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Providence May 19-21, 2017

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Friday, May 19th
# Time Studio Routine Age Division Category Perf. Division
1 9:00AM Karla Pattavina's Dance Academy (AL) Forever Young
Emily Fusco
Mini Solo Lyrical
2 9:03AM The Talent Factory (AS) Brim
Brianna Hartman
Mini Solo Contemporary
3 9:06AM High Steppin' Dance Academy (AJ) Don't Rain On My Parade
Indira Barros
Mini Solo Specialty
4 9:09AM Fusion Dance Force (AH) Wild Horses
Gianna Scotto
JUMPstarts Solo Contemporary
5 9:12AM Patti Eisenhauer Dance Center (AM) On My Own Two Feet
Haylee Goguen
Mini Solo Lyrical
6 9:15AM Dancers Edge (CL) Pleading Heart
Callaghan Johnson
Mini Solo Contemporary
7 9:18AM Fusion Dance Force (AH) Something For The Pain
Julia Deal
Mini Solo Contemporary
8 9:21AM Karla Pattavina's Dance Academy (AL) Glorious
Molly Collins
Mini Solo Lyrical
9 9:24AM Elite Academy of Dance MA (BI) We Own It
Ava Dooley
Mini Solo Jazz
10 9:27AM The Pulse Performing Arts Studio (AR) Bright
Nicole Rodriguez
Mini Solo Lyrical
11 9:30AM Prestige Arts Company (BU) Endangered Species
Lailah West
Mini Solo Jazz
12 9:33AM The Talent Factory (AS) Dissolved Girl
Sarah Minnick
Mini Solo Contemporary
13 9:36AM High Steppin' Dance Academy (AJ) I'm Back
Karina Papineau
Mini Solo Hip-Hop
15 9:42AM Charlotte Klein Dance Center (AC) If You Believe
Dakota Rubin
Mini Solo Lyrical
16 9:45AM Karla Pattavina's Dance Academy (AL) It's About That Walk
Kallie Gendron
Mini Solo Jazz
19 9:54AM Sarah Kennedy Ballet (BV) Too Hot To Stop
Samantha Melillo
Mini Solo Tap
20 9:57AM Evolve Dance Complex (BL) Forgotten
Cameron Voorhees
Mini Solo Contemporary
21 10:00AM The Talent Factory (AS) I Evolve
Liana Weisbord
Mini Solo Contemporary
22 10:03AM Defying Gravity School of Dance (AG) Hound Dog
Natasha Parascandolo
Mini Solo Jazz
23 10:06AM High Steppin' Dance Academy (AJ) Light a Fire
Layla Sammour-Parsons
Mini Solo Contemporary
24 10:09AM Karla Pattavina's Dance Academy (AL) Oh Darling
Brighton Seymour
Mini Solo Contemporary
25 10:12AM Patti Eisenhauer Dance Center (AM) Set The World On Fire
Sydney Smith
Mini Solo Lyrical
27 10:18AM Fusion Dance Force (AH) Technicolour
Sienna Scotto
Mini Solo Contemporary
28 10:21AM Sarah Kennedy Ballet School (BW) Running
Yazia Luna
Mini Solo Contemporary
29 10:24AM Elite Academy of Dance MA (BI) You're Beautiful
Emma Leblanc
Mini Solo Lyrical
31 10:30AM Karla Pattavina's Dance Academy (AL) Runway Walk
Ella Vargas
Mini Solo Jazz
32 10:33AM The Talent Factory (AS) The Clock is Ticking
Hannah Vance
Mini Solo Contemporary
32.a 10:34AM Westchester Dance Academy (AT) Sleeping At Last
Tori Gordon
Mini Solo Lyrical
33 10:36AM High Steppin' Dance Academy (AJ) Mink Schmink
Ana Ramirez
Mini Solo Jazz
34 10:39AM The Pulse Performing Arts Studio (AR) The New Princess
Emerson Doran
Mini Solo Contemporary
34.a 10:40AM Westchester Dance Academy (AT) Sudden Silence
Sienna Morris
Mini Solo Contemporary
35 10:42AM Artistry Dance Project (AB) I Want It Now
Grace Feldman
Mini Solo Musical Theatre
36 10:45AM The Dance Workshop (CA) Rip It Up
Ava Bottone
Mini Solo Tap
36.a 10:46AM Westchester Dance Academy (AT) Without Words
Gillian Gordon
Mini Solo Contemporary
37 10:48AM Allegro Dance Academy (AA) Boss Mini Duo/Trio Jazz
38 10:51AM Karla Pattavina's Dance Academy (AL) No Greater Treasure Mini Duo/Trio Lyrical
39 10:54AM High Steppin' Dance Academy (AJ) Bossy Mini Duo/Trio Hip-Hop
40 10:57AM Patti Eisenhauer Dance Center (AM) Goodbye Neverland Mini Duo/Trio Lyrical
41 11:00AM Allegro Dance Academy (AA) Flowers Mini Duo/Trio Contemporary
42 11:03AM The Talent Factory (AS) The Farewell Mini Duo/Trio Contemporary
43 11:06AM The Dance Workshop (CA) Umbrella Mini Duo/Trio Tap
44 11:09AM Karla Pattavina's Dance Academy (AL) Poison Mini Duo/Trio Jazz
45 11:12AM Allegro Dance Academy (AA) Material Girl Mini Duo/Trio Jazz
46 11:15AM High Steppin' Dance Academy (AJ) Great Balls of Fire Mini Duo/Trio Specialty
48 11:21AM Allegro Dance Academy (AA) Royals Mini Duo/Trio Tap
49 11:24AM Karla Pattavina's Dance Academy (AL) Too Many Fish Mini Duo/Trio Jazz
51 11:30AM High Steppin' Dance Academy (AJ) She Knows Mini Duo/Trio Hip-Hop
52 11:33AM Allegro Dance Academy (AA) The Gift of a Friend Mini Duo/Trio Lyrical
All Awards #1-52!!
53 11:51AM Patti Eisenhauer Dance Center (AM) Arrival of the Birds
Angelina Rak
Junior Solo Contemporary
54 11:54AM Seven Star School of Performing Arts (AO) Groove
Noelle Vitro
Junior Solo Tap
55 11:57AM Defying Gravity School of Dance (AG) At Last
Alessia Provost
Junior Solo Jazz
56 12:00PM The Talent Factory (AS) Dream
Keara Medeiros
Junior Solo Contemporary
57 12:03PM Allegro Dance Academy (AA) Lay Your Head Down
Amanda Reedy
Junior Solo Contemporary
58 12:06PM Defying Gravity School of Dance (AG) Everybody Wants To Rule The World
Maya Huling
Junior Solo Specialty
59 12:09PM Karla Pattavina's Dance Academy (AL) Glam
Kristen Dimartinis
Junior Solo Jazz
60 12:12PM The Pulse Performing Arts Studio (AR) For Good
Anna Stanton
Junior Solo Lyrical
60.a 12:13PM The Dance Center (CJ) That Man
Nova Lajoie
Junior Solo Jazz
61 12:15PM Defying Gravity School of Dance (AG) Heavy In Your Arms
Hannah Teixeira
Junior Solo Specialty
62 12:18PM High Steppin' Dance Academy (AJ) Beast Mode
Jason Pincince
Junior Solo Hip-Hop
63 12:21PM Patti Eisenhauer Dance Center (AM) Happiness Does Not Wait
Abigail Civetti
Junior Solo Contemporary
64 12:24PM Seven Star School of Performing Arts (AO) Here Comes The Sun
Angie Santamorena
Junior Solo Tap
65 12:27PM Defying Gravity School of Dance (AG) Hello Dolly
Juliana Sticca
Junior Solo Jazz
66 12:30PM Rosemary's School of Dance Education (AN) To Build a Home
Maria Lacey
Junior Solo Contemporary
67 12:33PM Triple Threat Dance Company (CE) Love In The Dark
Sophia Hwang
Junior Solo Lyrical
68 12:36PM Dance Unlimited LLC (BG) Blank Space
Chloe Nixon
Junior Solo Contemporary
69 12:39PM Defying Gravity School of Dance (AG) Keep Breathing
Alessandra Perkins
Junior Solo Lyrical
70 12:42PM DanceSpaceStudios (AF) L.O.V.E
Isabella Capuano
Junior Solo Jazz
71 12:45PM The Talent Factory (AS) Fragments
Ashlyn Gannon
Junior Solo Contemporary
72 12:48PM New England Dance & Gymnastics Center (BP) Pop, Drop and Roll
Sophia Scarpa
Junior Solo Specialty
73 12:51PM Defying Gravity School of Dance (AG) Reaching Out
Christina Maggiacomo
Junior Solo Contemporary
74 12:54PM Patti Eisenhauer Dance Center (AM) Hearing
Jacquelyn DuBois
Junior Solo Contemporary
75 12:57PM Seven Star School of Performing Arts (AO) S'Wonderful
Ariel Choi
Junior Solo Tap
76 1:00PM Allegro Dance Academy (AA) Let's Go
Finn Mullaly
Junior Solo Hip-Hop
78 1:06PM Westchester Dance Academy (AT) What Lies Ahead
Nicole Talamo
Junior Solo Contemporary
79 1:09PM Triple Threat Dance Co (CD) Heart Cry
Alex Woznyk
Junior Solo Contemporary
80 1:12PM Defying Gravity School of Dance (AG) The Curse
Katie Murphy
Junior Solo Contemporary
81 1:15PM Alyson School of Dance (AV) Don't Rain on My Parade
Allie Donovan
Junior Solo Jazz
82 1:18PM The Dance Factory (AQ) I Will Not Forget You
Delaney Cochrane
Junior Solo Contemporary
83 1:21PM Westchester Dance Academy (AT) Silence Followed You
Samantha Rodriguez
Junior Solo Contemporary
84 1:24PM Charlotte Klein Dance Center (AC) Olivia
Olivia O'Brien
Junior Solo Contemporary
85 1:27PM Patti Eisenhauer Dance Center (AM) Lost Boy
Isabella Ward
Junior Solo Specialty
86 1:30PM Seven Star School of Performing Arts (AO) Stompin' At The Savoy
Sarah Shectman
Junior Solo Tap
87 1:33PM Westchester Dance Academy (AT) With This Love
Molly Lyons
Junior Solo Contemporary
88 1:36PM The Talent Factory (AS) This Peaceful Discord
Thea Weathers
Junior Solo Contemporary
89 1:39PM Karla Pattavina's Dance Academy (AL) Shine
Riley Leblanc
Junior Solo Lyrical
90 1:42PM The Pulse Performing Arts Studio (AR) Love Me or Leave Me
Zachary Doran
Junior Solo Tap
91 1:45PM High Steppin' Dance Academy (AJ) Dancing Fool
Cassidy Nicoletti
Junior Solo Specialty
92 1:48PM Evolve Dance Complex (BL) Saharan Mirage
Isabella Voorhees
Junior Solo Contemporary
93 1:51PM Breaking Ground Dance Center (AY) Oh Darling
Phoebe Cannon
Junior Solo Contemporary
94 1:54PM Patti Eisenhauer Dance Center (AM) Mad World
Hannah Huling
Junior Solo Lyrical
95 1:57PM Seven Star School of Performing Arts (AO) Swingset
Danielle Nicole Garcia
Junior Solo Tap
96 2:00PM Allegro Dance Academy (AA) Let Myself Try
Emily Geraghty
Junior Solo Lyrical
97 2:03PM Westchester Dance Academy (AT) What Might Have Been
Iliana Victor
Junior Solo Contemporary
98 2:06PM D and J Dynamite Dance Company (BD) The Clown
Cassidy Reigel
Junior Solo Specialty
99 2:09PM Dance Studio of Maine (AE) Man In The Mirror
Aiden Fortier
Junior Solo Contemporary
100 2:12PM The Talent Factory (AS) Till My Heart Stops
Bella Gillette
Junior Solo Contemporary
101 2:15PM Rosemary's School of Dance Education (AN) Turn to Stone
Marina Abreu
Junior Solo Contemporary
102 2:18PM Patti Eisenhauer Dance Center (AM) Skin
Grace Jerrier
Junior Solo Lyrical
103 2:21PM Seven Star School of Performing Arts (AO) The Privilege
Emma Donovan
Junior Solo Contemporary
104 2:24PM Triple Threat Dance Company (CE) Torn
Bella Andrews
Junior Solo Specialty
105 2:27PM Dance Unlimited LLC (BG) Insecurities
Leigha Sullivan
Junior Solo Specialty
107 2:33PM Dance Images Dance & Music Center (AD) The Greatest Star
Whitney Stella
Junior Solo Musical Theatre
108 2:36PM Karla Pattavina's Dance Academy (AL) Stand By Me
Margot Anderson-Song
Junior Solo Jazz
109 2:39PM The Pulse Performing Arts Studio (AR) The Dark Side
Shane Wassem
Junior Solo Specialty
109.a 2:40PM Westchester Dance Academy (AT) Everlasting
Isabella Weidman
Junior Solo Contemporary
110 2:42PM Patti Eisenhauer Dance Center (AM) The Call
Rachel Barros
Junior Solo Specialty
111 2:45PM Seven Star School of Performing Arts (AO) Walk It Off
Hannah Delamonico
Junior Solo Contemporary
112 2:48PM The Talent Factory (AS) Tornado
Taylor Stevenin
Junior Solo Contemporary
113 2:51PM Allegro Dance Academy (AA) Rise
Julia Marzolini
Junior Solo Contemporary
114 2:54PM Westchester Dance Academy (AT) Unbound By Time
Gisele Cestaro
Junior Solo Contemporary
116 3:00PM Studio Bleu (BO) Landfill
Brooke Cheek
Junior Solo Contemporary
117 3:03PM Patti Eisenhauer Dance Center (AM) Carry Me Junior Duo/Trio Contemporary
118 3:06PM Allegro Dance Academy (AA) Coming Home Junior Duo/Trio Lyrical
120 3:12PM The Pulse Performing Arts Studio (AR) I Don't Dance Junior Duo/Trio Musical Theatre
121 3:15PM Seven Star School of Performing Arts (AO) Stand By Me Junior Duo/Trio Tap
122 3:18PM Patti Eisenhauer Dance Center (AM) Selflessness Junior Duo/Trio Specialty
123 3:21PM Allegro Dance Academy (AA) Forever Young Junior Duo/Trio Lyrical
124 3:24PM The Talent Factory (AS) Calm Down Junior Duo/Trio Hip-Hop
125 3:27PM Stage Door Dance Theatre (AP) Fairy Junior Duo/Trio Ballet
126 3:30PM Patti Eisenhauer Dance Center (AM) Sounds of Silence Junior Duo/Trio Lyrical
127 3:33PM Allegro Dance Academy (AA) Caught Up Junior Duo/Trio Hip-Hop
129 3:39PM High Steppin' Dance Academy (AJ) Chaos In Gotham Junior Duo/Trio Hip-Hop
130 3:42PM The Pulse Performing Arts Studio (AR) Turkey Lurkey Time Junior Duo/Trio Musical Theatre
131 3:45PM Seven Star School of Performing Arts (AO) Dibidy Dop Junior Duo/Trio Tap
All Awards #53-131!!
132 4:03PM Allegro Dance Academy (AA) Incomplete
Natalie Monk
Teen Solo Contemporary
133 4:06PM Patti Eisenhauer Dance Center (AM) A Blessing
Samantha Robillard
Teen Solo Contemporary
134 4:09PM Westchester Dance Academy (AT) Bittersweet
Jenna Bregante
Teen Solo Contemporary
135 4:12PM The Talent Factory (AS) Angel By the Wings
Allie Lombardi
Teen Solo Lyrical
136 4:15PM High Steppin' Dance Academy (AJ) Blessings
Courtney Dias
Teen Solo Contemporary
137 4:18PM Karla Pattavina's Dance Academy (AL) I Found a Boy
Gracie Hood
Teen Solo Lyrical
138 4:21PM Dance Images Dance & Music Center (AD) And I
Mandy Lucci
Teen Solo Contemporary
139 4:24PM Triple Threat Dance Company (CE) I Follow
Hannah Lewis
Teen Solo Contemporary
140 4:27PM Fusion Dance Force (AH) A Siren's Lament
Camryn Tomaszewski
Teen Solo Contemporary
141 4:30PM The Dance Factory (AQ) Hatch
Ceili Cochrane
Teen Solo Contemporary
142 4:33PM Stage Door Dance Theatre (AP) Lost In A Dream
Claire Crittendon
Teen Solo Lyrical
143 4:36PM Artistry Dance Project (AB) Breaking Free
Emma DeCaprio
Teen Solo Contemporary
144 4:39PM Allegro Dance Academy (AA) Do Right
Ashley Geraghty
Teen Solo Jazz
145 4:42PM Patti Eisenhauer Dance Center (AM) A Stutter
Elizabeth Rodrigues
Teen Solo Contemporary
146 4:45PM The Pulse Performing Arts Studio (AR) Til We Go Down
Sophia Pauline
Teen Solo Contemporary
147 4:48PM Westchester Dance Academy (AT) High Hopes
Christina Oliveri
Teen Solo Contemporary
148 4:51PM Seven Star School of Performing Arts (AO) Beleza
Katelyn Williams
Teen Solo Tap
149 4:54PM New England Dance Center (BS) Dead in the Water
Chloe McGrievey
Teen Solo Lyrical
150 4:57PM Defying Gravity School of Dance (AG) Black Hole Sun
Lola Balkcom
Teen Solo Specialty
151 5:00PM The Talent Factory (AS) Arsonist's Lullaby
Trinity O'Neill
Teen Solo Contemporary
152 5:03PM Rosemary's School of Dance Education (AN) Existence
Carolina Garcia
Teen Solo Contemporary
153 5:06PM The Dancing Center Unlimited (CB) Riversong
Kendall Belanger
Teen Solo Contemporary
154 5:09PM High Steppin' Dance Academy (AJ) Downtown
Brandon Cummings
Teen Solo Hip-Hop
155 5:12PM Dance Unlimited LLC (BG) Bojangles
India Little
Teen Solo Tap
156 5:15PM Allegro Dance Academy (AA) Hold Back the River
Camille Walch
Teen Solo Lyrical
157 5:18PM Patti Eisenhauer Dance Center (AM) Chasing Cars
Emily Conroy
Teen Solo Lyrical
158 5:21PM Karla Pattavina's Dance Academy (AL) It Could Be
Alison Parent
Teen Solo Contemporary
159 5:24PM Stewart Johnson Dance Academy (BZ) Once and For All
Cayla Rae Pavol
Teen Solo Contemporary
160 5:27PM Westchester Dance Academy (AT) When Hope Is Lost
Camilla Truesdale
Teen Solo Contemporary
160.a 5:28PM Hackworth School of Performing Arts (AI) The Rise & Fall of Juliet
Chloe Balch
Teen Solo Contemporary
161 5:30PM Defying Gravity School of Dance (AG) Gravity
Isabella DiIorio
Teen Solo Contemporary
163 5:36PM A Fine Dance Studio (AU) A Little Time
Zoe Lemelman
Teen Solo Jazz
164 5:39PM Westchester Dance Academy (AT) Protect Me
Skye Ayala
Teen Solo Contemporary
165 5:42PM Dance Images Dance & Music Center (AD) Harlequin Heartbreak
Meghan Emery
Teen Solo Contemporary
166 5:45PM The Talent Factory (AS) Be Brave
Macie Johnson
Teen Solo Contemporary
167 5:48PM Encore Performing Arts Center (BK) I Could Hear
Nicole Konides
Teen Solo Contemporary
168 5:51PM Allegro Dance Academy (AA) Acceptance
Jazmin Calle
Teen Solo Contemporary
169 5:54PM Patti Eisenhauer Dance Center (AM) Dead In The Water
Andrea Gray
Teen Solo Lyrical
170 5:57PM Hackworth School of Performing Arts (AI) Hollow Embrace
Amy Benedetto
Teen Solo Contemporary
171 6:00PM High Steppin' Dance Academy (AJ) La Laina
Claire LeBlanc
Teen Solo Contemporary
173 6:06PM New England Dance and Gymnastics Centers (BQ) Enter One
Haley Huelsman
Teen Solo Contemporary
174 6:09PM Fusion Dance Force (AH) Easy
Jillian Miller
Teen Solo Contemporary
175 6:12PM The Dance Factory (AQ) I Have Found
Madison Maiorano
Teen Solo Contemporary
176 6:15PM Stage Door Dance Theatre (AP) Peasant Pas Giselle
Camille Brown
Teen Solo Ballet
177 6:18PM Artistry Dance Project (AB) Business of Love
Paulie Bedus
Teen Solo Jazz
178 6:21PM Karla Pattavina's Dance Academy (AL) Our Demons
Shauna Bradley
Teen Solo Jazz
179 6:24PM Allegro Dance Academy (AA) Mad World
Tatum McClelland
Teen Solo Contemporary
180 6:27PM Patti Eisenhauer Dance Center (AM) If You Forget Me
Isabella Lambros
Teen Solo Contemporary
180.a 6:28PM Hackworth School of Performing Arts (AI) Crazy Thoughts
Jacob Matthews
Teen Solo Hip-Hop
181 6:30PM The Talent Factory (AS) Breathe
Isabella Piccirilli
Teen Solo Contemporary
183 6:36PM The Pulse Performing Arts Studio (AR) Tell Me On A Sunday
Megan Reynolds
Teen Solo Contemporary
184 6:39PM Seven Star School of Performing Arts (AO) Rapture
Amanda Ostuni
Teen Solo Lyrical
185 6:42PM Boston Community Dance (AX) Improv
Kira Marderosian
Teen Solo Improvisation
186 6:45PM Westchester Dance Academy (AT) Emerge Resolution
Jenna Meilman
Teen Solo Contemporary
187 6:48PM Alyson's School of Dance (AW) Hit the Road Jack
Gabby Snow
Teen Solo Jazz
188 6:51PM High Steppin' Dance Academy (AJ) Slip
Kaitlyn Lockaby
Teen Solo Contemporary
189 6:54PM Dance Town (BF) TBA-RC
Ruby Castro
Teen Solo Contemporary
190 6:57PM Dance Images Dance & Music Center (AD) No For Me
Sophie Leveille
Teen Solo Contemporary
191 7:00PM Allegro Dance Academy (AA) Pretty Hurts
Lindsey Zuccaro
Teen Solo Lyrical
192 7:03PM Patti Eisenhauer Dance Center (AM) In Roses
Kaitlyn Auerbach
Teen Solo Contemporary
193 7:06PM Defying Gravity School of Dance (AG) Without A Word
Callie Madsen
Teen Solo Contemporary
194 7:09PM Sarah Kennedy Ballet (BV) Shadows
Brooke Melillo
Teen Solo Contemporary
195 7:12PM Dazzle Studio of Dance (BH) Tba
Riley Hess
Teen Solo Contemporary
196 7:15PM Extensions School of Dance (BM) Manolo
Ella Rozea
Teen Solo Hip-Hop
197 7:18PM The Talent Factory (AS) Deception
Gabriella Weathers
Teen Solo Jazz
198 7:21PM Class Act Dance (BA) It Don't Mean A thing
Morgan Hopsicker
Teen Solo Tap
199 7:24PM Westchester Dance Academy (AT) Holding Your Absence
Gia Sylvester
Teen Solo Contemporary
200 7:27PM Karla Pattavina's Dance Academy (AL) Torn
Sophie Martinez
Teen Solo Contemporary
200.a 7:28PM For Dancers Only (CI) Broken Wing
Olivia Alboher
Teen Solo Contemporary
201 7:30PM New England Dance Center (BS) Never Saw Blue
Megan Danahey
Teen Solo Lyrical
202 7:33PM Ultimate Dance Academy (CF) What's Love Got To Do With It
Kaycee Dominguez
Teen Solo Contemporary
203 7:36PM Allegro Dance Academy (AA) Sweet Lovin'
Ilysa Sanchez-Perez
Teen Solo Jazz
204 7:39PM Westchester Dance Academy (AT) Resistance
Juliana Crespi
Teen Solo Contemporary
205 7:42PM Patti Eisenhauer Dance Center (AM) Nature Boy
Alanna Huling
Teen Solo Specialty
206 7:45PM High Steppin' Dance Academy (AJ) Unchained Melody
Camryn Devanney
Teen Solo Lyrical
207 7:48PM The Dancing Center Unlimited (CB) Wild is the Wind
MaryCate Cassidy
Teen Solo Lyrical
208 7:51PM Fusion Dance Force (AH) Falling Short
Madison Maccarino
Teen Solo Contemporary
209 7:54PM The Dance Factory (AQ) Small Leaf
Morgan Maiorano
Teen Solo Contemporary
210 7:57PM Stage Door Dance Theatre (AP) Nasty
Emma Marakoulos
Teen Solo Specialty
210.a 7:58PM For Dancers Only (CI) Don't Stop Believin
Sidney Zaref
Teen Solo Tap
211 8:00PM The Talent Factory (AS) Runaway
Gabrielle Santos
Teen Solo Contemporary
212 8:03PM Artistry Dance Project (AB) Home
Allie Caparelli
Teen Solo Lyrical
213 8:06PM Allegro Dance Academy (AA) War Zone
Alysse Dinoff
Teen Solo Lyrical
214 8:09PM Patti Eisenhauer Dance Center (AM) Particles
Bridgette Ginley
Teen Solo Contemporary
215 8:12PM Dance Images Dance & Music Center (AD) Spectrum
Gemma Leary
Teen Solo Contemporary
216 8:15PM The Pulse Performing Arts Studio (AR) Searching
Paige Wassem
Teen Solo Contemporary
217 8:18PM Seven Star School of Performing Arts (AO) Lean Back
Madison Vendel
Teen Solo Tap
218 8:21PM Karla Pattavina's Dance Academy (AL) Traditions
Krystina DerBogosian
Teen Solo Lyrical
219 8:24PM Dance Unlimited LLC (BG) Lost Love
Chloe Sinoway
Teen Solo Contemporary
220 8:27PM High Steppin' Dance Academy (AJ) When I'm With You
Joey Acciardo
Teen Solo Hip-Hop
220.a 8:28PM Westchester Dance Academy (AT) Watching It Unfold
Kayla Mak
Teen Solo Contemporary
221 8:30PM Stewart Johnson Dance Academy (BZ) Within Me
Lauren Stefanelli
Teen Solo Contemporary
222 8:33PM Westchester Dance Academy (AT) Unbroken
Ava Schwartz
Teen Solo Contemporary
223 8:36PM Dance Studio of Maine (AE) Amazing Grace
Olivine Harvey
Teen Solo Contemporary
224 8:39PM Allegro Dance Academy (AA) Yesterday
Natalie Bronfine
Teen Solo Lyrical
225 8:42PM Patti Eisenhauer Dance Center (AM) Spine
Julia Broll
Teen Solo Specialty
226 8:45PM The Talent Factory (AS) What We Need
Maddie Curnow
Teen Solo Contemporary
227 8:48PM World of Dance (CG) TBA
Madisen Akers
Teen Solo Contemporary
229 8:54PM Stardancer Studios (BX) eclipse
Aedan Coger
Teen Solo Contemporary
All Awards #132-229!!
230 9:12PM Allegro Dance Academy (AA) Big Spender
Sophia Mosca
Senior Solo Jazz
231 9:15PM High Steppin' Dance Academy (AJ) Cry Me a River
Emily Burghardt
Senior Solo Specialty
232 9:18PM Fusion Dance Force (AH) Parameters
Stephanie Gennusa
Senior Solo Contemporary
233 9:21PM The Talent Factory (AS) Breathless
Tatum Wentworth
Senior Solo Contemporary
234 9:24PM DanceSpaceStudios (AF) Fever
Caitlyn Lubo
Senior Solo Jazz
235 9:27PM Artistry Dance Project (AB) Lament
Emi Giuseffi
Senior Solo Contemporary
236 9:30PM The Dance Factory (AQ) Celestial
Hailey Sapir
Senior Solo Contemporary
237 9:33PM Dance Images Dance & Music Center (AD) Falling Short
Emma Leveille
Senior Solo Contemporary
238 9:36PM Allegro Dance Academy (AA) Collide
Kaileigh Geraghty
Senior Solo Contemporary
239 9:39PM High Steppin' Dance Academy (AJ) Out of My Mind
Alan Mariotti
Senior Solo Hip-Hop
240 9:42PM Karla Pattavina's Dance Academy (AL) I Was Made For Loving You
Marissa Fuccione
Senior Solo Lyrical
240.a 9:43PM Dance Fusion (BE) All Again
Brooke Harper
Senior Solo Lyrical
241 9:45PM Seven Star School of Performing Arts (AO) Bern
Jillian McNamara
Senior Solo Tap
242 9:48PM Harbour Productions (BN) Untitled
Jared Harbour
Senior Solo Contemporary
243 9:51PM Rosemary's School of Dance Education (AN) Solace
Rachel Greenberg
Senior Solo Contemporary
244 9:54PM Fusion Dance Force (AH) TBA
Alexa Miller
Senior Solo Contemporary
245 9:57PM The Talent Factory (AS) Eye Can See
Fallon Walsh
Senior Solo Contemporary
246 10:00PM Allegro Dance Academy (AA) Dream
Ava Walch
Senior Solo Lyrical
247 10:03PM High Steppin' Dance Academy (AJ) Resolution
Xavier Cruz
Senior Solo Specialty
247.a 10:04PM For Dancers Only (CI) Them There Eyes
Morgan Zaref
Senior Solo Tap
248 10:06PM Westchester Dance Academy (AT) Take It All
Natalie Balaj
Senior Solo Contemporary
249 10:09PM The Hargest Academy of Performing Arts (CC) Free
Grace Farrell
Senior Solo Jazz
250 10:12PM Dance Fusion (BE) Drag Me
Corinne Ferreira
Senior Solo Contemporary
251 10:15PM DanceSpaceStudios (AF) Summertime
Britnie Carpentier
Senior Solo Jazz
252 10:18PM New England Dance and Gymnastics Centers (BR) Oh Darling
Katelyn Andrade
Senior Solo Contemporary
253 10:21PM Dance Studio of Maine (AE) Words
Natalie Brackett
Senior Solo Jazz
254 10:24PM The Pulse Performing Arts Studio (AR) Near Light
Carolyn Wassem
Senior Solo Contemporary
255 10:27PM Allegro Dance Academy (AA) Hallelujah
Abbey LeClair
Senior Solo Lyrical
256 10:30PM High Steppin' Dance Academy (AJ) My Story
Colin LeSage
Senior Solo Tap
257 10:33PM Fusion Dance Force (AH) Time
Madison Ostrach
Senior Solo Contemporary
258 10:36PM The Talent Factory (AS) Life Sized Ghosts
Lauren Shanos
Senior Solo Contemporary
259 10:39PM Encore Dance Academy (BJ) An Evening I Will Not Forget
Jordan Celli
Senior Solo Lyrical
260 10:42PM Artistry Dance Project (AB) Ave Maria
Alyssa Barton
Senior Solo Lyrical
260.a 10:43PM Beyond The Barre Dance Academy (CH) The Rules for Lovers
Ryley Polak
Senior Solo Specialty
261 10:45PM The Dance Factory (AQ) Safe Travels
Tim Schroeder
Senior Solo Contemporary
262 10:48PM Dance Images Dance & Music Center (AD) Sixth Sense
Morgan Immoor
Senior Solo Contemporary
263 10:51PM Allegro Dance Academy (AA) Human
Sarah Contreras
Senior Solo Lyrical
264 10:54PM High Steppin' Dance Academy (AJ) What Sound
Alice LeBlanc
Senior Solo Contemporary
265 10:57PM Karla Pattavina's Dance Academy (AL) Unfinished
Emily McFarland
Senior Solo Lyrical
265.a 10:58PM Mansfield Academy of Dance (CK) Hold Me
Callie Storrs
Senior Solo Lyrical
266 11:00PM Seven Star School of Performing Arts (AO) Naturally
Katherine Lorber
Senior Solo Tap
267 11:03PM DanceSpaceStudios (AF) Trouble
Kylee Potenti
Senior Solo Jazz
268 11:06PM Harbour Productions (BN) Bones
Luke Romanzi
Senior Solo Contemporary
269 11:09PM Fusion Dance Force (AH) Verses
Tetiana Sklyarova
Senior Solo Contemporary
270 11:12PM The Talent Factory (AS) Rush
Ashley Cromack
Senior Solo Contemporary
270.a 11:13PM Mansfield Academy of Dance (CK) Jackson
Dan Marinelli
Senior Solo Hip-Hop
271 11:15PM Allegro Dance Academy (AA) Say You Love Me
Jillian Capone
Senior Solo Contemporary
272 11:18PM High Steppin' Dance Academy (AJ) Wonder
Caroline Devanney
Senior Solo Lyrical
273 11:21PM Charlotte Klein Dance Center (AC) Le Jazz Hot
Kayleigh Johnson
Senior Solo Musical Theatre
274 11:24PM Patti Eisenhauer Dance Center (BT) I wasn't Done
Maddi Kedrowski
Senior Solo Contemporary
275 11:27PM Patti Eisenhauer Dance Center (AM) Piano Man
Anna McDonnell
Senior Solo Tap
276 11:30PM Class Act Dance (BA) Canon
Katie Hopsicker
Senior Solo Tap
All Awards #230-276!!
Saturday, May 20th
# Time Studio Routine Age Division Category Perf. Division
278 3:30PM High Steppin' Dance Academy (AJ) Can't Take My Eye's Off Of You Teen Duo/Trio Specialty
279 3:33PM The Talent Factory (AS) Echoes Teen Duo/Trio Contemporary
280 3:36PM Fusion Dance Force (AH) Aftermath Senior Duo/Trio Contemporary
281 3:39PM Karla Pattavina's Dance Academy (AL) Depth Over Distance Senior Duo/Trio Lyrical
282 3:42PM Hudson Valley Conservatory (AK) Joy Teen Group Lyrical
283 3:45PM High Steppin' Dance Academy (AJ) Lifeline Teen Duo/Trio Lyrical
284 3:48PM Fusion Dance Force (AH) On the Floor Junior Group Jazz
285 3:51PM The Talent Factory (AS) Finding the Answer Senior Duo/Trio Contemporary
286 3:54PM Patti Eisenhauer Dance Center (AM) Lost Teen Duo/Trio Contemporary
287 3:57PM Dance Images Dance & Music Center (AD) The Middle Mini Group Jazz
288 4:00PM Defying Gravity School of Dance (AG) Boogie Wonderland Junior Extended Line Jazz
289 4:04PM Stage Door Dance Theatre (AP) Never Had A Friend Like Me Teen Duo/Trio Musical Theatre
290 4:07PM High Steppin' Dance Academy (AJ) We Could of Danced All Night Teen Duo/Trio Tap
290.a 4:08PM Mansfield Academy of Dance (CK) Fast Car Senior Duo/Trio Lyrical
291 4:10PM The Talent Factory (AS) Around the World JUMPstarts Line Jazz
292 4:14PM Allegro Dance Academy (AA) Light It Up Senior Duo/Trio Specialty
293 4:17PM Rosemary's School of Dance Education (AN) Locomotion Teen Line Jazz
294 4:21PM Fusion Dance Force (AH) Funk Teen Duo/Trio Hip-Hop
295 4:24PM High Steppin' Dance Academy (AJ) Young Love Senior Duo/Trio Contemporary
296 4:27PM Defying Gravity School of Dance (AG) Cold Hearted Snake Teen Group Tap
297 4:30PM The Talent Factory (AS) Dreams Colliding Mini Group Contemporary
298 4:33PM Karla Pattavina's Dance Academy (AL) Part of Your World Mini Group Lyrical
299 4:36PM Harbour Productions (BN) Sweet Disposition Senior Duo/Trio Contemporary
300 4:39PM The Dancing Center Unlimited (CB) The Chase Teen Duo/Trio Contemporary
301 4:42PM High Steppin' Dance Academy (AJ) Animals JUMPstarts Group Hip-Hop
302 4:45PM Defying Gravity School of Dance (AG) Crave You Teen Group Jazz
303 4:48PM The Talent Factory (AS) The Search Mini Line Contemporary
304 4:52PM Hudson Valley Conservatory (AK) Opening Up Teen Group Jazz
305 4:55PM Hackworth School of Performing Arts (AI) Can't Stop The Feeling Teen Duo/Trio Specialty
306 4:58PM Defying Gravity School of Dance (AG) Egyptian Nights JUMPstarts Group Jazz
307 5:01PM Stewart Johnson Dance Academy (BZ) Never Satisfied Teen Duo/Trio Contemporary
308 5:04PM High Steppin' Dance Academy (AJ) What the World Needs Now JUMPstarts Group Lyrical
309 5:07PM The Talent Factory (AS) My Type Mini Extended Line Jazz
310 5:11PM Fusion Dance Force (AH) This Is Not Nothing Teen Duo/Trio Contemporary
311 5:14PM Patti Eisenhauer Dance Center (AM) Shadow Teen Duo/Trio Specialty
312 5:17PM Dance Images Dance & Music Center (AD) Seven Nation Army Teen Group Jazz
313 5:20PM Defying Gravity School of Dance (AG) Every Breath You Take Mini Group Lyrical
314 5:23PM High Steppin' Dance Academy (AJ) Bugle Boy JUMPstarts Group Specialty
315 5:26PM The Talent Factory (AS) Awakened Junior Group Lyrical
316 5:29PM Karla Pattavina's Dance Academy (AL) Heart In My Hands Teen Group Lyrical
317 5:32PM Stage Door Dance Theatre (AP) Get Down Hit The Floor Teen Duo/Trio Hip-Hop
318 5:34PM Fusion Dance Force (AH) State of the Union Senior Group Contemporary
319 5:38PM Defying Gravity School of Dance (AG) Get Up Off That Thing Mini Group Jazz
320 5:41PM Class Act Dance (BA) Fields of Gold Teen Duo/Trio Tap
321 5:44PM The Talent Factory (AS) Cares Junior Group Jazz
322 5:47PM Allegro Dance Academy (AA) Goodnight Saigon Teen Extended Line Lyrical
323 5:51PM High Steppin' Dance Academy (AJ) Mambo #5 Mini Group Hip-Hop
324 5:54PM Fusion Dance Force (AH) The Greatest Junior Group Contemporary
325 5:57PM Hudson Valley Conservatory (AK) Speakeasy Teen Group Ballet
326 6:00PM The Talent Factory (AS) Moonbeams Junior Group Contemporary
327 6:03PM High Steppin' Dance Academy (AJ) Dream In Color Mini Line Lyrical
328 6:07PM Defying Gravity School of Dance (AG) Harem Junior Group Jazz
329 6:10PM Artistry Dance Project (AB) The Hot Gates Teen Duo/Trio Contemporary
330 6:13PM Rosemary's School of Dance Education (AN) I Love You Always Forever Teen Line Contemporary
331 6:17PM Dance Studio of Maine (AE) Your Day Will Come Teen Duo/Trio Contemporary
332 6:20PM The Talent Factory (AS) Just Breathe Junior Group Contemporary
333 6:23PM High Steppin' Dance Academy (AJ) Rockin the Jailhouse Mini Production Specialty
334 6:28PM Patti Eisenhauer Dance Center (AM) Only The Winds Junior Group Contemporary
335 6:31PM Dance Images Dance & Music Center (AD) Tango Teen Group Specialty
336 6:34PM Karla Pattavina's Dance Academy (AL) Heart Strings Teen Group Contemporary
337 6:37PM High Steppin' Dance Academy (AJ) For My Help Teen Group Lyrical
338 6:40PM Fusion Dance Force (AH) 17 Hours On End Teen Group Contemporary
339 6:43PM Defying Gravity School of Dance (AG) What The World Needs Now Mini Group Lyrical
340 6:46PM High Steppin' Dance Academy (AJ) On Your Shore Junior Group Contemporary
341 6:49PM Hudson Valley Conservatory (AK) Falling, Passing, Breathe Teen Line Contemporary
342 6:53PM The Dance Factory (AQ) Ne Me Quitte Pas Teen Duo/Trio Lyrical
343 6:56PM The Talent Factory (AS) Capsize Teen Group Contemporary
344 6:59PM High Steppin' Dance Academy (AJ) Freak Show Junior Extended Line Hip-Hop
345 7:03PM Seven Star School of Performing Arts (AO) Without Ground Teen Duo/Trio Contemporary
346 7:06PM Stage Door Dance Theatre (AP) Bills Teen Duo/Trio Tap
347 7:09PM The Talent Factory (AS) Cut Love Teen Group Contemporary
348 7:12PM Karla Pattavina's Dance Academy (AL) Mirage Teen Group Ballet
349 7:15PM Allegro Dance Academy (AA) Mein Herr Teen Extended Line Jazz
350 7:19PM Defying Gravity School of Dance (AG) Our Angel Junior Group Contemporary
351 7:22PM Fusion Dance Force (AH) Blackout Teen Extended Line Hip-Hop
352 7:26PM High Steppin' Dance Academy (AJ) Fly Guys Teen Group Hip-Hop
353 7:29PM The Talent Factory (AS) Soundwaves Teen Group Hip-Hop
354 7:32PM Patti Eisenhauer Dance Center (AM) Sight Mini Group Contemporary
355 7:35PM Dance Images Dance & Music Center (AD) I Will Follow You Teen Line Lyrical
355.a 7:37PM Westchester Dance Academy (AT) Final Descent Mini Group Contemporary
356 7:39PM High Steppin' Dance Academy (AJ) The Way I Do Senior Group Contemporary
357 7:42PM The Talent Factory (AS) Light a Fire Junior Line Contemporary
358 7:46PM Hudson Valley Conservatory (AK) A Musical Teen Extended Line Musical Theatre
359 7:50PM High Steppin' Dance Academy (AJ) Step In Time Teen Line Musical Theatre
360 7:54PM Fusion Dance Force (AH) Run & Tell That Teen Extended Line Musical Theatre
361 7:58PM Defying Gravity School of Dance (AG) One Day Junior Group Specialty
362 8:01PM The Talent Factory (AS) Play That One Again Teen Group Lyrical
363 8:04PM Karla Pattavina's Dance Academy (AL) Off Broadway Teen Line Jazz
364 8:08PM High Steppin' Dance Academy (AJ) Don't Speak Teen Extended Line Jazz
365 8:12PM Rosemary's School of Dance Education (AN) True Colors Senior Group Contemporary
366 8:15PM The Talent Factory (AS) Soy Una Mujer Teen Group Jazz
367 8:18PM Stage Door Dance Theatre (AP) Confident Teen Group Jazz
368 8:21PM High Steppin' Dance Academy (AJ) Sing Sing Sing Teen Extended Line Specialty
369 8:25PM Patti Eisenhauer Dance Center (AM) Skeletons Teen Duo/Trio Tap
370 8:28PM The Talent Factory (AS) Hang Up Teen Line Jazz
371 8:32PM Hudson Valley Conservatory (AK) Bills Teen Extended Line Tap
372 8:36PM Fusion Dance Force (AH) This Epilogue Teen Group Contemporary
373 8:39PM High Steppin' Dance Academy (AJ) Wanna Be Teen Extended Line Hip-Hop
374 8:43PM Westchester Dance Academy (AT) Waiting Between Worlds Teen Group Lyrical
375 8:46PM The Talent Factory (AS) Berlin Senior Group Contemporary
376 8:49PM Karla Pattavina's Dance Academy (AL) Smother Teen Line Lyrical
377 8:53PM Dance Images Dance & Music Center (AD) Closer Senior Group Contemporary
378 8:56PM Allegro Dance Academy (AA) Tell Your Heart to Beat Again Teen Extended Line Lyrical
379 9:00PM The Talent Factory (AS) Confrontations Teen Group Lyrical
380 9:03PM High Steppin' Dance Academy (AJ) Smooth Criminal Teen Extended Line Specialty
All Awards #278-380!!


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