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Buffalo April 28-30, 2017

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Friday, April 28th
# Time Studio Routine Age Division Category Perf. Division
1 7:00AM Performing Dance Arts (AK) Cha, Cha, Cha JUMPstarts Duo/Trio Jazz
2 7:03AM Odasz Dance Theatre (AX) TBD
Lillianna Gagliano
JUMPstarts Solo Specialty
3 7:06AM Spotlight Dance Academy (AZ) Dreamliner
Alexis Naperala
Junior Solo Contemporary
4 7:09AM Bourn Academy of Dance (AN) Through the Eyes of a Child
Hannah Justice
Junior Solo Contemporary
5 7:12AM Performing Dance Arts (AK) Swinging On A Star JUMPstarts Duo/Trio Specialty
6 7:15AM Art & Soul Dance Company (AA) Remember When
Kohana Haque
Junior Solo Specialty
7 7:18AM Vlad's Dance Company (AM) Angel
Jenna Catanzaro
Junior Solo Lyrical
8 7:21AM BOLD Dance Company (AC) Amazing Grace
Sophia Ferraro
Junior Solo Lyrical
9 7:24AM Joanne Chapman School of Dance (AH) Are We There Yet
Evelyn Caracciolo
Junior Solo Specialty
10 7:27AM Canadian Dance Company (AD) Trumpet
Olivia Koren
Junior Solo Contemporary
11 7:30AM Mary Alice's Dance Studio (AJ) Dance, Dance, Dance
Maddie Inglut
Junior Solo Contemporary
12 7:33AM Performing Dance Arts (AK) U Got the Look
Gracie Serber
Junior Solo Jazz
13 7:36AM Art & Soul Dance Company (AA) Keep Breathing
Samantha Pennella
Junior Solo Lyrical
14 7:39AM Articul8 (AB) 16-12
Tori Tribunella
Junior Solo Tap
15 7:42AM Vlad's Dance Company (AM) TBA 46
Keira Julyan
Junior Solo Contemporary
16 7:45AM BOLD Dance Company (AC) Love Yourself
Ava Carpeneto
Junior Solo Contemporary
17 7:48AM LIV Travel Dance Company (AI) The Beauty Inside
Madison Moonan
Junior Solo Lyrical
18 7:51AM Eugenia's Dance Studio (AQ) Focus
Lexi Zogaria
Junior Solo Jazz
19 7:54AM Joanne Chapman School of Dance (AH) For You
Charlize Elliott
Junior Solo Contemporary
20 7:57AM Art & Soul Dance Company (AA) Lost Song
Sofia Natale
Junior Solo Contemporary
21 8:00AM Canadian Dance Company (AD) Flugeldar
Megan Adach
Junior Solo Contemporary
22 8:03AM CKDC (AO) Metamorphosis
Anaheed Khalili
Junior Solo Contemporary
23 8:06AM Vlad's Dance Company (AM) Whatever Lola Wants
Ruby Yang
Junior Solo Jazz
24 8:09AM BOLD Dance Company (AC) No More I Love Yous
Taylor McLennan
Junior Solo Lyrical
25 8:12AM Mary Alice's Dance Studio (AJ) Kick, Jump, Twist
Olivia Crean
Junior Solo Contemporary
26 8:15AM Performing Dance Arts (AK) Sound Of Silence
Julia Carpeneto
Junior Solo Contemporary
27 8:18AM Art & Soul Dance Company (AA) Summertime
Victoria Paggiossi
Junior Solo Jazz
28 8:21AM The Dance Stop (AL) All About That Bass
Danica Rossi
Junior Solo Jazz
29 8:24AM Joanne Chapman School of Dance (AH) Time
Naomi Bowen
Junior Solo Contemporary
30 8:27AM Evolve Dance Complex (AS) TBA
Isabella Voorhees
Junior Solo Contemporary
31 8:30AM Vlad's Dance Company (AM) Enigma
Tabitha Nitsopoulos
Junior Solo Contemporary
32 8:33AM BOLD Dance Company (AC) Raven
Celiya Mederos
Junior Solo Contemporary
33 8:36AM Canadian Dance Company (AD) Inside
Gracie Smith
Junior Solo Contemporary
34 8:39AM Art & Soul Dance Company (AA) Need You Tonight
Tristan Ianiero
Junior Solo Jazz
35 8:42AM Articul8 (AB) Ain't No Rest For The Wicked
Abigail Black
Junior Solo Tap
36 8:45AM Elite Danceworx (AG) Heptapod
Courtney Lam
Junior Solo Contemporary
37 8:48AM LIV Travel Dance Company (AI) Vegabond
Samantha O'Connor
Junior Solo Contemporary
38 8:51AM Eugenia's Dance Studio (AQ) You Can't Stop The Beat
Brooke Hunter
Junior Solo Musical Theatre
39 8:54AM Vlad's Dance Company (AM) Habanera
Valerie Shapiro
Junior Solo Jazz
40 8:57AM BOLD Dance Company (AC) Time To Say Goodbye
Alyssa Glorioso
Junior Solo Contemporary
41 9:00AM Art & Soul Dance Company (AA) Superstitious
Taylor Amato
Junior Solo Tap
42 9:03AM Joanne Chapman School of Dance (AH) I'm Here To Stay
Jezzaeyah Slack
Junior Solo Contemporary
43 9:06AM Canadian Dance Company (AD) Weeping Waltz
Yasmina Granic
Junior Solo Contemporary
44 9:09AM Mary Alice's Dance Studio (AJ) Taking A Chance on Love
Jenna Hartke
Junior Solo Tap
45 9:10AM LIV Travel Dance Company (AI) Time
Amanda Galle
Junior Solo Contemporary
46 9:12AM Performing Dance Arts (AK) About That Walk
Jackson Foley
Junior Solo Jazz
47 9:15AM Art & Soul Dance Company (AA) All That Jazz Junior Duo/Trio Jazz
48 9:18AM Canadian Dance Company (AD) Arrival Junior Duo/Trio Contemporary
49 9:21AM BOLD Dance Company (AC) One Night Only Junior Duo/Trio Jazz
50 9:24AM Vlad's Dance Company (AM) TBA 13 Junior Duo/Trio Jazz
51 9:27AM Art & Soul Dance Company (AA) Orange Coloured Sky Junior Duo/Trio Jazz
52 9:30AM Performing Dance Arts (AK) Lovely Night Junior Duo/Trio Jazz
53 9:33AM Joanne Chapman School of Dance (AH) Home Junior Duo/Trio Contemporary
54 9:36AM The Dance Stop (AL) Up All Night Junior Duo/Trio Jazz
55 9:39AM Art & Soul Dance Company (AA) The Giving Tree Junior Duo/Trio Specialty
56 9:42AM Canadian Dance Company (AD) Oh Darling Junior Duo/Trio Contemporary
57 9:45AM Art & Soul Dance Company (AA) Fly Junior Duo/Trio Contemporary
58 9:48AM BOLD Dance Company (AC) Runnin Junior Duo/Trio Lyrical
59 9:51AM Art & Soul Dance Company (AA) What Y'all Came To Do Junior Duo/Trio Tap
All Awards #1-59!!
60 9:59AM Art & Soul Dance Company (AA) Bad Mama Jama
Taylor Bogner
Teen Solo Tap
61 10:02AM Performing Dance Arts (AK) Youth
Madison Spizzirri
Teen Solo Contemporary
62 10:05AM Mary Alice's Dance Studio (AJ) Borders
Lauren Vogel
Teen Solo Contemporary
63 10:08AM Canadian Dance Company (AD) Day Drift
Ella Staios
Teen Solo Contemporary
64 10:11AM Canadian Dance Unit (AE) Samson
Alexandra Bacci
Teen Solo Lyrical
65 10:14AM Joanne Chapman School of Dance (AH) Flowers
Isabella Baldino
Teen Solo Contemporary
66 10:17AM BOLD Dance Company (AC) Jar Of Hearts
Jenna Hwang
Teen Solo Contemporary
67 10:20AM Vlad's Dance Company (AM) Dancing
Amanda Knowles
Teen Solo Contemporary
68 10:23AM Art & Soul Dance Company (AA) Emotions
Nicole Peca
Teen Solo Specialty
69 10:26AM The Dance Stop (AL) Bring The Funk Back
Brianna Fruscella
Teen Solo Tap
70 10:29AM Performing Dance Arts (AK) Before It Breaks
Deanna Romano
Teen Solo Contemporary
71 10:32AM Articul8 (AB) Crazy Rhythm
Andrew Fitzpatrick
Teen Solo Tap
72 10:35AM Mary Alice's Dance Studio (AJ) Castle
Angelina Giallella
Teen Solo Contemporary
73 10:38AM Canadian Dance Company (AD) Storm
Emily Roman
Teen Solo Contemporary
74 10:41AM LIV Travel Dance Company (AI) Gone
Sophia Levin
Teen Solo Contemporary
75 10:44AM Jamie's Dance Force (AT) Running
Emma Paris
Teen Solo Lyrical
76 10:47AM Art & Soul Dance Company (AA) Roses & Violets
Lorin Calabretta
Teen Solo Specialty
77 10:50AM Canadian Dance Unit (AE) Desire to Escape
Dominique Veliceasa
Teen Solo Contemporary
78 10:53AM Karla Pattavina's Dance Academy (AV) Traditions
Krystina DerBogosian
Teen Solo Lyrical
79 10:56AM Performing Dance Arts (AK) Breathe
Nicole Carpeneto
Teen Solo Contemporary
80 10:59AM Joanne Chapman School of Dance (AH) Orders Chest
Sierra Resendes
Teen Solo Contemporary
81 11:02AM Sarah Kennedy Ballet (AY) Shadows
Brooke Melillo
Teen Solo Contemporary
82 11:05AM Mary Alice's Dance Studio (AJ) Crazy
Carly Wicka
Teen Solo Tap
83 11:08AM Canadian Dance Company (AD) Human
Sofia Khachi
Teen Solo Contemporary
84 11:11AM Art & Soul Dance Company (AA) The Middle Place
Sophia Carbone
Teen Solo Contemporary
85 11:14AM BOLD Dance Company (AC) La La La
Gloria Pontarollo
Teen Solo Lyrical
86 11:17AM Vlad's Dance Company (AM) TBA 53
Lora Djananova
Teen Solo Contemporary
87 11:20AM The Dance Academy of North Jersey (BC) Can't Cry Hard Enough
Jordyn Person
Teen Solo Lyrical
88 11:23AM Performing Dance Arts (AK) Fame
Celina Ferraro
Teen Solo Specialty
89 11:26AM Canadian Dance Unit (AE) Drowning
Jade Lowry
Teen Solo Specialty
90 11:29AM The Dance Stop (AL) Depth Over Distance
Ainsley Beard
Teen Solo Contemporary
91 11:32AM Leatherstocking School of Dance (AW) A Song For Viola
LejlaRaven Martin
Teen Solo Contemporary
92 11:35AM Art & Soul Dance Company (AA) Sinner
Alicia Di Monte
Teen Solo Specialty
93 11:38AM Mary Alice's Dance Studio (AJ) I Can See Clearly
Megan Baun
Teen Solo Tap
94 11:41AM Canadian Dance Company (AD) Somebody
Payton Rix
Teen Solo Contemporary
95 11:44AM Joanne Chapman School of Dance (AH) Wonder
Madeline Cesario
Teen Solo Contemporary
96 11:47AM World of Dance (BF) TBA
Madisen Akers
Teen Solo Contemporary
97 11:50AM Performing Dance Arts (AK) Weight In Gold
Jackson Lee
Teen Solo Contemporary
99 11:56AM Elite Danceworx (AG) Side Show
Findlay McConnell
Teen Solo Contemporary
100 11:59AM Articul8 (AB) Say You Love Me
Lilly Casamento
Teen Solo Contemporary
101 12:02PM Art & Soul Dance Company (AA) Send My Love
Jessica Colantonio
Teen Solo Lyrical
102 12:05PM Canadian Dance Unit (AE) If I Put on A Disquise
Samantha Cristello
Teen Solo Contemporary
103 12:08PM BOLD Dance Company (AC) Realization
Olivia Hwang
Teen Solo Contemporary
104 12:11PM Mary Alice's Dance Studio (AJ) I Want To Hold Your Hand
Sarah Olejniczak
Teen Solo Lyrical
105 12:14PM Canadian Dance Company (AD) Midnight
Phoenix Wojkowski
Teen Solo Contemporary
106 12:17PM Vlad's Dance Company (AM) TBA 62
Kiara Fina
Teen Solo Contemporary
107 12:20PM Performing Dance Arts (AK) Once Upon Another Time
Elisa Valle
Teen Solo Contemporary
108 12:23PM Elite Danceworx (AG) Under Her Skin
Rachel Kempenaar
Teen Solo Contemporary
109 12:26PM LIV Travel Dance Company (AI) TBA
Jayde Margulis
Teen Solo Contemporary
110 12:29PM Art & Soul Dance Company (AA) If I Stay
Francesca Conte
Teen Solo Contemporary
111 12:32PM Joanne Chapman School of Dance (AH) Out To Sea
Sofia Tramonte
Teen Solo Contemporary
112 12:35PM Stars Dance Studio (BB) TBA
Quinn Starner
Teen Solo Contemporary
113 12:38PM The Dance Stop (AL) Timeless
Abby Katic
Teen Solo Contemporary
114 12:41PM Dancemakerz (AF) See The Sky
Abigael Todd
Teen Solo Contemporary
115 12:44PM Mary Alice's Dance Studio (AJ) I Won't Even
Olivia Zachewicz
Teen Solo Contemporary
116 12:47PM Canadian Dance Company (AD) The Game
Danielle Dobbs
Teen Solo Contemporary
117 12:50PM Performing Dance Arts (AK) The Sun
Sofia Rigakos
Teen Solo Tap
118 12:53PM Art & Soul Dance Company (AA) Let It All Go
Isabella Di Pardo
Teen Solo Contemporary
119 12:56PM Canadian Dance Unit (AE) Reminiscence
Olivia DiPietrantonio
Teen Solo Contemporary
120 12:59PM Jamie's Dance Force (AT) Slip
Maya Regule
Teen Solo Contemporary
121 1:02PM BOLD Dance Company (AC) TBA
Emily Melo
Teen Solo Contemporary
122 1:05PM Vlad's Dance Company (AM) Elephant
Artem Tikhonenko
Teen Solo Contemporary
123 1:08PM Mary Alice's Dance Studio (AJ) That's It I Quit
Kaitlyn Eckhert
Teen Solo Tap
124 1:11PM Elite Danceworx (AG) Home
Stefano Gallelli
Teen Solo Contemporary
125 1:14PM Art & Soul Dance Company (AA) Fight
Aysia Ianiero
Teen Solo Specialty
126 1:17PM Performing Dance Arts (AK) People Help the People
Isabella Pereira
Teen Solo Contemporary
127 1:20PM Canadian Dance Company (AD) Flatline
Denise Goping
Teen Solo Contemporary
128 1:23PM Joanne Chapman School of Dance (AH) Unravelling
Megan Bibby
Teen Solo Contemporary
129 1:26PM Articul8 (AB) Shulie Bop
Lauren Casamento
Teen Solo Tap
130 1:29PM Canadian Dance Unit (AE) Creeks
Julian Lombardi
Teen Solo Contemporary
131 1:32PM Art & Soul Dance Company (AA) Poltergeist
Zina Begovic
Teen Solo Specialty
132 1:35PM Mary Alice's Dance Studio (AJ) Waves
Hannah Flynn
Teen Solo Contemporary
133 1:38PM Performing Dance Arts (AK) Hide and Seek
Murphy Lee
Teen Solo Contemporary
134 1:41PM The Dance Stop (AL) Untitled
Grace Craver
Teen Solo Contemporary
135 1:44PM Canadian Dance Company (AD) Chasing You
Julia Novakovic
Teen Solo Contemporary
136 1:47PM BOLD Dance Company (AC) Unbreak My Heart
Emilie Richer
Teen Solo Lyrical
137 1:53PM Elite Danceworx (AG) So Far
Daniel Paula
Teen Solo Contemporary
138 1:56PM Vlad's Dance Company (AM) On My Way
Tyler Smith
Teen Solo Specialty
139 1:59PM Art & Soul Dance Company (AA) The Journey
Madeline Wray
Teen Solo Ballet
140 2:02PM Canadian Dance Unit (AE) Take Care
Chiara Sgrignoli
Teen Solo Specialty
141 2:05PM Performing Dance Arts (AK) Acceptance
Madison Foley
Teen Solo Jazz
142 2:08PM Joanne Chapman School of Dance (AH) All At Sea
Maiya Frias
Teen Solo Contemporary
143 2:11PM Mary Alice's Dance Studio (AJ) Zing Went the Strings
Quinn Adamy
Teen Solo Tap
144 2:14PM Canadian Dance Company (AD) Transcendence
Brooklyn Slade
Teen Solo Contemporary
145 2:17PM Vlad's Dance Company (AM) Only Love
Moses Rankine
Teen Solo Contemporary
146 2:20PM Performing Dance Arts (AK) Chasing Cars Teen Duo/Trio Contemporary
147 2:23PM Art & Soul Dance Company (AA) Bound Teen Duo/Trio Specialty
148 2:26PM Canadian Dance Company (AD) Earned It Teen Duo/Trio Jazz
149 2:29PM Joanne Chapman School of Dance (AH) Everything Teen Duo/Trio Contemporary
150 2:32PM Performing Dance Arts (AK) Count On Me Teen Duo/Trio Tap
151 2:35PM BOLD Dance Company (AC) Give Me Over Teen Duo/Trio Specialty
152 2:38PM Art & Soul Dance Company (AA) Elastic Heart Teen Duo/Trio Contemporary
153 2:41PM Canadian Dance Unit (AE) The Stars In You Teen Duo/Trio Contemporary
154 2:44PM Mary Alice's Dance Studio (AJ) River Teen Duo/Trio Contemporary
155 2:47PM Performing Dance Arts (AK) I Found Teen Duo/Trio Contemporary
156 2:50PM Articul8 (AB) Sweet Yam Potato Teen Duo/Trio Tap
157 2:53PM Vlad's Dance Company (AM) Let's Fall Teen Duo/Trio Specialty
158 2:56PM Art & Soul Dance Company (AA) In Waves Teen Duo/Trio Contemporary
159 2:59PM Canadian Dance Company (AD) Til It Happens To You Teen Duo/Trio Contemporary
160 3:02PM Performing Dance Arts (AK) Effected Teen Duo/Trio Contemporary
161 3:05PM Joanne Chapman School of Dance (AH) The Dance Teen Duo/Trio Contemporary
162 3:08PM BOLD Dance Company (AC) Hanging By A Thread Teen Duo/Trio Contemporary
163 3:11PM Canadian Dance Company (AD) Smother Teen Duo/Trio Contemporary
164 3:14PM Art & Soul Dance Company (AA) Nothing's Lost Forever Teen Duo/Trio Contemporary
165 3:17PM Performing Dance Arts (AK) Le Jazz Hot Teen Duo/Trio Jazz
166 3:20PM Vlad's Dance Company (AM) TBA 19 Teen Duo/Trio Contemporary
167 3:23PM Canadian Dance Unit (AE) When Will I Teen Duo/Trio Specialty
168 3:26PM Canadian Dance Company (AD) Rock My Boat Teen Duo/Trio Contemporary
169 3:29PM Performing Dance Arts (AK) Question of U Teen Duo/Trio Jazz
170 3:32PM Art & Soul Dance Company (AA) Stone Cold Teen Duo/Trio Specialty
171 3:35PM Joanne Chapman School of Dance (AH) Three Teen Duo/Trio Contemporary
172 3:38PM BOLD Dance Company (AC) TBA Teen Duo/Trio Contemporary
173 3:41PM Performing Dance Arts (AK) The Hymn of Acxion Teen Duo/Trio Contemporary
All Awards #60-173!!
174 3:49PM BOLD Dance Company (AC) Bow Down Mini Group Hip-Hop
175 3:52PM Performing Dance Arts (AK) The Boy Does Nothing JUMPstarts Group Tap
176 3:55PM Vlad's Dance Company (AM) Aye Carumba Mini Group Specialty
177 3:58PM Canadian Dance Company (AD) Zero To Hero JUMPstarts Line Jazz
178 4:01PM Joanne Chapman School of Dance (AH) Can You Feel It JUMPstarts Line Jazz
179 4:04PM BOLD Dance Company (AC) Gimme That Base Mini Group Hip-Hop
180 4:07PM The Dance Stop (AL) Dear Future Husband JUMPstarts Group Jazz
181 4:10PM Performing Dance Arts (AK) The Heist JUMPstarts Group Hip-Hop
182 4:13PM Vlad's Dance Company (AM) Bridgette Bardeaux Mini Group Jazz
183 4:16PM Joanne Chapman School of Dance (AH) Material Girl JUMPstarts Line Jazz
184 4:19PM BOLD Dance Company (AC) Be Italian Mini Group Jazz
185 4:22PM Mary Alice's Dance Studio (AJ) Stompin' At The Savoy Mini Group Tap
186 4:25PM Performing Dance Arts (AK) Trolls JUMPstarts Group Specialty
187 4:28PM Vlad's Dance Company (AM) Freaks Mini Group Hip-Hop
188 4:31PM BOLD Dance Company (AC) Mary Had A Little Lamb Mini Group Jazz
189 4:34PM Joanne Chapman School of Dance (AH) Fowizall of OZ JUMPstarts Line Hip-Hop
190 4:37PM Vlad's Dance Company (AM) Falling Junior Extended Line Contemporary
191 4:41PM Elite Danceworx (AG) In Waves Mini Group Contemporary
192 4:44PM Performing Dance Arts (AK) Winter Waltz JUMPstarts Group Ballet
193 4:47PM BOLD Dance Company (AC) On My Own Mini Group Lyrical
194 4:50PM Vlad's Dance Company (AM) Grow Old With Me Mini Group Jazz
195 4:53PM Canadian Dance Company (AD) Dirty Paws Mini Line Contemporary
196 4:56PM The Dance Stop (AL) On Top Of The World Mini Group Tap
197 4:59PM Vlad's Dance Company (AM) That Face JUMPstarts Group Jazz
198 5:02PM BOLD Dance Company (AC) TBA Mini Group Lyrical
199 5:05PM Performing Dance Arts (AK) Ch-Ching Mini Group Contemporary
200 5:08PM Vlad's Dance Company (AM) New Girl Mini Group Contemporary
201 5:12PM Art & Soul Dance Company (AA) 7 Years Mini Line Contemporary
202 5:15PM BOLD Dance Company (AC) The Prayer Mini Group Lyrical
203 5:18PM Canadian Dance Company (AD) Imagine Mini Line Contemporary
204 5:21PM Performing Dance Arts (AK) Bad To The Bone Mini Line Hip-Hop
205 5:24PM Vlad's Dance Company (AM) The Cofee Song Mini Group Tap
206 5:27PM Art & Soul Dance Company (AA) Gasoline Rainbows Mini Line Contemporary
207 5:30PM BOLD Dance Company (AC) Wash Mini Group Contemporary
208 5:33PM The Dance Stop (AL) Shake The Rails Mini Group Specialty
209 5:36PM Performing Dance Arts (AK) Bowl Of Cherries Mini Line Jazz
210 5:39PM Vlad's Dance Company (AM) Ain't Nobody Here But Us Chickens Mini Line Tap
211 5:42PM BOLD Dance Company (AC) TBA Mini Line Contemporary
212 5:45PM Canadian Dance Company (AD) The Name Game VMA's Mini Line Jazz
213 5:48PM Joanne Chapman School of Dance (AH) Brave Mini Line Contemporary
214 5:51PM Vlad's Dance Company (AM) Swan Lake/Pond Junior Line Musical Theatre
215 5:54PM Art & Soul Dance Company (AA) Bathing Beauties Mini Line Specialty
216 5:57PM Performing Dance Arts (AK) Childhood Memories Mini Line Ballet
217 6:00PM BOLD Dance Company (AC) Work Mini Line Jazz
218 6:03PM Vlad's Dance Company (AM) Are We There Yet Mini Line Contemporary
219 6:07PM Art & Soul Dance Company (AA) Dream Girls Mini Line Jazz
220 6:10PM Performing Dance Arts (AK) Faith Mini Line Specialty
221 6:13PM BOLD Dance Company (AC) All Of Your Glory Junior Group Contemporary
222 6:16PM Mary Alice's Dance Studio (AJ) Come on Eileen Junior Group Tap
223 6:19PM Art & Soul Dance Company (AA) Last Dance Mini Line Specialty
224 6:22PM Joanne Chapman School of Dance (AH) Little Bird Mini Line Specialty
225 6:25PM Vlad's Dance Company (AM) Happy Feet Mini Line Hip-Hop
226 6:29PM Canadian Dance Unit (AE) Lucent Junior Group Ballet
227 6:32PM Art & Soul Dance Company (AA) Salute Mini Line Jazz
228 6:35PM Articul8 (AB) Bird Set Free Junior Group Contemporary
229 6:38PM Vlad's Dance Company (AM) Unbreakable Junior Extended Line Contemporary
230 6:44PM BOLD Dance Company (AC) Faith Junior Group Lyrical
231 6:47PM Art & Soul Dance Company (AA) Vote For Mr. Rhythm Mini Line Tap
232 6:50PM The Dance Stop (AL) Where The Lemons Bloom Junior Group Ballet
233 6:53PM Vlad's Dance Company (AM) Be Our Guest Mini Extended Line Jazz
234 6:57PM Performing Dance Arts (AK) Ice Ice Baby Mini Line Tap
235 7:00PM Art & Soul Dance Company (AA) Pep Rally Mini Extended Line Hip-Hop
236 7:04PM Mary Alice's Dance Studio (AJ) One Woman Army Junior Group Jazz
237 7:07PM Joanne Chapman School of Dance (AH) The Playground Mini Line Hip-Hop
238 7:10PM BOLD Dance Company (AC) Mein Heir Junior Group Jazz
239 7:13PM Art & Soul Dance Company (AA) Proud Mary Mini Extended Line Specialty
240 7:17PM Vlad's Dance Company (AM) Black Bird Junior Group Jazz
241 7:20PM Canadian Dance Company (AD) The Dog Days Are Over Mini Group Contemporary
242 7:23PM Canadian Dance Unit (AE) Chivalry is Dead Junior Line Hip-Hop
243 7:26PM Art & Soul Dance Company (AA) Black Water Lillies Junior Group Specialty
244 7:29PM Performing Dance Arts (AK) Perm Mini Line Jazz
245 7:32PM Art & Soul Dance Company (AA) River Deep Junior Group Jazz
246 7:35PM Vlad's Dance Company (AM) If I Stay Junior Group Specialty
247 7:38PM BOLD Dance Company (AC) Whip It Junior Group Hip-Hop
248 7:41PM Mary Alice's Dance Studio (AJ) Forever Young Junior Line Lyrical
249 7:44PM Art & Soul Dance Company (AA) Feelin' Good Junior Group Jazz
250 7:47PM Canadian Dance Company (AD) Dream Or Nightmare Junior Group Contemporary
251 7:50PM Joanne Chapman School of Dance (AH) In Dreams Junior Line Contemporary
252 7:53PM Articul8 (AB) Long Train Running Junior Group Tap
253 7:56PM Art & Soul Dance Company (AA) We Shall Begin Again Junior Group Contemporary
254 7:59PM Vlad's Dance Company (AM) The Crossing Junior Group Contemporary
255 8:02PM Performing Dance Arts (AK) Keep Breathing Mini Extended Line Contemporary
256 8:06PM Canadian Dance Unit (AE) Elephant In The Room Junior Line Contemporary
257 8:09PM Art & Soul Dance Company (AA) Fresh Fade Junior Line Hip-Hop
258 8:12PM BOLD Dance Company (AC) Big Spender Junior Line Jazz
259 8:15PM The Dance Stop (AL) 'Til 5 AM Junior Group Hip-Hop
260 8:18PM Canadian Dance Company (AD) When I Grow Up Junior Group Contemporary
261 8:21PM Art & Soul Dance Company (AA) Rhythm Nation Junior Line Tap
262 8:24PM Vlad's Dance Company (AM) All I Care About Is Love Junior Line Jazz
263 8:27PM Mary Alice's Dance Studio (AJ) Lovely 2 C U Junior Line Contemporary
264 8:30PM Joanne Chapman School of Dance (AH) Lets Work Junior Extended Line Specialty
265 8:34PM Art & Soul Dance Company (AA) Sorrow Junior Line Specialty
266 8:37PM Canadian Dance Company (AD) Creep Junior Line Contemporary
267 8:40PM BOLD Dance Company (AC) Battlefield Junior Extended Line Lyrical
268 8:44PM Vlad's Dance Company (AM) Don Quixote Junior Line Ballet
269 8:50PM Art & Soul Dance Company (AA) Sweet Disposition Junior Line Contemporary
270 8:53PM Performing Dance Arts (AK) Life is Awesome Junior Group Contemporary
271 8:56PM Canadian Dance Unit (AE) Me and My Shadow Junior Line Musical Theatre
272 8:59PM Canadian Dance Company (AD) Private Birds Junior Extended Line Contemporary
273 9:03PM Art & Soul Dance Company (AA) TKO Junior Line Tap
274 9:06PM Performing Dance Arts (AK) Seven Beauties Junior Group Ballet
275 9:09PM Vlad's Dance Company (AM) Go Junior Line Contemporary
276 9:12PM BOLD Dance Company (AC) Police Man Junior Extended Line Specialty
277 9:16PM Art & Soul Dance Company (AA) Tribe Junior Line Specialty
278 9:19PM Joanne Chapman School of Dance (AH) Shoppers World Junior Extended Line Hip-Hop
279 9:23PM Articul8 (AB) Lemonade Junior Line Hip-Hop
280 9:26PM Canadian Dance Company (AD) Scherzo No. 2 Junior Extended Line Ballet
281 9:30PM Art & Soul Dance Company (AA) Versions Of You Junior Line Contemporary
282 9:33PM Mary Alice's Dance Studio (AJ) Which Witch Junior Extended Line Contemporary
283 9:37PM Canadian Dance Unit (AE) My Girl Junior Line Jazz
284 9:40PM The Dance Stop (AL) Say Something Junior Line Jazz
285 9:43PM Vlad's Dance Company (AM) Chance Junior Production Hip-Hop
286 9:48PM Art & Soul Dance Company (AA) What Is Jazz Junior Line Jazz
287 9:51PM Canadian Dance Company (AD) Daddy Junior Production Jazz
All awards #174-287!!
288 10:01PM Articul8 (AB) Before My Time
Sarah Garber
Senior Solo Contemporary
289 10:04PM Vlad's Dance Company (AM) Biafra
Amanda Petropoulos
Senior Solo Contemporary
290 10:07PM Dancemakerz (AF) Biafra
Erika Ott
Senior Solo Contemporary
291 10:10PM Canadian Dance Company (AD) Eternal Rest
Brian Ross
Senior Solo Contemporary
292 10:13PM BOLD Dance Company (AC) Dope
Marley Mehta
Senior Solo Contemporary
293 10:16PM Canadian Dance Unit (AE) Breathe Out
Kyla Richardson
Senior Solo Specialty
294 10:19PM Mary Alice's Dance Studio (AJ) Come Away With Me
Katie Wackowski
Senior Solo Tap
295 10:22PM Articul8 (AB) Desperado
Maddie Cardinal
Senior Solo Contemporary
296 10:25PM Art & Soul Dance Company (AA) TBA
Ealish Power
Senior Solo Contemporary
297 10:28PM Joanne Chapman School of Dance (AH) Hypnotized
Marianne Rojas
Senior Solo Lyrical
298 10:31PM Vlad's Dance Company (AM) Human Nature
Pauline Karabelas
Senior Solo Tap
299 10:34PM Dancemakerz (AF) Blue Sky
Kelly Donoff
Senior Solo Contemporary
300 10:37PM Performing Dance Arts (AK) Riverman
Olivia Berton
Senior Solo Contemporary
301 10:40PM Canadian Dance Company (AD) Honest
Josh Lamb
Senior Solo Contemporary
302 10:43PM Articul8 (AB) Miss You
Madison Thompson
Senior Solo Tap
303 10:46PM The Dance Stop (AL) Bang Bang
Jillian Zaffiro
Senior Solo Tap
304 10:48PM To The Pointe Dance Project (BE) Sing, Sing, Sing
Abigael Kim
Senior Solo Jazz
305 10:50PM BOLD Dance Company (AC) Skin & Bones
Krista Manteiga
Senior Solo Lyrical
306 10:52PM Canadian Dance Unit (AE) One of Those Things
Taylin Kelly
Senior Solo Tap
307 10:54PM Vlad's Dance Company (AM) TBA 39
Megan Caines
Senior Solo Contemporary
308 10:55PM Dancemakerz (AF) Breathe Again
Sydney Kleven
Senior Solo Lyrical
309 10:58PM Articul8 (AB) Nervous
Nicoletta Tomassetti
Senior Solo Contemporary
310 10:59PM Evolve Dance Complex (AR) TBH
Maria Rosenberg
Senior Solo Contemporary
311 11:02PM Canadian Dance Company (AD) I Remember
Noah Zulfikar
Senior Solo Contemporary
312 11:04PM Mary Alice's Dance Studio (AJ) Departure
Madison Cappelli
Senior Solo Contemporary
313 11:06PM Elite Danceworx (AG) Other Rooms
Paulina Macias
Senior Solo Contemporary
314 11:08PM Art & Soul Dance Company (AA) Dumbing Down Of Love
Vanessa Piselli
Senior Solo Contemporary
315 11:10PM Bourn Academy of Dance (AN) Love is love
Tajzon James
Senior Solo Contemporary
316 11:12PM Articul8 (AB) Night Train
Madison Busacco
Senior Solo Tap
317 11:14PM Vlad's Dance Company (AM) Dream Of You
Justine Tooth
Senior Solo Contemporary
318 11:16PM Dancemakerz (AF) Faith
Victoria McLellan
Senior Solo Lyrical
319 11:18PM BOLD Dance Company (AC) TBA
Justine Sanker
Senior Solo Contemporary
320 11:20PM Canadian Dance Unit (AE) P.S
Melanie DeMelo
Senior Solo Contemporary
321 11:22PM Canadian Dance Company (AD) A Tale Of Love
Kylie Walker
Senior Solo Contemporary
322 11:24PM Joanne Chapman School of Dance (AH) Emphasis
Hayley Nault
Senior Solo Contemporary
323 11:26PM Articul8 (AB) Now Or Never
Jenna Arcese
Senior Solo Tap
324 11:28PM Performing Dance Arts (AK) The Moment I Said It
Jessica-Taylor Ierullo
Senior Solo Contemporary
325 11:30PM Vlad's Dance Company (AM) Fall At Your Feet
Nicole Longo
Senior Solo Specialty
326 11:32PM Dancemakerz (AF) Illusory Light
Sierra Cosentino
Senior Solo Contemporary
327 11:34PM The Dance Stop (AL) Miss You
Juliana Mahovlic
Senior Solo Contemporary
328 11:36PM Mary Alice's Dance Studio (AJ) Hello
Anna Davoli
Senior Solo Contemporary
329 11:38PM Articul8 (AB) We're In Love
Anthony Fitzpatrick
Senior Solo Tap
330 11:40PM Canadian Dance Company (AD) Way Up High
Alexandra Shovlin
Senior Solo Contemporary
331 11:42PM BOLD Dance Company (AC) TBA
Julianna Macedo
Senior Solo Contemporary
332 11:44PM Elite Danceworx (AG) One In Ten
Jessy Lipke
Senior Solo Contemporary
333 11:46PM Canadian Dance Unit (AE) She
Noelle Natale
Senior Solo Contemporary
334 11:48PM Art & Soul Dance Company (AA) Missed
Erica Glowacki
Senior Solo Specialty
335 11:50PM Vlad's Dance Company (AM) Heal
Michael Novitski
Senior Solo Contemporary
336 11:52PM Dancemakerz (AF) Strange Fruit
Jennifer Smith
Senior Solo Contemporary
337 11:54PM Articul8 (AB) Weathered
Charlotte Randell
Senior Solo Contemporary
338 11:56PM To The Pointe Dance Project (BE) Magnets
Elizabeth Alexander
Senior Solo Specialty
All Senior Solo Awards will be announced Sat. night!!
Saturday, April 29th
# Time Studio Routine Age Division Category Perf. Division
339 3:30PM BOLD Dance Company (AC) Reason Senior Duo/Trio Contemporary
340 3:33PM Canadian Dance Unit (AE) Cage of Bones Senior Duo/Trio Contemporary
341 3:36PM Vlad's Dance Company (AM) The Moment I Said It Senior Duo/Trio Contemporary
342 3:39PM Canadian Dance Company (AD) If You Forget Me Senior Duo/Trio Contemporary
343 3:42PM BOLD Dance Company (AC) TBA Senior Duo/Trio Contemporary
344 3:45PM Mary Alice's Dance Studio (AJ) Chasing Cars Senior Duo/Trio Lyrical
345 3:48PM Dancemakerz (AF) Go Solo Senior Duo/Trio Contemporary
346 3:51PM Canadian Dance Unit (AE) e11even Senior Duo/Trio Contemporary
347 3:54PM Performing Dance Arts (AK) All We Do Senior Duo/Trio Contemporary
348 3:57PM BOLD Dance Company (AC) TBA Senior Duo/Trio Contemporary
349 4:00PM Articul8 (AB) Give Me One Reason Senior Duo/Trio Tap
350 4:03PM Mary Alice's Dance Studio (AJ) Horizons Senior Duo/Trio Contemporary
351 4:06PM Art & Soul Dance Company (AA) November Teen Group Contemporary
352 4:09PM Elite Danceworx (AG) Berlin Teen Group Contemporary
353 4:12PM Performing Dance Arts (AK) Game of Survival Teen Group Specialty
354 4:15PM BOLD Dance Company (AC) Blow A Cheque Teen Group Hip-Hop
355 4:18PM Vlad's Dance Company (AM) Devil & Dust Teen Group Specialty
356 4:21PM Articul8 (AB) Foxy Girls In Oakland Teen Group Tap
357 4:24PM The Dance Stop (AL) Circles Teen Group Contemporary
358 4:27PM Canadian Dance Company (AD) Numbers Senior Group Contemporary
359 4:30PM Art & Soul Dance Company (AA) Rhinestone Smile Teen Group Specialty
360 4:33PM Canadian Dance Unit (AE) In One...Out the Other Teen Group Contemporary
361 4:36PM Joanne Chapman School of Dance (AH) East Teen Line Lyrical
362 4:39PM Vlad's Dance Company (AM) TBA 4 Teen Group Contemporary
363 4:42PM Elite Danceworx (AG) Brother Teen Group Contemporary
364 4:45PM Performing Dance Arts (AK) The What Ifs and Should Haves Teen Group Contemporary
365 4:48PM Dancemakerz (AF) Landslide Teen Line Lyrical
366 4:51PM Mary Alice's Dance Studio (AJ) Lights Teen Group Tap
367 4:54PM BOLD Dance Company (AC) Elephant In The Room Teen Group Lyrical
368 4:57PM Canadian Dance Company (AD) Run Teen Group Contemporary
369 5:00PM Art & Soul Dance Company (AA) Unknown Teen Group Specialty
370 5:03PM Vlad's Dance Company (AM) Tango Teen Group Jazz
371 5:07PM Articul8 (AB) Go Your Own Way Teen Group Contemporary
372 5:10PM The Dance Stop (AL) I'm Your Baby Tonight Teen Group Jazz
373 5:13PM Elite Danceworx (AG) We Are Obliged Teen Group Contemporary
374 5:17PM Performing Dance Arts (AK) All We've Lost Teen Group Contemporary
375 5:20PM Canadian Dance Unit (AE) Say the Words Teen Group Lyrical
376 5:23PM Art & Soul Dance Company (AA) Enrapture Teen Line Specialty
377 5:26PM Mary Alice's Dance Studio (AJ) Swing It Teen Group Tap
378 5:29PM BOLD Dance Company (AC) Mind Games Teen Group Contemporary
379 5:32PM Vlad's Dance Company (AM) Spartacus Senior Group Ballet
380 5:37PM Articul8 (AB) Let Me Go Teen Group Jazz
381 5:40PM Elite Danceworx (AG) Both Sides Now Teen Line Lyrical
382 5:43PM Canadian Dance Company (AD) Shutter Island Teen Group Contemporary
383 5:46PM Art & Soul Dance Company (AA) House Party Teen Line Hip-Hop
384 5:49PM Performing Dance Arts (AK) Collateral Beauty Teen Line Contemporary
385 5:52PM The Dance Stop (AL) Tangents Teen Group Specialty
386 5:55PM Vlad's Dance Company (AM) Follaton Woods Teen Line Specialty
387 5:58PM Canadian Dance Unit (AE) 24 Teen Line Hip-Hop
388 6:01PM Mary Alice's Dance Studio (AJ) Never Loved a Man Senior Group Tap
389 6:04PM BOLD Dance Company (AC) People Get Ready Teen Group Contemporary
390 6:07PM Joanne Chapman School of Dance (AH) Folding Chairs Teen Line Specialty
391 6:10PM Canadian Dance Company (AD) Are You Down? Teen Line Hip-Hop
392 6:13PM Art & Soul Dance Company (AA) Into The Light Teen Line Ballet
393 6:16PM Elite Danceworx (AG) Hilarion and Wilis Teen Line Ballet
394 6:19PM Vlad's Dance Company (AM) Wild Horse Teen Group Specialty
395 6:22PM Performing Dance Arts (AK) Resilience Teen Line Contemporary
396 6:25PM Articul8 (AB) Stuck In The Middle Teen Group Tap
397 6:28PM Dancemakerz (AF) Illusion Of Bliss Teen Extended Line Lyrical
398 6:32PM The Dance Stop (AL) The Little Things Teen Group Tap
399 6:35PM Mary Alice's Dance Studio (AJ) One Way or Another Teen Line Lyrical
400 6:38PM Canadian Dance Company (AD) Ultralight Beam Senior Line Contemporary
401 6:41PM Vlad's Dance Company (AM) Reach For The Gun Teen Extended Line Musical Theatre
402 6:45PM Art & Soul Dance Company (AA) Iron Sky Teen Line Contemporary
403 6:48PM BOLD Dance Company (AC) Station Teen Group Contemporary
404 6:51PM Canadian Dance Unit (AE) Precision Teen Line Ballet
405 6:54PM Elite Danceworx (AG) Serenade For Strings Teen Line Ballet
406 6:57PM Performing Dance Arts (AK) Neoclassical Teen Line Ballet
407 7:00PM Vlad's Dance Company (AM) Don't Wanna See Your Face Teen Line Tap
408 7:03PM Canadian Dance Company (AD) Money Teen Extended Line Musical Theatre
409 7:07PM Art & Soul Dance Company (AA) Love On The Brain Teen Line Jazz
410 7:10PM Mary Alice's Dance Studio (AJ) Under Pressure Teen Extended Line Tap
411 7:14PM Articul8 (AB) Imagine My Frustration Teen Line Tap
412 7:17PM The Dance Stop (AL) Up Is Down Teen Group Ballet
413 7:20PM BOLD Dance Company (AC) Woman Teen Group Jazz
414 7:23PM Vlad's Dance Company (AM) TBA 5 Teen Line Contemporary
415 7:26PM Elite Danceworx (AG) Silence In My Blood Teen Line Contemporary
416 7:29PM Performing Dance Arts (AK) The Good and The Bad Teen Line Contemporary
417 7:32PM Canadian Dance Company (AD) Slip Teen Extended Line Contemporary
418 7:36PM Art & Soul Dance Company (AA) Remission Teen Line Specialty
419 7:39PM Vlad's Dance Company (AM) Odagio Teen Line Contemporary
420 7:42PM Joanne Chapman School of Dance (AH) You Don't Own Me Teen Line Contemporary
421 7:45PM Mary Alice's Dance Studio (AJ) Vogue Teen Extended Line Jazz
422 7:49PM Articul8 (AB) Temple Teen Extended Line Hip-Hop
423 7:53PM Elite Danceworx (AG) Warming Teen Line Contemporary
424 7:56PM Art & Soul Dance Company (AA) Runnin' Teen Line Tap
425 7:59PM Performing Dance Arts (AK) This is Where I Leave You Teen Line Specialty
426 8:02PM BOLD Dance Company (AC) Rihanna Teen Line Hip-Hop
427 8:05PM The Dance Stop (AL) #ALLIN216 Teen Line Hip-Hop
428 8:08PM Canadian Dance Unit (AE) Life in Gray Teen Line Specialty
429 8:11PM Vlad's Dance Company (AM) The Second Before Teen Line Specialty
430 8:15PM Dancemakerz (AF) Spectacular Quiet Teen Extended Line Contemporary
431 8:19PM Mary Alice's Dance Studio (AJ) Janet Teen Production Hip-Hop
432 8:24PM Canadian Dance Company (AD) Straight Vibin' Teen Extended Line Hip-Hop
433 8:28PM Art & Soul Dance Company (AA) Split Teen Line Specialty
434 8:31PM Elite Danceworx (AG) Wolf In Sheeps Clothing Teen Line Contemporary
435 8:36PM Articul8 (AB) Sing Sing Sing Teen Production Tap
436 8:41PM Vlad's Dance Company (AM) TBA 9 Teen Line Contemporary
437 8:44PM Performing Dance Arts (AK) Keyz Teen Extended Line Hip-Hop
438 8:48PM BOLD Dance Company (AC) TBA Teen Line Contemporary
439 8:51PM The Dance Stop (AL) You're The One That I Want Teen Line Contemporary
440 8:54PM Canadian Dance Company (AD) This Is A War Teen Extended Line Contemporary
441 8:58PM Art & Soul Dance Company (AA) Stand By Me Teen Line Specialty
442 9:01PM Mary Alice's Dance Studio (AJ) Come Rain or Come Shine Senior Group Lyrical
443 9:04PM Vlad's Dance Company (AM) Ghost Teen Production Specialty
444 9:11PM Elite Danceworx (AG) El Chapo Teen Extended Line Hip-Hop
445 9:15PM Canadian Dance Unit (AE) Paradise Teen Line Jazz
446 9:18PM Performing Dance Arts (AK) Mack the Knife Teen Extended Line Tap
447 9:22PM Articul8 (AB) 2 Man Show Senior Line Tap
448 9:25PM Joanne Chapman School of Dance (AH) Angels Teen Extended Line Hip-Hop
449 9:29PM Canadian Dance Company (AD) Chicago Teen Production Jazz
450 9:34PM Art & Soul Dance Company (AA) Composer's Dream Teen Extended Line Specialty
451 9:38PM BOLD Dance Company (AC) TBA Teen Line Contemporary
452 9:41PM The Dance Stop (AL) Beautiful People Teen Extended Line Jazz
453 9:45PM Mary Alice's Dance Studio (AJ) Fast Car Senior Group Contemporary
454 9:48PM Elite Danceworx (AG) Pressure Teen Extended Line Contemporary
455 9:52PM Vlad's Dance Company (AM) Swinging Teen Production Hip-Hop
456 9:59PM Performing Dance Arts (AK) Jazz... Teen Extended Line Jazz
457 10:03PM Canadian Dance Company (AD) Fixed Or Free Teen Production Contemporary
458 10:08PM Art & Soul Dance Company (AA) The Cypher Teen Extended Line Hip-Hop
459 10:12PM Articul8 (AB) Never Be Like You Senior Line Jazz
460 10:15PM Canadian Dance Unit (AE) Lost Teen Line Lyrical
461 10:18PM Dancemakerz (AF) Footprints Senior Group Contemporary
462 10:21PM Vlad's Dance Company (AM) Guilt Teen Extended Line Lyrical
463 10:25PM BOLD Dance Company (AC) TBA Teen Line Contemporary
464 10:28PM The Dance Stop (AL) Missy Mix Teen Production Hip-Hop
465 10:33PM Elite Danceworx (AG) Speechless Teen Extended Line Jazz
466 10:37PM Mary Alice's Dance Studio (AJ) Reign Senior Group Specialty
467 10:40PM Performing Dance Arts (AK) Way Down We Go Teen Extended Line Specialty
468 10:44PM Canadian Dance Unit (AE) Caberet Teen Line Musical Theatre
469 10:47PM Vlad's Dance Company (AM) The Funky Hooligans Teen Group Hip-Hop
470 10:50PM Articul8 (AB) The Way I Do Senior Line Contemporary
471 10:53PM BOLD Dance Company (AC) Next To You Senior Group Contemporary
472 10:56PM Joanne Chapman School of Dance (AH) She Teen Extended Line Contemporary
473 11:00PM The Dance Stop (AL) Sax Teen Production Jazz
474 11:05PM Canadian Dance Unit (AE) Dearest, Senior Group Contemporary
All Awards #288-474!!
Sunday, April 30th
# Time Studio Routine Age Division Category Perf. Division
475 7:00AM BOLD Dance Company (AC) Demons
Anneka Hwang
Mini Solo Contemporary
476 7:03AM Performing Dance Arts (AK) Baby I'm a Star
Luanna Di Iacovo
Mini Solo Jazz
477 7:06AM Joanne Chapman School of Dance (AH) Small Flowers
Hailey Vultao
Mini Solo Contemporary
478 7:09AM Mary Alice's Dance Studio (AJ) Don't Let Me Fall
Ava Crean
Mini Solo Contemporary
479 7:12AM Vlad's Dance Company (AM) Hide & Seek
Julianne Ip
Mini Solo Contemporary
480 7:15AM BOLD Dance Company (AC) I Look To You
Alessandra Imola
Mini Solo Lyrical
481 7:18AM Joanne Chapman School of Dance (AH) Over The Pond
Olivia Tramonte
Mini Solo Contemporary
482 7:21AM Canadian Dance Company (AD) Premonition
Kate Roman
Mini Solo Contemporary
483 7:24AM The Dance Zone (BD) Big Noise
Kaitlyn Tran
Mini Solo Jazz
484 7:27AM Evolve Dance Complex (AS) TBA
Cameron Voorhees
Mini Solo Contemporary
485 7:30AM BOLD Dance Company (AC) Let Me Entertain You
Julianna Glorioso
Mini Solo Jazz
486 7:33AM Performing Dance Arts (AK) Breakable
Mya Poland
Mini Solo Contemporary
487 7:36AM Joanne Chapman School of Dance (AH) Somewhere Only We Know
Mia Yllescas
Mini Solo Specialty
488 7:39AM Mary Alice's Dance Studio (AJ) Follow the Sun
Claire Baun
Mini Solo Lyrical
489 7:42AM Elite Danceworx (AG) Passacaglia
Lucy Charlton
Mini Solo Contemporary
490 7:45AM Vlad's Dance Company (AM) TBA 28
Zada Britton
Mini Solo Contemporary
491 7:48AM BOLD Dance Company (AC) River
Stefania DiCarlo
Mini Solo Contemporary
492 7:51AM To The Pointe Dance Project (BE) Heart Attack
Taryn Moody
Mini Solo Jazz
493 7:54AM Just Off Broadway (AU) Pursuit of Peace
Sophie Straley
Mini Solo Specialty
494 7:57AM BOLD Dance Company (AC) How Long Will I Love You Mini Duo/Trio Lyrical
495 8:00AM Eugenia's Dance Studio (AQ) My Boyfriends Back
Natalie Hunter
Mini Solo Musical Theatre
496 8:03AM Performing Dance Arts (AK) Golden
Alyssa Carpeneto
Mini Solo Contemporary
497 8:06AM BOLD Dance Company (AC) A Whole New World Mini Duo/Trio Lyrical
498 8:09AM Joanne Chapman School of Dance (AH) Extraordinary Machine
Adelaide Sebben
Mini Solo Specialty
499 8:12AM Mary Alice's Dance Studio (AJ) I Feel the Earth Move
Olivia Eckhert
Mini Solo Tap
500 8:15AM Vlad's Dance Company (AM) You Got A Friend
Timothy Zvifel
Mini Solo Contemporary
501 8:18AM Elite Danceworx (AG) On My Way
Stefano Bonomo
Mini Solo Contemporary
502 8:21AM Canadian Dance Company (AD) Bitter Earth
Chloe Hogan
Mini Solo Contemporary
503 8:24AM BOLD Dance Company (AC) TBA
Emma Vessio
Mini Solo Contemporary
504 8:27AM Art & Soul Dance Company (AA) Get Happy Mini Duo/Trio Tap
505 8:30AM Sarah Kennedy Ballet (AY) Too Hot To Stop
Samantha Melillo
Mini Solo Tap
506 8:33AM Elite Feet Artists Company (AP) Crayola
Natalie Breen
Mini Solo Jazz
507 8:36AM Elite Danceworx (AG) Getting Lighter Mini Duo/Trio Contemporary
508 8:39AM BOLD Dance Company (AC) Allegria Mini Duo/Trio Specialty
509 8:42AM Performing Dance Arts (AK) I Have a Dream
Andrea Saratsiotis
Mini Solo Lyrical
510 8:45AM Art & Soul Dance Company (AA) At The Roxy Mini Duo/Trio Jazz
511 8:48AM Mary Alice's Dance Studio (AJ) Paper Moon
Anna Crowe
Mini Solo Jazz
512 8:51AM Vlad's Dance Company (AM) TBA 10 Mini Duo/Trio Specialty
513 8:54AM BOLD Dance Company (AC) Five Hundred Miles Mini Duo/Trio Contemporary
514 8:57AM Canadian Dance Company (AD) The Dreamers Mini Duo/Trio Contemporary
515 9:00AM The Dance Zone (BD) Hit Me With Your Best Shot
Casey Tran
Mini Solo Jazz
517 9:06AM LIV Travel Dance Company (AI) Broken Birdie
Macey Herbison
Mini Solo Contemporary
518 9:09AM BOLD Dance Company (AC) Hey Lil Mama Mini Duo/Trio Jazz
519 9:12AM Performing Dance Arts (AK) The Dream Mini Duo/Trio Contemporary
520 9:15AM Joanne Chapman School of Dance (AH) Rainbow Connection
Ava Barbuto
Mini Solo Lyrical
521 9:18AM Mary Alice's Dance Studio (AJ) Sway
Abby Hartke
Mini Solo Jazz
522 9:21AM Vlad's Dance Company (AM) TBA 11 Mini Duo/Trio Contemporary
523 9:24AM Odasz Dance Theatre (AX) Speak not
Amari Germany
Mini Solo Contemporary
524 9:27AM Art & Soul Dance Company (AA) I Am Me Mini Duo/Trio Contemporary
525 9:30AM BOLD Dance Company (AC) Word Up Mini Duo/Trio Jazz
526 9:33AM Performing Dance Arts (AK) Me and My Shadow Mini Duo/Trio Jazz
All Awards #475-526!!


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