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Honolulu May 26-28, 2017

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Friday, May 26th
# Time Studio Routine Age Division Category Perf. Division
1 5:00PM Impact Dance Hawaii (AE) Ghost in the Wind
Scarlett Ferrell
JUMPstarts Solo Contemporary
2 5:03PM Project 21 (AU) In The Mountains
Katie Couch
Mini Solo Contemporary
3 5:06PM Impact Dance Hawaii (AE) Faith
Leilani Kench
Mini Solo Jazz
4 5:09PM Honolulu Dance Studio & Boogie Down Prod. (AC) Heading to Heaven
Kylee Amoroso-Kawamoto
Mini Solo Contemporary
5 5:12PM Hypersquad Dance Company (AD) Incredible
Maya Lee
Mini Solo Specialty
6 5:15PM Club Dance Studio (AN) Grey
Jonah Benyamin
Mini Solo Contemporary
7 5:18PM Aloha Dance Studio (AA) Boombayah
Malia Ebueng
Mini Solo Jazz
8 5:21PM Project 21 (AU) River
Mackenzie Couch
Mini Solo Contemporary
9 5:24PM Portland Dance Center (AT) Off The Rails
Giselle Ditchfield
Mini Solo Contemporary
10 5:25PM The Dance Movement (BC) TBD
Elliana Walmsley
Mini Solo Lyrical
11 5:30PM Impact Dance Hawaii (AE) True Colors
Jeryn Garma
Mini Solo Ballet
12 5:33PM Honolulu Dance Studio & Boogie Down Prod. (AC) Reh-Zur-Remy
Remy Kobatake
Mini Solo Hip-Hop
13 5:36PM Hypersquad Dance Company (AD) Issa Vibe
Mariah Phommachanh
Mini Solo Hip-Hop
14 5:39PM Project 21 (AU) Sanctuary
Kameron Couch
Mini Solo Contemporary
15 5:42PM Club Dance Studio (AN) Trust
Olivia Benyamin
Mini Solo Contemporary
16 5:45PM Aloha Dance Studio (AA) Life Of The Party
Annabelle Adversario
Mini Solo Musical Theatre
17 5:48PM Impact Dance Hawaii (AE) Don't Panic
Sonja Garcia
Junior Solo Contemporary
17.a 5:49PM Honolulu Dance Studio & Boogie Down Prod. (AC) I Choose You
Melanie Cabanero
Junior Solo Specialty
18 5:51PM Pas De Deux Hawaii (AH) Lost Boy
Kamyle Stamp
Junior Solo Contemporary
19 5:54PM Manoa Dance Studio (AK) Money
Frankie Strom
Junior Solo Musical Theatre
19.a 5:55PM Allegro Performing Arts Academy (BB) Don't Let Me Down
Trelyne Inay
Junior Solo Contemporary
20 5:57PM Club Dance Studio (AM) Found
Kaya Walsh
Junior Solo Lyrical
21 6:00PM Scout Hutchinson (AV) TBA
Scout Hutchinson
Junior Solo Contemporary
21.a 6:01PM Honolulu Dance Studio & Boogie Down Prod. (AC) Say My Name
Katelyn Moss
Junior Solo Specialty
22 6:03PM Impact Dance Hawaii (AE) Youth
Reina White
Junior Solo Contemporary
23 6:06PM Pas De Deux Hawaii (AH) Rule The World
Jennah-Makamae Jordan
Junior Solo Contemporary
24 6:09PM Ballet Hawaii (AL) Canvas
Halle Lum
Junior Solo Contemporary
24.a 6:10PM GC Dance Company (BA) The Lost
Anna Brown
Junior Solo Contemporary
25 6:12PM Honolulu Dance Studio & Boogie Down Prod. (AC) A Bad Dream
Kiana Kaya
Teen Solo Lyrical
26 6:15PM Impact Dance Hawaii (AE) Breathe Me
Alyssa Neal
Teen Solo Contemporary
27 6:18PM Maui Academy of Performing Arts (AG) Coward
Kalai Fong
Teen Solo Contemporary
28 6:21PM Aloha Dance Studio (AA) Numb
Kylee Viernes-Toyama
Teen Solo Contemporary
29 6:24PM Danceology (AO) In Conflict
Alexis Weldner
Teen Solo Contemporary
30 6:27PM Iolani Dance Team (AF) Open Arms
Isabel Lukas
Teen Solo Lyrical
31 6:30PM Honolulu Dance Studio & Boogie Down Prod. (AC) Idiotech
An Phan
Teen Solo Contemporary
32 6:33PM Thrive Dance Center (AX) Chance
Caysie Oshita
Teen Solo Contemporary
33 6:36PM Nor Cal Dance Arts (AS) Forgiven
Jadyn Hernandez
Teen Solo Contemporary
34 6:39PM West Coast School of the Arts (AY) Something More Holy
Lauren Shaw
Teen Solo Contemporary
35 6:42PM Club Dance Studio (AN) Love for That
Sophia Benyamin
Teen Solo Contemporary
36 6:45PM Punahou Dance Team (AI) Dancing On My Own
Casidy Chan
Teen Solo Lyrical
37 6:48PM Honolulu Dance Studio & Boogie Down Prod. (AC) Skin & Bones
Draven Arnold
Teen Solo Specialty
38 6:51PM Impact Dance Hawaii (AE) One Way or Another
Bridgette Young
Teen Solo Contemporary
39 6:54PM Maui Academy of Performing Arts (AG) Pools To Bathe In
Keala Robell
Teen Solo Contemporary
40 6:57PM Aloha Dance Studio (AA) Roxie
Isa Gampon
Teen Solo Jazz
40.a 6:58PM Honolulu Dance Studio & Boogie Down Prod. (AC) Sarah's Notebook
Ava Furukawa
Teen Solo Contemporary
41 7:00PM Danceology (AO) Song For Europa
Jade Bucci
Teen Solo Contemporary
42 7:03PM Maui Dance Project (AQ) TBA
Tayte Kamoku
Teen Solo Contemporary
43 7:06PM Honolulu Dance Studio & Boogie Down Prod. (AC) Hallucinations
Aaron Ostroff
Teen Solo Contemporary
44 7:09PM Manoa Dance Studio (AK) I've Still Got My Health
Brooke Gramn
Teen Solo Tap
45 7:12PM Drill Team Hawaii (AB) Livewire
Kyra Suzawa-Tajima
Teen Solo Lyrical
46 7:15PM Aloha Dance Studio (AA) Love In The Dark
Callie Racelo
Senior Solo Lyrical
47 7:18PM Honolulu Dance Studio & Boogie Down Prod. (AC) Blindspot
Rachel Steidler
Senior Solo Contemporary
48 7:21PM Pas De Deux Hawaii (AH) I Want To Hold Your Hand
Rachel Toves
Senior Solo Lyrical
49 7:24PM Impact Dance Hawaii (AE) Landfill
Taimana Bartlett
Senior Solo Contemporary
50 7:27PM Manoa Dance Studio (AK) In the Sea
Sofia DeLormier
Senior Solo Lyrical
50.a 7:28PM Allegro Performing Arts Academy (BB) Objects
Trinity Inay
Senior Solo Contemporary
51 7:30PM Drill Team Hawaii (AB) Unbroken
Alexis Kaopua
Senior Solo Contemporary
52 7:33PM Aloha Dance Studio (AA) Seven
Gabby Mahoney
Senior Solo Jazz
53 7:36PM Honolulu Dance Studio & Boogie Down Prod. (AC) The Rain Dance
Christianne Moss
Senior Solo Contemporary
54 7:39PM Pas De Deux Hawaii (AH) Strong
Alyssa Okawa
Senior Solo Contemporary
54.a 7:40PM Pacific Dance (AZ) Somebody I Used To Know
Lo Matsuno
Senior Solo Contemporary
56 7:45PM International Conservatory of the Performing Arts (AP) To See You Again, Once More
Mikaela Morisato
Senior Solo Contemporary
All Awards #1-56!
Saturday, May 27th
# Time Studio Routine Age Division Category Perf. Division
57 4:00PM Studio 808 Danceproject (AJ) Dawg JUMPstarts Group Hip-Hop
58 4:03PM Honolulu Dance Studio & Boogie Down Prod. (AC) I'm Better Senior Group Hip-Hop
59 4:06PM Pas De Deux Hawaii (AH) Moana Junior Line Lyrical
60 4:09PM Aloha Dance Studio (AA) Angel Teen Duo/Trio Contemporary
61 4:12PM Drill Team Hawaii (AB) Boogie Shoes Mix JUMPstarts Extended Line Jazz
62 4:16PM Studio 808 Danceproject (AJ) March To The Beat JUMPstarts Group Jazz
63 4:19PM Hypersquad Dance Company (AD) Study Hall Mini Duo/Trio Hip-Hop
65 4:25PM Honolulu Dance Studio & Boogie Down Prod. (AC) SLAY Mini Duo/Trio Jazz
66 4:28PM Pas De Deux Hawaii (AH) You'll Be In My Heart Junior Group Ballet
67 4:31PM Studio 808 Danceproject (AJ) Fresh JUMPstarts Group Hip-Hop
68 4:34PM Manoa Dance Studio (AK) Laundered Mini Duo/Trio Ballet
69 4:37PM Maui Academy of Performing Arts (AG) Rise Up Junior Line Lyrical
70 4:41PM Aloha Dance Studio (AA) Emergency Mini Group Jazz
71 4:44PM Drill Team Hawaii (AB) Dance Like Yo Daddy Open Group Specialty
72 4:47PM Studio 808 Danceproject (AJ) Popular JUMPstarts Group Musical Theatre
73 4:50PM Honolulu Dance Studio & Boogie Down Prod. (AC) La Dolce Vita Junior Duo/Trio Ballet
74 4:53PM Pas De Deux Hawaii (AH) Mr. J Junior Group Jazz
75 4:56PM The Playground (AW) A Brotha's Prophecy Mini Group Hip-Hop
76 4:59PM Hypersquad Dance Company (AD) Young Money Junior Duo/Trio Hip-Hop
77 5:02PM Studio 808 Danceproject (AJ) On Your Porch Mini Group Lyrical
78 5:05PM Project 21 (AU) Songbird Mini Duo/Trio Contemporary
79 5:08PM Honolulu Dance Studio & Boogie Down Prod. (AC) Windows to the Soul Teen Duo/Trio Ballet
80 5:11PM Pas De Deux Hawaii (AH) Zen Disciples Junior Group Specialty
81 5:14PM Studio 808 Danceproject (AJ) Runaway Baby Mini Group Jazz
82 5:17PM Aloha Dance Studio (AA) Nothings Gonna Stop Us Mini Line Jazz
83 5:20PM Drill Team Hawaii (AB) Respect Mini Extended Line Jazz
84 5:23PM Impact Dance Hawaii (AE) Rebellion Junior Group Tap
85 5:27PM Studio 808 Danceproject (AJ) Run The Party Mini Extended Line Hip-Hop
86 5:31PM Honolulu Dance Studio & Boogie Down Prod. (AC) Freaks Senior Duo/Trio Hip-Hop
87 5:34PM Pas De Deux Hawaii (AH) Hairspray Junior Line Musical Theatre
88 5:38PM Hypersquad Dance Company (AD) Hype Sibling Rivalry Teen Duo/Trio Hip-Hop
89 5:41PM Studio 808 Danceproject (AJ) Work Beat Fierce Down Mini Extended Line Hip-Hop
90 5:45PM Aloha Dance Studio (AA) Work Mini Group Jazz
91 5:48PM Drill Team Hawaii (AB) My Love Junior Line Lyrical
92 5:52PM Honolulu Dance Studio & Boogie Down Prod. (AC) Rock Star Mini Line Jazz
92.a 5:53PM Impact Dance Hawaii (AE) In The Cut Teen Duo/Trio Jazz
93 5:56PM Pas De Deux Hawaii (AH) Cabbage Patch Kidz Mini Group Hip-Hop
94 6:00PM Studio 808 Danceproject (AJ) Fade Away Junior Group Contemporary
95 6:03PM Manoa Dance Studio (AK) Polonaise Mini Group Ballet
96 6:06PM Aloha Dance Studio (AA) Me Too Junior Group Jazz
97 6:09PM Honolulu Dance Studio & Boogie Down Prod. (AC) House Party Mini Extended Line Hip-Hop
98 6:13PM Pas De Deux Hawaii (AH) Roll Out Junior Line Hip-Hop
99 6:17PM Studio 808 Danceproject (AJ) Set It Free Junior Group Jazz
100 6:20PM Drill Team Hawaii (AB) Party Go Boom Junior Line Specialty
101 6:24PM Impact Dance Hawaii (AE) Roam Mini Group Jazz
102 6:27PM Hypersquad Dance Company (AD) Slumber Party Mini Group Hip-Hop
103 6:30PM Studio 808 Danceproject (AJ) Boss Mode Junior Extended Line Hip-Hop
104 6:34PM Honolulu Dance Studio & Boogie Down Prod. (AC) Thumbs Junior Line Jazz
105 6:38PM Pas De Deux Hawaii (AH) We Slay Teen Group Hip-Hop
106 6:41PM Studio 808 Danceproject (AJ) Cloud Teen Group Contemporary
107 6:44PM Impact Dance Hawaii (AE) Flawless Females Teen Group Hip-Hop
108 6:47PM Aloha Dance Studio (AA) 17 Teen Group Jazz
109 6:50PM Honolulu Dance Studio & Boogie Down Prod. (AC) Purse First Teen Line Hip-Hop
110 6:54PM Drill Team Hawaii (AB) Home Teen Line Lyrical
111 6:58PM Pas De Deux Hawaii (AH) Enchanted Teen Group Ballet
112 7:01PM Iolani Dance Team (AF) Policeman Teen Group Jazz
113 7:04PM Studio 808 Danceproject (AJ) Motivation Teen Group Lyrical
114 7:07PM Impact Dance Hawaii (AE) The River Teen Group Lyrical
114.a 7:08PM Honolulu Dance Studio & Boogie Down Prod. (AC) Impossible Open Group Contemporary
115 7:10PM Manoa Dance Studio (AK) Boston Teen Group Tap
116 7:13PM Aloha Dance Studio (AA) Insane Like Me Teen Line Contemporary
117 7:17PM Pas De Deux Hawaii (AH) Pink Panther Teen Line Jazz
118 7:21PM Punahou Dance Team (AI) Uptown Funk Teen Group Jazz
119 7:24PM Maui Academy of Performing Arts (AG) While My Guitar Gently Weeps Teen Group Lyrical
120 7:27PM Studio 808 Danceproject (AJ) Young & Hungry Teen Line Hip-Hop
121 7:31PM Impact Dance Hawaii (AE) Picking Up The Pieces, An Autism Story Teen Group Ballet
122 7:34PM Honolulu Dance Studio & Boogie Down Prod. (AC) Unsteady Teen Line Contemporary
123 7:38PM Pas De Deux Hawaii (AH) River Senior Group Contemporary
124 7:42PM Aloha Dance Studio (AA) Run Boy Run Teen Line Contemporary
125 7:46PM Drill Team Hawaii (AB) Jet Set Teen Line Jazz
126 7:50PM Studio 808 Danceproject (AJ) Convoluted Dissonance Teen Line Hip-Hop
126.a 7:51PM Honolulu Dance Studio & Boogie Down Prod. (AC) Trendsetter Open Group Specialty
127 7:54PM Impact Dance Hawaii (AE) Heads Will Roll Teen Line Jazz
128 7:58PM Pas De Deux Hawaii (AH) King of Africa Teen Production Musical Theatre
129 8:03PM Iolani Dance Team (AF) Be Right There Teen Line Jazz
130 8:07PM Aloha Dance Studio (AA) The Boogie Bumper Teen Line Tap
131 8:11PM Honolulu Dance Studio & Boogie Down Prod. (AC) A Doll's Life Mini Duo/Trio Hip-Hop
132 8:14PM Studio 808 Danceproject (AJ) Start A Party Teen Extended Line Hip-Hop
133 8:18PM Pas De Deux Hawaii (AH) GI Joe Teen Line Hip-Hop
134 8:21PM Impact Dance Hawaii (AE) This Shirt Teen Line Contemporary
135 8:25PM Drill Team Hawaii (AB) TBA Teen Production Specialty
136 8:30PM Studio 808 Danceproject (AJ) Yellow Bricks Open Production Specialty
137 8:35PM Honolulu Dance Studio & Boogie Down Prod. (AC) Castle Open Line Specialty
All Awards #57-137!!


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