Competition Schedule

Washington January 12-14, 2018

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Friday, January 12th
# Time Studio Routine Age Division Category Perf. Division
1 10:00AM ZD Dance Academy (AY) Shake The Room
Kendall Harrod
JUMPstarts Solo Jazz
2 10:03AM Eastern Shore Dance Academy (AK) Dancing in Heaven
Kayleigh True
JUMPstarts Solo Lyrical
3 10:06AM ZD Dance Academy (AY) Grown
Raegen Coby
JUMPstarts Solo Jazz
4 10:09AM ZD Dance Academy (AY) Brave
Niya Allen
JUMPstarts Solo Lyrical
4.a 10:10AM Eastern Shore Dance Academy (AK) Material Girl
Kherington Wheatley
JUMPstarts Solo Jazz
5 10:12AM Evolution Dance Complex (AL) In Her Honor
Ellie Badrock
Mini Solo Lyrical
6 10:15AM Vibe Performing Arts (AX) The Moment I Said It
Savannah Dugan
Mini Solo Contemporary
8 10:21AM PowerUp Dance Center (AO) Big Time
Natalie Hoffman
Mini Solo Jazz
9 10:24AM 24/7 Dance Studio (AA) Rock Star
Shyan Simpson
Mini Solo Jazz
10 10:27AM Eastern Shore Dance Academy (AK) Dance Like Yo Daddy
Mackenzie Foster
Mini Solo Jazz
11 10:30AM Evolution Dance Complex (AL) Paris of My Childhood
Saylor Seufert
Mini Solo Specialty
12 10:33AM ZD Dance Academy (AY) Part of Your World
Laila Ford
Mini Solo Musical Theatre
13 10:36AM Floyd Ward School of Dance (AM) Rockin' at the House of Mouse
Brihanna Harris
Mini Solo Jazz
14 10:39AM Vibe Performing Arts (AX) Because of You
Madeline Shield
Mini Solo Lyrical
15 10:42AM Princess Mhoon Dance Institute (AP) Blue Bird
Jaida Cox
Mini Solo Ballet
16 10:45AM Eastern Shore Dance Academy (AK) Play That Sax
Gabriella Streaker
Mini Solo Jazz
17 10:48AM Evolution Dance Complex (AL) Shake It Up
Ella Gagnon
Mini Solo Jazz
18 10:51AM Elizabeth Williams School of Dance (BF) Winter Song
Daphne Eskew
Mini Solo Lyrical
19 10:54AM PowerUp Dance Center (AO) Who Says
Cassidy Green
Mini Solo Lyrical
20 10:57AM 24/7 Dance Studio (AA) This Girl is on Fire
Eva Gearhart
Mini Solo Contemporary
21 11:00AM Eastern Shore Dance Academy (AK) Forever Young
Charlette Pliescott
Mini Solo Lyrical
22 11:03AM Vibe Performing Arts (AX) Flutter
Hannah Sullivan
Mini Solo Contemporary
23 11:06AM Evolution Dance Complex (AL) This Again
Elijah Tank
Mini Solo Contemporary
24 11:09AM Princess Mhoon Dance Institute (AP) Enchanted
Marlegih Mckay
Mini Solo Ballet
25 11:12AM ZD Dance Academy (AY) How To Love
Mayla Jenkins
Mini Solo Lyrical
26 11:15AM Evolution Dance Complex (AL) Not About Angels
Dillyn Day
Mini Solo Contemporary
27 11:18AM Vibe Performing Arts (AX) Route 66
Ava Cunnngham
Mini Solo Jazz
27.a 11:19AM Eastern Shore Dance Academy (AK) Tiny Dancer
Aubrie Pollard
Mini Solo Lyrical
28 11:21AM PowerUp Dance Center (AO) Shy
Maura Bohn
Mini Solo Musical Theatre
29 11:24AM Princess Mhoon Dance Institute (AP) Valor in White Red and Blue
Nora Dodd
Mini Solo Ballet
30 11:27AM 24/7 Dance Studio (AA) Best Day of My Life
Jada Baker
Mini Solo Lyrical
31 11:30AM Valley Dance Theatre (AW) Magic
Ava Wease
Mini Solo Lyrical
32 11:33AM Evolution Dance Complex (AL) I Feel For You
Camryn Fussell
Mini Solo Jazz
33 11:36AM ZD Dance Academy (AY) Deeper Love
Kamryn Whittington
Mini Solo Jazz
34 11:39AM Floyd Ward School of Dance (AM) In Time
Braelynn Gibson
Mini Solo Contemporary
35 11:42AM Bravo Dance Center (AE) Shake The Room JUMPstarts Duo/Trio Jazz
36 11:45AM Princess Mhoon Dance Institute (AP) Let's Get Loud JUMPstarts Duo/Trio Jazz
37 11:48AM Evolution Dance Complex (AL) Fuego JUMPstarts Duo/Trio Jazz
38 11:51AM Floyd Ward School of Dance (AM) Look What You Made Me Do Mini Duo/Trio Jazz
39 11:54AM Vibe Performing Arts (AX) Drama Queen Mini Duo/Trio Jazz
40 11:57AM Evolution Dance Complex (AL) Good Life Mini Duo/Trio Tap
41 12:00PM PowerUp Dance Center (AO) Over the Rainbow Mini Duo/Trio Lyrical
42 12:03PM 24/7 Dance Studio (AA) How We Do Mini Duo/Trio Hip-Hop
43 12:06PM Adams Dancse Academy (AB) Beauty and a Beat Mini Duo/Trio Tap
44 12:09PM Floyd Ward School of Dance (AM) House of the Rising Sun Mini Duo/Trio Contemporary
45 12:12PM Evolution Dance Complex (AL) Breakable Mini Duo/Trio Lyrical
All Awards #1-45!
46 12:35PM Evolution Dance Complex (AL) The Lonely
Ashley Pitts
Junior Solo Lyrical
47 12:38PM Floyd Ward School of Dance (AM) So Close
Katie Johnson
Junior Solo Contemporary
48 12:41PM PowerUp Dance Center (AO) Demons
Sydney Green
Junior Solo Lyrical
49 12:44PM Eastern Shore Dance Academy (AK) Brotsjor
Autumn Mowery
Junior Solo Contemporary
50 12:47PM Bravo Dance Center (AE) Look at Me Now
Arianna Santos
Junior Solo Hip-Hop
51 12:50PM Evolution Dance Complex (AL) The Other Side
Lauren Durham
Junior Solo Contemporary
52 12:53PM Denise Wall Dance Energy (AJ) Something New
Toryn Hester
Junior Solo Jazz
54 12:59PM The Dance Company (AU) Not Alone
Clara Chenault
Junior Solo Lyrical
55 1:02PM 24/7 Dance Studio (AA) Turn Me Down
Olivia Wilkison
Junior Solo Contemporary
56 1:05PM Evolution Dance Complex (AL) Grace
Sydney Cortina
Junior Solo Lyrical
57 1:08PM Floyd Ward School of Dance (AM) Lost in the Jungle
Laila Alam
Junior Solo Contemporary
58 1:11PM Dance Theatre of Jacksonville (AG) Send In The Clowns
Ava Buzzard
Junior Solo Specialty
59 1:14PM PowerUp Dance Center (AO) River Deep
Elena Donnelly
Junior Solo Jazz
60 1:17PM Eastern Shore Dance Academy (AK) You Raise Me Up
Kaci Willey
Junior Solo Lyrical
61 1:20PM Evolution Dance Complex (AL) Unstoppable
Kenzie Cook
Junior Solo Specialty
63 1:26PM Hunterdon Hills Ballet (BH) Defiance
Rachel Quiner
Junior Solo Contemporary
65 1:32PM Master Ballet Academy (BL) Beautiful Thing
Sara Allen
Junior Solo Contemporary
66 1:35PM Evolution Dance Complex (AL) Save Me
Karyll Snyder
Junior Solo Specialty
67 1:38PM Floyd Ward School of Dance (AM) Grievance of a Young Girl
Payton Martin
Junior Solo Contemporary
68 1:41PM Big City Dance Center (BA) Life on Mars
Libby Morante
Junior Solo Specialty
69 1:44PM Sarah Kennedy Ballet (BN) September
Samantha Melillo
Junior Solo Tap
70 1:47PM PowerUp Dance Center (AO) Dance Like Yo Daddy
Harleigh Dingman
Junior Solo Tap
71 1:50PM Evolution Dance Complex (AL) Find Me
Alyssa Gagnon
Junior Solo Lyrical
72 1:53PM Eastern Shore Dance Academy (AK) I'm a Lady
Alyssa Potter
Junior Solo Jazz
73 1:56PM Bravo Dance Center (AE) Valiant
Isabella Hutchinson
Junior Solo Ballet
74 1:59PM Savage Dance Company (AR) Elizabeth
Chloe Hunt
Junior Solo Contemporary
75 2:02PM Denise Wall Dance Energy (AJ) Bird
Elizabeth Hernly
Junior Solo Contemporary
76 2:05PM Adams Dancse Academy (AB) Brass in Pocket
Emma Stuart
Junior Solo Contemporary
77 2:08PM Evolution Dance Complex (AL) Sweet Dreams
Kathleen Moulton
Junior Solo Jazz
78 2:11PM Floyd Ward School of Dance (AM) The Nightmare
Bralyn Snead
Junior Solo Contemporary
79 2:14PM Savage Dance Company (AR) Footnote to Love
Madelyn Beckman
Junior Solo Contemporary
79.a 2:15PM Bravo Dance Center (AE) River
Kaitlyn Bell
Junior Solo Jazz
80 2:17PM Born 2 Dance Studio (AD) La Luna
Naomi Galotto
Junior Solo Contemporary
81 2:20PM X Squad Dancers (BT) What the World Needs Now
Chloe Marshall
Junior Solo Lyrical
82 2:23PM ZD Dance Academy (AY) Be Brave
Nazyiah Flowers
Junior Solo Lyrical
83 2:26PM PowerUp Dance Center (AO) Devil in Disguise
Mariana Pultorak
Junior Solo Tap
84 2:29PM Eastern Shore Dance Academy (AK) Monster
Maggie Blake
Junior Solo Jazz
85 2:32PM Evolve Dance Complex (BG) TBA
Eliza Farr
Junior Solo Contemporary
86 2:35PM Vibe Performing Arts (AX) Goodbye Yellow Brick Road
Cora Diviney
Junior Solo Lyrical
87 2:38PM Evolution Dance Complex (AL) Saturn
Valadie Cammack
Junior Solo Specialty
88 2:41PM Floyd Ward School of Dance (AM) Out of the Ashes
Kelli Reed
Junior Solo Contemporary
89 2:44PM Evolution Dance Complex (AL) Earth
NoahAyden Grady
Junior Solo Specialty
90 2:47PM Floyd Ward School of Dance (AM) Breathe Me Junior Duo/Trio Lyrical
91 2:50PM Evolution Dance Complex (AL) Forever Junior Duo/Trio Contemporary
92 2:53PM CC & Company Dance Complex (AF) Spring Junior Duo/Trio Contemporary
93 2:56PM Tatiana Akinfieva Dance Academy (AT) You Don't Know Junior Duo/Trio Lyrical
94 2:59PM Floyd Ward School of Dance (AM) I'm Better Junior Duo/Trio Hip-Hop
95 3:02PM Eastern Shore Dance Academy (AK) Two Peas in A Pod Junior Duo/Trio Musical Theatre
96 3:05PM Evolution Dance Complex (AL) PYT Junior Duo/Trio Jazz
97 3:08PM PowerUp Dance Center (AO) Stand By You Junior Duo/Trio Lyrical
97.a 3:09PM Bravo Dance Center (AE) Since You Came Along Junior Duo/Trio Lyrical
98 3:11PM CC & Company Dance Complex (AF) From Gold Junior Duo/Trio Contemporary
99 3:14PM Floyd Ward School of Dance (AM) Running Junior Duo/Trio Tap
100 3:17PM Savage Dance Company (AR) So Cold Junior Duo/Trio Contemporary
All Awards #46-100!
101 3:40PM Dance Theatre of Jacksonville (AG) Painter
Annie Adams
Teen Solo Contemporary
102 3:43PM CC & Company Dance Complex (AF) Partly to Blame
Makhia McCullers
Teen Solo Contemporary
103 3:46PM PowerUp Dance Center (AO) Tide
Gwendolyn Bohn
Teen Solo Contemporary
104 3:49PM Denise Wall Dance Energy (AJ) Into The Heart
Burkelle Reighard
Teen Solo Contemporary
105 3:52PM ZD Dance Academy (AY) Body Love
Nylah Baylor
Teen Solo Contemporary
106 3:55PM Evolution Dance Complex (AL) Other Side
Olivia Tank
Teen Solo Lyrical
107 3:58PM Floyd Ward School of Dance (AM) Psychosis
Allyson Foster
Teen Solo Contemporary
108 4:01PM Dance Theatre of Jacksonville (AG) Broken Chariot
Bella Schott
Teen Solo Contemporary
109 4:04PM Adams Dancse Academy (AB) Seville
Tara Tucci
Teen Solo Tap
110 4:07PM CC & Company Dance Complex (AF) Women Asunder
Morgan Joines
Teen Solo Contemporary
111 4:10PM 24/7 Dance Studio (AA) Le Corsaire
Ella Scholz
Teen Solo Ballet
112 4:13PM The Movement Studios (BQ) What Have I Done
Eva Satre
Teen Solo Contemporary
114 4:19PM PowerUp Dance Center (AO) Scars to Your Beautiful
Julie Sidlowski
Teen Solo Lyrical
115 4:22PM Dance Theatre of Jacksonville (AG) You Should Know
Breanna Ottinger
Teen Solo Contemporary
116 4:25PM Karen Sachs Academy of Dance (BK) Winter Song
Abby Frisch
Teen Solo Lyrical
117 4:28PM Vibe Performing Arts (AX) Breath of Life
Alayna Diviney
Teen Solo Jazz
118 4:31PM CC & Company Dance Complex (AF) Theory of Machines
Sadie Grace Shelburne
Teen Solo Contemporary
119 4:34PM James School of the Dance Arts (BJ) Quand C'est
Kate Dunne
Teen Solo Contemporary
120 4:37PM Sarah Kennedy Ballet (BN) TBA
Brooke Melillo
Teen Solo Contemporary
121 4:40PM Dance Productions - The Remix (BC) Fighting Self-Esteem
Jenna Petty
Teen Solo Contemporary
122 4:43PM Dance Theatre of Jacksonville (AG) Sear
Allison Rose
Teen Solo Contemporary
123 4:46PM Haja Dance Company (BV) Deception
Madi Mac
Teen Solo Contemporary
124 4:49PM Denise Wall Dance Energy (AJ) Small
Hallie Green
Teen Solo Contemporary
125 4:52PM ZD Dance Academy (AY) Low
T'niyah Rakes
Teen Solo Jazz
126 4:55PM PowerUp Dance Center (AO) Artichaut
Nicole Wildy
Teen Solo Tap
127 4:58PM CC & Company Dance Complex (AF) Seeing Stars
Kyelar Lemons
Teen Solo Contemporary
127.a 4:59PM Adams Dancse Academy (AB) Slap That Bass
Lucy Miller
Teen Solo Tap
128 5:01PM Evolution Dance Complex (AL) The Calling
Hylee Whitley
Teen Solo Lyrical
129 5:04PM Triple Threat Dance Company (BR) War and Peace
Sophia Hwang
Teen Solo Contemporary
130 5:07PM Dance Theatre of Jacksonville (AG) La Naissance
Hikaru Smith
Teen Solo Contemporary
131 5:10PM Eastern Shore Dance Academy (AK) Lay Me Down
Katie Harding
Teen Solo Lyrical
132 5:13PM DanceWorx (AI) Monroe
Arina Golikova
Teen Solo Specialty
133 5:16PM Project C Studios (AQ) Into You
Bailey Burdine
Teen Solo Jazz
134 5:19PM Floyd Ward School of Dance (AM) Dark Paradise
Remi FiGart
Teen Solo Contemporary
135 5:22PM Evolution Dance Complex (AL) Searching For Someone
Riley Campbell
Teen Solo Lyrical
136 5:25PM Savage Dance Company (AR) Come Together
Madison Knapp
Teen Solo Tap
136.a 5:26PM Noir Elite (BX) Don't Let Me Go
Rachael Clark
Teen Solo Lyrical
137 5:28PM CC & Company Dance Complex (AF) I've Charcoal
Emi Johnson
Teen Solo Contemporary
138 5:31PM Adams Dancse Academy (AB) A Question
Brianna Scafidi
Teen Solo Specialty
139 5:34PM Dance Theatre of Jacksonville (AG) You Care
Mallory Ervin
Teen Solo Contemporary
140 5:37PM PowerUp Dance Center (AO) Through the Storm
Cailey Solano
Teen Solo Contemporary
141 5:40PM 24/7 Dance Studio (AA) Slow Down
Sonya Simkin
Teen Solo Contemporary
142 5:43PM The Movement Studios (BQ) Oh Darling
Caleigh Mrowka
Teen Solo Contemporary
143 5:46PM Studio Bleu (BP) The Choice is Yours
Brooke Cheek
Teen Solo Contemporary
144 5:49PM Denise Wall Dance Energy (AJ) Can't Touch It
Veanna Rodriguez
Teen Solo Jazz
145 5:52PM Savage Dance Company (AR) Even If
Sophie Verrecchia
Teen Solo Lyrical
145.a 5:53PM D&J's Dynamite Dance Company (BW) Your Song
Mackenzie Seifert
Teen Solo Tap
146 5:55PM CC & Company Dance Complex (AF) Superman
Landen Glass
Teen Solo Tap
147 5:58PM Dance Theatre of Jacksonville (AG) Kitri Variation
Briahna Marquez
Teen Solo Ballet
148 6:01PM ZD Dance Academy (AY) Listen
Aniya Chesley
Teen Solo Contemporary
149 6:04PM Evolution Dance Complex (AL) Becoming Something New
Harley Jacobs
Teen Solo Contemporary
150 6:07PM D and J Dynamite Dance Company (BB) The Looking Glass
Cassidy Reigel
Teen Solo Specialty
151 6:10PM Dance Theatre of Jacksonville (AG) Location
Annabella Uricchio
Teen Solo Specialty
152 6:13PM James School of the Dance Arts (BI) I Surrender
Eloise Lorenze
Teen Solo Lyrical
153 6:16PM PowerUp Dance Center (AO) Sorry
Paige Gibson
Teen Solo Contemporary
154 6:19PM Fusion Dance Force (AN) TBA
Camryn Tomaszewski
Teen Solo Contemporary
155 6:22PM CC & Company Dance Complex (AF) When the Beat Drops
Julianna Holland
Teen Solo Hip-Hop
156 6:25PM 24/7 Dance Studio (AA) People Help the People Teen Duo/Trio Contemporary
157 6:28PM Dance Theatre of Jacksonville (AG) Stand By Me Teen Duo/Trio Contemporary
158 6:31PM Savage Dance Company (AR) Let's Be Bad Teen Duo/Trio Musical Theatre
158.a 6:32PM The Movement Studios (BQ) Here With Me Teen Duo/Trio Contemporary
159 6:34PM CC & Company Dance Complex (AF) Mend A Broken Heart Teen Duo/Trio Tap
160 6:37PM Project C Studios (AQ) Sempiternal Teen Duo/Trio Contemporary
161 6:40PM Evolution Dance Complex (AL) Becoming Teen Duo/Trio Contemporary
162 6:43PM 24/7 Dance Studio (AA) Bounce Back Teen Duo/Trio Hip-Hop
163 6:46PM Adams Dancse Academy (AB) Bills Teen Duo/Trio Tap
164 6:49PM DanceWorx (AI) Cloud Teen Duo/Trio Contemporary
165 6:52PM Tatiana Akinfieva Dance Academy (AT) Kitri's Friends Teen Duo/Trio Ballet
166 6:55PM Dance Theatre of Jacksonville (AG) Here I Come Teen Duo/Trio Jazz
167 6:58PM Savage Dance Company (AR) Individuality Teen Duo/Trio Hip-Hop
168 7:01PM 24/7 Dance Studio (AA) Falling Apart Teen Duo/Trio Contemporary
168.a 7:02PM Evolution Dance Complex (AL) Not Without You Teen Duo/Trio Lyrical
169 7:04PM CC & Company Dance Complex (AF) Reeling Teen Duo/Trio Contemporary
170 7:07PM Project C Studios (AQ) Find Teen Duo/Trio Contemporary
171 7:10PM Adams Dancse Academy (AB) Sweet Lovin' Teen Duo/Trio Jazz
All Awards #101-171!
172 7:33PM PowerUp Dance Center (AO) Miss Celie's Blues
Kiarra Vacek
Senior Solo Jazz
173 7:36PM Denise Wall Dance Energy (AJ) East Triplet
Alena Landers
Senior Solo Tap
174 7:39PM Dance Theatre of Jacksonville (AG) Aurora Variation
Addison Browne
Senior Solo Ballet
175 7:42PM CC & Company Dance Complex (AF) For Now
Samantha Taylor
Senior Solo Contemporary
176 7:45PM DanceWorx (AI) Finery
Caroline Gilligan
Senior Solo Contemporary
177 7:48PM Project C Studios (AQ) Rush
Lauren Schultz
Senior Solo Jazz
178 7:51PM Savage Dance Company (AR) Heal
Anna Skenderis
Senior Solo Contemporary
179 7:54PM CC & Company Dance Complex (AF) Urgency
Kendall Boston
Senior Solo Contemporary
180 7:57PM Denise Wall Dance Energy (AJ) Under The Current I Wait
Maggie Adams
Senior Solo Contemporary
181 8:00PM 24/7 Dance Studio (AA) Freedom of Growth
Jasmine Bradley
Senior Solo Contemporary
182 8:03PM The Movement Studios (BQ) The Reasons
Tomas Weinberger
Senior Solo Contemporary
183 8:06PM Stage 9 Dance Co (BO) Happy
Kaela Tyler
Senior Solo Jazz
184 8:09PM Adams Dancse Academy (AB) Bird Set Free
Morgan Jackson
Senior Solo Contemporary
185 8:12PM Savage Dance Company (AR) Come By Fire
Amaya Dressler
Senior Solo Contemporary
186 8:15PM CC & Company Dance Complex (AF) Soon This Space Will Be Too Small
Cameron Hegarty
Senior Solo Contemporary
187 8:18PM Denise Wall Dance Energy (AJ) View
Sydney Blair
Senior Solo Contemporary
188 8:21PM Dance Theatre of Jacksonville (AG) Cupid Variation
Kristen Gurganus
Senior Solo Ballet
189 8:24PM Evolution Dance Complex (AL) Sinking
Charlotte Gabbard
Senior Solo Contemporary
190 8:27PM Savage Dance Company (AR) The First Step
Julia Lemick
Senior Solo Contemporary
191 8:30PM PowerUp Dance Center (AO) Stone Cold
Laura Mosier
Senior Solo Lyrical
192 8:33PM CC & Company Dance Complex (AF) I'm Going Away
Rebecca Hitchins
Senior Solo Contemporary
193 8:36PM Denise Wall Dance Energy (AJ) Summertime
Trinity Bonilla
Senior Solo Contemporary
195 8:42PM Elite Feet Dance Studio (BE) Why
Anna Mele
Senior Solo Lyrical
196 8:45PM Project T (BM) Shadows
Maya Phillips
Senior Solo Contemporary
197 8:48PM CC & Company Dance Complex (AF) Wait
Briana Leuth
Senior Solo Contemporary
198 8:51PM Savage Dance Company (AR) Nothing Compares
Tamia Strickland
Senior Solo Contemporary
199 8:54PM Denise Wall Dance Energy (AJ) How It Was
Anthony Kelly
Senior Solo Contemporary
200 8:57PM Dance Theatre of Jacksonville (AG) Sea Of Love
Kaitlyn Graves
Senior Solo Contemporary
201 9:00PM DanceWorx (AI) SID
Gisella Paez
Senior Solo Contemporary
202 9:03PM Project C Studios (AQ) Psalm
Addison Stacho
Senior Solo Contemporary
203 9:06PM 24/7 Dance Studio (AA) Loving Someone
Bradley Garcia
Senior Solo Contemporary
204 9:09PM Savage Dance Company (AR) All I Want
Danielle Shawver
Senior Solo Contemporary
205 9:12PM CC & Company Dance Complex (AF) Enough of Our Machines
Allie Cornell
Senior Solo Contemporary
206 9:15PM Denise Wall Dance Energy (AJ) Ave Maria
Morgan Higgins
Senior Solo Contemporary
207 9:18PM PowerUp Dance Center (AO) When I Was Younger
Alexis Niemann
Senior Solo Lyrical
208 9:21PM Dancensations Dance Center (AH) Hey Mama
Mason Owens
Senior Solo Tap
209 9:24PM CC & Company Dance Complex (AF) Strong Enough
Lauren Wilder
Senior Solo Contemporary
210 9:27PM Hunterdon Hills Ballet (BH) Hope Rising
Michelle Quiner
Senior Solo Contemporary
210.a 9:28PM Savage Dance Company (AR) When We Were Children
Kyle Anders
Senior Solo Contemporary
211 9:30PM Delaware Arts Conservatory (BD) Say You Love Me
Lizzy Howell
Senior Solo Contemporary
212 9:33PM Dance Theatre of Jacksonville (AG) 14 Days
Piper Collins
Senior Solo Contemporary
213 9:36PM CC & Company Dance Complex (AF) Change Your Mind
Skyler Mundahl
Senior Solo Specialty
214 9:39PM Denise Wall Dance Energy (AJ) My Funny Valentine
Blaire Lindsley
Senior Solo Contemporary
215 9:42PM Valley Dance Theatre (AW) Heart
Alexa Boyles
Senior Solo Contemporary
217 9:48PM Dance Theatre of Jacksonville (AG) 22 Senior Duo/Trio Contemporary
218 9:51PM Savage Dance Company (AR) Twins Senior Duo/Trio Contemporary
219 9:54PM CC & Company Dance Complex (AF) The Whens or Whys Senior Duo/Trio Contemporary
220 9:57PM Dance Theatre of Jacksonville (AG) Nothing But Adore You Senior Duo/Trio Contemporary
221 10:00PM Savage Dance Company (AR) Soon This Space Senior Duo/Trio Lyrical
222 10:03PM CC & Company Dance Complex (AF) Under The Thunder Senior Duo/Trio Contemporary
All Awards #172-222!
Saturday, January 13th
# Time Studio Routine Age Division Category Perf. Division
223 3:00PM CC & Company Dance Complex (AF) Derailed Junior Group Contemporary
224 3:03PM ZD Dance Academy (AY) C'mon Ride The Train Mini Group Tap
225 3:06PM Evolution Dance Complex (AL) Scars Mini Group Lyrical
226 3:09PM Tatiana Akinfieva Dance Academy (AT) My Boyfriend's Back Mini Group Jazz
227 3:12PM Savage Dance Company (AR) Ladies' Choice Junior Line Musical Theatre
228 3:15PM Adams Dancse Academy (AB) Bang Dem Sticks Mini Group Hip-Hop
229 3:18PM CC & Company Dance Complex (AF) Can't Help Falling Junior Group Lyrical
230 3:21PM ZD Dance Academy (AY) Heal The World Mini Line Lyrical
231 3:24PM Studio 7 Dance (AS) Party Junior Line Hip-Hop
232 3:27PM Savage Dance Company (AR) Somewhere Only We Know Mini Group Lyrical
233 3:30PM Evolution Dance Complex (AL) Love Remains the Same Mini Group Contemporary
234 3:33PM Princess Mhoon Dance Institute (AP) The Dance Down Mini Group Jazz
235 3:36PM CC & Company Dance Complex (AF) Never There Junior Group Jazz
236 3:39PM ZD Dance Academy (AY) Beat of My Drum JUMPstarts Group Specialty
237 3:42PM Savage Dance Company (AR) I Wish Junior Extended Line Tap
238 3:46PM Tatiana Akinfieva Dance Academy (AT) River Lea Mini Group Lyrical
239 3:49PM PowerUp Dance Center (AO) Wash That Man Mini Group Musical Theatre
240 3:52PM Arabesque Dance Studio (AC) Finding Home Junior Group Contemporary
241 3:55PM CC & Company Dance Complex (AF) Part Three Junior Group Tap
242 3:58PM Savage Dance Company (AR) Get Busy Mini Extended Line Hip-Hop
243 4:02PM ZD Dance Academy (AY) What's My Name Mini Line Hip-Hop
244 4:05PM Evolution Dance Complex (AL) In This Shirt Mini Group Specialty
245 4:08PM Adams Dancse Academy (AB) Make an Omelette Mini Group Musical Theatre
246 4:11PM Savage Dance Company (AR) Instruction Junior Group Hip-Hop
247 4:15PM CC & Company Dance Complex (AF) Love Junior Group Lyrical
248 4:18PM ZD Dance Academy (AY) Basketball JUMPstarts Line Hip-Hop
249 4:21PM Tatiana Akinfieva Dance Academy (AT) Light Junior Group Contemporary
250 4:26PM Savage Dance Company (AR) Samurai Mini Production Specialty
252 4:34PM ZD Dance Academy (AY) Candy Girls Mini Extended Line Jazz
253 4:38PM CC & Company Dance Complex (AF) Diamonds Junior Line Jazz
254 4:41PM Savage Dance Company (AR) Ability To Swing Junior Group Jazz
255 4:44PM Tatiana Akinfieva Dance Academy (AT) Miss Invisible Mini Line Lyrical
256 4:48PM ZD Dance Academy (AY) Moments JUMPstarts Group Lyrical
257 4:51PM Adams Dancse Academy (AB) Trudy Mini Extended Line Jazz
258 4:55PM CC & Company Dance Complex (AF) Lion Junior Line Specialty
259 4:58PM ZD Dance Academy (AY) Cha Cha Heels Mini Line Jazz
260 5:01PM Savage Dance Company (AR) It's Really Simple Junior Line Hip-Hop
261 5:04PM Tatiana Akinfieva Dance Academy (AT) Sing! Sing! Sing! Junior Group Tap
262 5:08PM Princess Mhoon Dance Institute (AP) Enchanted Dolls Mini Group Ballet
263 5:11PM Evolution Dance Complex (AL) Girl Power Mini Line Tap
264 5:14PM Savage Dance Company (AR) Run The World Mini Extended Line Jazz
265 5:18PM CC & Company Dance Complex (AF) Fashion Junior Line Contemporary
266 5:21PM ZD Dance Academy (AY) Where Oh Where JUMPstarts Group Jazz
267 5:24PM Studio 7 Dance (AS) 90's Hip Hop Boombox Junior Line Hip-Hop
268 5:27PM Tatiana Akinfieva Dance Academy (AT) I Couldn't Get Away Mini Line Jazz
269 5:31PM Savage Dance Company (AR) Dancin' Fool Mini Extended Line Musical Theatre
270 5:35PM CC & Company Dance Complex (AF) The Winter Junior Line Tap
271 5:38PM ZD Dance Academy (AY) Oriental Odyssey Mini Line Specialty
272 5:41PM PowerUp Dance Center (AO) Work Junior Line Jazz
273 5:44PM Savage Dance Company (AR) What A Feeling Mini Line Contemporary
274 5:47PM Adams Dancse Academy (AB) Rock Junior Group Contemporary
275 5:50PM CC & Company Dance Complex (AF) Hardball Junior Extended Line Hip-Hop
276 5:54PM Evolution Dance Complex (AL) Disappear Mini Line Contemporary
277 5:57PM Savage Dance Company (AR) Baddygirl Junior Extended Line Hip-Hop
278 6:01PM Tatiana Akinfieva Dance Academy (AT) Be Our Guest Junior Production Musical Theatre
All Awards #223-278!
279 6:36PM CC & Company Dance Complex (AF) Baltimore Fireflies Teen Group Contemporary
280 6:39PM Savage Dance Company (AR) In Wavelengths Teen Group Contemporary
281 6:42PM ZD Dance Academy (AY) Last Remnants Teen Group Contemporary
282 6:45PM Dance Theatre of Jacksonville (AG) Heart Of Glass Teen Group Contemporary
283 6:48PM CC & Company Dance Complex (AF) Happy Teen Group Tap
284 6:51PM Tatiana Akinfieva Dance Academy (AT) Beatbox Teen Group Tap
285 6:56PM Project C Studios (AQ) Vamo' alla Flamenco Teen Group Ballet
286 6:59PM PowerUp Dance Center (AO) On My Way Home Teen Group Tap
287 7:02PM CC & Company Dance Complex (AF) Chandelier Teen Line Specialty
288 7:05PM Adams Dancse Academy (AB) These Arms of Mine Teen Group Contemporary
289 7:08PM Savage Dance Company (AR) Don't Mean A Thing Teen Group Musical Theatre
290 7:11PM ZD Dance Academy (AY) Tap-A-Cappela Teen Group Tap
291 7:14PM CC & Company Dance Complex (AF) In Shadow Teen Extended Line Tap
292 7:18PM DanceWorx (AI) Burn Teen Group Contemporary
293 7:21PM Dance Theatre of Jacksonville (AG) Dropped The Bomb Teen Group Jazz
294 7:24PM Tatiana Akinfieva Dance Academy (AT) May I Have This Dance Teen Group Jazz
295 7:28PM CC & Company Dance Complex (AF) Our House Teen Production Specialty
296 7:33PM Savage Dance Company (AR) Nothing Touches Me Teen Line Contemporary
297 7:36PM Project C Studios (AQ) Let It Burn Teen Group Jazz
298 7:39PM Denise Wall Dance Energy (AJ) Eine Kleine Nachtmusik Teen Extended Line Ballet
299 7:43PM ZD Dance Academy (AY) Hot Hot Hot Teen Line Jazz
300 7:46PM CC & Company Dance Complex (AF) Grow Till Tall Senior Extended Line Contemporary
301 7:50PM Arabesque Dance Studio (AC) Puttin On The Ritz Teen Line Jazz
302 7:53PM Dance Theatre of Jacksonville (AG) Hope There's Someone Teen Group Contemporary
303 7:56PM PowerUp Dance Center (AO) Time Teen Group Contemporary
304 7:59PM CC & Company Dance Complex (AF) Forever Your Girl Teen Extended Line Jazz
305 8:03PM Savage Dance Company (AR) I Would Die 4 U Teen Line Specialty
306 8:06PM CC & Company Dance Complex (AF) Class of 2018 Senior Line Specialty
307 8:09PM Tatiana Akinfieva Dance Academy (AT) Heart Teen Group Contemporary
308 8:12PM Adams Dancse Academy (AB) Wild Ones Teen Line Jazz
309 8:15PM ZD Dance Academy (AY) No Mercy Teen Line Hip-Hop
310 8:18PM Project C Studios (AQ) Excerpt Teen Group Contemporary
311 8:22PM CC & Company Dance Complex (AF) Last Dance Teen Production Jazz
312 8:27PM Savage Dance Company (AR) Riches Teen Line Hip-Hop
313 8:30PM Dance Theatre of Jacksonville (AG) Brand New Teen Group Contemporary
314 8:33PM DanceWorx (AI) Stolen Teen Line Specialty
315 8:36PM CC & Company Dance Complex (AF) Confining Spaces Senior Group Specialty
316 8:41PM ZD Dance Academy (AY) Heaven On Earth Teen Line Lyrical
317 8:44PM Savage Dance Company (AR) Sexy Back Teen Extended Line Jazz
318 8:48PM Dance Theatre of Jacksonville (AG) Water Fountain Teen Line Specialty
319 8:51PM Tatiana Akinfieva Dance Academy (AT) You are a Memory Teen Line Contemporary
320 8:57PM CC & Company Dance Complex (AF) Bad and Boujee Teen Production Hip-Hop
321 9:02PM Project C Studios (AQ) Interstice Teen Group Contemporary
322 9:05PM PowerUp Dance Center (AO) The Pursuit of Peace Teen Line Ballet
323 9:08PM Adams Dancse Academy (AB) Hey Mama Teen Production Tap
324 9:13PM Savage Dance Company (AR) Try Teen Production Contemporary
325 9:18PM ZD Dance Academy (AY) Move Teen Line Musical Theatre
326 9:21PM CC & Company Dance Complex (AF) These Arms of Mine Teen Group Contemporary
327 9:24PM Dance Theatre of Jacksonville (AG) Electric Feel Teen Extended Line Jazz
328 9:28PM Tatiana Akinfieva Dance Academy (AT) Down Teen Line Jazz
329 9:31PM Project C Studios (AQ) Tarantino Teen Group Jazz
330 9:34PM CC & Company Dance Complex (AF) Recomposed Senior Group Specialty
331 9:37PM Savage Dance Company (AR) RhiMix Teen Production Hip-Hop
332 9:42PM ZD Dance Academy (AY) Arabian Adventure Teen Line Specialty
333 9:45PM Denise Wall Dance Energy (AJ) Leon Collins "53" Teen Extended Line Tap
334 9:49PM Dance Theatre of Jacksonville (AG) Cathedrals Teen Extended Line Contemporary
335 9:53PM PowerUp Dance Center (AO) Love in the Dark Teen Line Lyrical
336 9:56PM DanceWorx (AI) Braid Teen Line Contemporary
337 9:59PM CC & Company Dance Complex (AF) Dangerous Senior Line Specialty
338 10:02PM Savage Dance Company (AR) Bury Me Senior Group Jazz
339 10:05PM Tatiana Akinfieva Dance Academy (AT) Hope Teen Line Lyrical
340 10:10PM ZD Dance Academy (AY) Bring 'Em Out Teen Production Hip-Hop
341 10:15PM CC & Company Dance Complex (AF) Cardi Senior Line Hip-Hop
342 10:18PM Savage Dance Company (AR) Watchu Know Senior Extended Line Hip-Hop
343 10:22PM Adams Dancse Academy (AB) Metallic Stomp Senior Group Tap
344 10:25PM Project C Studios (AQ) Jolene Teen Group Contemporary
345 10:28PM Dance Theatre of Jacksonville (AG) Fire Fire Senior Group Contemporary
346 10:31PM CC & Company Dance Complex (AF) Think It's Gonna Rain Senior Line Lyrical
347 10:34PM Savage Dance Company (AR) Mamma Mia Senior Line Musical Theatre
348 10:37PM ZD Dance Academy (AY) ZD Phone Home Teen Production Specialty
349 10:43PM Tatiana Akinfieva Dance Academy (AT) Swan Lake Teen Line Ballet
350 10:46PM CC & Company Dance Complex (AF) Of The Tears Teen Extended Line Contemporary
351 10:50PM CC & Company Dance Complex (AF) Love Shack Senior Group Specialty
352 10:53PM PowerUp Dance Center (AO) The Radical Self Teen Extended Line Contemporary
353 10:57PM Savage Dance Company (AR) Into The Night Senior Extended Line Contemporary
354 11:00PM Project C Studios (AQ) Magic in the Air Teen Group Musical Theatre
355 11:03PM CC & Company Dance Complex (AF) Get Your Grind On Senior Extended Line Jazz
All Awards #279-355!


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