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Chicago January 19-21, 2018

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Friday, January 19th
# Time Studio Routine Age Division Category Perf. Division
1 7:00AM Artistry Dance & Company (AA) Zero To Hero
Everley Williams
JUMPstarts Solo Jazz
3 7:06AM Studio One Dance Company (AZ) Fever
Hayden Mitcham
Junior Solo Jazz
4 7:09AM Encore Dance Company (AP) 1,000 Days
Makenna Didech
Junior Solo Contemporary
5 7:12AM Company C Dance Club (AJ) Vibe
Olivia Bell
Junior Solo Hip-Hop
6 7:15AM Center Stage Performing Arts Studio (AH) Shadow
Zoe Ridge
Junior Solo Contemporary
7 7:18AM Elite Academy of Dance (AO) Bring It On
Joryn Kalvin
Junior Solo Jazz
8 7:21AM Body Language Dance Company (AG) Fly
Eva Clay
Junior Solo Lyrical
9 7:24AM Tenacity Dance Company of DAC (BA) I'm In Love
Mackenzie Rukel
Junior Solo Jazz
10 7:27AM B-Discovered Dance Company (AC) Golden Leaves
Morgan Graham
Junior Solo Contemporary
11 7:30AM Studio One Dance Company (AZ) Somewhere
Ella McCarthy
Junior Solo Contemporary
12 7:33AM Imprint Dance Company (AS) Feel It Still
Samara Anderson
Junior Solo Jazz
13 7:36AM Debbie's Dance Studio (AN) Wild Things
Camryn Birmingham
Junior Solo Specialty
14 7:39AM Artistry Dance & Company (AA) All I Want
Abigail Ibarra
Junior Solo Contemporary
15 7:42AM Beyond Center Stage (AE) Concrete Angel
Grace Crededio
Junior Solo Lyrical
16 7:45AM Storm Dance Alliance (AX) Oracle
Samantha Kinley
Junior Solo Contemporary
17 7:48AM Encore Dance Company (AP) Hope There's Someone
Caeley Ciesla
Junior Solo Contemporary
18 7:51AM Expressions Dance Studio (BL) This Girl
Trinity Brincks
Junior Solo Tap
19 7:54AM Stoughton Center for the Performing Arts (AY) The Lonely
Madelyn Moline
Junior Solo Lyrical
20 7:57AM Studio One Dance Company (AZ) On The Hearth
Kaja Chow
Junior Solo Contemporary
21 8:00AM Company C Dance Club (AJ) Habanera
Emily Buerk
Junior Solo Jazz
23 8:06AM School of Classical Ballet and Dance (SCBD) (BU) Sorrow
Lillie Smithhart
Junior Solo Contemporary
24 8:09AM Studio 4 (BV) Super Ego
Morgan Gentry
Junior Solo Contemporary
25 8:12AM Underground Allegro Dance Center (BC) Bird Girl
Olivia Drumm
Junior Solo Lyrical
26 8:15AM Madison Professional Dance Center (AV) Complete Me
Andres Jimenez
Junior Solo Contemporary
27 8:18AM Center Stage Performing Arts Studio (AH) Wrap Me Up
Bryten Belka
Junior Solo Contemporary
28 8:21AM Elite Academy of Dance (AO) Run Run Run
Victoria Trevino
Junior Solo Jazz
29 8:24AM Studio One Dance Company (AZ) City Of Humming
Addison Sadowski
Junior Solo Contemporary
30 8:27AM Storm Dance Alliance (AX) Forgotten Wonders
Dylan Pope
Junior Solo Contemporary
31 8:30AM Encore Dance Company (AP) Creep
Teagan Kubinski
Junior Solo Contemporary
32 8:33AM Body Language Dance Company (AG) Celebrate
Rylee Brightman
Junior Solo Tap
33 8:36AM Tenacity Dance Company of DAC (BA) Fierce
Addison McCormick
Junior Solo Jazz
34 8:39AM B-Discovered Dance Company (AC) I Hear
Calico Reyes
Junior Solo Contemporary
35 8:42AM Imprint Dance Company (AS) Castle
Izzy Wolfe
Junior Solo Specialty
36 8:45AM Debbie's Dance Studio (AN) Salute
Dekota Hall
Junior Solo Hip-Hop
37 8:48AM Company C Dance Club (AJ) Light The Sky
Korrin Kay
Junior Solo Lyrical
38 8:51AM Studio One Dance Company (AZ) Please Don't Say You Love Me
Emma Domacinovich
Junior Solo Contemporary
39 8:54AM Artistry Dance & Company (AA) Burning Up
Lola Espinosa
Junior Solo Jazz
40 8:57AM Just Off Broadway (BO) Believer
Ying Lei Pham
Junior Solo Contemporary
41 9:00AM Barb's Centre for Dance (AD) Rain Dance
Morgan Eberhardt
Junior Solo Specialty
42 9:03AM Essence Dance Company from BCFD (AQ) Prodigy
Mandy Slaats
Junior Solo Contemporary
43 9:06AM Storm Dance Alliance (AX) Fix You
Gianna Falcone
Junior Solo Contemporary
44 9:09AM Encore Dance Company (AP) Carry Me Home
Cailey Koerner
Junior Solo Contemporary
45 9:12AM Exhibit 3 Dance Company (BJ) Skin
Ava Leuzzi
Junior Solo Contemporary
46 9:15AM Beyond Center Stage (AE) Because of You
Addison Gannon
Junior Solo Contemporary
47 9:18AM Studio One Dance Company (AZ) Oh Darling
Mia Jones
Junior Solo Lyrical
47.a 9:19AM Imprint Dance Company (AS) Diva
Carly Hornbrook
Junior Solo Jazz
49 9:24AM Elite Academy of Dance (AO) I'm The Greatest Star
Avery DePaul
Junior Solo Musical Theatre
50 9:27AM Tiffany's Performing Arts Studio (BB) Dancing On My Own
Mitch Stone
Junior Solo Contemporary
51 9:30AM Danceology (BG) TBD
Emma Donnelly
Junior Solo Contemporary
52 9:33AM Evolve Dance Complex (BI) Soldier
Samantha DeFabio
Junior Solo Contemporary
53 9:36AM Company C Dance Club (AJ) Falling For You
Ava Stoll
Junior Solo Lyrical
54 9:39AM Body Language Dance Company (AG) Nouveau Depart
Caris Beurkens
Junior Solo Lyrical
55 9:42AM Tenacity Dance Company of DAC (BA) My Strongest Suit
Addie Funke
Junior Solo Musical Theatre
56 9:45AM Studio One Dance Company (AZ) Free Me
Johanna Jessen
Junior Solo Lyrical
57 9:48AM Storm Dance Alliance (AX) Bird
Isis Mejia
Junior Solo Lyrical
58 9:51AM Encore Dance Company (AP) Hold My Hand
Victoria Andreano
Junior Solo Jazz
59 9:54AM B-Discovered Dance Company (AC) Landslide
Ella Duncan
Junior Solo Contemporary
60 9:57AM Imprint Dance Company (AS) Hallelujah
Megan Steeby
Junior Solo Contemporary
61 10:00AM Debbie's Dance Studio (AN) Good To Be Alive
Taylor Herman
Junior Solo Tap
62 10:03AM Artistry Dance & Company (AA) Lightweight
Kaylie Kilgore
Junior Solo Contemporary
63 10:06AM Asia's Dance Factory (AB) Yes Ladies JUMPstarts Duo/Trio Hip-Hop
64 10:09AM Debbie's Dance Studio (AN) Girls Will Be Girls Mini Duo/Trio Jazz
65 10:12AM Studio One Dance Company (AZ) Prelude Mini Duo/Trio Contemporary
66 10:15AM Elite Academy of Dance (AO) Live In Living Color Mini Duo/Trio Musical Theatre
67 10:18AM Center Stage Performing Arts Studio (AH) Mes Mini Duo/Trio Contemporary
68 10:21AM Body Language Dance Company (AG) Sing, Sing, Sing Mini Duo/Trio Tap
69 10:24AM Debbie's Dance Studio (AN) I'm A Lady Mini Duo/Trio Jazz
70 10:27AM D'Jazz (AK) Dreamgirls Mini Duo/Trio Jazz
70.a 10:28AM Imprint Dance Company (AS) Get You Mini Duo/Trio Specialty
71 10:30AM Studio One Dance Company (AZ) Salute Mini Duo/Trio Jazz
73 10:36AM Company C Dance Club (AJ) I'm Gonna Be Mini Duo/Trio Jazz
74 10:39AM Debbie's Dance Studio (AN) I Won't Mini Duo/Trio Jazz
75 10:42AM Elite Academy of Dance (AO) Too Much Mini Duo/Trio Jazz
77 10:48AM Studio One Dance Company (AZ) Like I'm Gonna Lose You Mini Duo/Trio Lyrical
78 10:51AM Beyond Words Dance Company (AF) 2037 Mini Duo/Trio Hip-Hop
79 10:54AM Debbie's Dance Studio (AN) Faith Mini Duo/Trio Tap
80 10:57AM Center Stage Performing Arts Studio (AH) Changes Junior Duo/Trio Contemporary
81 11:00AM D'Jazz (AK) Castle On The Hill Junior Duo/Trio Lyrical
82 11:03AM Elite Academy of Dance (AO) Something Like A Party Junior Duo/Trio Jazz
84 11:09AM Studio 4 (BV) Good Intentions Junior Duo/Trio Jazz
85 11:12AM Underground Allegro Dance Center (BC) MMMBOP Junior Duo/Trio Jazz
87 11:18AM D'Jazz (AK) Wild Horses Junior Duo/Trio Lyrical
88 11:21AM Elite Academy of Dance (AO) Don't You Worry Child Junior Duo/Trio Lyrical
88.a 11:22PM Imprint Dance Company (AS) Voyagers Junior Duo/Trio Ballet
89 11:24AM Barb's Centre for Dance (AD) Stand By Me Junior Duo/Trio Lyrical
91 11:30AM Artistry Dance & Company (AA) Woman Up Junior Duo/Trio Jazz
92 11:33AM Center Stage Performing Arts Studio (AH) The Space In Between Junior Duo/Trio Contemporary
93 11:36AM D'Jazz (AK) Set Fire To The Rain Junior Duo/Trio Tap
94 11:39AM Elite Academy of Dance (AO) Instruction Junior Duo/Trio Jazz
95 11:42AM Tenacity Dance Company of DAC (BA) Without A Word Junior Duo/Trio Lyrical
All Awards #1-95!!
96 11:50AM Barb's Centre for Dance (AD) Sail Boat
Anna Gruesen
Teen Solo Contemporary
97 11:53AM Tenacity Dance Company of DAC (BA) Whiplash
Erin Seales
Teen Solo Jazz
98 11:56AM Company C Dance Club (AJ) Salvatore
Allison Hood
Teen Solo Lyrical
99 11:59AM Underground Allegro Dance Center (BC) Shaped Like A Gun
Jeanette Ringer
Teen Solo Lyrical
100 12:02PM Madison Professional Dance Center (AV) Searching
Annie Fonfara
Teen Solo Lyrical
101 12:05PM Elite Academy of Dance (AO) Wanna See You Dance
Charlotte Semyck
Teen Solo Jazz
102 12:08PM B-Discovered Dance Company (AC) One Sunday Morning
Delaney Eminger
Teen Solo Contemporary
103 12:11PM Encore Dance Company (AP) Riptide
Amelia Koren
Teen Solo Contemporary
104 12:14PM Storm Dance Alliance (AX) The Best
Avery Boose
Teen Solo Contemporary
106 12:20PM Essence Dance Company from BCFD (AQ) Next to You
Ethan Palma
Teen Solo Contemporary
107 12:23PM Barb's Centre for Dance (AD) Happiness
Addison Sanders
Teen Solo Contemporary
108 12:26PM Tenacity Dance Company of DAC (BA) Best Of Me
Anna Paul
Teen Solo Tap
109 12:29PM Body Language Dance Company (AG) Dream a Little Dream of Me
Mikaila Ehrhardt
Teen Solo Tap
110 12:32PM Studio One Dance Company (AZ) Tomorrow
Gabrielle Koenig
Teen Solo Contemporary
111 12:35PM Imprint Dance Company (AS) Half Light
Emma Steeby
Teen Solo Contemporary
112 12:38PM K2 Studios (AT) Human
Valerie Butz
Teen Solo Jazz
113 12:41PM Danceology (BG) Submergence
Alexis Weldner
Teen Solo Contemporary
114 12:44PM Company C Dance Club (AJ) Francis
Lauren Wainz
Teen Solo Specialty
115 12:47PM Underground Allegro Dance Center (BC) Like Real People Do
Lauren Lesak
Teen Solo Lyrical
116 12:50PM Center Stage Performing Arts Studio (AH) Proportions
Brynn Belka
Teen Solo Contemporary
117 12:53PM Dancin With Roxie (AM) Here I Come
Rourke Hughes
Teen Solo Jazz
118 12:56PM Barb's Centre for Dance (AD) Silhouettes
Lucas Gast
Teen Solo Contemporary
120 1:02PM Madison Professional Dance Center (AV) Powerful
Madeline McKinnon
Teen Solo Contemporary
121 1:05PM Elite Academy of Dance (AO) Sorry Not Sorry
Morgan Fahey
Teen Solo Jazz
122 1:08PM B-Discovered Dance Company (AC) TBA
Aubrey Miller
Teen Solo Contemporary
123 1:11PM Encore Dance Company (AP) Begin to Show
Madison Segvich
Teen Solo Jazz
124 1:14PM Storm Dance Alliance (AX) Live
Sara Eberhardt
Teen Solo Contemporary
125 1:17PM Artistry Dance & Company (AA) Let It All Go
Courtney Cerniglia
Teen Solo Lyrical
126 1:20PM Tenacity Dance Company of DAC (BA) We Found Love
Alex Whitworth
Teen Solo Lyrical
127 1:23PM Studio 22 High TeK (BZ) Loved By You
Bonnie Harris
Teen Solo Contemporary
127.a 1:24PM Ipush (BN) Work Song
Kortney Criswell
Teen Solo Contemporary
128 1:26PM Essence Dance Company from BCFD (AQ) Angels
Kylie McCormick
Teen Solo Specialty
129 1:29PM Barb's Centre for Dance (AD) Bare
Ellen Moran
Teen Solo Contemporary
130 1:32PM Tenacity Dance Company of DAC (BA) My Love
Emma Mockus
Teen Solo Lyrical
131 1:35PM Company C Dance Club (AJ) 33 God
Kelly Garrison
Teen Solo Contemporary
132 1:38PM Underground Allegro Dance Center (BC) Fever
Caitlyn Schultz
Teen Solo Jazz
133 1:41PM Beyond Center Stage (AE) Wild Horses
Julia Kevin
Teen Solo Contemporary
134 1:44PM Beyond Words Dance Company (AF) Kill The Lights
Emmaleigh Parrillo
Teen Solo Jazz
135 1:47PM Cole Academy (AI) I'm Stuck
Madyson Justin
Teen Solo Tap
136 1:50PM DelMonico Dance (BH) Unchained Melody
Madisyn Cota
Teen Solo Lyrical
137 1:53PM Body Language Dance Company (AG) The Devil May Care
Seanna DeWitt
Teen Solo Tap
138 1:56PM Studio One Dance Company (AZ) I Understood Something
Elle Tosh
Teen Solo Contemporary
139 1:59PM Madison Professional Dance Center (AV) Escalate
Shania Mortensen
Teen Solo Contemporary
140 2:02PM Barb's Centre for Dance (AD) Sway
Molly Fitzgerald
Teen Solo Contemporary
141 2:05PM Tenacity Dance Company of DAC (BA) Let It All Go
Isabella Flores
Teen Solo Lyrical
142 2:08PM Elite Academy of Dance (AO) Just Be
Megan Watwood
Teen Solo Contemporary
143 2:11PM B-Discovered Dance Company (AC) When You Break
Annie Schaffler
Teen Solo Contemporary
144 2:14PM Encore Dance Company (AP) Worries
Jenna Hoffman
Teen Solo Contemporary
145 2:17PM Storm Dance Alliance (AX) Blend
Lauren Winter
Teen Solo Jazz
146 2:20PM Stoughton Center for the Performing Arts (AY) Coppelia Variation
Grace LeBeau
Teen Solo Ballet
147 2:23PM Company C Dance Club (AJ) More Than A Superstar
Sadie Garner
Teen Solo Contemporary
148 2:26PM Underground Allegro Dance Center (BC) Are You Gonna Be My Girl?
Maddy Vercelli
Teen Solo Jazz
150 2:32PM Essence Dance Company from BCFD (AQ) I Just Don't Love You
Payton Krueger
Teen Solo Lyrical
151 2:35PM Barb's Centre for Dance (AD) Run, Cried, Crawling
Gracie Destiche
Teen Solo Lyrical
152 2:38PM Tenacity Dance Company of DAC (BA) Waves
Allie Cahill
Teen Solo Lyrical
153 2:41PM Imprint Dance Company (AS) Olivia Solo
Olivia Keblawii
Teen Solo Contemporary
154 2:44PM K2 Studios (AT) Skin and Bones
Sarah Garcia
Teen Solo Contemporary
155 2:47PM Debbie's Dance Studio (AN) Helium
Paige Coss
Teen Solo Contemporary
156 2:50PM North Shore Dance Studio (BT) The Wheel
Tyler Straszewski
Teen Solo Contemporary
157 2:53PM Center Stage Dance Studio (BD) Backing down
Anna Miller
Teen Solo Contemporary
158 2:56PM Madison Professional Dance Center (AV) Run to You
Elizabeth Newberry
Teen Solo Contemporary
159 2:59PM D'Jazz (AK) Any Other Name
Mariana Rodriguez
Teen Solo Contemporary
160 3:02PM Studio 4 (BV) Imagine
Natalie Olmstead
Teen Solo Tap
161 3:05PM Elite Academy of Dance (AO) Love So Soft
Shayne Gandy
Teen Solo Jazz
162 3:08PM Barb's Centre for Dance (AD) Fever
Maggie Tressler
Teen Solo Jazz
163 3:11PM Tenacity Dance Company of DAC (BA) Shine
Makaela Funke
Teen Solo Contemporary
164 3:14PM Company C Dance Club (AJ) Planets of the Universe
Britain Feeny
Teen Solo Lyrical
165 3:17PM Underground Allegro Dance Center (BC) It's All Coming Back To Me
Cameron Schultz
Teen Solo Lyrical
166 3:18PM D'Jazz (AK) Soft Seasons
Maria Del Bosque
Teen Solo Lyrical
167 3:20PM B-Discovered Dance Company (AC) Bird
Ava Pulcanio
Teen Solo Contemporary
168 3:23PM Encore Dance Company (AP) Athena
Alexis Denny
Teen Solo Contemporary
169 3:26PM Storm Dance Alliance (AX) Summer
Maggie Jones
Teen Solo Contemporary
169.a 3:27PM Imprint Dance Company (AS) Somewhere Only We Know
Molly Vonk
Teen Solo Contemporary
170 3:29PM Body Language Dance Company (AG) The Great Escape
Skylar DeWitt
Teen Solo Tap
171 3:32PM Studio One Dance Company (AZ) The Call
Sophie Tosh
Teen Solo Contemporary
173 3:38PM Essence Dance Company from BCFD (AQ) Welcome To The Jungle
Alexa Wendt
Teen Solo Contemporary
174 3:41PM Barb's Centre for Dance (AD) Say You Love Me
Gioia Cumicek
Teen Solo Contemporary
175 3:44PM Tenacity Dance Company of DAC (BA) Take My Heart
Brooke Born
Teen Solo Contemporary
176 3:47PM Danceology (BG) Affliction
Alex Andrada
Teen Solo Contemporary
177 3:50PM Center Stage Performing Arts Studio (AH) Woudn't Be Love
Addie Brems
Teen Solo Contemporary
178 3:53PM Madison Professional Dance Center (AV) Emotional
Molly Bauhs
Teen Solo Contemporary
179 3:56PM Dancin With Roxie (AM) Underground
Emily LeFevre
Teen Solo Contemporary
180 3:59PM Company C Dance Club (AJ) I Don't Have The Answers
Amelia Frueh
Teen Solo Contemporary
181 4:02PM Underground Allegro Dance Center (BC) Little White Lies
Brianna North
Teen Solo Contemporary
182 4:05PM Elite Academy of Dance (AO) The Scientist
Emily Kuchta
Teen Solo Lyrical
183 4:08PM Studio 22 High TeK (BZ) Aftermath
Olivia Watters
Teen Solo Contemporary
184 4:11PM Barb's Centre for Dance (AD) My Life
Nicole Barr
Teen Solo Contemporary
185 4:14PM Tenacity Dance Company of DAC (BA) Bored
Olivia Burns
Teen Solo Contemporary
186 4:17PM B-Discovered Dance Company (AC) Grim
Jessica Colella
Teen Solo Contemporary
187 4:20PM Encore Dance Company (AP) Without a Word
Hannah Karczewski
Teen Solo Contemporary
188 4:23PM Storm Dance Alliance (AX) Sadness
Sheridan Kravik
Teen Solo Lyrical
189 4:26PM Dance Arts Center (BF) Hymn to Love
Samantha Schmaling
Teen Solo Contemporary
190 4:29PM Imprint Dance Company (AS) Desire
Janie Schowalter
Teen Solo Contemporary
191 4:32PM K2 Studios (AT) TBA
Olivia Buckhorn
Teen Solo Contemporary
192 4:35PM Beyond Center Stage (AE) Slip
Kaylee Schaner
Teen Solo Contemporary
194 4:41PM Essence Dance Company from BCFD (AQ) Out of Darkness
Olivia Cullen
Teen Solo Contemporary
196 4:47PM Tenacity Dance Company of DAC (BA) As Long As You Love Me
Sophia Garland
Teen Solo Lyrical
197 4:50PM Company C Dance Club (AJ) Lentil
Sophia Stone
Teen Solo Contemporary
198 4:53PM Underground Allegro Dance Center (BC) Wicked Game
Ella Stevens
Teen Solo Contemporary
199 4:56PM Madison Professional Dance Center (AV) Weight in Gold
Max Saron
Teen Solo Hip-Hop
200 4:59PM Body Language Dance Company (AG) Serenade of Spring
Leah Rieger
Teen Solo Ballet
201 5:02PM Elite Academy of Dance (AO) Too Late
Darby Anson
Teen Solo Lyrical
202 5:05PM Studio One Dance Company (AZ) Change Gonna Comes
Kaylah Harris
Teen Solo Contemporary
203 5:08PM B-Discovered Dance Company (AC) TBA
Havah Oswald
Teen Solo Contemporary
204 5:11PM Encore Dance Company (AP) Rock My Boat
Kennedy Ebner
Teen Solo Contemporary
205 5:14PM Storm Dance Alliance (AX) Shining
Madison Pope
Teen Solo Hip-Hop
All Awards #96-205!!
206 5:22PM Essence Dance Company from BCFD (AQ) With Love
Katie Oswald
Senior Solo Lyrical
207 5:25PM Imprint Dance Company (AS) Reach for Tomorrow
Avery Gauthier
Senior Solo Contemporary
208 5:28PM Encore Dance Company (AP) Wicked Games
Cali Smith
Senior Solo Contemporary
209 5:31PM B-Discovered Dance Company (AC) Halo of Honey
Grace Channell
Senior Solo Contemporary
210 5:34PM Studio One Dance Company (AZ) When Fall Is Dying
Josie Fox
Senior Solo Specialty
211 5:37PM Storm Dance Alliance (AX) Small Leaf
Andy Kastrati
Senior Solo Contemporary
212 5:40PM Beyond Words Dance Company (AF) Moonlight
Jackie Musur
Senior Solo Lyrical
213 5:43PM Tenacity Dance Company of DAC (BA) Redemption
Ashley Hroba
Senior Solo Contemporary
214 5:46PM Company C Dance Club (AJ) Cheers Darlin'
Graham Feeny
Senior Solo Contemporary
215 5:49PM Essence Dance Company from BCFD (AQ) The Spring
Ellie Tressler
Senior Solo Contemporary
216 5:52PM K2 Studios (AT) TBA
Juliana Robinson
Senior Solo Contemporary
217 5:55PM Body Language Dance Company (AG) The Letter
Cassidee Haan
Senior Solo Contemporary
218 5:58PM Debbie's Dance Studio (AN) Freedom
Arianna Fonville
Senior Solo Jazz
219 6:01PM Elite Academy of Dance (AO) Best Of You
Lexi Herman
Senior Solo Contemporary
220 6:04PM Imprint Dance Company (AS) Winter
Anna Bielecki
Senior Solo Contemporary
222 6:10PM Beyond Center Stage (AE) It'll Bring You Down
Arianna Kapotas
Senior Solo Lyrical
224 6:16PM Essence Dance Company from BCFD (AQ) I Hate You I Love You
Jessica Pyle
Senior Solo Specialty
225 6:19PM B-Discovered Dance Company (AC) You
Kristen DesLaurier
Senior Solo Contemporary
226 6:22PM Studio One Dance Company (AZ) Maria, The Poet
Allison Slamann
Senior Solo Contemporary
227 6:25PM Storm Dance Alliance (AX) Love Came Here
Isabella Yarbrough
Senior Solo Contemporary
228 6:28PM Center Stage Dance Studio (BE) Mixed Tape
Makayla LaGro
Senior Solo Musical Theatre
229 6:31PM Brookfield Dance Academy (BX) Body Love
Olivia Oskarsson
Senior Solo Contemporary
230 6:34PM Lake Shore Dance (BP) Small Leaf
Madeline Walker
Senior Solo Contemporary
231 6:37PM Beyond Words Dance Company (AF) Wide Open Spaces
MacKenzie Burnside
Senior Solo Contemporary
232 6:40PM Tenacity Dance Company of DAC (BA) Hostage
Cameron Holst
Senior Solo Contemporary
233 6:43PM Essence Dance Company from BCFD (AQ) Lost Angles
Lorin Gregory
Senior Solo Lyrical
234 6:46PM Imprint Dance Company (AS) Sunny December
Torin Ives
Senior Solo Contemporary
235 6:49PM Encore Dance Company (AP) Solo
Erin Walsh
Senior Solo Contemporary
236 6:52PM North Shore Dance Studio (BT) Orbit
Anna Straszewski
Senior Solo Contemporary
237 6:55PM Dancin With Roxie (AM) Madness
McKenna Yordy
Senior Solo Contemporary
238 6:58PM Cole Academy (AI) Human
Katie Cole
Senior Solo Contemporary
239 7:01PM Company C Dance Club (AJ) Je Suis Malade
Abby Summers
Senior Solo Specialty
240 7:04PM B-Discovered Dance Company (AC) Lets Fall
Ansley Miller
Senior Solo Contemporary
241 7:07PM Studio One Dance Company (AZ) Transit
Arianna Stadler
Senior Solo Contemporary
243 7:13PM Storm Dance Alliance (AX) Escalate
Arianna McNamara
Senior Solo Contemporary
244 7:16PM K2 Studios (AT) Pitch Dark
Lexie Roberts
Senior Solo Contemporary
245 7:19PM Body Language Dance Company (AG) Severn
Makenna Longcore
Senior Solo Contemporary
246 7:22PM Style Dance Academy (BW) Tap Happy
Melanie Smeltzer
Senior Solo Tap
248 7:28PM Encore Dance Company (AP) This Woman's Work
Kevin Ivins
Senior Solo Lyrical
250 7:34PM Beyond Words Dance Company (AF) All I Want
Melissa Noonan
Senior Solo Lyrical
251 7:37PM Essence Dance Company from BCFD (AQ) Without a Word
Emma Palma
Senior Solo Lyrical
252 7:40PM Tenacity Dance Company of DAC (BA) Knocking On Heaven's Door
Emma Baratta
Senior Solo Contemporary
254 7:46PM B-Discovered Dance Company (AC) East
Courtney Raupach
Senior Solo Contemporary
255 7:49PM Studio One Dance Company (AZ) Bad Romance
Diana Meyer
Senior Solo Contemporary
256 7:52PM Madison Professional Dance Center (AV) Way Down
Anna Pundt
Senior Solo Contemporary
257 7:55PM Storm Dance Alliance (AX) Runaway
Messina Paratore
Senior Solo Contemporary
258 7:58PM Kaleidoscope Dance (AU) Fly
Shira Hirsch
Senior Solo Contemporary
259 8:01PM Essence Dance Company from BCFD (AQ) Upside Down
Maddi McCormick
Senior Solo Jazz
261 8:07PM Encore Dance Company (AP) Everyone is Gonna Love Me Now
Faith Softcheck
Senior Solo Contemporary
262 8:10PM Company C Dance Club (AJ) Again and Again and Again
Kate Myers
Senior Solo Specialty
263 8:13PM For Dancers Only (BM) Jango
Sidney Zaref
Senior Solo Tap
264 8:16PM Center Stage Dance Studio (BD) The Voyage
Ellah Bliler
Senior Solo Contemporary
265 8:19PM Essence Dance Company from BCFD (AQ) Smoke and Mirrors
Lexi Govin
Senior Solo Contemporary
266 8:22PM B-Discovered Dance Company (AC) Habit
Nina Rende
Senior Solo Contemporary
267 8:25PM Studio One Dance Company (AZ) Paint
Zoe Hanson
Senior Solo Contemporary
268 8:28PM Beyond Words Dance Company (AF) You Don't Know Me
Alyssa Quaid
Senior Solo Jazz
269 8:31PM Storm Dance Alliance (AX) Lost
Grace Jones
Senior Solo Lyrical
270 8:34PM Imprint Dance Company (AS) Savanna Solo
Savanna Dempsey
Senior Solo Contemporary
271 8:37PM Encore Dance Company (AP) It Comes and Goes
Riley Marco
Senior Solo Contemporary
273 8:43PM K2 Studios (AT) Acceptance of Death
Zeke Lindsey
Senior Solo Contemporary
274 8:46PM Essence Dance Company from BCFD (AQ) Losing My Religion
Lacy Slaats
Senior Solo Specialty
275 8:49PM Body Language Dance Company (AG) Smother
Joslyn Emery
Senior Solo Contemporary
All Awards #206-275!!
276 8:57PM Madison Professional Dance Center (AV) Queen Bee Teen Duo/Trio Jazz
277 9:00PM D'Jazz (AK) These Arms Of Mine Teen Duo/Trio Lyrical
280 9:09PM Essence Dance Company from BCFD (AQ) Islands Teen Duo/Trio Lyrical
281 9:12PM Company C Dance Club (AJ) Summer Teen Duo/Trio Lyrical
282 9:15PM Dancin With Roxie (AM) Lost In The Woods Teen Duo/Trio Contemporary
283 9:18PM Madison Professional Dance Center (AV) Hung Up Teen Duo/Trio Ballet
285 9:24PM Underground Allegro Dance Center (BC) Come Together Teen Duo/Trio Jazz
286 9:27PM Barb's Centre for Dance (AD) Fear Teen Duo/Trio Lyrical
287 9:30PM Kaleidoscope Dance (AU) Fences Teen Duo/Trio Contemporary
288 9:33PM D'Jazz (AK) Frysta Teen Duo/Trio Contemporary
290 9:39PM Madison Professional Dance Center (AV) RICO Teen Duo/Trio Hip-Hop
291 9:42PM Studio One Dance Company (AZ) Grey On Me Teen Duo/Trio Specialty
292 9:45PM Essence Dance Company from BCFD (AQ) Looking Too Closely Teen Duo/Trio Contemporary
294 9:51PM Body Language Dance Company (AG) Watermelon Man Teen Duo/Trio Tap
295 9:54PM K2 Studios (AT) Dead Hearts Teen Duo/Trio Contemporary
296 9:57PM Debbie's Dance Studio (AN) Lets Hurt Tonight Teen Duo/Trio Lyrical
297 10:00PM Madison Professional Dance Center (AV) Ladies, Ladies Teen Duo/Trio Hip-Hop
298 10:03PM Company C Dance Club (AJ) Creep Teen Duo/Trio Contemporary
299 10:06PM D'Jazz (AK) Come Down To Me Teen Duo/Trio Lyrical
301 10:12PM Dancin With Roxie (AM) At The Stroke of Midnight Teen Duo/Trio Musical Theatre
302 10:15PM Studio One Dance Company (AZ) Sincerely Teen Duo/Trio Contemporary
303 10:18PM Essence Dance Company from BCFD (AQ) Hurts Teen Duo/Trio Contemporary
304 10:21PM Madison Professional Dance Center (AV) No Frauds Teen Duo/Trio Hip-Hop
306 10:27PM Underground Allegro Dance Center (BC) She Matters Teen Duo/Trio Contemporary
307 10:30PM Barb's Centre for Dance (AD) Oh My Gosh Teen Duo/Trio Jazz
309 10:36PM Madison Professional Dance Center (AV) With You Senior Duo/Trio Hip-Hop
310 10:39PM Company C Dance Club (AJ) Devotion Senior Duo/Trio Contemporary
311 10:42PM Ipush (BN) Yay Area Senior Duo/Trio Hip-Hop
312 10:45PM Body Language Dance Company (AG) The Spin Senior Duo/Trio Contemporary
313 10:48PM Essence Dance Company from BCFD (AQ) Don't Shy From the Light Senior Duo/Trio Lyrical
314 10:51PM D'Jazz (AK) I've Got This Feeling Senior Duo/Trio Tap
316 10:57PM K2 Studios (AT) Split Senior Duo/Trio Contemporary
317 11:00PM Encore Dance Company (AP) Ribs Senior Duo/Trio Contemporary
318 11:03PM Essence Dance Company from BCFD (AQ) I'll Think About You Senior Duo/Trio Contemporary
319 11:06PM Madison Professional Dance Center (AV) Silhouette Senior Duo/Trio Contemporary
320 11:09PM Company C Dance Club (AJ) We're On To You Senior Duo/Trio Specialty
322 11:15PM Body Language Dance Company (AG) Kiss the Rain Senior Duo/Trio Ballet
323 11:18PM Essence Dance Company from BCFD (AQ) Wish You Well Senior Duo/Trio Contemporary
324 11:21PM Beyond Words Dance Company (AF) The Time Is Now Senior Duo/Trio Contemporary
325 11:24PM Studio One Dance Company (AZ) Violins Senior Duo/Trio Contemporary
326 11:25PM Tenacity Dance Company of DAC (BA) This Place Teen Duo/Trio Contemporary
327 11:27PM Kaleidoscope Dance (AU) Believe Senior Duo/Trio Lyrical
328 11:30PM Ignite Dance Company DePaul (AR) We Don't Talk Anymore Open Duo/Trio Lyrical
All Awards #276-328!!
Saturday, January 20th
# Time Studio Routine Age Division Category Perf. Division
329 2:30PM Beyond Words Dance Company (AF) Original Don Mini Group Jazz
330 2:33PM Company C Dance Club (AJ) Grown Women Mini Group Jazz
331 2:36PM Storm Dance Alliance (AX) Hard Work Mini Group Hip-Hop
332 2:39PM Imprint Dance Company (AS) Cover Girl Mini Line Jazz
333 2:42PM Debbie's Dance Studio (AN) This Is How We Roll Mini Group Hip-Hop
334 2:45PM Tenacity Dance Company of DAC (BA) Don't Rain On My Parade Mini Group Musical Theatre
335 2:48PM Studio One Dance Company (AZ) Dirty Paws Mini Group Contemporary
336 2:51PM Beyond Words Dance Company (AF) What I've Been Looking For Mini Group Musical Theatre
337 2:54PM Body Language Dance Company (AG) Paris Holds the Key Mini Group Jazz
338 2:57PM Company C Dance Club (AJ) Howlin' For You Mini Extended Line Jazz
339 3:00PM B-Discovered Dance Company (AC) Wait Junior Group Contemporary
340 3:03PM Storm Dance Alliance (AX) First Love Mini Group Contemporary
341 3:06PM Studio One Dance Company (AZ) Hair Mini Group Jazz
342 3:09PM Madison Professional Dance Center (AV) California Love Junior Line Hip-Hop
343 3:12PM Beyond Words Dance Company (AF) Girls Mini Line Hip-Hop
345 3:18PM Body Language Dance Company (AG) La Vie en Rose Mini Group Lyrical
346 3:21PM Debbie's Dance Studio (AN) Most Girls Mini Group Jazz
347 3:24PM Company C Dance Club (AJ) Similau Junior Group Specialty
348 3:27PM Tenacity Dance Company of DAC (BA) Grown Junior Group Jazz
349 3:30PM Storm Dance Alliance (AX) Glam Mini Group Jazz
350 3:33PM Beyond Words Dance Company (AF) Shakira, Shakira Mini Line Jazz
351 3:36PM Underground Allegro Dance Center (BC) Beth Junior Group Lyrical
352 3:39PM Body Language Dance Company (AG) Somewhere Over the Rainbow Mini Group Tap
353 3:42PM Center Stage Performing Arts Studio (AH) Clean Junior Group Contemporary
354 3:45PM Company C Dance Club (AJ) Money Junior Group Hip-Hop
355 3:48PM D'Jazz (AK) Let There Be Love Junior Group Jazz
356 3:51PM Imprint Dance Company (AS) Friend Junior Group Contemporary
358 3:57PM Beyond Words Dance Company (AF) Fire and Rain Junior Group Contemporary
359 4:00PM Storm Dance Alliance (AX) North Junior Group Lyrical
360 4:03PM Debbie's Dance Studio (AN) Praying Junior Group Contemporary
361 4:06PM Tenacity Dance Company of DAC (BA) Ballroom Blitz Junior Group Tap
362 4:09PM B-Discovered Dance Company (AC) The Rose Junior Group Lyrical
363 4:12PM Beyond Words Dance Company (AF) Downtown Junior Extended Line Jazz
365 4:18PM Company C Dance Club (AJ) Walking On Broken Glass Junior Production Tap
366 4:23PM Storm Dance Alliance (AX) Ladies Nite Junior Group Jazz
366.a 4:24PM Imprint Dance Company (AS) Isolation Junior Group Ballet
368 4:29PM Encore Dance Company (AP) Hometown Glory Junior Group Contemporary
369 4:32PM Debbie's Dance Studio (AN) Know No Better Junior Group Jazz
370 4:35PM Beyond Words Dance Company (AF) Grey Street Junior Extended Line Contemporary
371 4:38PM Tenacity Dance Company of DAC (BA) I Was Here Junior Line Lyrical
372 4:41PM Company C Dance Club (AJ) Freaks Junior Production Jazz
All Awards #329-372!!
373 5:11PM Company C Dance Club (AJ) Stubborn Love Teen Group Tap
374 5:14PM Underground Allegro Dance Center (BC) Get Me Bodied Teen Group Jazz
375 5:17PM Tenacity Dance Company of DAC (BA) I Think I'm Paranoid Teen Group Jazz
376 5:20PM Body Language Dance Company (AG) Steppe Teen Group Contemporary
377 5:23PM Beyond Words Dance Company (AF) Room 29 Teen Group Lyrical
378 5:26PM Studio One Dance Company (AZ) Almost Faded Teen Group Contemporary
379 5:29PM Essence Dance Company from BCFD (AQ) The Chase Teen Group Specialty
381 5:35PM Company C Dance Club (AJ) Juice Teen Group Hip-Hop
382 5:38PM Madison Professional Dance Center (AV) Under the Willow Tree Teen Group Ballet
383 5:41PM Storm Dance Alliance (AX) She Bangs Teen Group Jazz
384 5:44PM B-Discovered Dance Company (AC) Final Bows Teen Group Contemporary
385 5:47PM Tenacity Dance Company of DAC (BA) I Put A Spell On You Teen Group Musical Theatre
386 5:50PM Kaleidoscope Dance (AU) Waiting Around Teen Group Lyrical
387 5:53PM Body Language Dance Company (AG) Classical Gas Teen Group Ballet
388 5:56PM Imprint Dance Company (AS) Gold Teen Group Contemporary
389 5:59PM Company C Dance Club (AJ) His Sweater Teen Group Specialty
390 6:02PM Debbie's Dance Studio (AN) You Don't Know Me Teen Group Jazz
391 6:05PM Underground Allegro Dance Center (BC) Turning Page Teen Group Lyrical
392 6:08PM Beyond Words Dance Company (AF) Spirits Teen Group Contemporary
393 6:11PM Studio One Dance Company (AZ) Cavalier Teen Group Contemporary
394 6:14PM B-Discovered Dance Company (AC) Heaven I Know Teen Group Contemporary
395 6:17PM Essence Dance Company from BCFD (AQ) River Teen Line Jazz
396 6:20PM Company C Dance Club (AJ) Soon This Space Will Be Too Small Teen Group Contemporary
397 6:23PM Body Language Dance Company (AG) Give Me Your Hand Teen Group Tap
398 6:26PM Encore Dance Company (AP) There Will Be Time Teen Group Contemporary
399 6:29PM D'Jazz (AK) Praying Teen Group Lyrical
400 6:32PM Ignite Dance Company DePaul (AR) Copycat Open Group Contemporary
401 6:35PM Madison Professional Dance Center (AV) Waiting Game Teen Group Lyrical
402 6:38PM Storm Dance Alliance (AX) Water Me Teen Group Contemporary
403 6:41PM B-Discovered Dance Company (AC) I Want Your Love Teen Line Contemporary
404 6:44PM Company C Dance Club (AJ) Black Eyed Peas Teen Extended Line Hip-Hop
405 6:47PM Tenacity Dance Company of DAC (BA) Are You That Somebody Teen Group Jazz
406 6:50PM Beyond Words Dance Company (AF) Lovers Teen Group Lyrical
407 6:53PM Studio One Dance Company (AZ) Blister In The Sun Teen Group Jazz
408 6:56PM Body Language Dance Company (AG) Emily's Reel Teen Group Ballet
409 6:59PM Kaleidoscope Dance (AU) Wild Ride Senior Group Jazz
410 7:02PM Essence Dance Company from BCFD (AQ) Don't Forget Me Teen Line Specialty
412 7:08PM Company C Dance Club (AJ) Weightless Teen Extended Line Specialty
413 7:11PM B-Discovered Dance Company (AC) Bad Romance Teen Line Jazz
414 7:14PM Asia's Dance Factory (AB) Fly Before You Fall Teen Group Contemporary
415 7:17PM Tenacity Dance Company of DAC (BA) White Teeth Teen Group Specialty
416 7:20PM Imprint Dance Company (AS) Up All Teen Group Hip-Hop
417 7:23PM Body Language Dance Company (AG) We Silent Ghosts Teen Group Contemporary
418 7:26PM Company C Dance Club (AJ) Understanding Love Teen Extended Line Contemporary
419 7:29PM Beyond Words Dance Company (AF) Crystalline Teen Group Contemporary
420 7:32PM Studio One Dance Company (AZ) He Gives Teen Group Contemporary
420.a 7:33PM Underground Allegro Dance Center (BC) Ready or Not Teen Line Jazz
421 7:35PM B-Discovered Dance Company (AC) XO Teen Line Contemporary
422 7:38PM D'Jazz (AK) Finding Your Way Teen Group Lyrical
423 7:41PM Tenacity Dance Company of DAC (BA) My All Teen Group Lyrical
424 7:44PM Essence Dance Company from BCFD (AQ) Falling Ashes Teen Line Contemporary
425 7:47PM Madison Professional Dance Center (AV) You Don't Own Me Teen Line Hip-Hop
426 7:50PM Company C Dance Club (AJ) Spiritual Leader Teen Extended Line Contemporary
427 7:53PM Storm Dance Alliance (AX) Wait A Minute Teen Group Jazz
428 7:56PM Body Language Dance Company (AG) Sax Teen Line Jazz
429 7:59PM Debbie's Dance Studio (AN) Survive Teen Group Lyrical
430 8:02PM Underground Allegro Dance Center (BC) A New Path Teen Group Ballet
431 8:05PM B-Discovered Dance Company (AC) I Want You To Need Me Teen Line Lyrical
432 8:08PM Kaleidoscope Dance (AU) Echo Teen Group Jazz
433 8:11PM Tenacity Dance Company of DAC (BA) Sing Teen Group Tap
434 8:14PM Company C Dance Club (AJ) Breathe Me Teen Extended Line Jazz
435 8:17PM Beyond Words Dance Company (AF) And When I Die Teen Extended Line Contemporary
436 8:20PM Studio One Dance Company (AZ) Mon Dieu Teen Line Specialty
437 8:23PM Encore Dance Company (AP) In This Shirt Teen Line Contemporary
438 8:26PM Body Language Dance Company (AG) Swish Swish Teen Line Hip-Hop
439 8:29PM Essence Dance Company from BCFD (AQ) Castle on the Hill Teen Line Lyrical
440 8:32PM B-Discovered Dance Company (AC) Another Sad Love Song Senior Group Contemporary
441 8:35PM Company C Dance Club (AJ) Shape of You Teen Extended Line Tap
442 8:38PM Tenacity Dance Company of DAC (BA) U Don't Teen Line Jazz
443 8:41PM D'Jazz (AK) Creatures of the Wind Teen Group Lyrical
444 8:44PM Madison Professional Dance Center (AV) Needed Teen Line Contemporary
445 8:47PM Imprint Dance Company (AS) Writer In the Dark Teen Line Contemporary
446 8:50PM Company C Dance Club (AJ) When Will You Return Senior Group Specialty
447 8:53PM Storm Dance Alliance (AX) Next To You Teen Line Contemporary
448 8:56PM B-Discovered Dance Company (AC) Bend, But Not Break Senior Group Contemporary
449 8:59PM Body Language Dance Company (AG) Technicolor Beat Teen Line Contemporary
450 9:02PM Tenacity Dance Company of DAC (BA) Love Me Tomorrow Teen Line Contemporary
451 9:05PM Beyond Words Dance Company (AF) Tilted Teen Extended Line Jazz
452 9:08PM Studio One Dance Company (AZ) I Have Nothing Teen Line Lyrical
453 9:11PM Essence Dance Company from BCFD (AQ) What's Next Senior Group Contemporary
454 9:14PM Kaleidoscope Dance (AU) Happy Teen Line Jazz
455 9:18PM Company C Dance Club (AJ) I Am Lost Senior Group Contemporary
457 9:24PM B-Discovered Dance Company (AC) Ending Senior Group Lyrical
458 9:27PM Tenacity Dance Company of DAC (BA) Hands Teen Line Hip-Hop
459 9:30PM Body Language Dance Company (AG) The Real Slim Shady Teen Line Tap
460 9:33PM D'Jazz (AK) DJDC Teen Group Hip-Hop
461 9:36PM Company C Dance Club (AJ) Fun, Laughs, Good Times Teen Production Musical Theatre
462 9:41PM Madison Professional Dance Center (AV) Stormy Weather Teen Line Contemporary
463 9:44PM Storm Dance Alliance (AX) 100 Easy Ways Teen Line Musical Theatre
464 9:47PM Beyond Words Dance Company (AF) Hamilton Teen Production Musical Theatre
465 9:52PM Studio One Dance Company (AZ) Desperado Teen Line Jazz
467 9:58PM Essence Dance Company from BCFD (AQ) Hot Stuff Senior Group Jazz
468 10:01PM Tenacity Dance Company of DAC (BA) Passion For Kindness Teen Line Contemporary
469 10:04PM Company C Dance Club (AJ) Erosion Senior Group Contemporary
470 10:07PM Body Language Dance Company (AG) Fever Senior Group Jazz
471 10:10PM Imprint Dance Company (AS) Time Teen Production Contemporary
472 10:15PM Debbie's Dance Studio (AN) Janet Teen Line Hip-Hop
473 10:18PM Underground Allegro Dance Center (BC) Nights in White Satin Teen Line Contemporary
474 10:21PM Encore Dance Company (AP) Havoc Teen Extended Line Jazz
475 10:24PM B-Discovered Dance Company (AC) Pushing Over The Walls Senior Group Contemporary
476 10:28PM Company C Dance Club (AJ) No Surprises Senior Group Specialty
477 10:31PM Tenacity Dance Company of DAC (BA) Piano Man Teen Production Specialty
478 10:36PM Ignite Dance Company DePaul (AR) River Open Group Jazz
479 10:39PM Studio One Dance Company (AZ) Vivaldi Teen Line Contemporary
480 10:42PM Body Language Dance Company (AG) The Gate Senior Group Contemporary
481 10:45PM Essence Dance Company from BCFD (AQ) Space Between Senior Group Lyrical
482 10:48PM D'Jazz (AK) Shape of You Teen Group Tap
483 10:51PM Madison Professional Dance Center (AV) Ritmo Teen Production Jazz
484 10:56PM Company C Dance Club (AJ) Alone With You Senior Line Contemporary
486 11:02PM Storm Dance Alliance (AX) Get Up Senior Group Contemporary
487 11:05PM Kaleidoscope Dance (AU) Last Moment Senior Group Contemporary
488 11:08PM Beyond Words Dance Company (AF) Every New Day Teen Production Contemporary
All Awards #373-488!!
Sunday, January 21st
# Time Studio Routine Age Division Category Perf. Division
489 7:00AM Company C Dance Club (AJ) Grow Up
Cayla Huntsberger
Mini Solo Jazz
490 7:03AM Studio One Dance Company (AZ) Clay
Kaitlin Menz
Mini Solo Contemporary
491 7:06AM Imprint Dance Company (AS) Rather Be
Ava Targosz
Mini Solo Lyrical
492 7:09AM Tenacity Dance Company of DAC (BA) Oh La La
Grace Funke
Mini Solo Musical Theatre
493 7:12AM Artistry Dance & Company (AA) Bigger Is Better
Cami Kilgore
Mini Solo Musical Theatre
494 7:15AM Storm Dance Alliance (AX) Snow
Lillyana Williams
Mini Solo Contemporary
495 7:18AM Encore Dance Company (AP) Hold Me Down
Lily Duval
Mini Solo Contemporary
496 7:21AM Elite Academy of Dance (AO) Show Off
Anna Christopherson
Mini Solo Musical Theatre
496.a 7:22AM Virtues In Motion (CA) I Remember Her
Emersyn Demke
Mini Solo Contemporary
497 7:24AM Beyond Words Dance Company (AF) Confidence
Cami Dunleavy
Mini Solo Musical Theatre
498 7:27AM Center Stage Performing Arts Studio (AH) Rain
Kamri Peterson
Mini Solo Contemporary
499 7:30AM Company C Dance Club (AJ) Lola
Ainslee McAlees
Mini Solo Musical Theatre
500 7:33AM Studio One Dance Company (AZ) Light The Sky
Anna Coufal
Mini Solo Contemporary
501 7:36AM Debbie's Dance Studio (AN) Ring Ring
Emily Moma
Mini Solo Jazz
502 7:39AM Danceology (BG) TBD
Audrey Donnelly
Mini Solo Contemporary
503 7:42AM Perseverance Dance Company (BY) Sail
Grace Hospenthal
Mini Solo Contemporary
504 7:45AM Imprint Dance Company (AS) Rockstar
Aydin Butler
Mini Solo Jazz
505 7:48AM Tenacity Dance Company of DAC (BA) Lullaby
Mackenzie Junkas
Mini Solo Contemporary
506 7:51AM Artistry Dance & Company (AA) Right Now
Olivia Goldberg
Mini Solo Contemporary
507 7:54AM Dancin With Roxie (AM) Life of The Party
Kylin Johnson
Mini Solo Musical Theatre
508 7:57AM Ratio Dance (AW) Heart of Stone
Joely Stupeck
Mini Solo Contemporary
509 8:00AM Company C Dance Club (AJ) Think
Olivia Richardson
Mini Solo Jazz
510 8:03AM Studio One Dance Company (AZ) A Love Past It's Time
Ansley Schaak
Mini Solo Contemporary
511 8:06AM Studio 4 (BV) Into the Woods
Ava Modine
Mini Solo Contemporary
512 8:09AM DelMonico Dance (BH) You Got That Right
Braeden Cota
Mini Solo Tap
513 8:12AM Storm Dance Alliance (AX) Dear Mom
Ariana Morrison
Mini Solo Contemporary
514 8:15AM Encore Dance Company (AP) I Stand
Calleigh Kubinski
Mini Solo Lyrical
515 8:18AM Elite Academy of Dance (AO) This Is My Dance Floor
Morgan Watwood
Mini Solo Jazz
516 8:21AM Beyond Words Dance Company (AF) Underrated
Laila Barefield
Mini Solo Hip-Hop
517 8:24AM Imprint Dance Company (AS) Beautiful Night
Maja Vindinlic
Mini Solo Contemporary
517.a 8:25AM Brookfield Dance Academy (BX) Perfect To Me
Megan Perales
Mini Solo Lyrical
518 8:27AM Tenacity Dance Company of DAC (BA) Alive
Ariana Koniecko
Mini Solo Contemporary
519 8:30AM Company C Dance Club (AJ) Walk Walk
Carly Nusbaum
Mini Solo Jazz
520 8:33AM Studio One Dance Company (AZ) I'm Me
Zoey Straka
Mini Solo Specialty
521 8:36AM Artistry Dance & Company (AA) Mama Knows Best
Finley Williams
Mini Solo Jazz
522 8:39AM Center Stage Performing Arts Studio (AH) Numb
Ceilidh McSeveney
Mini Solo Contemporary
523 8:42AM Debbie's Dance Studio (AN) Come On Over
Molly Doolin
Mini Solo Jazz
524 8:45AM New Fusion Dance and Performing Arts (BQ) Bossa Nova Baby
Madysen Poppe
Mini Solo Jazz
All Awards #489-524!!


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