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Houston January 26-28, 2018

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Friday, January 26th
# Time Studio Routine Age Division Category Perf. Division
1 1:00PM Trilogy Dance Center (AP) My Fight Song
Mia Lopez
Mini Solo Lyrical
2 1:03PM Masters Upper Level (AL) Just A Fool
Kinley Bertrand
Mini Solo Jazz
3 1:06PM Maries Dance Studio (AK) Never Enough
Lilia Fernandez
Mini Solo Lyrical
4 1:09PM Expressions Dance and Music (AD) Heal
Kelsie Scott
Mini Solo Contemporary
5 1:12PM Trilogy Dance Center (AP) Telepathy
Mackenzie Carswell
Mini Solo Jazz
6 1:15PM Dancentre of Edinburg (AB) Breakout
Camille Reynolds
Mini Solo Contemporary
7 1:18PM Masters Upper Level (AL) Swish Swish
Dilyn Bray
Mini Solo Jazz
8 1:21PM Katy Kress Dance Revolution (AH) True Colors
Kamryn Landry
Mini Solo Lyrical
9 1:24PM Trilogy Dance Center (AP) Scientist
Ana Krauskopf
Mini Solo Lyrical
10 1:27PM Maries Dance Studio (AK) I'm a Lady
Rebecca De la Cruz
Mini Solo Jazz
11 1:30PM Vdanse Academy (AQ) Woke Up Like This
Mailee Wong
Mini Solo Hip-Hop
12 1:33PM Masters Upper Level (AL) Fix You
Kieran Holmes
Mini Solo Contemporary
13 1:36PM Trilogy Dance Center (AP) My Heart Goes Boom
Brooklyn Kennell
Mini Solo Jazz
14 1:39PM Maries Dance Studio (AK) Dance Like your Daddy
Alana Ruiz
Mini Solo Jazz
15 1:42PM Trilogy Dance Center (AP) Awoo
Lucy Kate Hill
Mini Solo Jazz
16 1:45PM Masters Upper Level (AL) Awakened
Sadie Bethke
Mini Solo Contemporary
17 1:48PM Vdanse Academy (AQ) Breathe
Stella Hall
Junior Solo Contemporary
18 1:51PM Maries Dance Studio (AK) Breathe
Sofia Margain
Junior Solo Contemporary
19 1:54PM Paragon Dance Centre (AM) Hypericum
Caroline Holloway
Junior Solo Contemporary
20 1:57PM Katy Kress Dance Revolution (AH) Heal
Darby Matte
Junior Solo Contemporary
21 2:00PM Masters Upper Level (AL) Team
Kate Abernathy
Junior Solo Contemporary
22 2:03PM RISE Dance Company (AN) State of Emergency
Jewel Jaksha
Junior Solo Contemporary
23 2:06PM Expressions Dance and Music (AD) Read All About It
Eliza Davis
Junior Solo Lyrical
24 2:09PM Vdanse Academy (AQ) Heart Cry
Helena Adham
Junior Solo Contemporary
25 2:12PM C Squared (AA) Say Yes
Bella Hosemann
Junior Solo Specialty
26 2:15PM Insight Dance Ensemble (AG) Light The Sky
Savanna Gonzalez
Junior Solo Lyrical
27 2:18PM Maries Dance Studio (AK) I Feel Pretty
Ana Gabriela Guzman
Junior Solo Tap
28 2:21PM Paragon Dance Centre (AM) Next Life
Isabel Reese
Junior Solo Contemporary
29 2:24PM The Project at HTX (AO) The Ground You Walk On
Madelyn Munz
Junior Solo Contemporary
30 2:27PM Dancentre of Edinburg (AB) If They Could See Me Now
Reagan Esquierdo
Junior Solo Musical Theatre
31 2:30PM Vdanse Academy (AQ) Gravity
Chloe Chang
Junior Solo Lyrical
32 2:33PM Katy Kress Dance Revolution (AH) Black Hole Sun
Libby Benoit
Junior Solo Contemporary
33 2:36PM Masters Upper Level (AL) You Make Me Feel So Young
Cambry Bethke
Junior Solo Tap
34 2:39PM Trilogy Dance Center (AP) Yard Sale
Abbey Caudill
Junior Solo Jazz
35 2:42PM Maries Dance Studio (AK) Power
Roberta Garcia
Junior Solo Jazz
36 2:45PM Paragon Dance Centre (AM) Colorblind
Abby Alexander
Junior Solo Contemporary
37 2:48PM Vdanse Academy (AQ) Broadway Baby
Ashley Bloome
Junior Solo Musical Theatre
38 2:51PM RISE Dance Company (AN) Can I Be Him
Besher Garcia
Junior Solo Tap
39 2:54PM Expressions Dance and Music (AD) Rain
Rilynn Lewis
Junior Solo Lyrical
40 2:57PM C Squared (AA) Rebel
Isabela Shaw
Junior Solo Jazz
41 3:00PM Katy Kress Dance Revolution (AH) Holy Water
Eden Bertrand
Junior Solo Contemporary
42 3:03PM Masters Upper Level (AL) Verses
Ella Scott
Junior Solo Contemporary
43 3:06PM Vdanse Academy (AQ) Love So Soft
Kalia Wong
Junior Solo Specialty
44 3:09PM Maries Dance Studio (AK) Second Chance
Paulina Carrillo
Junior Solo Lyrical
45 3:12PM Paragon Dance Centre (AM) The Dancer
Audrey Berg
Junior Solo Contemporary
46 3:15PM Insight Dance Ensemble (AG) Wolves
Dylan Fletcher
Junior Solo Jazz
47 3:18PM The Project at HTX (AO) Time
Claire Schunneman
Junior Solo Contemporary
48 3:21PM Dancentre of Edinburg (AB) Lilac Fairy Variation
Annika Palacios
Junior Solo Ballet
49 3:24PM Vdanse Academy (AQ) Good Intent
Sydney Fell
Junior Solo Jazz
50 3:27PM RISE Dance Company (AN) Let Me In
Jocelyn Green
Junior Solo Lyrical
51 3:30PM Katy Kress Dance Revolution (AH) Emerging
Anna Devall
Junior Solo Contemporary
52 3:33PM Trilogy Dance Center (AP) Beautiful Girl
Haley Crumley
Junior Solo Lyrical
53 3:36PM Expressions Dance and Music (AD) Feel It Still
Myla Greene
Junior Solo Jazz
54 3:39PM Paragon Dance Centre (AM) Beautiful Emergency
Jordan Ricker
Junior Solo Contemporary
55 3:42PM Masters Upper Level (AL) Wonder
Caroline Noyes
Junior Solo Lyrical
56 3:45PM C Squared (AA) CRASH
Addy Cross
Junior Solo Jazz
57 3:48PM Maries Dance Studio (AK) Material Girl JUMPstarts Duo/Trio Jazz
58 3:51PM Trilogy Dance Center (AP) I Bring The Beat Mini Duo/Trio Jazz
59 3:54PM Masters Upper Level (AL) Momma Knows Best Mini Duo/Trio Jazz
60 3:57PM Maries Dance Studio (AK) Sing, Sing, Sing Mini Duo/Trio Jazz
61 4:00PM Expressions Dance and Music (AD) Dog Days Mini Duo/Trio Jazz
62 4:03PM Trilogy Dance Center (AP) I've Got Faith Mini Duo/Trio Jazz
63 4:06PM In-Step Dance and Performing Arts (AF) For Good Mini Duo/Trio Lyrical
64 4:09PM Masters Upper Level (AL) Tap x 2 Mini Duo/Trio Tap
65 4:12PM Trilogy Dance Center (AP) Instruction Mini Duo/Trio Jazz
66 4:15PM Paragon Dance Centre (AM) Uptown Funk Junior Duo/Trio Jazz
67 4:18PM Vdanse Academy (AQ) Straight To Memphis Junior Duo/Trio Specialty
68 4:21PM The Project at HTX (AO) Halo Junior Duo/Trio Contemporary
69 4:24PM Maries Dance Studio (AK) Automation Junior Duo/Trio Contemporary
70 4:27PM C Squared (AA) Lonely Junior Duo/Trio Contemporary
70.a 4:28PM Dancentre of Edinburg (AB) Sones de Michoacan Junior Duo/Trio Specialty
71 4:30PM RISE Dance Company (AN) Overwhelmed Junior Duo/Trio Tap
72 4:33PM Expressions Dance and Music (AD) Bad Idea Junior Duo/Trio Musical Theatre
73 4:36PM Paragon Dance Centre (AM) Red Arrow Junior Duo/Trio Contemporary
74 4:39PM Vdanse Academy (AQ) For A Better Day Junior Duo/Trio Jazz
All Awards #1-74!!
75 5:02PM Insight Dance Ensemble (AG) Limit To Your Love
Elle Escarsega
Teen Solo Contemporary
76 5:05PM RISE Dance Company (AN) Jalapeno
Ja'Niya Welch
Teen Solo Jazz
77 5:08PM Katy Kress Dance Revolution (AH) Diamonds
Aubrey Kelley
Teen Solo Contemporary
78 5:11PM Masters Upper Level (AL) No Moon At All
Tory Roberts
Teen Solo Tap
79 5:14PM Expressions Dance and Music (AD) Let Me Go
Ryan Scruggs
Teen Solo Contemporary
80 5:17PM Maries Dance Studio (AK) Bird Set Free
Cordelia Garcia
Teen Solo Contemporary
81 5:20PM The Project at HTX (AO) Good Enough
Abigail Caudle
Teen Solo Contemporary
82 5:23PM Insight Dance Ensemble (AG) Be In Love
Kennady McClure
Teen Solo Lyrical
83 5:26PM RISE Dance Company (AN) Walking On Broken Glass
Loralei Vergara
Teen Solo Lyrical
84 5:29PM C Squared (AA) Ghost
Hannah Baxter
Teen Solo Contemporary
85 5:32PM Katy Kress Dance Revolution (AH) Strong
Madison Morrison
Teen Solo Contemporary
86 5:35PM Masters Upper Level (AL) Palk
Sloane Ritterbush
Teen Solo Contemporary
87 5:38PM Expressions Dance and Music (AD) Beach
Skylar Draper
Teen Solo Contemporary
88 5:41PM Houston Academy of Dance (AE) You There
Julia Ashby
Teen Solo Contemporary
89 5:44PM Insight Dance Ensemble (AG) Your Don't Know Me
Emma Wegner
Teen Solo Contemporary
90 5:47PM RISE Dance Company (AN) One More Try
Lyris Gordon
Teen Solo Contemporary
91 5:50PM Vdanse Academy (AQ) Song Of Los
Raquel Bosley
Teen Solo Contemporary
92 5:53PM Maries Dance Studio (AK) Synchronicity
Roberta Maldonado
Teen Solo Lyrical
93 5:56PM Katy Kress Dance Revolution (AH) Joyful Girl
Aubree Jackson
Teen Solo Contemporary
94 5:59PM Masters Upper Level (AL) If You Wait
Madison Luparello
Teen Solo Contemporary
95 6:02PM Expressions Dance and Music (AD) Felt So Good
Kyler Lewis
Teen Solo Hip-Hop
96 6:05PM Insight Dance Ensemble (AG) Kiss Of Fire
Kaeli Behr
Teen Solo Jazz
97 6:08PM RISE Dance Company (AN) Ghost Town
Taylor Snoga
Teen Solo Specialty
98 6:11PM The Project at HTX (AO) Soft Season
Madison Taylor
Teen Solo Contemporary
99 6:14PM Paragon Dance Centre (AM) Dark Minds
Corinne Kiesling
Teen Solo Contemporary
100 6:17PM C Squared (AA) Fixed or Free
Chloe Langston
Teen Solo Contemporary
101 6:20PM Katy Kress Dance Revolution (AH) The Line that Ties
Kelsey Keiser
Teen Solo Contemporary
102 6:23PM Masters Upper Level (AL) The Light That Never Fails
Nyah Curtis
Teen Solo Lyrical
103 6:26PM Insight Dance Ensemble (AG) Citizens
Alejandra Ledesma
Teen Solo Jazz
104 6:29PM RISE Dance Company (AN) Run
Sophie Zetarski
Teen Solo Contemporary
105 6:32PM Expressions Dance and Music (AD) Juke Box
Jordan Reynolds
Teen Solo Jazz
106 6:35PM Maries Dance Studio (AK) Billie Jean
Yanela Gonzalez
Teen Solo Tap
107 6:38PM Woodlands Underground (AR) untitled
Sarah Jurecek
Teen Solo Lyrical
108 6:41PM Katy Kress Dance Revolution (AH) Tip Tapping
Alyssa Hennessey
Teen Solo Contemporary
109 6:44PM Insight Dance Ensemble (AG) People Get Ready
Allyson Feltner
Teen Solo Lyrical
110 6:47PM RISE Dance Company (AN) Detached Between
Audrey Paidle
Teen Solo Specialty
111 6:50PM Masters Upper Level (AL) Gold
Payton Passante
Teen Solo Lyrical
112 6:53PM Expressions Dance and Music (AD) Incomplete
Lara Golladay
Teen Solo Contemporary
113 6:56PM The Project at HTX (AO) Oh Darling
Elena Cokinos
Teen Solo Contemporary
114 6:59PM Houston Academy of Dance (AE) Boss
Julia Gage
Teen Solo Jazz
115 7:02PM C Squared (AA) This Moment
Lauren Oevermann
Teen Solo Contemporary
117 7:08PM Expressions Dance and Music (AD) Radioactive
Audrey Ament
Teen Solo Contemporary
118 7:11PM Masters Upper Level (AL) Winter
Abby Baden
Teen Solo Contemporary
119 7:14PM RISE Dance Company (AN) Release Me
Christian Burse
Teen Solo Contemporary
120 7:17PM Katy Kress Dance Revolution (AH) Blackout
Kayla Chapman
Teen Solo Contemporary
120.a 7:18PM Dancentre of Edinburg (AB) Heart Cry
Nayla Mireles
Teen Solo Contemporary
121 7:20PM Maries Dance Studio (AK) Skeleton
Karla Carrillo
Teen Solo Tap
122 7:23PM Houston Academy of Dance (AE) Common Thread Teen Duo/Trio Contemporary
123 7:26PM Masters Upper Level (AL) Bring it Back Teen Duo/Trio Tap
124 7:29PM Expressions Dance and Music (AD) The Choir Teen Duo/Trio Contemporary
125 7:32PM The Project at HTX (AO) Dissension Teen Duo/Trio Contemporary
126 7:35PM Houston Academy of Dance (AE) Tomorrow its my turn Teen Duo/Trio Lyrical
127 7:38PM Maries Dance Studio (AK) Nothing Holding Me Back Teen Duo/Trio Tap
128 7:41PM RISE Dance Company (AN) Don't Forget Teen Duo/Trio Contemporary
129 7:44PM Masters Upper Level (AL) Stay Teen Duo/Trio Lyrical
130 7:47PM Houston Academy of Dance (AE) 9 to 5 Teen Duo/Trio Tap
131 7:50PM Expressions Dance and Music (AD) Restless Teen Duo/Trio Contemporary
All Awards #75-131!!
132 8:13PM Legacies (AJ) Sweet Architect
Antonia Denison
Senior Solo Contemporary
133 8:16PM Expressions Dance and Music (AD) Dust and Light
Callie Davenport
Senior Solo Contemporary
134 8:19PM Katy Kress Dance Revolution (AH) There's a Ghost
Sydney Fox
Senior Solo Contemporary
135 8:22PM Maries Dance Studio (AK) Celloopa
Balbina Cantu Garza
Senior Solo Tap
136 8:25PM RISE Dance Company (AN) Backyard
Aubrey Brown
Senior Solo Contemporary
137 8:28PM Woodlands Underground (AR) Faults
Shelly Harper
Senior Solo Contemporary
138 8:31PM Dancer's Edge (AC) Spare Change
Carlie Hay
Senior Solo Lyrical
139 8:34PM Legacies (AJ) Let's Hurt Tonight
Barclay Bull
Senior Solo Contemporary
140 8:37PM Insight Dance Ensemble (AG) Darkside
Marisol Hernandez
Senior Solo Contemporary
141 8:40PM Expressions Dance and Music (AD) Salvation Story
Hannah Broussard
Senior Solo Contemporary
142 8:43PM Katy Kress Dance Revolution (AH) Forever
Emily Dunbar
Senior Solo Contemporary
143 8:46PM The Project at HTX (AO) Angela
Chloe Martin
Senior Solo Contemporary
145 8:52PM Legacies (AJ) Creature
Amanda Reeder
Senior Solo Jazz
146 8:55PM Maries Dance Studio (AK) Better
Mariane Garza
Senior Solo Contemporary
147 8:58PM Paragon Dance Centre (AM) Falling
Rachael Fedash
Senior Solo Contemporary
148 9:01PM Expressions Dance and Music (AD) Chewing Gum
Parker Kilpatrick
Senior Solo Contemporary
149 9:04PM Katy Kress Dance Revolution (AH) Don't Let Me Go
Hollis Hernandez
Senior Solo Contemporary
150 9:07PM C Squared (AA) If You Don't
Caitlyn Cork
Senior Solo Contemporary
151 9:10PM RISE Dance Company (AN) Open
Makaila Chiplin
Senior Solo Contemporary
152 9:13PM Legacies (AJ) Gravity
Parker Rogers
Senior Solo Contemporary
154 9:19PM Dancer's Edge (AC) Poison
Abby Lofton
Senior Solo Contemporary
155 9:22PM Insight Dance Ensemble (AG) Summer Overture
Camryn Busarello
Senior Solo Contemporary
156 9:25PM Expressions Dance and Music (AD) Different Love
Callie Garner
Senior Solo Contemporary
157 9:28PM Katy Kress Dance Revolution (AH) The Aching
Emily Fitkin
Senior Solo Contemporary
158 9:31PM Maries Dance Studio (AK) Truthseeker
Diana Coindreau
Senior Solo Contemporary
159 9:34PM Legacies (AJ) Already Gone
Carlin Fox
Senior Solo Contemporary
160 9:37PM Masters Upper Level (AL) Slack Jaw
Kai Harris
Senior Solo Contemporary
161 9:40PM Laredo School of Contemporary Dance (AI) Sensei Dream
Samantha Chapa
Senior Solo Contemporary
162 9:43PM Maries Dance Studio (AK) Lung
Fernanda Elizondo
Open Solo Contemporary
163 9:46PM Paragon Dance Centre (AM) Never Knock Senior Duo/Trio Contemporary
165 9:52PM Expressions Dance and Music (AD) We are One Senior Duo/Trio Contemporary
167 9:58PM Maries Dance Studio (AK) Joropeando Open Duo/Trio Tap
All Awards #132-167!!
Saturday, January 27th
# Time Studio Routine Age Division Category Perf. Division
168 3:00PM Trilogy Dance Center (AP) Planet Rock Mini Line Hip-Hop
169 3:03PM Maries Dance Studio (AK) I Wish Mini Line Tap
170 3:06PM RISE Dance Company (AN) True North Mini Group Lyrical
171 3:09PM Masters Upper Level (AL) I Want You Back Mini Group Tap
172 3:12PM Vdanse Academy (AQ) Sorry Not Sorry Mini Group Hip-Hop
173 3:15PM Expressions Dance and Music (AD) What it Is Junior Group Lyrical
174 3:18PM Trilogy Dance Center (AP) All About Your Heart Mini Group Lyrical
175 3:21PM Paragon Dance Centre (AM) Tennis Court Junior Group Jazz
176 3:24PM Insight Dance Ensemble (AG) Feel It Still Junior Group Jazz
177 3:27PM Maries Dance Studio (AK) Meet The Flintstones JUMPstarts Extended Line Specialty
178 3:31PM Katy Kress Dance Revolution (AH) I Had a Pearl Mini Group Contemporary
179 3:34PM RISE Dance Company (AN) A Little Bit Naughty Mini Group Musical Theatre
180 3:37PM Trilogy Dance Center (AP) Don't Stop Till You Get Enough JUMPstarts Group Jazz
181 3:40PM Masters Upper Level (AL) Dancing Mini Group Lyrical
182 3:43PM Vdanse Academy (AQ) Dance Like Yo Daddy Mini Group Jazz
184 3:49PM Dancentre of Edinburg (AB) Made From Dust Junior Group Contemporary
185 3:52PM Maries Dance Studio (AK) My Boyfriend's Back JUMPstarts Group Jazz
185.a 3:53PM Dance Dynamics (AS) Heartbreaker Mini Line Jazz
186 3:55PM Trilogy Dance Center (AP) Space Taps Mini Line Tap
187 3:58PM Expressions Dance and Music (AD) My Heart Junior Group Contemporary
188 4:01PM RISE Dance Company (AN) Come Together Junior Group Tap
189 4:04PM Dancer's Edge (AC) Whats My Name Mini Group Musical Theatre
190 4:07PM Masters Upper Level (AL) Woman Up Mini Group Jazz
191 4:10PM C Squared (AA) We Know Junior Group Hip-Hop
192 4:13PM Trilogy Dance Center (AP) Too Many Fish In The Sea JUMPstarts Group Jazz
193 4:16PM Maries Dance Studio (AK) Betty Boop Mini Extended Line Jazz
194 4:20PM Vdanse Academy (AQ) Moonlight Sonota Mini Group Contemporary
195 4:23PM Paragon Dance Centre (AM) Somewhere Junior Group Contemporary
196 4:26PM Insight Dance Ensemble (AG) Allegretto Junior Group Ballet
197 4:29PM RISE Dance Company (AN) The Evolution of Gaga Junior Group Specialty
198 4:32PM Trilogy Dance Center (AP) Shake Mini Line Jazz
200 4:39PM Katy Kress Dance Revolution (AH) Heaven I Know Mini Group Lyrical
201 4:42PM Maries Dance Studio (AK) Take a Chance Junior Extended Line Contemporary
202 4:46PM Expressions Dance and Music (AD) Salute Junior Group Jazz
203 4:49PM Trilogy Dance Center (AP) Surfboard Mini Line Hip-Hop
204 4:52PM Vdanse Academy (AQ) Tee Shirt Junior Group Hip-Hop
205 4:55PM RISE Dance Company (AN) Voices Junior Group Contemporary
206 4:58PM Masters Upper Level (AL) Good Bye Yellow Brick Road Junior Extended Line Lyrical
207 5:02PM Maries Dance Studio (AK) Looney Tunes Mini Production Specialty
208 5:07PM Trilogy Dance Center (AP) King Mini Group Lyrical
208.a 5:09PM Dance Dynamics (AS) Battlefield Mini Line Lyrical
209 5:10PM Paragon Dance Centre (AM) Medicine Junior Group Contemporary
210 5:13PM Insight Dance Ensemble (AG) Miserlou Junior Group Contemporary
211 5:16PM RISE Dance Company (AN) Rocket Man Junior Group Lyrical
212 5:19PM Trilogy Dance Center (AP) Seize The Day Mini Group Musical Theatre
213 5:22PM Maries Dance Studio (AK) Scherzo Junior Line Tap
214 5:25PM Masters Upper Level (AL) The Louvre Junior Group Contemporary
215 5:28PM Vdanse Academy (AQ) Momma Knows Best Junior Group Jazz
216 5:31PM Expressions Dance and Music (AD) A- Yo Junior Line Jazz
217 5:34PM Katy Kress Dance Revolution (AH) Angels Junior Group Lyrical
218 5:37PM Trilogy Dance Center (AP) Pop It Junior Line Hip-Hop
219 5:40PM The Project at HTX (AO) In The Air Tonight Junior Group Contemporary
220 5:43PM RISE Dance Company (AN) Feel Good Junior Line Specialty
221 5:46PM Maries Dance Studio (AK) Hairspray Mini Extended Line Musical Theatre
222 5:50PM Masters Upper Level (AL) Turning Page Junior Line Lyrical
223 5:53PM Trilogy Dance Center (AP) Tell Me What You're Here For Junior Line Jazz
224 5:56PM Vdanse Academy (AQ) The Danse Junior Group Contemporary
225 5:59PM Paragon Dance Centre (AM) Look Junior Group Jazz
226 6:02PM Insight Dance Ensemble (AG) Get On Your Feet Junior Group Musical Theatre
227 6:05PM RISE Dance Company (AN) The Way Home Junior Line Contemporary
228 6:08PM Expressions Dance and Music (AD) Fly Junior Line Contemporary
229 6:11PM Maries Dance Studio (AK) Buzzin' Junior Production Hip-Hop
230 6:16PM Katy Kress Dance Revolution (AH) Stand By Me Junior Line Lyrical
231 6:19PM Vdanse Academy (AQ) The Evolution Junior Line Hip-Hop
232 6:22PM Masters Upper Level (AL) Press Conference Rag Junior Production Tap
All Awards #168-232!!
233 6:57PM Maries Dance Studio (AK) 42nd St Senior Production Musical Theatre
234 7:00PM Masters Upper Level (AL) F.O.C. Teen Group Tap
235 7:03PM Insight Dance Ensemble (AG) Shelter Teen Group Contemporary
235.a 7:04PM The Project at HTX (AO) Forget About the Boy Teen Group Musical Theatre
236 7:06PM Katy Kress Dance Revolution (AH) Rules for Lovers Teen Group Contemporary
237 7:09PM RISE Dance Company (AN) All At Once Teen Group Contemporary
238 7:12PM Expressions Dance and Music (AD) Goin' Down Teen Group Jazz
239 7:15PM Laredo School of Contemporary Dance (AI) Myth Senior Group Contemporary
240 7:19PM C Squared (AA) Basket Teen Group Contemporary
240.a 7:20PM Dance Dynamics (AS) Afterlife Teen Line Lyrical
241 7:22PM Maries Dance Studio (AK) Vogue Teen Line Jazz
242 7:26PM Masters Upper Level (AL) Ribs Teen Group Contemporary
243 7:29PM Dancer's Edge (AC) The Circle Teen Group Contemporary
244 7:32PM Insight Dance Ensemble (AG) Mission 1 Teen Group Hip-Hop
245 7:35PM Legacies (AJ) Unsteady Senior Group Contemporary
246 7:38PM Katy Kress Dance Revolution (AH) Exhumed Teen Group Contemporary
247 7:41PM Paragon Dance Centre (AM) Hallelujah Teen Group Lyrical
248 7:44PM The Project at HTX (AO) Rat Race Teen Group Specialty
249 7:47PM Maries Dance Studio (AK) Let the Groove Get In Teen Extended Line Tap
250 7:51PM Masters Upper Level (AL) How It Ends Teen Group Contemporary
251 7:54PM RISE Dance Company (AN) They Don't Really Care About Us Teen Group Tap
252 7:57PM Expressions Dance and Music (AD) Haunt Teen Group Contemporary
253 8:00PM Insight Dance Ensemble (AG) When She Moves Teen Group Jazz
254 8:03PM Laredo School of Contemporary Dance (AI) The Void Senior Group Contemporary
255 8:07PM Dancentre of Edinburg (AB) As Time Turns Senior Group Contemporary
256 8:10PM Katy Kress Dance Revolution (AH) Carry Me Home Teen Group Contemporary
257 8:13PM Maries Dance Studio (AK) Stolen Voices Open Extended Line Contemporary
258 8:16PM Masters Upper Level (AL) Lover's Complaint Teen Group Specialty
259 8:19PM Houston Academy of Dance (AE) That Girl Teen Group Jazz
259.a 8:20PM Dance Dynamics (AS) Air Teen Line Jazz
260 8:22PM C Squared (AA) Rushing Water-The Dedication to Harvey Teen Group Ballet
261 8:25PM Woodlands Underground (AR) Beautiful Senior Group Contemporary
262 8:28PM Insight Dance Ensemble (AG) Moses Teen Line Specialty
263 8:31PM RISE Dance Company (AN) Invisible Pieces Teen Group Ballet
264 8:34PM Vdanse Academy (AQ) Dark Heaven Teen Group Contemporary
265 8:37PM Maries Dance Studio (AK) Drop Teen Production Hip-Hop
265.a 8:38PM Laredo School of Contemporary Dance (AI) Freeze Open Group Hip-Hop
266 8:41PM Masters Upper Level (AL) Ain't Your Mama Teen Group Jazz
267 8:44PM Katy Kress Dance Revolution (AH) Into the Light Teen Group Lyrical
268 8:47PM Expressions Dance and Music (AD) Silence Teen Group Contemporary
269 8:50PM Laredo School of Contemporary Dance (AI) M-O-T-H-E-R Open Group Contemporary
270 8:54PM Dancer's Edge (AC) Pandora Teen Line Specialty
271 8:57PM Insight Dance Ensemble (AG) Philharmonic of Hip Hop Teen Line Hip-Hop
272 9:00PM Masters Upper Level (AL) Eet Teen Group Contemporary
273 9:03PM Maries Dance Studio (AK) Bang Open Line Hip-Hop
274 9:08PM Masters Upper Level (AL) The First Time Teen Group Lyrical
275 9:11PM RISE Dance Company (AN) The Escape Teen Group Specialty
276 9:14PM Paragon Dance Centre (AM) TBD Teen Group Contemporary
277 9:17PM Katy Kress Dance Revolution (AH) Gone Teen Group Contemporary
278 9:20PM The Project at HTX (AO) Dear Me Teen Group Contemporary
279 9:23PM Insight Dance Ensemble (AG) Punk Rock High Teen Extended Line Hip-Hop
280 9:28PM Maries Dance Studio (AK) Roundtable Rival Open Group Tap
281 9:31PM Masters Upper Level (AL) Cellophane Teen Line Contemporary
282 9:34PM Expressions Dance and Music (AD) Break the Fall Teen Line Jazz
283 9:37PM Laredo School of Contemporary Dance (AI) Neoteric Open Group Hip-Hop
284 9:41PM C Squared (AA) Attitude Teen Group Jazz
285 9:44PM Katy Kress Dance Revolution (AH) Run Teen Line Contemporary
286 9:47PM RISE Dance Company (AN) Push Da Button Teen Line Musical Theatre
287 9:50PM Maries Dance Studio (AK) Rain Open Group Contemporary
288 9:53PM Masters Upper Level (AL) Quiet Uptown Teen Line Lyrical
289 9:56PM Insight Dance Ensemble (AG) The Tides Senior Group Ballet
290 9:59PM Dancentre of Edinburg (AB) Snowfall Teen Group Ballet
291 10:02PM Maries Dance Studio (AK) Stairway Senior Group Tap
292 10:05PM Masters Upper Level (AL) One Night Only Teen Line Jazz
293 10:08PM Katy Kress Dance Revolution (AH) Doctor Jazz Teen Production Musical Theatre
294 10:13PM Insight Dance Ensemble (AG) Break Your Heart Senior Group Jazz
295 10:16PM RISE Dance Company (AN) Gotta Attitude Teen Production Hip-Hop
296 10:21PM Expressions Dance and Music (AD) Dangerous Teen Extended Line Contemporary
297 10:25PM Laredo School of Contemporary Dance (AI) Infra 8 Open Group Contemporary
298 10:29PM Dancer's Edge (AC) Being For the Benefit of Mr Kite Teen Line Musical Theatre
299 10:32PM Maries Dance Studio (AK) Human Trafficking Senior Extended Line Contemporary
299.a 10:33PM Dance Dynamics (AS) Hope There's Someone Teen Line Contemporary
300 10:36PM Masters Upper Level (AL) Say My Name Senior Group Jazz
301 10:39PM C Squared (AA) Looking Too Closely Teen Line Contemporary
302 10:42PM Legacies (AJ) Love in the Dark Senior Group Lyrical
303 10:45PM Insight Dance Ensemble (AG) Lean On Me Senior Group Contemporary
304 10:48PM Katy Kress Dance Revolution (AH) Laura Senior Group Contemporary
305 10:51PM Paragon Dance Centre (AM) Sweet Nothing Teen Line Jazz
306 10:54PM The Project at HTX (AO) Let the Beat Hit 'Em Teen Group Jazz
307 10:57PM RISE Dance Company (AN) Rhythms and Harmonies Senior Group Specialty
308 11:00PM Houston Academy of Dance (AE) Breathe In Breathe Out Teen Group Contemporary
309 11:03PM Expressions Dance and Music (AD) Ain't Takin' It No More Senior Extended Line Hip-Hop
All Awards #233-309!!


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