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Miami October 13-15, 2017

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Friday, October 13th
# Time Studio Routine Age Division Category Perf. Division
1 12:30PM ScalaDancers (AT) Sweety Panther
Mariangel Diaz
JUMPstarts Solo Specialty
2 12:33PM Dance Town (AE) Cha Cha Heels
Olivia Pulles
JUMPstarts Solo Jazz
3 12:36PM New Level Dance Company (AQ) Your Song
Isabella DiBenedetto
JUMPstarts Solo Lyrical
4 12:39PM ScalaDancers (AT) Coonga
Zoe Grau
JUMPstarts Solo Jazz
5 12:42PM Stars Dance Studio (AV) Cold Water
Neo Del Corral
JUMPstarts Solo Contemporary
6 12:45PM Performance Edge Dance Studio (AR) Chewing Gum
Zoe Juliette Holladay
JUMPstarts Solo Tap
7 12:48PM Stars Dance Studio (AV) Amelie
Carolina Alonso
JUMPstarts Solo Contemporary
8 12:51PM ScalaDancers (AT) Downtown Chickis JUMPstarts Duo/Trio Jazz
9 12:54PM Dance Town (AE) Light Fixture
Sophia Gil
JUMPstarts Solo Contemporary
10 12:57PM New Level Dance Company (AQ) Departure
Ella Dobler
JUMPstarts Solo Contemporary
10.a 12:58PM Stars Dance Studio (AV) Tears of an Angel
Abella Dorta
JUMPstarts Solo Contemporary
11 1:00PM Adrenaline Dance Company (AA) Crisis
Valentina Tous
JUMPstarts Solo Contemporary
12 1:03PM ScalaDancers (AT) Cinderella JUMPstarts Duo/Trio Lyrical
13 1:06PM Moving Artist Dance Company (AP) Fragile
Rocio Viola
JUMPstarts Solo Contemporary
14 1:09PM Dance Town (AE) Baila
Sophia Perez
JUMPstarts Solo Specialty
15 1:12PM New Level Dance Company (AQ) Corner Of Your Heart JUMPstarts Duo/Trio Lyrical
16 1:15PM ScalaDancers (AT) Muuuaaah JUMPstarts Duo/Trio Jazz
17 1:18PM Adrenaline Dance Company (AA) Ambient
Sophia Ortiz
Mini Solo Contemporary
18 1:21PM Stars Dance Studio (AV) Synthesis
Maddison Lopez
Mini Solo Contemporary
19 1:24PM Miami Dance Collective (AN) Drop
Layla Gibb
Mini Solo Contemporary
20 1:27PM SJ Dance Company (AU) Sway With Me
Alyssa Vega
Mini Solo Specialty
21 1:30PM New Level Dance Company (AQ) Seven Devils
Rheem Masaood
Mini Solo Contemporary
22 1:33PM Adrenaline Dance Company (AA) The After You
Tiffany Wiltz
Mini Solo Contemporary
23 1:36PM Moving Artist Dance Company (AP) Attack
Kamila Huerres
Mini Solo Specialty
24 1:39PM Stars Dance Studio (AV) Consequences
Sophia Alonso
Mini Solo Contemporary
25 1:42PM Impetu Dance Center (AK) Friend like Me
Alejandro Ruiz
Mini Solo Hip-Hop
26 1:45PM Dance Unlimited (AF) Mean
Nicole Piles
Mini Solo Jazz
27 1:48PM Adrenaline Dance Company (AA) Homecoming
Isabella Hernandez
Mini Solo Contemporary
28 1:51PM Infinity Dance Studio (AL) Another One Bites the Dust
Brianna Gomez
Mini Solo Jazz
29 1:54PM Stars Dance Studio (AV) Homesick
Abbey Del Corral
Mini Solo Contemporary
30 1:57PM Miami Dance Collective (AN) Shelter
Olivia Garcia
Mini Solo Contemporary
31 2:00PM ScalaDancers (AT) O
Kayla Castellanos
Mini Solo Specialty
32 2:03PM Adrenaline Dance Company (AA) Drift
Isabella Cespedes
Mini Solo Contemporary
33 2:06PM Miami Dance Company (AO) Slip Away
Isabella Cabrera
Mini Solo Contemporary
34 2:09PM SJ Dance Company (AU) Brave
Lia Lanz
Mini Solo Lyrical
35 2:12PM New Level Dance Company (AQ) Song For Viola
Ava Weissman
Mini Solo Lyrical
36 2:15PM Dance Town (AE) Bound
Samantha Manrique
Mini Solo Contemporary
36.a 2:16PM Boca Dance Studio (BN) Move Your Feet
Jolie Reise
Mini Solo Tap
37 2:18PM Adrenaline Dance Company (AA) Save Me
Daniella Cespedes
Mini Solo Contemporary
38 2:21PM Moving Artist Dance Company (AP) The only fault
Jae Lyn Roberts
Mini Solo Contemporary
39 2:24PM Stars Dance Studio (AV) Sunlight
Angelina Brennan
Mini Solo Contemporary
40 2:27PM Stars Dance Studio (AV) Holding Your Absence
Mriela Figueroa
Mini Solo Contemporary
41 2:30PM Miami Dance Collective (AN) Erupting Light
Carolina Garcia
Mini Solo Contemporary
42 2:33PM Adrenaline Dance Company (AA) Depth
Gabriella Gonzalez
Mini Solo Contemporary
43 2:36PM Dancinginxs (AG) Sorry
Alana Ramos
Mini Solo Hip-Hop
44 2:39PM Impetu Dance Center (AK) First Day on Earth
Andrea Dopazo
Mini Solo Jazz
44.a 2:40PM Stars Dance Studio (AV) Awakening
Adriana Colina
Mini Solo Contemporary
45 2:42PM Adrenaline Dance Company (AA) Weightless
Alyssa Aboy
Mini Solo Contemporary
46 2:45PM SJ Dance Company (AU) Bent
Amelia Salas
Mini Solo Specialty
47 2:48PM New Level Dance Company (AQ) Growth
Olivia Gray
Mini Solo Contemporary
48 2:51PM Dance Unlimited (AF) Egyptian
Kylee Casares
Mini Solo Specialty
49 2:54PM Stars Dance Studio (AV) Elegy
Nicholas Bustos
Mini Solo Contemporary
50 2:57PM Adrenaline Dance Company (AA) Time
Jenny Lizazo
Mini Solo Contemporary
51 3:00PM Miami Dance Collective (AN) Vast and Limitless
Georgia Easton
Mini Solo Contemporary
52 3:03PM Moving Artist Dance Company (AP) Emerge
Alexa Martinez
Mini Solo Contemporary
53 3:06PM Pulse Dance Company (AS) As Long as You Love Me
Daniela Ferrer
Mini Solo Contemporary
54 3:09PM Infinity Dance Studio (AL) The Power Of Love
Isabella Hernandez
Mini Solo Lyrical
55 3:12PM Adrenaline Dance Company (AA) Pressure
Annalia Almonacid
Mini Solo Contemporary
55.a 3:13PM Stars Dance Studio (AV) Belonging
Giselle Gandarilla
Mini Solo Contemporary
56 3:15PM ScalaDancers (AT) Romantic Spain
Maria Isabel Ortega
Mini Solo Specialty
57 3:18PM New Level Dance Company (AQ) Lungs
Annalise Pisciotti
Junior Solo Contemporary
58 3:21PM Adrenaline Dance Company (AA) Vast
Valerie Jimenez
Junior Solo Contemporary
59 3:24PM Moving Artist Dance Company (AP) Impulsive
Diana Gauvin
Junior Solo Contemporary
60 3:27PM SJ Dance Company (AU) Summertime
Gianna Leon
Junior Solo Specialty
61 3:30PM ScalaDancers (AT) Miracula Eternitatis
Daphne Grau
Junior Solo Lyrical
62 3:33PM New Level Dance Company (AQ) Enter One
Rachel Carter
Junior Solo Contemporary
63 3:36PM Dance Unlimited (AF) Black Ships
Belen Vives
Junior Solo Contemporary
64 3:39PM Dancinginxs (AG) Anchor
Sofia Posada
Junior Solo Contemporary
65 3:42PM Dance Town (AE) Fallen
Paris Vigo
Junior Solo Contemporary
66 3:45PM Adrenaline Dance Company (AA) Not The End
Isabella Sosa
Junior Solo Contemporary
67 3:46PM Maria Verdeja School of the Arts (AM) Fire
Gabriela Gomez
Junior Solo Contemporary
68 3:48PM New Level Dance Company (AQ) Dust
Ava Fridella
Junior Solo Contemporary
69 3:51PM Stars Dance Studio (AV) Detach
Sophia Geraldo
Junior Solo Contemporary
70 3:54PM Moving Artist Dance Company (AP) Jealous
Keila Cuadra
Junior Solo Contemporary
71 3:57PM Broadway Kids Studio (AC) Jumpin' Jack
Isabella De Oliveira
Junior Solo Tap
72 4:00PM Miami Dance Collective (AN) Run
Valentina Carvallo
Junior Solo Contemporary
73 4:03PM New Level Dance Company (AQ) Human
Madelynn Bourgoing
Junior Solo Specialty
74 4:06PM Moving Artist Dance Company (AP) Wicked
Nathalie Prieto
Junior Solo Contemporary
75 4:09PM Adrenaline Dance Company (AA) Consolation
Carolina Calle
Junior Solo Contemporary
76 4:12PM SJ Dance Company (AU) Baila
Lauren Gonzalez
Junior Solo Specialty
77 4:15PM The Project at HTX (AW) Grounded
Madelyn Munz
Junior Solo Contemporary
78 4:18PM New Level Dance Company (AQ) Turning Page
Charlotte Mozingo
Junior Solo Lyrical
79 4:21PM Stars Dance Studio (AV) I Am Here
Isabella Tagle
Junior Solo Lyrical
81 4:27PM ScalaDancers (AT) Troya
Sara Arauz
Junior Solo Contemporary
82 4:30PM Infinity Dance Studio (AL) All That's Left
Susan Bouza
Junior Solo Lyrical
83 4:33PM New Level Dance Company (AQ) Distance
Cameron Massicotte
Junior Solo Contemporary
84 4:36PM Adrenaline Dance Company (AA) Eternity
Kylie Kishinevsky
Junior Solo Contemporary
85 4:39PM Dance Unlimited (AF) On The Floor
Alexandra Quevedo
Junior Solo Specialty
86 4:42PM Dancinginxs (AG) The Secret
Isabella Bragagnolo
Junior Solo Contemporary
87 4:45PM Moving Artist Dance Company (AP) Kidnapped
Kayla Roberts
Junior Solo Contemporary
88 4:48PM New Level Dance Company (AQ) The Way I Do
Jadyn Mize
Junior Solo Specialty
89 4:51PM SJ Dance Company (AU) Speechless
Chloe Jimenez
Junior Solo Lyrical
90 4:54PM Dance Town (AE) HELP
Mia Cortez
Junior Solo Lyrical
91 4:57PM Stars Dance Studio (AV) Let's Make Our Own Movies
Destanye Diaz
Junior Solo Contemporary
92 5:00PM Adrenaline Dance Company (AA) Soul
Veronica Sotolongo
Junior Solo Contemporary
93 5:03PM New Level Dance Company (AQ) Echoes
Bailey Goodnight
Junior Solo Contemporary
94 5:06PM New Level Dance Company (AQ) Tomorrow's Song
Madison McLaughlin
Junior Solo Contemporary
All Awards #1-94!!
95 5:14PM Miami Dance Collective (AN) This way or That
Eden Araten
Teen Solo Contemporary
96 5:17PM Adrenaline Dance Company (AA) Falling
Naomi Santos
Teen Solo Lyrical
97 5:20PM Maria Verdeja School of the Arts (AM) Esmeralda
Lina Luaces
Teen Solo Ballet
98 5:23PM Dance Town (AE) Slave
Lauren Beck
Teen Solo Contemporary
100 5:29PM Stars Dance Studio (AV) The Shadows Bride
Ashley Vallejo
Teen Solo Contemporary
101 5:32PM Atico Ballet y Danzas (AB) TBA Renatta
Renatta Davalos
Teen Solo Ballet
102 5:35PM New Level Dance Company (AQ) Grace
Bailey Mullis
Teen Solo Contemporary
103 5:38PM Infinity Dance Studio (AL) I Will Always Love You
Paula Barreiro
Teen Solo Lyrical
104 5:41PM Inspire Dance Company (BH) When You Break
Lauren Morris
Teen Solo Contemporary
106 5:47PM Adrenaline Dance Company (AA) Memories
Sabrina Fons
Teen Solo Contemporary
107 5:50PM SJ Dance Company (AU) A New Life
Andrea Borja
Teen Solo Lyrical
107.a 5:51PM Coral Reef Senior High (BO) You,Sailor
Jordan Lida
Teen Solo Contemporary
108 5:53PM Maria Verdeja School of the Arts (AM) Lights
Caro Vento
Teen Solo Contemporary
109 5:56PM Dance Town (AE) A Cry
Alexandria Orengo
Teen Solo Contemporary
110 5:59PM Pulse Dance Company (AS) Say You Love Me
Kathryn Almond
Teen Solo Contemporary
111 6:02PM Impetu Dance Center (AK) Hunter
Vianna Martinez
Teen Solo Lyrical
112 6:05PM Moving Artist Dance Company (AP) Strange
Isabella Prado
Teen Solo Contemporary
113 6:08PM ScalaDancers (AT) Black Tango
Irene Vasquez
Teen Solo Contemporary
114 6:11PM Miami Dance Collective (AN) Concerto of Compunction
Catherine Dishington
Teen Solo Contemporary
115 6:14PM Adrenaline Dance Company (AA) Etre
Raymond Sterling
Teen Solo Contemporary
116 6:17PM That's Dancing (BL) From Far Below
Nicholas LaMaina
Teen Solo Contemporary
117 6:20PM Dance Universe (BB) Games
Kailey Worontsoff
Teen Solo Contemporary
118 6:23PM Maria Verdeja School of the Arts (AM) River
Isabella Zumpano
Teen Solo Lyrical
119 6:26PM Dance Town (AE) Song of the Siren
Katherine Leon
Teen Solo Contemporary
120 6:29PM Stars Dance Studio (AV) H2O
Ashley Mendoza
Teen Solo Contemporary
120.a 6:30PM Coral Reef Senior High (BO) Chance
Julianna Acosta
Teen Solo Contemporary
121 6:32PM Atico Ballet y Danzas (AB) Diamonds
Alegria Burbano
Teen Solo Contemporary
122 6:35PM Gulliver Preparatory High School (BG) Gun
Andrea Gil
Teen Solo Contemporary
123 6:38PM The Project at HTX (AW) Life On Mars
Madison Taylor
Teen Solo Contemporary
124 6:41PM Miami Dance Collective (AN) Elegie
Sarah Broe
Teen Solo Contemporary
125 6:44PM Adrenaline Dance Company (AA) Torn
Leiny Arteaga
Teen Solo Contemporary
126 6:47PM New Level Dance Company (AQ) Sinking
Taylor Danciger
Teen Solo Contemporary
127 6:50PM Infinity Dance Studio (AL) Allure
Melissa Callard
Teen Solo Contemporary
128 6:53PM ScalaDancers (AT) Martini
Amerika Munoz
Teen Solo Jazz
129 6:56PM Maria Verdeja School of the Arts (AM) Dreams
Charlotte Jones
Teen Solo Contemporary
130 6:59PM Dance Town (AE) Assurance
Sofia Amoroso
Teen Solo Contemporary
131 7:02PM Sean's Dance Factory (BK) Wavy
Aoife Porter
Teen Solo Hip-Hop
132 7:05PM Dance Academy of Stuart (BA) I Found
Marissa DeSouza
Teen Solo Contemporary
133 7:08PM Miami Dance Company (AO) Existence
Jayset Ulloa
Teen Solo Contemporary
134.a 7:12PM Inspire Dance Company (BH) Run
Jelany Cox
Teen Solo Contemporary
135 7:14PM Adrenaline Dance Company (AA) Lanterns
Paola Garcia
Teen Solo Contemporary
136 7:17PM Club Dance (AZ) Steele
Brooke Judge
Teen Solo Contemporary
137 7:20PM Dance Universe (BC) In The Sunlight
Samantha Rycroft
Teen Solo Ballet
138 7:23PM Focal Point Dance Studios (AI) Fight or Flight
Brianna Roca
Teen Solo Contemporary
139 7:26PM Stars Dance Studio (AV) Orgoned
Jackson Roloff-Hafenbreadl
Teen Solo Contemporary
140 7:29PM Maria Verdeja School of the Arts (AM) State of Mind
EB Keime
Teen Solo Jazz
141 7:30PM Gulliver Preparatory (BP) Emerging
Amanda Gonzalez
Teen Solo Contemporary
142 7:32PM Adrenaline Dance Company (AA) Heroes
Carolina Sosa
Teen Solo Contemporary
143 7:34PM Dance Town (AE) Cold
Julian Sanchez
Teen Solo Contemporary
144 7:37PM Atico Ballet y Danzas (AB) TBA Danna
Danna Abad
Teen Solo Ballet
145 7:40PM ScalaDancers (AT) Total Eclipse of the Heart
Mary Gaby Alvarez
Teen Solo Lyrical
146 7:43PM Miami Dance Collective (AN) Slash
Gabi Machado
Teen Solo Contemporary
147 7:44PM Westchester Dance Academy (BM) Almost Crossing
Camilla Truesdale
Teen Solo Lyrical
148 7:47PM Adrenaline Dance Company (AA) Pacing
Kassandra Abreu
Teen Solo Contemporary
149 7:50PM Inspire Dance Company (BH) Breathe
Noelis Perez
Teen Solo Contemporary
150 7:53PM SJ Dance Company (AU) Lay Down My Life
Sophia Hoyos
Teen Solo Specialty
151 7:56PM Pulse Dance Company (AS) Crave
Megan Almond
Teen Solo Jazz
152 7:59PM Impetu Dance Center (AK) Metamorphosis
Valeria Salas
Teen Solo Lyrical
153 8:02PM Westchester Dance Academy (BM) Late To Soon
Lily Gentile
Teen Solo Contemporary
154 8:05PM Maria Verdeja School of the Arts (AM) Variation from Don Quixote
Natalie Lavina
Teen Solo Ballet
155 8:08PM Dance Town (AE) TBA Ruby
Ruby Castro
Teen Solo Contemporary
156 8:11PM New Level Dance Company (AQ) Wild Is The Wind
Rachel Riccardo
Teen Solo Contemporary
157 8:14PM Miami Dance Collective (AN) Its Snowing
Sadie Politi
Teen Solo Contemporary
158 8:17PM Adrenaline Dance Company (AA) Distortion
Mya White
Teen Solo Contemporary
159 8:20PM Infinity Dance Studio (AL) I Will Wait
Amanda Alvarez
Teen Solo Lyrical
160 8:23PM B-Discovered Dance Company (AX) Her
Jessica Colella
Teen Solo Contemporary
161 8:26PM ScalaDancers (AT) Kuma
Angeli Pino
Teen Solo Specialty
162 8:29PM Stars Dance Studio (AV) Reflection
Emilie Kaiser
Teen Solo Contemporary
163 8:32PM Elite Dance Center (BD) Mystere
Hannah Page
Teen Solo Contemporary
164 8:35PM Atico Ballet y Danzas (AB) TBA Alessa
Alessa Franco
Teen Solo Ballet
165 8:38PM Maria Verdeja School of the Arts (AM) Painted
Isabella Roche
Teen Solo Lyrical
166 8:41PM Dance Town (AE) The Gift
Camila Schwarz
Teen Solo Contemporary
167 8:44PM Miami Dance Collective (AN) TBA
Jack Easton
Teen Solo Contemporary
168 8:47PM Adrenaline Dance Company (AA) Hymm
Natalya Vidal
Teen Solo Contemporary
169 8:50PM Moving Artist Dance Company (AP) TBA
David Castillo
Senior Solo Contemporary
170 8:53PM Adrenaline Dance Company (AA) Echo
Stephanie Ortiz
Senior Solo Contemporary
171 8:56PM Stars Dance Studio (AV) Remember
Shamus Moriarty
Senior Solo Contemporary
172 8:59PM Gulliver Preparatory (BF) Drive On
Juliana Yaniz
Senior Solo Contemporary
173 9:02PM New Level Dance Company (AQ) Direction
Samantha Judd
Senior Solo Contemporary
174 9:05PM Atico Ballet y Danzas (AB) TBA Gianna
Gianna Felix
Senior Solo Ballet
175 9:08PM B-Discovered Dance Company (AX) The Loop
Nina Rende
Senior Solo Contemporary
176 9:11PM Kristine's Dance Academy (BI) If My Friends Could See Me Now
Kristine Kugler
Senior Solo Musical Theatre
177 9:14PM Moving Artist Dance Company (AP) This is where i live
Amber Rosa
Senior Solo Specialty
178 9:17PM Adrenaline Dance Company (AA) Gravity
Jared De Armas
Senior Solo Lyrical
179 9:20PM Stars Dance Studio (AV) The Life You Cannot See
Noam Laufer
Senior Solo Contemporary
180 9:23PM Maria Verdeja School of the Arts (AM) I won't give up
Alexandra Rivero
Senior Solo Lyrical
181 9:26PM Dance Unlimited (AF) Another World
Samantha Cortes
Senior Solo Contemporary
181.a 9:27PM Inspire Dance Company (BH) Next to You
Macie Riveron
Senior Solo Contemporary
182 9:29PM ScalaDancers (AT) Natura
Dayveth Bonilla
Senior Solo Contemporary
183 9:32PM Ballet Elite (AY) Keep Me Sane
Natalie Corridori
Senior Solo Contemporary
184 9:35PM Miami Dance Collective (AN) MO
Emma Danon
Senior Solo Contemporary
185 9:38PM Moving Artist Dance Company (AP) initiation
Jennifer Gomez
Senior Solo Contemporary
186 9:41PM Adrenaline Dance Company (AA) Detune
Brian Ramirez
Senior Solo Contemporary
187 9:44PM Stars Dance Studio (AV) Displacement
Alec Fursman
Senior Solo Contemporary
188 9:47PM Gulliver Preparatory (BF) No Good
Alexandra Yaniz
Senior Solo Contemporary
189 9:50PM New Level Dance Company (AQ) You Are A Memory
Jennifer Theobald
Senior Solo Contemporary
190 9:53PM Atico Ballet y Danzas (AB) TBA Camila
Camila Felix
Senior Solo Ballet
190.a 9:54PM Coral Reef Senior High (BO) The Furnace
Valeria Canas
Senior Solo Contemporary
191 9:56PM B-Discovered Dance Company (AX) Dawn
Grace Channell
Senior Solo Contemporary
192 9:59PM Dance Town (AE) I Love You
D'Angelo Castro
Senior Solo Contemporary
193 10:02PM Moving Artist Dance Company (AP) The letters
Krystal Calveiro
Senior Solo Contemporary
194 10:05PM Adrenaline Dance Company (AA) Correct Me
Taylor Briceno
Senior Solo Contemporary
195 10:08PM Stars Dance Studio (AV) TBA
Vivian Ruiz
Senior Solo Contemporary
196 10:11PM Westchester Dance Academy (BM) Uneven Odds
Jenna Meilman
Senior Solo Contemporary
197 10:14PM Dance Town (AE) Seems
Courtney Campbell
Senior Solo Contemporary
197.a 10:15PM Coral Reef Senior High (BO) Cut Love
Barbara Perdomo
Senior Solo Contemporary
198 10:17PM Elite Dance Center (BD) Transcend
Jessica Page
Senior Solo Contemporary
199 10:20PM Sean's Dance Factory (BK) I Still Remember
Alexa Olivier
Senior Solo Contemporary
200 10:23PM ScalaDancers (AT) Zielony
Nasharin Rodriguez
Open Solo Contemporary
201 10:26PM Moving Artist Dance Company (AP) Void
Jorge Perez
Open Solo Improvisation
202 10:29PM Pulse Dance Company (AS) The Hanging Tree
Nicole King
Open Solo Contemporary
203 10:32PM ScalaDancers (AT) The Letter
Freddy Arauz
Open Solo Contemporary
All Awards #95-203!!
Saturday, October 14th
# Time Studio Routine Age Division Category Perf. Division
204 5:00PM ScalaDancers (AT) Voglio Ballare Mini Duo/Trio Specialty
205 5:03PM New Level Dance Company (AQ) Garden Of Stone Mini Group Contemporary
206 5:06PM Atico Ballet y Danzas (AB) Humble Junior Duo/Trio Hip-Hop
207 5:09PM Dancinginxs (AG) Never Looking Back Mini Group Lyrical
208 5:12PM Adrenaline Dance Company (AA) Snowing Mini Group Contemporary
209 5:15PM SJ Dance Company (AU) Hideaway Mini Duo/Trio Lyrical
210 5:18PM ScalaDancers (AT) Vai Vedrai Junior Duo/Trio Contemporary
211 5:21PM New Level Dance Company (AQ) Walk This Earth Mini Line Contemporary
212 5:24PM Maria Verdeja School of the Arts (AM) Circus Junior Extended Line Specialty
213 5:28PM Atico Ballet y Danzas (AB) Angels Junior Duo/Trio Lyrical
214 5:31PM Moving Artist Dance Company (AP) Strong Mini Duo/Trio Contemporary
215 5:34PM Equinox Dance Academy (AH) Precious Stones Junior Group Ballet
216 5:37PM ScalaDancers (AT) Hades Junior Group Contemporary
217 5:40PM New Level Dance Company (AQ) Untitled Junior Group Lyrical
218 5:43PM Dancinginxs (AG) Shut up and groove Mini Group Hip-Hop
219 5:46PM Dance Unlimited (AF) Shining the Light Mini Duo/Trio Contemporary
219.a 5:47PM Moving Artist Dance Company (AP) Intimidate Mini Duo/Trio Contemporary
220 5:49PM Atico Ballet y Danzas (AB) Celeste Junior Duo/Trio Lyrical
221 5:52PM Adrenaline Dance Company (AA) Bruise Junior Group Contemporary
222 5:55PM ScalaDancers (AT) L Amour Junior Group Musical Theatre
223 5:58PM New Level Dance Company (AQ) The Raid Junior Group Specialty
224 6:01PM Dancinginxs (AG) The light Junior Line Lyrical
225 6:04PM SJ Dance Company (AU) Arrival of the Bird Junior Duo/Trio Specialty
226 6:07PM Dance Unlimited (AF) Best Friends Mini Duo/Trio Specialty
227 6:10PM Atico Ballet y Danzas (AB) People Help People Junior Group Lyrical
228 6:13PM Broadway Kids Studio (AC) Swing! Junior Duo/Trio Tap
229 6:16PM New Level Dance Company (AQ) No Harm Junior Group Contemporary
230 6:19PM Dancinginxs (AG) Lost Boy Junior Group Contemporary
231 6:22PM SJ Dance Company (AU) It's A Party Mini Group Jazz
232 6:25PM The Project at HTX (AW) Halo Junior Duo/Trio Contemporary
233 6:28PM Dance Integrity Performing Arts Theatre (AD) Friday Mini Group Jazz
234 6:31PM New Level Dance Company (AQ) These Roses Junior Line Lyrical
235 6:34PM Atico Ballet y Danzas (AB) Play That Junior Group Hip-Hop
236 6:37PM ScalaDancers (AT) R. E. M. Teen Duo/Trio Contemporary
237 6:40PM Adrenaline Dance Company (AA) Holding Teen Duo/Trio Contemporary
238 6:43PM Maria Verdeja School of the Arts (AM) Tug a War Teen Duo/Trio Lyrical
239 6:46PM Sean's Dance Factory (BK) Seventh Avenue Rake It Up Teen Duo/Trio Hip-Hop
240 6:49PM ScalaDancers (AT) The Monroes Teen Group Musical Theatre
241 6:52PM New Level Dance Company (AQ) The Rapture Teen Duo/Trio Contemporary
242 6:55PM Adrenaline Dance Company (AA) Fog Teen Group Contemporary
243 6:58PM Atico Ballet y Danzas (AB) Formation Teen Duo/Trio Hip-Hop
244 7:01PM ScalaDancers (AT) Las Dos Fridas Teen Duo/Trio Contemporary
245 7:04PM Miami Dance Collective (AN) Ma Vie San Toi Teen Duo/Trio Contemporary
246 7:07PM New Level Dance Company (AQ) Dangerous Teen Group Jazz
247 7:10PM Adrenaline Dance Company (AA) Corners Of The Earth Teen Duo/Trio Contemporary
248 7:13PM ScalaDancers (AT) Detenuti Teen Group Contemporary
249 7:16PM Atico Ballet y Danzas (AB) Stone Cold Teen Group Lyrical
250 7:19PM Dancinginxs (AG) In the Air Teen Group Contemporary
251 7:22PM New Level Dance Company (AQ) The Choir Teen Line Contemporary
252 7:25PM ScalaDancers (AT) Pentagrama Teen Duo/Trio Contemporary
253 7:28PM Heroes of Hip Hop (AJ) Legit 305 Teen Extended Line Hip-Hop
254 7:32PM Equinox Dance Academy (AH) Torn Teen Line Contemporary
255 7:35PM Atico Ballet y Danzas (AB) Freaks Teen Group Hip-Hop
256 7:38PM ScalaDancers (AT) Secrets Teen Line Contemporary
257 7:41PM New Level Dance Company (AQ) Away Teen Line Lyrical
258 7:44PM Adrenaline Dance Company (AA) Paths Teen Group Contemporary
259 7:47PM Dancinginxs (AG) When we were young Teen Line Contemporary
260 7:50PM Maria Verdeja School of the Arts (AM) Run Teen Group Contemporary
261 7:53PM ScalaDancers (AT) Enough Teen Group Contemporary
262 7:56PM New Level Dance Company (AQ) Werewolf Teen Extended Line Specialty
263 7:59PM Atico Ballet y Danzas (AB) Hello Teen Line Contemporary
264 8:02PM Dancinginxs (AG) Slay Teen Line Hip-Hop
266 8:08PM Moving Artist Dance Company (AP) Wolves Senior Line Contemporary
267 8:11PM ScalaDancers (AT) Hi Panama ! Teen Line Jazz
268 8:14PM Atico Ballet y Danzas (AB) Sombras Teen Line Contemporary
269 8:17PM New Level Dance Company (AQ) Depth Over Distance Senior Group Contemporary
270 8:20PM SJ Dance Company (AU) I'm Here Teen Duo/Trio Lyrical
271 8:23PM ScalaDancers (AT) Bailame Open Group Specialty
272 8:26PM Atico Ballet y Danzas (AB) Ocean 10 Teen Line Hip-Hop
273 8:29PM Moving Artist Dance Company (AP) Left Behind Senior Group Ballet
274 8:32PM Heroes of Hip Hop (AJ) The Lion Hero Teen Production Musical Theatre
275 8:37PM New Level Dance Company (AQ) Ending Senior Line Contemporary
275.a 8:38PM That's Dancing (BL) You and I Teen Duo/Trio Contemporary
276 8:40PM Atico Ballet y Danzas (AB) Vals del Danubio Teen Line Ballet
277 8:43PM ScalaDancers (AT) Adage of the Vampires Open Line Lyrical
All Awards #204-277!!


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