurst
Teen Solo Contemporary
53 6:36PM Club Dance Studio (AE) Lost In Thought
Mariah Porter
Teen Solo Contemporary
54 6:39PM Utah Dance Artists (BA) Pieces
Denzyl Vigil
Teen Solo Contemporary
55 6:42PM American Expression of Dance (AA) Oracle
Abby Gray
Teen Solo Contemporary
56 6:45PM Club Dance Studio (AE) Earnestly Yours
Hailey Jimenez
Teen Solo Contemporary
57 6:48PM The Winner School (AL) You'll Be Fine
Madison Pedersen
Teen Solo Contemporary
59 6:54PM Dye'n 2 Dance (AH) By the River
Mykkah Berg
Teen Solo Contemporary
60 6:57PM Bunker Dance Center (AC) Release Me
Giana Onofre
Teen Solo Lyrical
61 7:00PM Club Dance Studio (AE) Inside Out
Jenna Valenzuela
Teen Solo Contemporary
62 7:03PM Creative Arts Academy (AF) Cry Me A River
Natalia Jensen
Teen Solo Contemporary
63 7:06PM Expressions School of Performing Arts (AI) Goodbye Yellow Brick Road
Billie Inman
Teen Solo Contemporary
64 7:09PM Club Dance Studio (AE) When I Go
Tatiana Savedra
Teen Solo Lyrical
65 7:12PM The Winner School (AL) Million Dollar Secret
Emily Marsh
Teen Solo Contemporary
66 7:15PM Center Stage Performing Arts Studio (AD) Nerve Leak
Carter Williams
Teen Solo Contemporary
67 7:18PM Dye'n 2 Dance (AH) Innocent Love
Oakley Barney
Teen Solo Lyrical
68 7:21PM Creative Arts Academy (AF) ArtOfficial Intelligence
Ella Horan
Teen Solo Contemporary
69 7:24PM American Expression of Dance (AA) Play that Sax
Grace Mead
Teen Solo Jazz
70 7:27PM Club Dance Studio (AE) Grounded
Marley Heath
Teen Solo Contemporary
71 7:30PM Bunker Dance Center (AC) Echo in the Dark
Janiye Burnett
Teen Solo Contemporary
72 7:33PM Aspire Dance Academy (AM) I Hear Music
Lily Hammons
Teen Solo Specialty
72.a 7:34PM Creative Arts Academy (AF) Last Drop
Hailee Andrew
Teen Solo Contemporary
73 7:36PM Club Dance Studio (AE) Split Second
Aubrey Feuerstein
Teen Solo Contemporary
74 7:39PM The Winner School (AL) Breathe
Jenna Villar
Teen Solo Contemporary
75 7:42PM Center Stage Performing Arts Studio (AD) Unspoken
Abby Dayton
Teen Solo Contemporary
76 7:45PM Dye'n 2 Dance (AH) Sinking
Evee Jessen
Teen Solo Contemporary
77 7:48PM Creative Arts Academy (AF) Disconnected
Grace Seljestad
Teen Solo Contemporary
78 7:51PM American Expression of Dance (AA) Game, Set, Match
Paige Rasmussen
Teen Solo Hip-Hop
79 7:54PM Bunker Dance Center (AC) Chipped Crystal
Nate Milledge
Teen Solo Contemporary
80 7:57PM The Winner School (AL) Until We go Down
Jocelyn Jackson
Teen Solo Contemporary
81 8:00PM Expressions School of Performing Arts (AI) Mambo Fever Teen Duo/Trio Jazz
82 8:03PM American Expression of Dance (AA) Riddim Teen Duo/Trio Hip-Hop
83 8:06PM Center Stage Performing Arts Studio (AD) Backing Down Teen Duo/Trio Contemporary
84 8:09PM The Winner School (AL) I Am Teen Duo/Trio Contemporary
85 8:12PM Expressions School of Performing Arts (AI) Mute Teen Duo/Trio Contemporary
85.a 8:13PM Center Stage Performing Arts Studio (AD) One Match Teen Duo/Trio Contemporary
86 8:15PM Bunker Dance Center (AC) Passages Teen Duo/Trio Contemporary
87 8:18PM American Expression of Dance (AA) Hunting Happiness Teen Duo/Trio Contemporary
88 8:21PM Center Stage Performing Arts Studio (AD) It's On Me Teen Duo/Trio Contemporary
89 8:24PM Expressions School of Performing Arts (AI) Tous Le Memes Teen Duo/Trio Contemporary
All Awards #1-89!!
90 8:47PM Bunker Dance Center (AC) In Stillness
Lexi Stagg
Senior Solo Contemporary
91 8:50PM Center Stage Performing Arts Studio (AD) Soon This Place Will Be Too Small
Alexis Warr
Senior Solo Contemporary
92 8:53PM Club Dance Studio (AE) Comes In Waves
Sarah Reasons
Senior Solo Contemporary
93 8:56PM Expressions School of Performing Arts (AI) Break Free
Jasmine Inman
Senior Solo Contemporary
94 8:59PM Bunker Dance Center (AC) The Red Violin
Alyssa Johnson
Senior Solo Contemporary
95 9:02PM The Winner School (AL) A Quiet Existence
Ella Hathaway
Senior Solo Contemporary
96 9:05PM The Dance Club (AK) Rain Dance
Ali Deucher
Senior Solo Contemporary
97 9:08PM Boise Dance Alliance (AB) Turn Back the Clocks
Hannah Johnson
Senior Solo Contemporary
98 9:11PM Bunker Dance Center (AC) Dipped
Rebecca Lee
Senior Solo Contemporary
99 9:14PM Center Stage Performing Arts Studio (AD) Down n' Out
Jaxon Willard
Senior Solo Contemporary
100 9:17PM Club Dance Studio (AE) In My Body
Madeline Wood
Senior Solo Specialty
101 9:20PM Danceology Studio (AN) It's Who I Am
Ella Bellis
Senior Solo Contemporary
102 9:23PM Bunker Dance Center (AC) Standing On
Rilee Nyborg
Senior Solo Specialty
103 9:26PM Expressions School of Performing Arts (AI) Faith
Evelyn Peterson
Senior Solo Tap
104 9:29PM Davis Dance Academy (AO) Not This One
Spencer Stringham
Senior Solo Contemporary
105 9:32PM Creative Arts Academy (AF) Anthem
Elise Monson
Senior Solo Contemporary
106 9:35PM Bunker Dance Center (AC) Sacred Journey
Olivia LaBruzzo
Senior Solo Contemporary
107 9:38PM Center Stage Performing Arts Studio (AD) Tiger's Bride
Jamie Bacon
Senior Solo Contemporary
108 9:41PM Club Dance Studio (AE) Heartless
Isabelle Boyer
Senior Solo Contemporary
109 9:44PM The Winner School (AL) The End
Hannah Henderson
Senior Solo Contemporary
110 9:47PM Bunker Dance Center (AC) La Naissance
Kaitlyn Herbert
Senior Solo Contemporary
111 9:50PM Thompson Lane (AX) Golddigger
Julia Ma
Senior Solo Jazz
112 9:53PM Expressions School of Performing Arts (AI) All That's Left
Arianna Lema
Senior Solo Contemporary
113 9:56PM Westside Dance Project (BB) TBD
Macy Smith
Senior Solo Contemporary
114 9:59PM Bunker Dance Center (AC) Tears in Color
Gerianna LoTempio
Senior Solo Contemporary
115 10:02PM Center Stage Performing Arts Studio (AD) Drowning
Ezra Sosa
Senior Solo Contemporary
116 10:05PM Club Dance Studio (AE) Too Loud
Cienne Bethea
Senior Solo Contemporary
117 10:08PM American Expression of Dance (AA) Hunger of the Pine
Lizzie Harrison
Senior Solo Contemporary
118 10:11PM Bunker Dance Center (AC) Interstice
Natalie Garban
Senior Solo Contemporary
119 10:14PM The Winner School (AL) Grief Point
Mia Harris
Senior Solo Contemporary
120 10:17PM Expressions School of Performing Arts (AI) Mi Confesion
Dennie Thorpe
Senior Solo Jazz
121 10:20PM Bunker Dance Center (AC) The Glass Heart
Emma Welter
Senior Solo Contemporary
122 10:23PM Center Stage Performing Arts Studio (AD) Drown the Lovers
Cassidy Forsyth
Senior Solo Contemporary
123 10:26PM Bunker Dance Center (AC) Sonnet
Peyton Bengtson
Senior Solo Specialty
124 10:29PM Club Dance Studio (AE) Synesthesia
Brinley Harris
Senior Solo Contemporary
125 10:32PM The Winner School (AL) Running With Shadows
Halle Shaw
Senior Solo Contemporary
126 10:35PM Bunker Dance Center (AC) Beneath the Drift
Angelina Cabrera
Senior Solo Specialty
127 10:38PM Center Stage Performing Arts Studio (AD) Words
Jaidyn Harrington
Senior Solo Contemporary
128 10:41PM Club Dance Studio (AE) Temporary
Kamilla Johnson
Senior Solo Contemporary
129 10:44PM Expressions School of Performing Arts (AI) The Storm
Kiana Thoreson
Senior Solo Contemporary
130 10:47PM Bunker Dance Center (AC) Love Streams
Dakota Merritt
Senior Solo Contemporary
131 10:50PM Center Stage Performing Arts Studio (AD) Alegria
Stephanie Sosa
Senior Solo Contemporary
132 10:53PM The Dance Club (AK) This Is Me
Zoe Watts
Senior Solo Contemporary
133 10:56PM Bunker Dance Center (AC) This Bitter Earth
Brianna Taylor
Senior Solo Lyrical
134 10:59PM Center Stage Performing Arts Studio (AD) Cruel Love Senior Duo/Trio Contemporary
135 11:02PM The Winner School (AL) Three Short Stories Senior Duo/Trio Contemporary
136 11:05PM Expressions School of Performing Arts (AI) Stand By Me Open Duo/Trio Lyrical
All Awards #90-136!!
Friday, March 23rd
# Time Studio Routine Age Division Category Perf. Division
137 7:00AM Center Stage Performing Arts Studio (AD) Imagine
Payton Harrison
JUMPstarts Solo Lyrical
138 7:03AM Dye'n 2 Dance (AH) In These Shoes
Josie Sheilds
JUMPstarts Solo Jazz
139 7:06AM Dye'n 2 Dance (AH) I Enjoy Being A Girl
Kendyl Miller
JUMPstarts Solo Musical Theatre
140 7:09AM Dye'n 2 Dance (AH) Like To Fuss
Tatum Bird
JUMPstarts Solo Musical Theatre
141 7:12AM Center Stage Performing Arts Studio (AD) Dare You
Sylvia Foote
JUMPstarts Solo Lyrical
142 7:15AM Dye'n 2 Dance (AH) Beautiful Like Me
PaizLee Ruud
JUMPstarts Solo Musical Theatre
143 7:18AM Tumbling Connection (AY) Laughed
Ali Jaramillo
JUMPstarts Solo Jazz
144 7:21AM Dye'n 2 Dance (AH) East
ZoLei Walker
JUMPstarts Solo Contemporary
145 7:24AM Elite Academy (AQ) Somewhere Over the Rainbow
Danika Pitcher
JUMPstarts Solo Lyrical
146 7:27AM Dye'n 2 Dance (AH) I'm Going Bananas
Jilli Nyberg
JUMPstarts Solo Musical Theatre
147 7:30AM Danceology (AG) Big Noise
Reegan Francis
JUMPstarts Solo Tap
148 7:33AM Dye'n 2 Dance (AH) Light The Sky
Whitley Nyberg
JUMPstarts Solo Lyrical
149 7:36AM Center Stage Performing Arts Studio (AD) Numb
Ceilidh McSeveney
Mini Solo Contemporary
150 7:39AM The Dance Club (AK) Set Sail
Shaylee Morby
Mini Solo Lyrical
152 7:45AM Center Stage Performing Arts Studio (AD) You There
Mya Tuaileva
Mini Solo Contemporary
153 7:48AM American Expression of Dance (AA) Lovely
Bella Brigance
Mini Solo Lyrical
154 7:51AM Dye'n 2 Dance (AH) Life of the Party
Danyelle Shields
Mini Solo Lyrical
155 7:54AM Creative Arts Academy (AF) Holding Space
Rainee Allred
Mini Solo Contemporary
156 7:57AM Center Stage Performing Arts Studio (AD) Could Be Anything
Taylor Harrison
Mini Solo Contemporary
157 8:00AM Center Stage Performing Arts Studio (AD) Bang Bang
Natasha Foote
Mini Solo Contemporary
158 8:03AM Creative Arts Academy (AF) Still
Ava Lawson
Mini Solo Contemporary
159 8:06AM Bunker Dance Center (AC) The Beauty Inside
Kate Summerhays
Mini Solo Contemporary
160 8:09AM Center Stage Performing Arts Studio (AD) Smooth Criminal
Seren Carter
Mini Solo Tap
161 8:12AM Elite Academy (AR) Problem
Lily Austin
Mini Solo Jazz
162 8:15AM Center Stage Performing Arts Studio (AD) The Way
Stella Condie
Mini Solo Contemporary
163 8:18AM Dye'n 2 Dance (AH) Sea of Love
Opal Henley
Mini Solo Lyrical
164 8:21AM American Expression of Dance (AA) Ringmaster
Katie Johnson
Mini Solo Contemporary
165 8:24AM Center Stage Performing Arts Studio (AD) Ghost In The Wind
Ellery Deshler
Mini Solo Lyrical
166 8:27AM Dye'n 2 Dance (AH) Open My Eyes
Chazlynn Michaelson
Mini Solo Lyrical
167 8:30AM Danceology (AG) The Lady is A Tramp
Audrey Francis
Mini Solo Tap
168 8:33AM Center Stage Performing Arts Studio (AD) Faded
Taytem Adams
Mini Solo Contemporary
169 8:36AM Dye'n 2 Dance (AH) Like You
Halle Arrive-Tapoof
Mini Solo Contemporary
170 8:39AM Center Stage Performing Arts Studio (AD) Shakin' The Blues Away
Bosco Wong
Mini Solo Jazz
171 8:42AM Dye'n 2 Dance (AH) Winter Song
Khloee Freston
Mini Solo Lyrical
172 8:45AM Creative Arts Academy (AF) Erla's Waltz
Olivia Leavitt
Mini Solo Contemporary
173 8:48AM Club Dance Studio (AE) Arch Angel
Rachel Loiselle
Mini Solo Contemporary
174 8:51AM Center Stage Performing Arts Studio (AD) Rain
Kamri Peterson
Mini Solo Contemporary
175 8:54AM Dye'n 2 Dance (AH) Ruby Blue
PaisLee Richards
Mini Solo Jazz
176 8:57AM Center Stage Performing Arts Studio (AD) Safe and Sound
Isabella Foote
Mini Solo Contemporary
177 9:00AM Dye'n 2 Dance (AH) Blood Flow
Journey Dye
Mini Solo Contemporary
178 9:03AM Center Stage Performing Arts Studio (AD) You Are Goodbye
Aubrey Alomia
Mini Solo Contemporary
179 9:06AM Dye'n 2 Dance (AH) Mambo Italiano
Micaela Allred
Mini Solo Musical Theatre
180 9:09AM Center Stage Performing Arts Studio (AD) What If Love
Elle DeVore
Mini Solo Contemporary
181 9:12AM Dye'n 2 Dance (AH) You Are My Sunshine
Addy Nyberg
Mini Solo Lyrical
182 9:15AM The Winner School (AL) Bang Bang
Indy Benson
Mini Solo Contemporary
183 9:18AM Center Stage Performing Arts Studio (AD) Requim From A Dream
Sara Boyd
Mini Solo Contemporary
184 9:21AM Dye'n 2 Dance (AH) Claudia
Peyton Barney
Mini Solo Lyrical
185 9:24AM Center Stage Performing Arts Studio (AD) Other Side
Ava Spencer
Mini Solo Contemporary
186 9:27AM Dye'n 2 Dance (AH) So Much More Than This
Mckaydee Ruud
Mini Solo Specialty
187 9:30AM American Expression of Dance (AA) Metamorphosis
Samantha Robison
Mini Solo Contemporary
188 9:33AM Center Stage Performing Arts Studio (AD) Breathe
Anna Hendershot
Mini Solo Contemporary
189 9:36AM Dye'n 2 Dance (AH) Roxie Hart
Cecilia Lamb
Mini Solo Musical Theatre
190 9:39AM Danceology (AG) Business of Love
Abbi Francis
Mini Solo Tap
191 9:42AM Dye'n 2 Dance (AH) Deep
Isabella Jessen
Mini Solo Specialty
192 9:45AM Danceology (AG) Resonance
Brooke Toro
Mini Solo Contemporary
193 9:48AM Creative Arts Academy (AF) Find a Place
Harley Burbach
Mini Solo Contemporary
194 9:51AM Center Stage Performing Arts Studio (AD) In the Silence Mini Duo/Trio Lyrical
195 9:54AM Center Stage Performing Arts Studio (AD) New York, New York Mini Duo/Trio Musical Theatre
196 9:57AM Dye'n 2 Dance (AH) Ain't Your Momma JUMPstarts Duo/Trio Jazz
197 10:00AM The Winner School (AL) Carry You Mini Duo/Trio Contemporary
198 10:03AM Center Stage Performing Arts Studio (AD) All In My Mind Mini Duo/Trio Contemporary
199 10:06AM Center Stage Performing Arts Studio (AD) A Midsummer's Flight JUMPstarts Duo/Trio Lyrical
200 10:09AM Dye'n 2 Dance (AH) Tip Toe Through The Tulips JUMPstarts Duo/Trio Specialty
201 10:12AM Dye'n 2 Dance (AH) Bell, Book, and a Candle JUMPstarts Duo/Trio Lyrical
All Awards #137-201!!
204 10:41AM Center Stage Performing Arts Studio (AD) Requiem For a Dream
Kate Deshler
Junior Solo Contemporary
205 10:44AM American Expression of Dance (AA) Paper Thin
Brinklee Richards
Junior Solo Contemporary
206 10:47AM Creative Arts Academy (AF) Metamorphisis
Mia Peterson
Junior Solo Contemporary
207 10:50AM Club Dance Studio (AE) To The Last
Madison Levato-Demar
Junior Solo Contemporary
208 10:53AM The Winner School (AL) Your Shirt
Ella Schorlemmer
Junior Solo Contemporary
209 10:56AM Dye'n 2 Dance (AH) Even Now
Zoey Barney
Junior Solo Contemporary
210 10:59AM Bunker Dance Center (AC) Croquet
Presley Mendenhall
Junior Solo Specialty
211 11:02AM Center Stage Performing Arts Studio (AD) Keep Me Sane
Chayse DeVore
Junior Solo Contemporary
212 11:05AM American Expression of Dance (AA) I Am
Hailey Love
Junior Solo Contemporary
213 11:08AM The Dance Club (AK) Unstoppable
Adalynn Dalton
Junior Solo Specialty
214 11:11AM Creative Arts Academy (AF) Give Me More
Allie Andrew
Junior Solo Contemporary
215 11:14AM Club Dance Studio (AE) In Memory
Addison Hart
Junior Solo Contemporary
216 11:17AM LiveWire Tumbling and Dance (AJ) Digital
Aiden Dalton
Junior Solo Hip-Hop
217 11:20AM Center Stage Performing Arts Studio (AD) Awake My Soul
Jackson Stillman
Junior Solo Contemporary
218 11:23AM American Expression of Dance (AA) Escalate
Sarah Knowlton
Junior Solo Contemporary
219 11:26AM The Winner School (AL) Bloodflows
Brynlee Smith
Junior Solo Contemporary
220 11:29AM Dye'n 2 Dance (AH) Lifetime
Antheeona Appawoo
Junior Solo Contemporary
221 11:32AM Creative Arts Academy (AF) Waking Dream
Gabriella Jensen
Junior Solo Contemporary
222 11:35AM Club Dance Studio (AE) We Too Shall Rest
Vanessa Valenzuela
Junior Solo Contemporary
223 11:38AM Bunker Dance Center (AC) Snowing
Mia Leyva
Junior Solo Contemporary
224 11:41AM Center Stage Performing Arts Studio (AD) We Were Sparkling
Zoe Ridge
Junior Solo Contemporary
225 11:44AM American Expression of Dance (AA) Time
Samantha Harkness
Junior Solo Contemporary
226 11:47AM The Pointe PAC (AV) Turns You Into Stone
Sydney Orr
Junior Solo Lyrical
227 11:50AM Elite Academy (AS) Buzz
Lauren Rentmeister
Junior Solo Jazz
228 11:53AM The Dance Club (AK) Count To Ten
Hadley Hagen
Junior Solo Jazz
229 11:56AM Creative Arts Academy (AF) Ikigai
Ginny Shaw
Junior Solo Contemporary
230 11:59AM Club Dance Studio (AE) Distorted Self
Brightyn Rines
Junior Solo Contemporary
231 12:02PM Center Stage Performing Arts Studio (AD) Bruises
Abigail Fisher
Junior Solo Contemporary
232 12:05PM American Expression of Dance (AA) So Cold
London Barney
Junior Solo Contemporary
233 12:08PM The Winner School (AL) Moment to Moment
Oana Barber
Junior Solo Contemporary
234 12:11PM Dye'n 2 Dance (AH) Lasso
Lela Dye
Junior Solo Contemporary
235 12:14PM Davis Dance Academy (AP) Got Your Number
Kambree Morris
Junior Solo Jazz
236 12:17PM Bunker Dance Center (AC) Time to Run
Zoe Mabeza
Junior Solo Jazz
237 12:20PM Creative Arts Academy (AF) First to Fall
Ava Leavitt
Junior Solo Contemporary
238 12:23PM Center Stage Performing Arts Studio (AD) In the Deep
Gianna Wittwer
Junior Solo Contemporary
239 12:26PM American Expression of Dance (AA) Do You Love Me
Isabella Dean
Junior Solo Jazz
240 12:29PM Club Dance Studio (AE) Headless
Jonah Benyamin
Junior Solo Contemporary
241 12:32PM The Winner School (AL) Installation
Malia George
Junior Solo Contemporary
242 12:35PM Center Stage Performing Arts Studio (AD) This Place Is Shelter
Arabella Shelton
Junior Solo Contemporary
243 12:38PM American Expression of Dance (AA) Stretch Your Eyes
Londyn Perkins
Junior Solo Contemporary
244 12:41PM Creative Arts Academy (AF) Unknown
Julie Dickson
Junior Solo Contemporary
245 12:44PM Club Dance Studio (AE) Into The Void
Daylyn Lucky
Junior Solo Contemporary
246 12:47PM Dye'n 2 Dance (AH) August
Millie Anderton
Junior Solo Contemporary
247 12:50PM Bunker Dance Center (AC) Wild Horses
Karleigh Radke
Junior Solo Contemporary
248 12:53PM The Dance Club (AK) Bullet Train
Kya Story
Junior Solo Jazz
249 12:56PM Center Stage Performing Arts Studio (AD) Grave Wande
Emersyn Dickson
Junior Solo Contemporary
250 12:59PM American Expression of Dance (AA) Keeping Your Head Up
Lexi Wade
Junior Solo Contemporary
251 1:02PM Creative Arts Academy (AF) Animal
Camryn Page
Junior Solo Contemporary
252 1:05PM Club Dance Studio (AE) Blooming
Reagan Goodman
Junior Solo Contemporary
253 1:08PM The Winner School (AL) Rain Dance
Emma Bellessa
Junior Solo Contemporary
254 1:11PM Center Stage Performing Arts Studio (AD) Wrap Me Up
Bryten Belka
Junior Solo Contemporary
255 1:14PM American Expression of Dance (AA) Another Day of Sun
Brinnya Hadean
Junior Solo Musical Theatre
256 1:17PM Dye'n 2 Dance (AH) Home
Kierslyn Farnsworth
Junior Solo Lyrical
257 1:20PM Creative Arts Academy (AF) Walking Dead
Emma Schipaanboord
Junior Solo Contemporary
258 1:23PM Club Dance Studio (AE) Altered Perception
Brooklin Cooley
Junior Solo Contemporary
259 1:26PM Dye'n 2 Dance (AH) Fire Fly
Lauren McGhee
Junior Solo Jazz
260 1:29PM Center Stage Performing Arts Studio (AD) Hello
Amanda Patrick
Junior Solo Contemporary
261 1:32PM American Expression of Dance (AA) Wild Horses
Camryn Osborn
Junior Solo Contemporary
262 1:35PM The Winner School (AL) Good
Ellie Jackson
Junior Solo Jazz
263 1:38PM The Dance Club (AK) When We're Fire
Chandler Tew
Junior Solo Contemporary
264 1:41PM Bunker Dance Center (AC) Journey
Zoey Carmody
Junior Solo Contemporary
265 1:44PM Creative Arts Academy (AF) Beloved Junior Duo/Trio Contemporary
266 1:47PM Dye'n 2 Dance (AH) (N)ever Alone Junior Duo/Trio Contemporary
267 1:50PM Center Stage Performing Arts Studio (AD) The Space Between Junior Duo/Trio Contemporary
All Awards #204-267!!
Saturday, March 24th
# Time Studio Routine Age Division Category Perf. Division
268 7:00AM Center Stage Performing Arts Studio (AD) Jump, Jive & Wail Mini Group Tap
269 7:03AM Dye'n 2 Dance (AH) Go Do Mini Group Contemporary
270 7:06AM American Expression of Dance (AA) Beauty Shop Mini Extended Line Hip-Hop
271 7:10AM Bunker Dance Center (AC) In Gratitude Junior Line Ballet
272 7:13AM Creative Arts Academy (AF) Join Us Mini Line Contemporary
273 7:16AM Center Stage Performing Arts Studio (AD) Take The Fear Mini Line Contemporary
274 7:19AM The Winner School (AL) I am Hunter Junior Group Specialty
275 7:22AM Dye'n 2 Dance (AH) Let's Be Bad Mini Line Musical Theatre
276 7:25AM American Expression of Dance (AA) I Gotcha Junior Line Musical Theatre
277 7:29AM Club Dance Studio (AE) They Live With Me Junior Group Contemporary
278 7:32AM Center Stage Performing Arts Studio (AD) Grow Mini Line Contemporary
279 7:35AM LiveWire Tumbling and Dance (AJ) Break In Junior Line Hip-Hop
280 7:38AM Dye'n 2 Dance (AH) Maps Mini Line Lyrical
281 7:41AM American Expression of Dance (AA) Renaissance Girls Mini Extended Line Jazz
282 7:45AM Center Stage Performing Arts Studio (AD) Fireball Mini Line Jazz
283 7:48AM Bunker Dance Center (AC) Get Me to The Church Junior Line Tap
284 7:51AM Creative Arts Academy (AF) I Know Mini Line Contemporary
285 7:54AM Dye'n 2 Dance (AH) Send in the Clowns Mini Extended Line Specialty
286 7:58AM Center Stage Performing Arts Studio (AD) Keep Running Mini Line Contemporary
287 8:01AM Club Dance Studio (AE) Fountain of Youth Junior Group Contemporary
288 8:04AM American Expression of Dance (AA) After Midnight Junior Line Hip-Hop
289 8:07AM The Winner School (AL) Angela Junior Group Contemporary
290 8:10AM Center Stage Performing Arts Studio (AD) When You Break Junior Group Contemporary
291 8:13AM Dye'n 2 Dance (AH) I am Aldolpho Mini Extended Line Musical Theatre
292 8:17AM American Expression of Dance (AA) Dot to Dot Junior Extended Line Contemporary
292.a 8:18AM Center Stage Performing Arts Studio (AD) Chicago, Illinois Mini Line Musical Theatre
293 8:20AM Bunker Dance Center (AC) Skin II Junior Line Contemporary
294 8:23AM Creative Arts Academy (AF) Humans Junior Group Contemporary
295 8:26AM Center Stage Performing Arts Studio (AD) Contain Junior Group Contemporary
296 8:30AM Club Dance Studio (AE) Panic Mini Group Contemporary
297 8:33AM Dye'n 2 Dance (AH) Winter Junior Group Lyrical
298 8:36AM American Expression of Dance (AA) Fly On Junior Line Contemporary
299 8:39AM Center Stage Performing Arts Studio (AD) Clean Junior Group Contemporary
300 8:42AM LiveWire Tumbling and Dance (AJ) Hand Jivin' Junior Line Musical Theatre
301 8:45AM Dye'n 2 Dance (AH) Night Like This Junior Line Jazz
302 8:48AM American Expression of Dance (AA) Mad Scientists Junior Extended Line Hip-Hop
303 8:52AM Center Stage Performing Arts Studio (AD) Kaboom Junior Line Jazz
304 8:55AM Bunker Dance Center (AC) We Run the Night Junior Line Specialty
305 8:58AM Creative Arts Academy (AF) Wanderlust Junior Group Contemporary
306 9:01AM The Winner School (AL) Let's Be Bad Junior Extended Line Musical Theatre
307 9:05AM Center Stage Performing Arts Studio (AD) Believer Junior Line Specialty
308 9:08AM Dye'n 2 Dance (AH) Tarot Cards Junior Line Specialty
309 9:11AM American Expression of Dance (AA) Beast Mini Extended Line Contemporary
310 9:15AM Club Dance Studio (AE) I Will Love You Junior Line Lyrical
311 9:18AM Center Stage Performing Arts Studio (AD) Ghost Junior Line Contemporary
312 9:21AM Creative Arts Academy (AF) Public Service Announcement Junior Line Hip-Hop
313 9:24AM American Expression of Dance (AA) Over Junior Extended Line Jazz
314 9:28AM Bunker Dance Center (AC) Satisfaction Junior Line Jazz
315 9:31AM Center Stage Performing Arts Studio (AD) Awards Night Junior Line Contemporary
316 9:34AM Dye'n 2 Dance (AH) Miss Peregrines Junior Production Specialty
All Awards #268-316!!
317 10:04AM Bunker Dance Center (AC) Consequence of Sound Teen Group Tap
318 10:07AM Club Dance Studio (AE) Wild Teen Extended Line Jazz
319 10:13AM Center Stage Performing Arts Studio (AD) Does That Mean Nothing Now Teen Group Contemporary
320 10:16AM American Expression of Dance (AA) 5 Stages of Grief Teen Group Contemporary
321 10:19AM The Winner School (AL) Red Teen Group Contemporary
322 10:22AM Creative Arts Academy (AF) Disappearance Teen Group Contemporary
323 10:25AM Bunker Dance Center (AC) I've Seen All Good People Teen Line Contemporary
324 10:28AM Club Dance Studio (AE) Escalate Teen Group Jazz
325 10:31AM Center Stage Performing Arts Studio (AD) Roll Like Thunder Teen Group Lyrical
326 10:34AM Dye'n 2 Dance (AH) Glacier Teen Group Lyrical
327 10:37AM Boise Dance Alliance (AB) This Bitter Earth Teen Line Contemporary
328 10:40AM American Expression of Dance (AA) Look at Me Teen Line Specialty
329 10:43AM Bunker Dance Center (AC) In Full Effect, Effect, Effect, Effect, Effect Teen Extended Line Specialty
330 10:48AM Club Dance Studio (AE) Union Teen Group Contemporary
331 10:51AM Center Stage Performing Arts Studio (AD) Don't Cry For Me Teen Group Contemporary
332 10:54AM The Winner School (AL) Soapbox Teen Group Lyrical
333 10:57AM Expressions School of Performing Arts (AI) The Storm Inside Me Teen Group Contemporary
334 11:00AM Creative Arts Academy (AF) Between Two Selves Teen Group Contemporary
335 11:05AM Bunker Dance Center (AC) Go Hard Senior Extended Line Hip-Hop
336 11:09AM Club Dance Studio (AE) Calling You Teen Extended Line Contemporary
337 11:12AM Center Stage Performing Arts Studio (AD) Fallin' Teen Group Contemporary
338 11:15AM American Expression of Dance (AA) Express Teen Line Musical Theatre
339 11:18AM The Winner School (AL) Eulogy Teen Group Contemporary
340 11:22AM Bunker Dance Center (AC) Let It Be Teen Production Contemporary
341 11:27AM Club Dance Studio (AE) Mirrors Teen Group Contemporary
342 11:30AM Center Stage Performing Arts Studio (AD) Dream State Teen Group Contemporary
343 11:33AM American Expression of Dance (AA) Give Me Beats Teen Line Hip-Hop
344 11:36AM Bunker Dance Center (AC) No Regrets Senior Group Lyrical
345 11:39AM Club Dance Studio (AE) Winter Teen Line Specialty
346 11:42AM Center Stage Performing Arts Studio (AD) Move Something Teen Extended Line Hip-Hop
347 11:46AM The Winner School (AL) Remapping Teen Group Contemporary
348 11:49AM Creative Arts Academy (AF) House Party Teen Group Hip-Hop
349 11:52AM Dye'n 2 Dance (AH) Find You Teen Group Contemporary
350 11:55AM Bunker Dance Center (AC) When Beasts Devour Senior Group Contemporary
351 11:58AM Club Dance Studio (AE) All Over Me Teen Extended Line Specialty
352 12:01PM Center Stage Performing Arts Studio (AD) The Dating Game Senior Production Hip-Hop
353 12:06PM American Expression of Dance (AA) I've Got an Angel Teen Line Specialty
354 12:09PM The Winner School (AL) A Ghost Story Teen Group Specialty
355 12:15PM Bunker Dance Center (AC) Sycamore Senior Group Specialty
356 12:19PM Club Dance Studio (AE) Icey Teen Extended Line Hip-Hop
357 12:23PM Center Stage Performing Arts Studio (AD) Ghetto Symphony Teen Production Hip-Hop
358 12:28PM Creative Arts Academy (AF) Covenant Teen Group Contemporary
359 12:32PM American Expression of Dance (AA) In This Teen Line Contemporary
360 12:35PM Bunker Dance Center (AC) Where Have You Been? Senior Line Specialty
361 12:38PM Club Dance Studio (AE) Numb Teen Line Contemporary
362 12:42PM Center Stage Performing Arts Studio (AD) Loss Senior Group Contemporary
363 12:45PM The Winner School (AL) Pretty Bird Teen Group Contemporary
364 12:48PM Bunker Dance Center (AC) Janie & Pete Senior Line Lyrical
365 12:51PM Club Dance Studio (AE) This Is My Hair Teen Line Specialty
366 12:55PM Center Stage Performing Arts Studio (AD) Do You See Me Teen Line Lyrical
367 12:58PM American Expression of Dance (AA) Ra Teen Extended Line Specialty
368 1:01PM Creative Arts Academy (AF) North Side Gal Teen Extended Line Musical Theatre
369 1:05PM The Winner School (AL) It's Raining on Prom Night Teen Group Musical Theatre
370 1:08PM Bunker Dance Center (AC) Walk On Senior Line Specialty
371 1:11PM Club Dance Studio (AE) Hunger of the Pine Teen Extended Line Contemporary
372 1:15PM Center Stage Performing Arts Studio (AD) Empire Senior Line Contemporary
373 1:18PM Dye'n 2 Dance (AH) Blatantly Keen Teen Group Contemporary
374 1:21PM American Expression of Dance (AA) Another Planet Teen Line Hip-Hop
375 1:25PM Bunker Dance Center (AC) Buster Voodoo Senior Line Tap
376 1:28PM Club Dance Studio (AE) What's Your Fantasy Teen Line Contemporary
377 1:32PM Center Stage Performing Arts Studio (AD) Lay It On Me Senior Line Contemporary
378 1:35PM The Winner School (AL) Ya'll Should Already Know Teen Group Jazz
379 1:38PM Creative Arts Academy (AF) Out Teen Extended Line Jazz
380 1:42PM Bunker Dance Center (AC) Dance 'til You're Dead Senior Line Jazz
381 1:45PM Club Dance Studio (AE) Disintegrated Senior Group Contemporary
382 1:48PM Center Stage Performing Arts Studio (AD) Devil's Whisper Senior Line Jazz
383 1:51PM American Expression of Dance (AA) Show Me Teen Extended Line Musical Theatre
384 1:55PM The Winner School (AL) Where Do You Run Teen Line Contemporary
385 1:58PM Bunker Dance Center (AC) Resplendent Beauty Senior Line Ballet
386 2:01PM Club Dance Studio (AE) Human Senior Group Specialty
387 2:04PM Center Stage Performing Arts Studio (AD) She's Not What You See Senior Line Contemporary
388 2:07PM Creative Arts Academy (AF) Judgment Day Teen Production Hip-Hop
389 2:12PM American Expression of Dance (AA) Around My Way Senior Group Jazz
390 2:16PM Bunker Dance Center (AC) Very Large Green Triangle Teen Extended Line Contemporary
391 2:21PM The Winner School (AL) Crave Teen Production Jazz
392 2:26PM Dye'n 2 Dance (AH) Gran Partita Teen Line Ballet
393 2:29PM American Expression of Dance (AA) Elements Teen Extended Line Hip-Hop
All Awards #317-393!!


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